How To Cook Frozen Hamburger Meat In The Instant Pot

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How To Cook Ground Beef In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot How To Defrost Or Cook Hamburger For Beginners

This is a super simple and easy recipe to follow, no matter if you are using frozen hamburger patties or frozen meat. Also, watch the short video tutorial attached for a quick guideline. The general steps are as follows:

  • Add water:;First, add about a cup of water to the inner pot. Then, add the trivet.;
  • Cook the beef: Place the frozen beef on the trivet, and close the lid. Cook on HIGH pressure for about 20 minutes for 1 pound of beef, and for 23 minutes for two pounds. After that, followed by 5 minutes natural pressure release. Next, do a quick pressure release for the remaining pressure.
  • Crumble the meat: Once cooked, open the lid and transfer the meat to a bowl, using a fork, crumble it, and add seasoning. If the meat is not fully cooked, discard the liquid from the inner pot, clean it and add it back. Press saute, add a tablespoon of oil, and add the crumbled beef to the pot. Using a wooden spoon continue to break it and cook it until browned and done.
  • Serve: Enjoy it over tacos, or rice. As an option use your favorite pasta sauce and serve it with spaghetti.
  • Easy Instant Pot Recipes Frozen Ground Beef

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    Instant pot cheesy hamburger potato cerole recipe how to cook instant pot frozen ground beef thawed in no time instant pot bolognese sauce with frozen ground beef the dinner bite recipe this instant pot shredded beef from frozen 15 instant pot ground beef recipes from a pantry

    How To Cook Frozen Ground Meat In Instant Pot

    • Prep: To Instant Pot, add 1 cup water and place frozen meat on a trivet. You have to use trivet to avoid boiling the meat and possible Burn.
    • Cook red meat :15 minutes for thawed when you open the pot, meat will look cooked and brown outside. But once you remove it into the bowl and start breaking with a fork, you will see that it is red/pink inside. 25 minutes for fully cooked is great if you just need to thaw the meat and proceed with any other recipe.
    • Cook poultry: 7 minutes for thawed and 15 minutes for fully cooked.
    • Wait 5 minutes and release pressure: Turn valve to Venting after 5 minutes to avoid strong pressure pulling all moisture from the meat.
    • Then remove onto a plate and break into pieces. Season with any combination of spices like salt, pepper, taco seasoning, chili powder, garlic powder etc. Or check out this Instant Pot taco meat recipe from my friend, Denise, at Sweet peas and Saffron.;
    • Recipes to use in: Use seasoned meat in tacos, taco salad, lasagna and casseroles. So convenient!

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    Chef Yankels Easy Instant Pot Chicken Soup

    ButcherBox Head Chef Yankel Polak has a great use for any frozen chicken wings you may have in your freezer:;Easy Instant Pot Chicken Wing Soup.

    This dish is the not just the perfect comfort food, but with an array of root vegetables and a short time in the Instant Pot, it is delicious as well. Check out the video below for the details.

    How To Pressure Cook Frozen Ground Beef

    How To Cook Frozen Ground Beef In The Instant Pot [Video ...
    • Pour cold tap water into the bottom of the inner pot. Use 1 cup for a 3 or 6 quart instant pot and 1.5 cups for an 8-quart model. Then place in a metal trivet or rack inside the inner pot.
    • Place the frozen ground beef on your trivet, and seal the instant pot closed with vent closed.;Be sure all plastic, styrofoam, or any other packaging is completely removed from the frozen meat. If not, run undercold water until you can remove the packaging.
    • Place the lid on the inner pot and seal. Set to high pressure and cook for 20 minutes for a 1-inch thick slab of frozen meat.
    • Once the cooking time has elapsed, let the pressure release naturally for 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Check the temperature with a meat thermometer–it should be at least 160 degrees. If it is not, seal again and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. *See my notes at end of the post to troubleshoot why your meat would need longer to cook.;
    • Carefully remove the meat from the instant pot and place in a large mixing bowl.
    • Discard the cooking liquid and fat that drained off beef.
    • Use a spatula to break up the ground meat and use just as you would for any recipe calling for browned or cooked ground beef.

