How To Make Yogurt In Instant Pot Without Yogurt Button

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How To Make Yogurt Without A Yogurt Button

How to make Instant Pot Yogurt without Yogurt Button

It is a bit harder to make yogurt without a yogurt button on a pressure cooker, but it is possible.

  • It is a bit harder, but it is possible.
  • Pour milk into the inner pot of pressure cooker.
  • Turn on the Sear/Saute function.
  • Heat milk to 180°F. Use a thermometer to check the temp often and be sure to stir very often so the milk does not scorch.
  • Once the milk reaches 180°F, turn off your pressure cooker.
  • Remove the inner pot and cool it to 108 degrees.
  • Once your milk has reached 108 stir starter yogurt and whisk until incorporated.
  • Put inner pot back in instant pot and place lid on the pressure cooker.
  • Wrap in a large towel, or two regular towels and incubate for at least 8 hours or 10 hours.

My Top 3 Pressure Cooker Choices

This is the 8 quart Instant Pot Ultra, it has the yogurt function. However, this is a top of the line model and is pricey.

If you can catch it under $150, thats an amazing deal and you shouldnt pass it up!

Check the price hereThis one is my personal favorite Instant Pot. I have a 6 person family and often cook for others. This one is great for cooking to freeze, cooking large batches and cooking for families!

I paid over $100 for it, so if you see it cheaper than that, know that youre getting a good price!Mealthy is a newer brand to the market, but they are surely making strides with their new Crisp Lid that essentially makes any pressure cooker an air fryer.

My trusty Farberware Pressure Cooker is no longer sold, so Im told this is the next best thing. And, its a great budget pressure cooker too!

It sure didnt take me long to find out that you can make pressure cooker yogurt in any kind of pressure cooker, even one without a yogurt button. Sure, it takes a couple of extra steps. But when you taste the creamy deliciousness of pressure cooker yogurt, it wont matter anymore.

Im not against big brands, I just aint rich. But sometimes I cut corners where we can and it makes me feel good to get something at a great deal.;

Ive been having my electric pressure cooker for a while, even before they got extremely popular. Although I do wish I had gone with Instant Pot first.

How To Make Greek Yogurt

  • If you would like to make Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt, follow all the instructions for homemade yogurt.
  • Once the yogurt is prepared, place a large strainer lined with cheesecloth over a large mixing bowl.
  • You may need to do this in batches depending on the size of your strainer.
  • Allow the yogurt to drain in the strainer overnight.
  • Scoop out the thick yogurt into containers to store and discard the cheesecloth.

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How Do I Cool And Store Instant Pot Yogurt

After the long cook is done, youll want to chill your yogurt before moving it to long-term storage. Three to four hours is the minimum, but an overnight chill is ideal. Keep in mind that your yogurt will thicken a bit more as it cools.

Transfer the yogurt to individual containers for easy eating, or to an airtight container for long-term storage. Instant Pot Yogurt lasts about two weeks in the fridge.

Oh, and be sure to save a bit of your Instant Pot Yogurt for the next time you want to make yogurt. You can use it in place of the starter yogurt.

What Is A Yogurt Starter

Learn How to Make Your Own Yogurt Right at Home in Your ...

Any plain yogurt can be used as a starter,;as long as includes active cultures. Make sure to check the label before purchasing.

You can also buy freeze-dried yogurt starter powder. Look for one that is thermophilic and will incubate at 110F / 43C, as yogurt cultures that incubate at lower temperatures wont work in the Instant Pot.

Chefs Tip ==> once youve made your first batch of Instant Pot yogurt, you can reserve a couple of tablespoons and use it as the starter for the next one.

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So Why On Earth Would You Want To Make Your Own Yogurt

Ill give you two simple reasons: It tastes better and its cheaper!

Did you know for every gallon of milk that you use, you get a gallon of yogurt? Yes, really! So that $4.00 gallon of milk that you bought can get you 4 quarts of delicious homemade yogurt without all the added sugars and preservatives.;

I have a family of 6, and my youngest son has an egg allergy, so we go through A LOT of yogurt every month, 8-9 quarts. And if you like Greek-style yogurt as we do, you know that it costs a premium. Buying 9 quarts of yogurt at $3.50+ is over $30 a month just in yogurt. Now I make homemade yogurt 2-3 a month and save at least $20 a month!;

Ok, enough about why you should make your own yogurt, lets get to the HOW part.;

How Does The Yogurt Setting Work On The Instant Pot

Pour milk into the inner pot of your Instant Pot. Push hard on the yogurt button until you see boil appear, and then push it two more times to make sure thats what you want for this process to take an hour. Once there are beeps, test out by removing the lid carefully to see if everything is done boiling or not before finally testing with a thermometer at around 50 degrees Celsius .

