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Which Instant Pot Models Have Been Recalled Some Of Them Have Reportedly Melted

Instant Pot recalled after reports of cookers overheating, melting
  • 2018/03/01

If youre an Instant Pot lover, be sure to check your precious multi-cooker against the announcement made by the Canadian company that they have received reports that some of its beloved Instant Pots are overheating and even melting. So, which Instant Pots have been recalled?

In a Facebook post dated Feb. 17, the company instructed all owners of Instant Pot Gem 65 8-in-1 models with barcodes ending in 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734 and 1746 to immediately stop using the electric pressure cooker and to contact the;Instant Pot Customer Care line. This issue has not been reported to be affecting any other model, especially the popular 6-quart Instant Pot models that are the brands bestselling product.

Photo Courtesy of Instant Pot

The oval-shaped multi-cooker that comes with a bake option is one of the pricier models, coming in around $190 MSRP, which makes the announcement frustrating for consumers. Per Facebook comments, owners of the recalled model received individual emails months ago, but claim that the company has neglected to provide a timeline for remedying the situation.

In its Facebook post announcing the recall, the company `alluded to a replacement program but has not provided the steps for owners to replace their appliance. Representatives for Instant Pot did not immediately respond to Red Tricycles request for comment.

Instant Pot lovers, stay tuned!

Do you own a Gem 65 Instant Pot? Have you had any issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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Instant Pot Models & Features

Since the Instant Pot was introduced in 2010, the manufacturer Double Insight has added a number of different models and features. The most popular models include:

  • Instant Pot Lux The 1st Instant Pot in the U.S. and the cheapest model
  • Instant Pot Duo Has features like slow cookers, steamers, sauté pans, yogurt makers, warmers and rice cookers.
  • Instant Pot Duo Plus Has the same features as the Duo, plus 3 new features to make cakes, eggs, or sterilize.
  • Instant Pot Ultra Pressure cooker with 10 different features
  • Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth-enabled pressure cooker that can be programmed from your smartphone
  • Instant Pot Gem Larger sized pressure cooker that remembers user preferences

Other Brands Of Pressure Cookers Linked With Burn Injuries

This is one of only several pressure cooker recalls that have been implemented over the last several years. In 2018, Walmart recalled about 100,000 Gem 65 8-in-1 multi cookers because of a manufacturing defect that could cause the cooker to overheat and melt on the underside, posing a fire hazard. In August 2017, ALDI recalled Crofton Chefs Collection 6 L Pressure Cookers because the lid could open unexpectedly and explode hot food or steam, potentially resulting in severe burn injuries to anyone standing nearby.

Other pressure cooker brands that have been either linked to injuries or recalled because of defects include Breville, Cuisinart, Instant Pot, Maxi-Matic, Nuwave, Tristar, Welbilt, and more. Individuals ;who have suffered from burn injuries have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers to recover damages.

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How Do You Release An Instant Pot Naturally

When your Instant Pot is done cooking you have to release the pressure inside the pot before you can take the lid off.

After all, its the built-up pressure inside that could cause an Instant Pot to explode, so make sure you know how to release the pressure correctly.

There are 2 basic ways of doing that, the quick release, and the natural release.

It goes without saying that you if you try to open the lid without releasing the pressure you could cause the Instant Pot to explode or damage it in the process; both of which could be hazardous.

Here is a breakdown of the 2 release methods and why you might want to do one or the other:


  • Why you might want to do it Ideal when you want to quickly stop the cooking process so you dont overcook your food. For example, cooking brussels sprouts or chunks of potatoes both of which could get mushy quickly. Things like seafood also lose their delicate texture when overcooked. Avoid using this with foods that tend to sputter. Usually, the quick release is done inside of a couple of minutes
  • How to do it Simply turn the pressure release valve from center to the left or right


Not sure if your pressure cookers noises are normal?

I wrote a recent article that breaks down exactly what noises are OK AND which ones arent. Its normal for a pressure cooker or Instant Pot to make some noise or expel some steam and pressure.

But you make sure you know the difference!

What Happens If You Overfill An Instant Pot

Instant Pot Recall

If an Instant Pot is over-filled it could block the pressure release valve resulting in dangerously high pressure inside. But if excess water is added, it can result in overcooked and mushy, bland food.

Instant Pots work by maintaining a high pressure inside the unit.

This helps cook the food faster. Because there is a finite amount of space, it stands to reason that aside from your food and cooking liquid, you also have to allow room for the steam coming off the cooking liquid and the pressure in general.

So its very important to NOT overfill an Instant Pot .

If you do overfill an Instant Pot, the following are some of the possibilities that could happen:

  • The food could block the pressure release valve with this blocked, it may delay your ability to release the steam making it take longer to get the lid off. At best it could delay your meal, but if it was totally blocked, it could make it dangerous trying to get the lid off.
  • It could force you to add too much water Pressure cookers rely on cooking liquid to cook the food and keep it from sticking or burning. You shouldnt use more than 1 1/2 cups of cooking liquid in your Instant Pot. But if you add too much food, youll have to add additional water to keep it from sticking or burning. Extra water means extra steam & pressure, which again could be dangerous or at least prevent you from cooking the food properly since the Instant Pots safety features would likely kick in.

