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Do you see these ribs belowthey are amazing!! One of our favorite and best Instant Pot recipes for sure.

  • The tenderest ribs I have had in just 25 minutes, I just couldnt believe it. I used to slow cook them but not anymore. This is the way to go!

You can either eat right away, or put them under the broiler for just a few minutes to get just a tad of crispiness to the outside.

Stuffed peppers has always been a favorite meal, and using one of my favorite vegetable steamer baskets theyre quicker than in the oven.;

I have made a few yummy Instant Pot desserts that are below, like monkey bread!!

My Instant Pot rice pudding is probably the most popular sweet pressure cooker recipes on The Typical Mom. When you make it you will see why everyone just raves about it.

You can also make it dairy free if you need to and use almond milk.;

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If you have a favorite crockpot meal you can read here on slow cooker vs Instant Pot how you can convert the times so you can make them faster in your pressure cooker.

There are healthy Instant Pot meals, breakfast ideas, and desserts listed below that we have created and love!;

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes For Two

Making up a main dish in the oven? Whether its steak or meatloaf, these mashed potatoes are an undeniably delicious and comforting side dish. We all know they taste the best fresh from the pot anyway, so dont worry about using up leftovers with this recipe for the 3-quart pot. Recipe from Dessert for Two.

What Is The Best Thing To Cook In An Instant Pot

Well I cook all the things including pork, beef and a lot of chicken and/or pasta.

I have combined them to make Instant Pot casseroles too. Fast meal prepping ideas overall and never takes longer than 30 min.Of course a roast is the only exception to that rule but everything cooks in a fraction of the time vs. the oven

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What Are The Best Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners

Its best to start simple, with 1-4 ingredient recipes when youre first starting out.; Dont try cooking something that cooks both meat and vegetables until you have a little more experience.; Some of the first things that I cooked in my Instant Pot was Mac and Cheese, Rice and Baked Potatoes.; They all turned out perfectly, so then I moved on from there.; The best recipes from this list that you should start out with if youre a beginner to using the Instant Pot, I put at the top of the list, from 1-9.

Your Instant Pot Can Do So Much More Than A Regular Pressure Cooker Which Might Be A Little Overwhelming At First No Fear Here Are Seven Dishes You Can Easily Whip Up In It

10 Totally Surprising Things You Can Make in an Instant ...

Your Instant Pot is packed with possibilities, so it can be overwhelming to choose what to whip up first! This multi-cooker combines the functions of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker and more so you can make comforting dishes without the hassle. Dont know where to start with buying an Instant Pot?;Check out our guide;and then get cooking these dishes below!

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Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

We took the viral, melt-in-your-mouth Mississippi pot roast and made it in an Instant Pot® multi-cooker, cutting the overall cook time by more than half. The ranch seasoning and sliced pepperoncini provide just the right amount of spice and tang. The result is a flavorful, fork-tender dish you can make any night of the week.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

You can make hearty stuffed peppers without the long bake time, thanks to your Instant Pot! Just build the ground beef and rice filling in the Instant Pot itself, then stuff into large bell peppers and pressure-cook until perfectly tender. Finish off with some extra-sharp Cheddar and chopped parsley for a great weeknight meal.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

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How To Make Chicken Stock In The Instant Pot

Its been a while since we made something in the Instant Pot. Too long. Lets change that.;

The Instant Pot simplifies the task of making some of the most basic meal components, in particular: dry beans and stock.

Both meal components are usually made in the slow-cooker, which is a time-consuming way to cook anything. Im certainly not knocking the slow-cooker,; but if you want something to be done quickly the slow-cooker definitely isnt the appliance to make that happen.

This is where the Instant Pot really shines. An electric pressure cooker uses pressure to cook food. Thanks to this pressure, food cooks in just a fraction of the time it would take to cook something in the slow-cooker or on the stove-top.

Instead of waiting 8-12 hours for the slow cooker to fully cook dry beans , an electric pressure cooker does the job in under 90 minutes.;

Homemade stock is another food staple that can take at least 12 hours to fully render in the slow-cooker. And Ill be the first to admit that chicken stock made in the slow-cooker is a treat. Theres a certain depth of flavor that comes from slowly simmering bones for 12 hours. But, most of the time, I need stock to make soup and I dont have have 12 hours to wait. I need stock instantly!; <See what I did there ;).;

The Instant Pot has become my go-to appliance for making stock when time is in short supply, or when Im trying to prep on the weekend and want everything to be prepped within a few hours.

Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs

How to Make a Roast in an Instant Pot

This speedier version of Swedish meatballs is streamlined and made in an Instant Pot®, but loses nothing that we love about the classic recipe. Gone is the step of chilling and resting the subtly spiced meatballs; we brown them as soon as theyre formed. We also bypass the tedious process of making a roux and whisking in broth to form the rich, creamy gravy. Instead, we simply pour the broth over the meatballs, dot it with pieces of beurre manie and let the Instant Pot® do the work. After the steam is released, all thats left to do is stir in some heavy cream.

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Add Liquid When Necessary

When cooking with a pressure cooker there is very little moisture lost, which is why you add only a cup of liquid for each recipe in the Instant Pot. This means that there doesnt need to be a lot of liquid to begin with. Cooking in the Crockpot is very different because its not a sealed environment and the cooking process takes a lot longer.

Make sure you add enough liquidespecially when cooking things like pasta, rice, and meat. This will help avoid dried out or undercooked meals. Also make sure youre not adding too much liquid, so your meal doesnt turn out too watery.

The Very Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Instant Pot plus chicken equals the simplest, no-brainer kind of weeknight meal. Quick, easy and pretty healthy, these Instant Pot chicken recipes are all winners:

  • Instant Pot Chicken Marinara. Instant Pot chicken marinara recipe is a 3-ingredient equation for dinner that goes something like this: chicken thighs + a jar of marinara sauce = dinners done.
  • Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken. A rich, bold homemade teriyaki is the secret to this delicious Instant Pot chicken recipe.
  • Honey-Balsamic Instant Pot Chicken. Chicken legs cook to tender perfection in a simple honey balsamic sauce, and the whole thing is ready in just 30 minutes!
  • Instant Pot Butter Chicken. Were big fans of Indian butter chickenthat tender, tomato-y takeout favoriteand this Instant Pot version really delivers!
  • Instant Pot Chicken. Say hello to the best Instant Pot chicken recipe ever! Whenever a recipe calls for perfectly juicy chicken, this is your go-to recipe!

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Natural Vs Manual Pressure Release

When the cook time is up on your Instant Pot, there’s still one more step — releasing the pressure.;

There are two ways the pressure can be released. With natural pressure release, the valve on the lid stays in Sealing position and the pressure dissipates naturally over time. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour, depending on what you were cooking. Low-liquid meals take much less time than high-liquid meals, like soup or chili.;

The other option is manual pressure release . Here, you’ll carefully move the valve into Venting position and watch as steam shoots out of it, releasing the pressure. This method is much faster, but very high-liquid meals, like soup, can still take about 15 minutes to release pressure manually.

So which one should you use? Consider that with natural pressure release, the Instant Pot is still full of pressure, so the food will continue cooking while the Instant Pot is in Sealing mode. Manual pressure release is useful — and necessary — when you’ve built in enough cooking time and cooking needs to be stopped as fast as possible.

If the goal is to cook a meal quickly, set enough time on the Instant Pot to cook your food and release the pressure manually when the time is up.;

The Most Important Step Add Liquid

21 Easy Instant Pot Recipes Thatll Basically Cook Themselves

No matter what youre using the pot-in-pot method for, dont forget to add liquid to the bottom of the pot. If youre cooking a saucy dish in the bottom at the same time, this should already be covered. If you are only cooking something in the elevated pot, be sure that you add water to the pot first. Otherwise, you will get the burn message as the pot heats up.

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Doesnt Work So Well: Fried Foods

The crispy chicken you craveyou know, like the kind you get from KFCis not going to come from an Instant Pot. Thats because the key to successful frying is getting the oil hot enough, which your new pressure cooker isnt able to do. The Instant Pot might be good for a quick pan fry or sauté, but its not a deep fryer. Try our best chicken recipes to make in an Instant Pot instead.

The Instant Pot: Heres Why Cooks Love It

People have fallen in love with their Instant Pots.

They may like their blenders, cherish their slow cookers and need their food processors.

But the Instant Pot a device that combines an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker in one handy unit sends even mild-mannered cooks into fits of passion.

You find the L word over and over in the 15,000 or so product reviews on Amazon. And if you click over to Instant Pots , youll find more than 360,000 members sharing their undying affection alongside their recipes for chili.

If youre a cook and got through last year without bumping into people who couldnt stop talking about their Instant Pots or any of the other multifunctional electric pressure cookers on the market then you wont have to wait much longer.

Electric pressure cookers is one of the fastest growing kitchen appliance sectors on the market, with sales doubling and tripling over the last four years, according to Robert Wang, the C.E.O. of Instant Pot Company.