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    Chicken Breasts With Rice And Carrots

    If youre looking for a quick, balanced meal, look no further than this;chicken breasts with rice and carrots;recipe. You can take chicken straight from the freezer to the Instant Pot for this recipe, thats how easy it is.

    All you need is some long grain white rice, chicken broth, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, carrots, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. To cook it up in the Instant Pot, simply layer the frozen chicken breasts over the rice, chicken broth, and seasonings. Place the carrots on the very top.

    Set the pot for nine minutes, and let it do a 5-minute natural release. If your chicken breasts are on the large side, feel free to add a couple of minutes to your pressure cooking time.

    Where To Find High Quality Meat

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    If youre in Canada, check out;

    If youre in the US Midwest, Chicago to Milwaukee to Detroit to New York, and select cities across the country, check out TruLocalUsa.;

    If youre west of the Mississippi, check out Wild Pastures.;

    If you live in any of the 48 contiguous states, I recommend Butcher Box!;

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    3. Doesnt it taste weird?

    Nope. And this was the part that amazed me.

    Ive tried boiling ground beef . Ive tried cooking it in a slow cooker . Back in my microwave days, I even tried microwave-cooking .

    The only ground beef that tasted good was grilled or sautéed. I have pretty high taste standards. As I mentioned above, I couldnt tell a taste difference between browned and IP-cooked ground beef.

    It had the same feel, taste, texture, and consistency. It wasnt dried out. It was delicious. AND the Instant Pot cooked it without any effort from me. No standing over the stove. No watching the meat.


    4. Can I cook frozen ground beef without a trivet?

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    Can You Cook Frozen Hamburger Patties In Instant Pot

    Yes you can! Frozen hamburger patties in the instant pot are delicious and come out incredibly tender and you would think it was a much more expensive cut of meat, when you try them.

    Just think of those amazing burgers you have gone out to eat in restaurants and this is what you can achieve when you cook frozen hamburger patties in the instant pot.

    What To Serve With Instant Pot Hamburgers

    LIFE HACK: Cooking Frozen Ground Beef in the Instant Pot | 2 flavors, 20 minutes

    Typically my family has only made hamburgers for dinner in the summer, when we can pull out our grill. With todays recipe, you can have delicious burgers any time of year!

    If Im feeling super lazy, we just serve our cheeseburgers with some potato chips. But here are some of our favorite toppings and sides:

    • Crispy Bacon

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    How Does This Work

    It’s so ridiculously simple!

    First, gather your equipment:

  • frozen ground beef– 1 lb. I have not tested this recipe with larger quantities. You can use fatty cuts of beef as the fat will drip into the water below and is discarded.
  • Instant Pot– I have used both a 6 quart Instant Pot and an 8 quart Instant Pot for this recipe
  • water– you’ll need 1 cup for a 6 quart and 1.5 cups for an 8 quart
  • trivet– this comes with the Instant Pot and keeps the beef out of the water
  • Add the water to the stainless steel insert, and place the beef on top of the trivet over the water. Pressure cook for 5 minutes with a quick pressure release!

    How To Make Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce With Frozen Ground Beef

    Let me show you how to make thisclassic Italian dish in easy steps

    Saute the onions and vegetables: Turn on your instant pot to the saute function. Pour olive oil to the inner pot and heat until IP displays hot, carefully add chopped onions, chopped celery, grated carrots and saute until soft and fragrant. This shouldnt be more than 5 minutes. Do not skip this process as it helps build the overall flavour of the dish.

    Add the rest of theingredients apart from the frozen ground beef: add Worcestershire sauce, passata,tomato paste,garlic granules, parsley, basil, salt,; pepper, bay leaf and lastly crumble the beefbouillon over the sauce and stir to combine. Make sure you deglaze the bottomof the pot to avoid getting a BURN notice.

