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What Is Glycemic Index

How to Make Perfect Brown Rice | Instant Pot Recipe | Jill 4 Today

Glycemic index is a value that is assigned to food that ranks items based on how fast they affect your blood glucose levels. The scale runs from 0 to 100.

Foods on the lower end of the scale slowly release glucose at a steady rate. Foods on the higher end release glucose rapidly and can lead to blood sugar spikes.

Eating low glycemic index foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, and whole grain breads help you feel fuller longer and tend to be a better choice for weight loss.

Glycemic index of rice:

  • Black rice: 42.3

Want Fluffy Rice Rinse Well

I dont always remember or have time to do this step, but it helps when I do: Rinse the rice in a wire mesh colander under cold water for 30 seconds or so, or until the water runs mostly clear.

Rinsing makes the rice fluffy, and seems to make more of a difference with white rice varieties verses brown; the latter is protected by its hull and doesnt tend to have a lot of extra starch clinging to the outside of the grains.

Should I Add Salt To Rice

Theres no need to add salt to rice, but it will always add a little flavor. I only use Redmond Real Salt now- Ive become a total salt snob! It is the most pure, best-tasting, natural salt I have ever had.

You wouldnt ever think you could tell the difference, but I love it! I find a big difference in my cooking now that I only use Redmond Salt.

If youre doing Keto, you know the important of electrolytes and salt! True Keto-lovers SWEAR by Redmond Salt! You can even get a Real Salt Keto shirt.

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Do You Have To Soak Brown Rice Before Cooking

Soaking brown rice is not a necessary step before cooking, but I do recommend rinsing it well. Technically, you can soak your brown rice for 8 hours or overnight before cooking it if you want to make it more digestible, but you’ll still get all of the health benefits of brown rice without soaking.

Rinsing rice before cooking it helps to remove any excess debris such as dirt, dust, or grit that may be leftover from the hulling and packaging processes. All you need is a mesh strainer, cold water, and a minute or two to thoroughly rinse your brown rice. You can add it right to your Instant Pot while still wet, so there’s very little prep needed!

Instant Pot Brown Rice Method: 15 Minutes High Pressure 5 Minutes Natural Release Followed By A Quick Release

Instant Pot Brown Rice Recipe
  • Rating: 10/10
  • Timing: 30 minutes, including 8 minutes to come to pressure

About this method: Amy and Jacky of are one of the most trusted sources for Instant Pot cooking methods, so, of course, we had to put their brown rice technique to the test. While this method doesnt call for rinsing the rice, the recipe notes include instructions for reducing the water slightly to account for additional moisture if you prefer to rinse. Using a one-to-one water-to-rice ratio, the recipe calls for cooking the rice for 15 minutes under high pressure and using natural release for just 5 minutes to finish cooking.

Results: This method produced the most ideal brown rice: soft and slightly chewy, with separate grains that didnt become sticky or overcooked in reheating. Plus, we loved that there was no rinsing required.

Keeping the rice to water at one-to-one even if you do rinse the rice and doing a short natural release gives you brown rice thats perfectly cooked every time. Amy and Jacky include lots of detailed notes from their testing that can help you adapt this recipe for different electric pressure cookers, too.

What Type Of Rice To Use

For this recipe, I like to use either brown rice or long-grain white rice. White rice cooks in a whopping 3 minutes! If youre using brown rice, you should cook it for about 22 minutes instead. Wild rice would take closer to 30 minutes. Keep in mind that these cook times do not include the time it takes to build up and release the pressure from the Instant Pot.

What Is The Rice/broth Ratio

For brown rice, use a 1:1 1/4 ratio when cooking in the Instant Pot.

You can scale the amount you want to make up and down as much as you want. Heres the scale for cooking different amounts:

  • 1 cups rice to 1.25 cups liquid
  • 2 cups rice to 2.5 cups liquid
  • 3 cups rice to 3.75 cups liquid

Important Tip: Do not fill your Instant Pot more than halfway with the rice and liquid. This prevents excessive foaming that can block the mechanisms in the lid.

Rice Sticking In Instant Pot

If your rice is sticking to the Instant Pot, check that youre not doing either of the following:

  • Leaving the cooked rice in the rice cooker too long after it is done pressure cooking. Leaving it on keep warm mode for too long after cooking will dry out the rice quickly, and itll stick to the bottom of the pot.
  • Not using enough water. If your water ratio is off, the rice will absorb the water too quickly and will burn and stick to the bottom of the pot.

Is Sona Masoori Rice Healthier Than Basmati Rice


Its always debatable which rice is best like sona masoori vs basmati rice. Sona masoori is not polished, easy to digest, and basmati rice is polished. Basmati falls under low GI whereas masoori rice falls under high GI. Sona masuri rice is also said to be a genetically modified variety . So any rice is the healthiest rice in moderation.