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The Instant Pot Is Taking Too Long To Start The Timer

Remember, Instant Pots take time to heat up. For pressure cooking and other modes, the Instant Pot will take a pretty significant amount of time, usually 10 to 15 minutes, to heat up and bring the pressure up to proper levels, and then start the timer. So when a recipe says pressure cook in Instant Pot for 5 minutes, you should always mentally add the extra time beforehand. If it still seems like its taking too long, check your settings carefully to make sure you are in the right mode.

The Instant Pot Keeps Beeping

Its normal for the pot to beep as it starts to heat, beep when its starting the timer, and beep when the timer is done. If its beeping otherwise, that usually means something is wrong, and you should look to see if theres a code flashing on the screen. This most often indicates an overheating issue that your Instant Pot wants you to know about ASAP.

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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recall

On July 15, 2015, a recall was issued for about 1,000 of the Bluetooth-enabled Instant Pot Smart and Instant Pot Smart-60 electric pressure cookers after 3 reports of consumers who suffered electric shocks. The recalled Instant Pots were sold from November 2014 through May 2015 for about $250.

Instant Pot Smart Pressure Cooker

Nearly 1 Million Sunbeam Crock

Instant Pot Recall: Multicookers Sold At Walmart Could Pose Fire Hazard

According to the CPSC, the recalled multi-cooker devices can “pressurize” if the lid is not fully locked, which can cause the lid to suddenly detach while the product is in use. This puts users at risk for burins from hot food or liquids that may eject from the device.

The multi-cookers in question were manufactured between July 2017 and October 2018 and were sold at multiple online and in-store retailers, including Walmart, Target and Amazon. The affected products have date codes K196JN through K365JN and L001JN through L273JN engraved on the bottom of the base and on one prong of the electrical plugs.

So far, there have been 119 reports of lid detachment resulting in 99 burn injuries ranging from first-degree to third-degree burns.

In a notice about the recall, Crock-Pot said that all of their products are “rigorously and routinely tested for consumer safety and are in full compliance with established industry standards” but warned that failing to properly lock the device, improperly using the Quick-Release Valve or exceeding the fill line for the product can lead to injury due to the faulty lid.

If consumers have a recalled model of the device, they should stop using it in pressure-cooker mode, but can still use it for slow-cooking and sautéing. If you do continue to use the device in pressure-cooker mode, make sure the lid is securely turned to the full lock position.

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Tips To Avoid Instant Pot Explosions

Here are a few tips to avoid explosions involving Instant Pots:

  • Make sure you use enough water 1 cup at minimum, but more water may be necessary
  • Avoid leaving your Instant Pot unattended dont set it and forget it because it could run out of water and overheat, or overflow
  • Do not over-fill your Instant Pot more than half-way because it could overflow
  • Be extremely careful when cooking foods that get bigger when they cook
  • Do not try to deep-fry foods in your Instant Pot

Tower Pressure Cooker Recall

In February 2019, European safety regulators announced a recall for Tower® pressure cookers because the lid can open and cause hot foot to explode out of the pot and burn anyone nearby. No injuries were reported.

The recall involves the stovetop TOWER® 6-Liter Stainless Steel One-Touch Pressure Cooker with Model #T90103 and Barcode #5055195872791. It was sold at Argos and Robert Dyas in the U.K. and Europe.

The problem is that if the lid of the pressure cooker is opened, the lids gasket can be ejected from the lid. This can hot liquid to explode out of the pot, burning anyone nearby.

It is also possible that the upper part of the manometric rod may become partially detached and therefore the safe opening system no longer works properly.

The recall notice states that the recalled Tower® pressure cookers have inadequate safety devices that do not comply with requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and the European standard EN 12778.

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I Cant Figure Out The Timer

This is a very common issue when first using the Instant Pot, and there are a couple of guidelines you really need to know to avoid mistakes or problems.

Selecting an option like poultry will automatically create a timer, which you then adjust to the proper time with the + and buttons below the timer screen. Remember that the timer does not include how long it takes the Instant Pot to heat up or cool down. Its designed to only be the time that the food inside is actively pressure cooking. Therefore, your Instant Pot will take time to reach pressure anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, usually, but it depends on the initial temperature of the ingredients, the amount of the ingredients, and the type of ingredients. It will also take time to release pressure, especially if the recipe calls for a natural pressure release, which often takes another 10 to 20 minutes. Remember to include all this time in your cooking calculations.