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How To Make Coconut Yogurt In An Instant Pot Oven Or Yogurt Maker

Heather Dessinger This post contains affiliate links.

This creamy, thick coconut yogurt is an easy way to;support immunity;with probiotics, and you probably have everything you need to make it right now. Unlike some methods, you dont need a thermometer or a lot of hands-on time. Its super easy, delicious, dairy-free, way more affordable than store-bought and did I say delicious?

Although the exact type of good guys in your yogurt will vary depending on which kind of starter you use , in general probiotics are associated with all kinds of good things immune health, clear skin, heart health, blood sugar balance, improved digestive function and more.;

And of course it will also be rich in nourishing fats like medium chain triglycerides, which are associated with cognitive function and a healthy metabolism. Coconut milk or cream is also one of the best sources of monolaurin, which supports the immune system.;

Heres the best part, though . . .;

Why Would You Want To Change The Presents Of Less

Homemade Yogurt Made in Instant Pot Without Yogurt Button

One of the most beneficial features of an Instant Pot is the presets. Many Instant Pot owners share that they do not use these smart settings too often.

The preset smart settings are great features for people who may not be as confident with cooking times.;;

Thats why the;less-normal-more;smart settings are ideal to use along with the tips of when to use which setting.

They really help make your meal turn out the way you intended.

As a general rule, as long as you follow the tips and recommendations that the Instant Pot manual gives you, the dishes you make in your Instnat Pot will turn out delicious.;

It removes the guesswork of cooking your dishes to the right temperature and texture.

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Why You Will Love Healthy Homemade Instant Pot Yogurt

  • Homemade yogurt is CHEAP!;;For the price of one gallon of milk and a yogurt starter, you get up to 3 quarts of yogurt.; Plus you can use the drained off whey as a buttermilk substitute.; That’s less than $5 for all of that!!!; You would easily pay $20 for that in the store.;
  • It’s made with only two ingredients: Milk and a yogurt starter, that’s it!; Have you ever looked at store bought?; Cornstarch, gelatin, pectin, sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc.; We don’t need all of that!; If you want it sweet, YOU choose how and what to sweeten it with honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, date syrup, etc.
  • EASY!; The first couple times you make it, you may not describe it as easy.; By the third time, you’ll know what to expect, know the best time to start it, and won’t even need to look at a recipe.
  • Homemade yogurt TASTES A BAZILLION TIMES BETTER!; It is creamy, mildly tangy, and has no chalky aftertaste.; You will never settle for store bought again, I guarantee it!; I’ve converted many yogurt eaters to eating unsweetened yogurt with this recipe.; All you need is fruit, nuts, and/or granola.; However, I’ll admit, a honey or maple syrup drizzle pretty much makes it the best thing you’ve ever tasted.
  • Homemade yogurt is so mild tasting that it can be used to make healthier sauces, dressings, and even homemade Frozen Yogurt Tubes.

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How To Make Homemade Greek Yogurt That Is Thick Smooth And Creamy Like Store Bought

If you like your yogurt really thick, similar to store bought Greek yogurt, strain it overnight . ;Once it gets that thick, it can be difficult to get it smooth using just a whisk. ;Solution: use a hand mixer! ;It works amazingly well at getting your yogurt smooth in seconds. ;Thanks to my little sis’ Maegan for that tip!

How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt Without The Yogurt Button

How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt WITHOUT The Yogurt Button ...