When the Instant Pot debuted in 2009, it was one of the first brands to hit North America; electric pressure cookers were already gaining popularity in China. In 2010, approximately 300,000 electric pressure cookers were sold in the United States and Canada, said Dr. Wang. By 2015, that number rose to over three million.

So why do electric pressure cookers inspire such a devoted following?

I bought one to find out.

It was that pork shoulder that turned me into a believer.

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Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup Recipe

Here’s another fan favorite Instant pot recipe: creamy wild rice soup! This soup is oh so comforting, featuring white beans, carrots, mushrooms and wild rice. And, its vegan! Its naturally creamy using cashews blended with some of the soup to create a silky smooth texture. It makes for a filling and satisfying wild rice soup.

The Quick Way: Pro Tip For Converting From Instant Pot Recipes To Slow Cooker

6 Things to Make in Your Instant Pot Every Week – Perfect for Beginners

I try to keep in mind that not everything is meant to be cooked in the crockpot. The same goes for the Instant Pot. Make sure that the recipe you are trying to convert is suitable for the crockpot.

Now for the good stuff: the cheaters path to quickly converting slow cooker recipes.

Find a similar crockpot recipe and use that as a base for your temperature and cooking time base.

A great example is cooking something like my Instant Pot Lasagna. Although my recipe is a healthier alternative you can use a regular crockpot lasagna recipe as a guide for how to layer the lasagna and how long to cook it for.;

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Instant Pot Potato Soup

Who could pass up Instant Pot loaded potato soup? This one is creamy with intermittent potato chunks, using no heavy cream at all! Old Bay gives it an irresistible undertone. And its so easy to make: you dont even need a blender! Like any good recipe, the best part is the toppings. Load it up with whatever you like: here we used shredded cheese, sour cream, chives, and smoky, salty;vegan bacon.

Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Recipes

  • Pressure Cooker Rice: Did you know that you can cook rice in a pressure cooker? Well, now you know! Here you will learn how to make white rice, brown rice, or even fluffy rice.
  • Easy Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes: Mashed potatoes in a pressure cooker? Yes, its a thing! This method doesnt require cooking the potatoes in the water. Instead, you will steam the potatoes in the pressure cooker, making them light and fluffy every time.;;
  • Pressure Cooker Beans: No soak, fast, easy, and fresh?! Thats exactly what youll get with this pressure cooker beans recipe. Whether its black beans, chickpeas, navy beans, or white beans youll be able to make them tender every time.
  • Pressure Cooker Brown Rice: Simply add 2.5 cups water and 2 cups of brown rice; thats just how easy this pressure cooker brown rice is. Dont worry if youre a beginner here this recipe requires minimal effort and time.

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How To Bake Bread And Proof Dough In An Instant Pot

From quick breads to proofing your yeasty dough, the Instant Pot is a versatile baking tool.

While everyone is staying home, bread baking has become a new national pastime. We’re all figuring out sourdough starters and how to keep our bread fresh longer. But did you know you can make great bread with the help of your Instant Pot?;

You can always;make bread by hand, of course.;Bread makers are convenient as well, although they’re also a little hard to come by right now. Though there isn’t a baking mode on the Instant Pot, you can still use it to make soft, warm bread that scratches that gluten itch. It can steam cook quick breads by pressure cooking them and help yeast breads rise at a record pace. The results? Mmm.

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Fall Instant Pot Recipes

Can You Make Kefir In an Instant Pot?

With fall upon us and crisp, cozy autumn days in our very near future, its time we start to prepare for the tasty things to eat. Ive collected some of the best instant pot recipes before, but now I want to dig into the recipes for instant pot. that are the perfect match for fall.

20+ Best Instant Pot Recipes for Fall & Winter 20+ Best and Easy Instant Pot Meals Perfect For Fall and Winter super delicious instant pot meals that will save you time and clean up! Cozy up with these hearty pressure cooker dinner recipes for those busy weeknights!

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Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Traditionally, this dish takes hours to cook in the oven. Our Instant Pot® version is ready in a fraction of the time and is made entirely in the pot hello, easy clean-up! The chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender and the tomato sauce has the perfect smoky kick, thanks to the bacon.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

One of the very best uses for your Instant Pot? Mashed potatoes. Yes, mashed potatoes are so much easier in a pressure cooker! You dont have to worry about them boiling over on the stovetop, or keep testing them to see when theyre done. Nope, just throw them into the Instant Pot and press Go! This makes a large batch and is perfect for entertaining.

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