I Am Pressure Cooking But Steam Is Leaking Out

Instant Pot multicooker recall

Is steam leaking out of the pressure valve, even when turned to the upper locked position? Its normal for a small amount of steam to leak from the valve while the pot is heating up, but if it continues to leak steam during the pressure cooking cycle, you may have a problem. This could be a sign that you need to clean out and reposition the valve. If this doesnt work, you may even need to replace the valve.

If steam is seeping out the sides, make sure the lid is properly locked for pressure cooking. If the lid seems to be fine, examine your sealing ring. A stretched or cracked ring should be replaced. If the ring has become dislodged, you can usually put it back into place without trouble. A loose ring can firm up if you put it in the freezer for a little while, but this will ultimately hasten the silicone decay, so you should plan on getting a new ring either way.

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I Keep Burning My Fingers When Trying To Release Steam

The release nozzle on the Pots valve is pretty loose, and twitching it open for a fast release after pressure cooking can be painful for even fast fingers. If youve been burnt by steam before, theres a very simple solution that Pot users have found: Just use a wooden spoon. Push the valve open with the spoon to release it and avoid any steam issues.

What Is An Instant Pot And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It

Imagine having a slow cooker that also functions as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a yogurt maker. Thats the Instant Pot. Its simply an electric pot that lets you cook fast or slow. People love it because its a convenient, time-saving device that lets you quickly cook dinner without keeping an eye on the stove.

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Are Pressure Cookers Safe

Yes, electric pressure cookers like the Instant Pot are generally safe and easy to use. The Instant Pot has so many safety mechanisms built in, its hard to make a catastrophic mistake. The lid has two safety catches: a valve that releases excess pressure automatically, and a lock preventing you from opening the pot while its under pressure. If for some reason the steam-release valve isnt doing its job, the appliance has another sensor that shuts off the heating element if excess pressure builds inside the pot.

But as with any kind of cooking, there is a risk of injury if you are careless. If you follow the safety instructions, you should be good. Weve found only one confirmed report of an injury caused by an Instant Pot, and it was the result of user error: The person suffered minor burns after she covered the steam valve with a dish towel while the pot was under pressure. When she touched the towel a few minutes later, hot soup sprayed onto her arm and neck. The Instant Pot manual, however, explicitly states that all venting valves should be clean and free of debris.

The Pot Is Showing A Burn Message

Instant Pot recalls multicooker model due to overheating, melting

This usually happens when the sensors think the pot in danger of burning your food . Often, this means that theres not enough liquid in the pot, or that the liquid hasnt reached all the bottom corners of the pot, which is easy to fix. You may also need to let your pot cool down if youve been sautéing on high heat for a while. For more complex meals, layer your starches and sauces on top of other ingredients to create a barrier between them and the bottom heater. Also, elevating meats using the cooking rack can help. Finally, if you have sautéed a liquid sauce or similar ingredient, make sure no bits are stuck to the pot before you move on to the next task.

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Instant Pot Cooker Recalled For Overheating Melting How To Tell If Yours Is Affected


Multi-purpose cookware company Instant Pot has issued a recall following reports of one its products overheating and melting, according to a post from the company in the Instant Pot Community Facebook group.

The issue is with the Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicooker, a device similar to a slow cooker, but with more functions, including roasting, stewing, baking, steaming, and searing, according to the company’s website.

Instant Pot says, in their post, that the affected products have batch codes of 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746. Batch codes can be found on a silver label on the underside of the cooker, on the bottom right side of the label, the post says.

If your cooker has one of these codes on it, Instant Pot asks in their post that you stop using it.

“We want you to know that we take any problem with our products extremely seriously as safety and quality are our primary concern, and we are working co-operatively with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission,” the post says in part. “We anticipate providing updated information and next steps regarding receiving a replacement Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicooker within the next few weeks.”

Those with questions or concerns were directed in the post to call Instant Pot’s customer care line at 1-800-828-7280, extension 2.

Instant Pot brand products are sold at several retailers across the U.S. according to the corporate website, including Amazon, Belk, Kroger, Target, and Walmart.

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Instant Pot Orders Recall Of 104000 Gem 65 8

Double Insight, the company behind the Instant Pot brand, has issued a recall of one of its models.

A recall of the Gem 65 8-in-1 multi-cooker was ordered after users reported overheating and melting.; The Consumer Product Safety Commissions website ;states;the reason as “A manufacturer defect that can cause the multi-cooker to overheat and melt on the underside, posing a fire hazard.”

The unit;being;recalled is not;the popular Instant Pot pressure cooker that took this holiday season by storm. While the Gem 65 8-in 1 is in the Instant Pot lineup of multi-cookers and has a several cooking options, pressure cooking is not one of them.

About 104,000 units are being recalled. If you own one of the recalled models, you should stop using it immediately and return it.;

These multi-cookers were sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and online at www.walmart.com from August 2017 through January 2018. The company noted that problem affects only the Gem 65 8-in-1 multi-cookers with these batch codes: 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746. ;Batch codes are located on the underside of the silver label on the front.

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