    Add the frozen beef: carefullyadd the frozen ground beef to avoid splatter and add ½ ;cup of water.

    Pressure cook: lock the instant pot to safety, turning the valve to the seal position. Select manual or pressure cook and cook on high pressure for 20 minutes. After the cooking cycle is completed, allow 5 minutes of natural pressure and carefully do a quick pressure release.

    Open the lid, break the ground beef and mix to combine with the sauce. If the sauce has much liquid in it, using the sauté function, simmer the sauce until reduced to desired consistency. ;Serve the bolognese sauce over cooked spaghetti or add it to the sauce and combine.

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    Can You Cook A Roast That Is Frozen

    When you leave a roast in its frozen form, you negatively impact several steps of the cooking process. The first is your overall cooking time. Placing the frozen roast in any cooking device increases the overall time needed for the meat to cook, as the meat must first thaw before it can properly cook through.

    Troubleshooting And Timing For Instant Pot Ground Beef

    Instant Pot frozen ground beef can be thawed and cooked in ...
    • I have tested this recipe out with 1 and 2 pounds of ground beef that was frozen in a ¾ to 1-inch block . If you want to cook meat from a frozen tube, you will need to increase cooking time. I would start with increasing the time to 25 minutes.
    • I would not recommend cooking more than 3-4 pounds of frozen meat at a time. Doing so, would overcrowd your Instant Pot and therefore would cause it to take forever to reach pressure. Not only is this time-consuming, it potentially could be dangerous if you have frozen meat hanging out long waiting to cook.
    • To cook 3-4 pounds of meat, increase the time by 5 minutes per pound for frozen meat.
    • Be sure to completely remove packaging from frozen meat BEFORE cooking–you don’t want any wax, paper, or lining left on the meat before cooking.
    • In all my tests, it has never taken longer than 11 minutes to reach pressure for this recipe for frozen ground beef in the instant pot. The average time was 7 minutes.
    • Pro-Tip: Freeze your meat in 1 inch thick slabs so that the meat will cook evenly in the instant pot.;

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    Can You Cook Frozen Hamburger In Instant Pot

    The Instant Pot is a fast and convenient way to thaw and cook a frozen block of ground beef. Use your pressure cooker to quickly cook frozen hamburger meat and have cooked ground beef ready for your recipe! Place the trivet in the pot and add the water. The pot will take several minutes to come to pressure.

    Thaw Frozen Hamburger In Instant Pot

    When you cook frozen hamburgers in the instant pot it will cook them from frozen much better than from thawed.

    Therefore, there is absolutely no need to thaw your hamburgers prior to cooking them.

    As the frozen hamburgers go to pressure in the instant pot, the pressure cooker will naturally defrost your hamburgers.

    It also helps keep your hamburgers in the correct shape compared to when you cook already defrosted burgers.

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    How Long Does It Take To Cook Frozen Meat In The Instant Pot

    How long it takes to cook frozen meat in the Instant Pot depends on the meat.

    I have found that if you are cooking meat that is included in the cooking time chart at the back of the Instant Pot recipe booklet , its quite easy to adjust the time for frozen meat.

    Usually frozen meat will take about 1.5 times as long as fresh meat to cook. So for instance, if youre cooking chicken breast they take 8 minutes to cook at high pressure if theyre fresh, and 12 minutes if theyre frozen.

    How Long Do You Cook Frozen Ground Beef In An Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Lesson 7: Cooking Frozen Ground Beef

    Add in trivet and place frozen or fresh ground meat directly on trivet. Put the lid on the Pressure Cooker and turn valve to seal. Set to High Pressure for 20 minutes if frozen, 6 minutes if fresh. Once finished cooking, let pressure release naturally for 5 minutes and then do a quick release of any remaining pressure.