How To Make Pressure Cooker Instant Rice

First, just like our Instant Pot quinoa recipe, place the stainless steel liner into the machine. Next, add 2 cups of minute brown rice to the liner.

Next, pour in 2 cups of water and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt to flavor the brown rice.

  • If you have an issue with salt, you can always leave it out or flavor the rice with another spice blend like Italian seasoning or lemon pepper.

At this point, make sure the rubber seal is in place and place the lid on the Instant Pot. Lock it into place.

After that, seal the valve and press the manual or high pressure cook button. Set the cook time for 5 minutes.

Then, once the timer goes off, use a kitchen towel to carefully open the valve for a quick release.

Last, open the lid and use your spoon to fluff the rice. Thats it, your pressure cooker brown rice recipe is done!

Kim and I hope you enjoy the side dish and we wish you all the best

What To Serve With Brown Rice

Brown rice can be substituted for white rice in your meals or dishes. Some vegetarian dishes to enjoy with brown rice are curries like matar paneer and palak paneer. It goes well with dals like panchmel dal made with 5 lentils.

You can also serve it with roasted broccoli or Asian dish like kung pao chickpeas.

More Easy Instant Pot Recipes To Try:

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Serve Instant Pot Baked Beans at a barbecue or outdoor cookout.

Instant Pot Taco Soupis like a warm hug on a cold day.

Rice is a budget friendly food. It is a great staple to keep on hand and a great food when you are working with a food budget. Ready to stock up? Check out this list of foods to buy when you’re on a budget.

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How Much Rice Can You Cook In The Instant Pot

Flavorful Instant Pot Brown Rice (Perfect Every Time ...

The most rice Ive ever cooked at one time is 3 cups of dry rice with 3 cups of water. I think you could probably go up to 5 cups of dry rice, as long as you dont fill the pot more than halfway full for safety.

Rice creates foamy, starchy water as it cooks, so you wouldnt want it to rise too high during the cooking cycle and damage your pot.

When doubling or tripling a recipe in the Instant Pot, the cooking time doesnt change. However, the overall time will be longer when you cook a larger quantity, because it will take longer for the pot to come to pressure when compared to a smaller quantity of rice.

  • 1cupbrown rice, rinsed
  • 1 cupwater

Best Instant Pot Brown Rice Recipe

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This no-fail pressure cooker instant pot brown rice recipe will get you one step closer to putting a wholesome dinner on your table!

Cooking brown rice in the instant pot is way easier and faster than cooking brown rice on the stovetop, and you don’t need to worry about any mess or burning the rice.

Instant pot brown rice takes less than 5 minutes of active pre-time and makes the best fluffy brown rice than any other cooking method.

Smart Program Cooking Option

You can also choose to select the RICE smart program button. This program cooks on low pressure and is best used for white rice. For rice with a firmer texture or thinner rice like Jasmine or Basmati, use the Less mode; for rice with a normal texture or regular long-grain or medium-grain white rice, use the Normal mode; for rice with a softer texture, use the More mode. You can change the modes by pressing the RICE button again. Use quick release at the end.

Perfect Instant Pot Brown Rice Recipe

Brown rice is like a humble best friend. A strong silent partner who doesnt say much but is always there to support whatever the main dish is on the plate but its also so much more than that! The versatility of brown rice knows no bounds because its also used in main dishes like Tex Mex rice and beans or Instant Pot rice and beans for a complete meal in one. Or a dessert like this brown rice pudding and all kinds of yummy baked treats. It can be left plain or seasoned to your preference, and it is a mild flavour that easily picks up the flavours of whatever else is being served.

What Is A Natural Release

PERFECT Instant Pot Brown Rice Every Time!

A natural release is when you leave the valve on the pressure cooker on the lid to the sealing position after the cooking time.; Then the Instant Pot releases the pressure naturally without you doing anything at all.

When the pressure has been fully released from the Instant Pot, the float valve on the lid will drop and you will be able to open the lid at that time.

A natural release allows the cooking to stop gradually and this will make the rice softer and so that it doesnt stick to the bottom of the insert.

A natural release can take 5-20 minutes depending on the ingredients and the amount of liquid that is in the pressure cooker.

Is Brown Rice Better Than White Rice

There is a big debate over which rice it better. ;All rice;consists almost entirely of carbs, with small amounts of protein and practically no fat. ;Brown rice is a whole grain, which means it contains all parts of the grain including the fibrous bran, the nutritious germ and the carb-rich endosperm. ;Brown rice has more fiber and antioxidants, as well as a lot more important vitamins and minerals.

White rice has had the bran and germ removed, which are the most nutritious parts of the grain. ;This leaves white rice with very few essential nutrients, which is why brown rice is usually considered much healthier than white.