Posted on Last updated:

I am going to share how to make Instant Pot yogurt without the yogurt button! If you have a model that doesnt have that handy yogurt setting, it is okay, you can still make homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot without that button. Once you learn how to make Instant Pot yogurt you will never buy it again!;

Almost every recipe you find online about making Instant Pot yogurt tells you to hit that yogurt button on your Instant Pot. If you dont have the yogurt button, it is okay. I am going to teach you how to make it without needing that button. Why? Because homemade yogurt is so creamy and tasty, it beats store yogurt time and time again. And if you have an Instant Pot you have to try it for anyone who enjoys yogurt.;

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Why Make Your Own Yogurt

  • Homemade food is so much better than prepacked food. Johns Hopkins agrees that youre better off cooking at home! Fewer preservatives, carbs, processed sugars, dyes, etc.
  • This yogurt tastes sooo much better than store-bought.
  • Because youre cooking it in your own kitchen, you know how fresh it is!
  • Its fun! Who doesnt love creating delicious meals!?
  • How To Make Yogurt In A Lux Instant Pot

    Add a half gallon of milk to the pot. Select the keep warm feature. In about 30-40 minutes it will be good and warm. I like to let it warm up more gradually and I like to make yogurt while I am doing other thingslike house cleaning. Once warm, give it a good whisking and then press the saute button to heat it further until you get to 180-185 degrees. Use a thermometer to be sure.

    Once it has reached full temperature remove the inner pot and allow it to cool to about 110 degrees. Once it has cooled sufficiently add two heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt and whisk. Put it back inside the instant pot, which is now turned off, seal the lid, and close the vent. Wrap the whole Instant Pot unit in a towel and allow it to sit for 8 hours or overnight. When done remove the pot, transfer to a glass storage bowl, and place in the refrigerator. Enjoy! You now have homemade yogurt!

    This recipe makes super creamy yogurt. If you want thicker, greek style yogurt, simply let the yogurt strain through cheesecloth for a couple hours to remove the whey. This will leave you with a thicker;yogurt.

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    Why Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier Than Store

    The yogurt you make at home is healthier for your family because you control what mix-ins you use and because of how long it ferments. In our house, we make 24-hour probiotic yogurtwhich is yogurt that ferments for a full day. Many store-bought yogurts are fermented for only a couple of hours, and some as few as 30 minutes! Why do you want a long ferment time on your yogurt? Well, Im glad you asked:

    • Probiotic yogurt is virtually lactose-free! Twenty-four hours is the magical spot where the beneficial bacteria from your yogurt starter culture have gobbled up almost all of the lactose in the milkleaving you with yogurt that is nearly lactose-free and much easier to digest.
    • Its packed with more beneficial bacteria than most probiotic pills.; A single cup of 24-hour fermented probiotic yogurt has 700 billion CFUs of good bacteria! Go ahead and check your probiotics bottleIm going to guess its nowhere near that 700 billion mark.;
    • Its thick, tangy, delicious, and versatile! The long fermentation time gives the yogurt a Greek yogurt-style tart and tangy flavor and thick texture, which makes it perfect for both sweet and savory uses.;

    How To Flavor Homemade Yogurt

    How to make home made Yogurt without Yogurt option | yogurt in Instant pot(Pot IN Pot)

    First off, dont flavor yogurt until after its finished and chilled. Otherwise you risk messing with it setting right.

    Personally, I prefer not to flavor my yogurt until before I eat or portion it. That way Im not locked into anything, and I can use the plain yogurt in recipes.

    Try some of these mix-ins!

    My favorite way to flavor yogurt is to serve it with a slice of blackberry pie for breakfast. To each her own!

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    Best Yogurt Starter/starter Culture

    I’ve used kefir, probiotic capsules, my own yogurt, and just about every brand of yogurt at the grocery store as a starter.; I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want the best tasting, smoothest, and thickest yogurt, use plain Fage 2% yogurt.; It’s the best, I can’t say I know why, but it makes the best yogurt, every time.

    If you want to experiment with other yogurts as your starter, stick with plain, unsweetened varieties.; Avoid sweetened yogurt or yogurt with fruit mixed in and make sure the container says Live Active Cultures.;

    How To Make Yogurt Without An Instant Pot

    The goal is to keep the almond milk at a fairly constant 105 to 110 degrees F during the culturing period. While an Instant Pot with yogurt function makes this easy, it’s certainly not the only way! Here are a few alternative methods:

    • Fill an insulated cooler with warm water up to the necks of the jars, and keep the cooler closed.
    • Place the jars in a draft-free spot in the house. Wrap them with a towel, and wrap a heating pad around the towel. Set it on low, cycling it on and off if needed so that it doesn’t get too warm.
    • Pre-heat a slow cooker, then turn it off. Line it with a towel, and set the jars on the towel. Cover with the lid and another towel for added insulation. Occasionally turn on the “warm” function if needed.
    • Find a warm, sunny spot in the house. Wrap the jars with a towel, and place in the sun.

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