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    Brown Sugar And Butter Frozen Ham In The Instant Pot

    Perhaps instead of turkey, your family prefers ham for a big holiday dinner! Youll be pleased to discover that you can cook a ham from frozen conveniently in the Instant Pot too!

    Remember to search for a ham that fits comfortably in your pot. Aside from the ham, youll need water, brown sugar, butter and a glaze that often comes with the ham. Cook the ham for about 30-35 minutes and youll have a delicious entree made quickly!

    How To Make Burgers In The Instant Pot

    STEP 1. Prepare the burgers.

    In a mixing bowl, combine lean ground beef with seasoning blend. I like to use McCormick steak seasoning. Use what you love.

    I made 5 thick burgers with 2 lbs of meat. You do the math on that one. Needless to say they were a very nice sized patty!

    Keep your patties the same size for even cooking!

    Add some raw onion slices on top of each burger, if desired. My family doesnt like onions, but it adds flavor during the cooking process .

    Wrap each individual burger patty in foil, folding up the sides so that it is completely sealed.

    STEP 2. Pressure Cook.

    Add one cup of water to the 6qt Instant Pot . Place trivet in pot and stack patties in the pressure cooker.

    Lock the lid in place and make sure the valve on top is set to SEALING.

    Select HIGH PRESSURE for a cook time of 18 minutes. .

    After the cook time is done, do a quick release of pressure with the valve.

    Carefully remove each foil patty with a pair of tongs.

    If you want cheeseburgers, immediately top the warm burgers with cheese allowing it to melt.

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    Instant Pot Frozen Ground Beef Or Turkey

    This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy.

    Instant Pot Frozen Ground Beef or Turkey thawed in your electric pressure cooker in minutes. Then use in any recipes calling for ground beef or ground turkey. No more forgot to thaw meat at 4 PM!

    I cant tell you how many times Instant Pot frozen ground beef or turkey has saved the dinner! I dont have enough fingers to tell you how many times at 4PM my brilliant healthy dinner idea was ruined by , forgot to thaw the meat.

    Is It Safe To Cook Frozen Meat In The Instant Pot

    How to Cook Frozen Ground Beef in the Instant Pot ...

    There really is no long answer to this question. The short answer to this question is YES! As long as you cook your meat for the right amount of time, your meat will come out done, safe and ready to eat.;

    Because the pot cannot come to pressure until everything in the pot is at boiling temperature, it will take a little longer to cook frozen meat. Therefore, it will need to be cooked for 50% to 100% longer than it would from frozen before it is safe to eat.;

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    How To Cook Ground Beef In The Instant Pot Easy Photo Tutorial

    Your IP should have come with a trivet. Its that little metal stand thingy.;Cant find yours? You have;plenty of options on Amazon, or can even repurpose your steamer insert. Youre going to need it in order to get the best texture out of your ground meat.

    Step 1: Place the trivet in the base of the Instant Pot insert.

    I know what youre thinking isnt the meat going to fall through the trivet?! Nope. It stays together. Its okay. I didnt believe it until I saw it, either.)

    If you dont have a trivet, this method will still work youll just have a slightly different texture;of meat because it will be boiling;in the water.

    Step 2: Load up your trivet with frozen ground beef and add 1 cup of water or whatever is your pressure cookers minimum liquid requirement.

    For the sake of this recipe, I am using 2 pounds.;Ive had friends cook upwards of 5 pounds of ground beef at a time!


    The water is NOT optional its needed to build up enough steam to come to pressure.

    Step 3: Put on the lid, move the valve to sealing, and select 25 minutes on manual mode at high pressure.

    When the timer is up, carefully release the pressure .

    Step 4: Use a meat thermometer to take the interior temperature of your meat. Youre aiming for a minimum of 160° F.

    Step 5: Remove the ground beef into a bowl using tongs. Youll notice that it stayed together as a log/block and didnt disintegrate.

    Step 6: Simply use a sturdy spoon or potato masher to break into chunks.

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