On the other hand, brown rice contains the anti-nutrient phytic acid which reduce our;body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients such as iron and zinc. ;Brown rice;may also contain higher amounts of arsenic, a toxic chemical. ;However this is only a concern if you eat a lot of rice.

With the above facts, I am not recommending either one is better. ;You make the choice! ; I prefer to include both brown and white rice in our diet.

Can You Meal Prep Rice

You can meal prep rice, but you need to take certain precautions for food safety. Uncooked rice can be contaminated with a bacteria that can survive the cooking process. If cooked rice is left to sit at room temperature, the bacteria may multiply.

Its best to eat cooked rice right away after cooking. If you need to cook it ahead of time, cool it quickly by laying it out in a thin layer. Refrigerate rice as soon as possible after cooking . Use cooked rice within 2 days and reheat it until steaming hot before serving.

The Pressure Cooker Used For This Recipe

Now you will need an electric pressure cooker for this recipe. I personally have an Instant Pot and I love it. ;You can find the Instant pot on sale here.

I have the 8 quart Instant Pot for my family of 10 and this size is perfect for us.; My sister has a family of four and the 6 quart Instant Pot works perfectly for them.; So I recommend getting one based on your family size to make sure your recipe quantities can fit into the insert.

I seriously do love it. However, there are other great electric pressure cookers that will work great for this recipe too.

What Is Brown Rice

How to Cook Short Grain Brown Rice: Stovetop, Instant Pot ...

Brown rices literal meaning in Chinese is rough rice. Its an unpolished whole grain rice the bran, germ, and;aleurone layer are not removed like the regular polished white rice we eat.

Brown rice is;the same grain as white rice, but its more nutritious with more nutrients and high in fiber.

Normally it takes almost an hour of simmering to make a pot of brown rice on stove top, but its super easy to cook Brown Rice in Instant Pot with just half the cooking time!

Instant Pot Brown Jasmine Rice


Make perfect Instant Pot Brown Jasmine Rice for a speedy side dish that the whole family will love! Made in a flash in a pressure cooker, this healthy rice is great for meal prep and pairs well with so many dishes. No pressure cooker? Youll also find stovetop instructions in the recipe.

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Brown jasmine rice in the Instant Pot is the perfect recipe for anyone new to pressure cooking. Youll get perfectly cooked healthy brown rice every time, and youll love that you dont need to babysit a pot on the stove. Oh, and it is ready in half the time vs. stovetop.

You can also use brown jasmine rice for our popular Instant Pot Basmati Rice, Instant Pot Sushi Rice, Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Rice,;Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice, Instant Pot Mexican Rice, and Instant Pot Coconut Rice. Or check this post out if you need instructions for Instant Pot white jasmine rice.

Which Rice Is Healthiest

White rice is the most common type of rice worldwide. Jasmine and basmati rice are other examples of white rice. White rice is highly processed, which means that most of the nutrients have been stripped out during processing .

Colored rice is healthier because its bran and germ remains intact . The bran is where the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients exist. Colored rices are black, red, and brown ricethese are typically higher in protein and fiber.

Of the different colors, black rice is considered the healthiest rice as its not only high in protein and fiber, but also contains antioxidants. In addition, these brown rice varieties have a lower glycemic index than white rice.

How To Cook Soaked Brown Rice In Your Instant Pot

July 29, 2016 by Amy Vig

You bought an Instant Pot, youve read the tips, and now youre finally ready to put it to use. Great!

In hopes of convincing you it isnt as complicated as it might seem, I wanted to show you today one of my favorite uses for my Instant Pot. Cooking soaked brown rice in big batches to use throughout the week.


Can You Freeze Instant Pot Brown Rice

How to make Brown Basmati Rice in the Instant Pot

Yes, you can absolutely freeze cooked brown rice! The best way Ive found to do this is to let it cool completely first, then place it in quart-size freezer-safe ziploc bags and stick them in the fridge where it will keep for up to 3 months.

When you are ready to use the rice, you dont even need to thaw first. Just transfer the frozen, cooked rice to a microwave-safe bowl and heat in the microwave covered with a damp paper towel until hot.;

Cook Soaked Brown Rice In The Instant Pot

Cooking most anything in the Instant Pot is easy once you know how to do it and rice is no exception to that rule. Soaked brown rice is only slightly trickier because it has absorbed some water through the cooking process, so well need to make a few tiny tweaks to the standard brown rice recipe.

After some serious trial and error, heres what Ive determined:

Soaked brown rice should be cooked for 23 minutes in the Instant Pot in a 1:1 ratio;;

Pretty simple, right? I promise it is.

Not convinced? Want to see it in action? ;Ive made this video to help you out.

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