Can Crock Pot Liners Be Used In An Instant Pot

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Can You Use Plastic Instead Of A Liner With Instant Pots

Slow Cooker Liners by Reynolds Product Review- No Clean Up Crock Pot Cooking

You might think to yourself: Why would I spend extra money on a slow cooker liner when I have plastic wrap in the pantry? Well, theres why:

  • Some plastic wraps have BPA.BPA is a chemical in plastics that can lead to birth defects, cognitive issues, and prostate cancer when exposed to high temperatures. Most slow cooker liners are BPA-free. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the plastic wrap sitting on your shelf.
  • Most plastics cannot stand high temperatures. Slow cooker liners are designed for hot temperatures. In fact, they can withstand temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats because although slow cooker liners look like plastic, some brands actually use heat-resistant nylon. With this material, they dont melt or warp with use.

Ensure that when youre buying a slow cooker liner, its not just garden-variety plastic wrap. Taking one minute to check could save you a lot of timeand your Instant Pot!

Tips For Using Slow Cooker Liners Without Problems

Do you love your slow cooker but hate how long it takes to clean it? Its a common problem: you use your slow cooker to save yourself time in the kitchen, but then you end up having to soak and scrub your slow cooker for ages to get all the food stains and gunk out!

This is a pretty annoying scenario. Youre trying to save time, but all your saved time is then being spent washing dishes. Not so fun. If only crock pot cleanup could be easier, right?

Well, it can be. With slow cooker liners, you can completely eliminate the need to clean your slow cooker. Instead of spending half an hour trying to clean your crock pot, simply lift the slow cooker liner out of the crockpot, and throw it in the trash. Its as easy as that.

Forget To Put The Sealing Ring Back In The Lid Before Cooking

Mistake:;Since;the silicone sealing ring absorbs the food smell, many users regularly air out/wash the sealing ring. Its easy to forget to place it back into the lid before using the Instant Pot.

Solution: Make it a habit to ensure the sealing ring is properly installed every time, before you close the lid for pressure cooking.

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Hatrigo Steamer Basket For Pressure Cooker With Silicone Handle

If youre looking for a more structured type of steamer, look no further than this Hatrigo steamer basket! The stainless steel feet and handles of the steamer basket are wrapped in protective silicone to prevent burns and scratches, and the tall sides will keep your food contained on the way into and out of the pot.

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Baking / Parchment Paper

The Best Crock

Parchment paper can be used to line a crock pot to make clean-up easier, and I believe its also cheaper than slow cooker liners .

This can be a good alternative to slow cooker liners, particularly if you are baking a casserole, cake, or something else bread-y in your crock pot.

The reason it works so well for these types of foods, is because that is pretty close to what parchment paper was originally designed to do .

But, I dont think I would try using parchment paper for something with a higher water content. For example, I wouldnt try using parchment paper for stew, chili, pot roast, etc.

It is paper after all, so Id expect it to wear and dissolve in the pot, which is not what you want!

But, overall, parchment paper seems like a good substitute for slow cooker liners, as long as you use it with the right kind of recipes. Next up, aluminum foil.

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Which Cooking Liners Are Best To Use In Instant Pots

Theres no standard cooking liner that you can go out and buy. Many brands, like Reynolds, KOOC, and Yengoth have their own versions. At their core, these products are the same; theyre sheets of plastic. However, some may fit your instant pot better than others. With that said, check your Instant Pots dimensions before you decide what cooking liner to buy.

Slow Cooker Liner Tips

While reading reviews of crock pot liners on the internet, there were a ton of positive ones and there were also a small number of people who had some negative things to say about them. Here are the top 3 common problems they were reporting:

  • Melted liner
  • Leaks
  • Plastic smell

All of those sound pretty bad, so to ensure that your slow cooker liner experience is a good one, here are some tips to make your slow cooker experience a success!

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Double Check The Doneness Of Your Favorite Recipes

Its always a good idea to check the inner temperature of a slow-cooked meal to ensure the ingredients are heated throughout, and this step is especially important when youre slow-cooking in an Instant Pot.

You see, there are a few key differences between an Instant Pot and a traditional slow cooker. For one, a traditional slow cooker pot is typically made of thick ceramic, so the sides of the bowl heat up, cooking your food from all sides. With an Instant Pot, the thin metal pot doesnt get nearly as warm, so your food is only being cooked from the bottom.

Additionally, the temperature settings on an Instant Pot arent exactly the same as on a slow cooker. The brand lists the following temperature ranges for each setting:

  • Less: 180-190°F
  • Normal: 190-200°F
  • More: 200-210°F

On a standard slow cooker, the low setting is generally around 190°F and the high setting is around 300°F. As you can see, the settings between the two appliances dont match up precisely, so it may take some trial and error to recreate your favorite recipes.

For these reasons, slow cooker recipes often take a bit longer to make in an Instant Pot, and youll want to check the inner temperature of your meal to confirm its reached a safe temperature before you dig in.

Is The Express Crock Easy To Use And Clean

SLOW COOKING – Instant Pot vs Crock Pot | Kravings

Enough about the specs. How easy are these products to use? Well, the basic function of both cookers is similar. If you already know how to use the Instant Pot, you wont have any trouble operating the Express Crock. One area where Instant Pot still reigns is in its programmability and the variety of preset options available. Theres more flexibility with programming on the Instant Pot and its 14 built-in programs eclipse Crock-Pots eight. Overall, though, Crock Pots option is just as simple as an Instant Pot.

One notable difference between the two products is the liner. Crock Pots Express Crock has a non-stick surface, making it easier to clean than the Instant Pots uncoated insert. It may be easier to wash up, but you may have a tougher time getting a good sear while using the brown/saute functionthe secret to a really good braise, like beef stroganoff or sirloin tips.

Find out what we thought of the Instant Pot saute function here.

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Can You Use Slow Cooker Liners In A Pressure Cooker

IIputSlow Cooker Linerpotuseslow cooklinerdoesslow cookerIusingpressure cooker

Many people avoid using plastic items with their food because some plastics contain BPA , a chemical that can seep into food and have negative health consequences. Crock-Pot brand liners are BPA-free.

can you use roasting bags in slow cookers? C or microwave ovens and slow cookers. They retain the moisture and flavour of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. The remaining juices can be used to make gravy. The Extra-Large size can also be used in slow cookers as a slow cooker liner.

Beside above, can oven bags go in pressure cooker?

Yes you can, but I would use an old pillow case instead of an oven bag. An oven bag traps air that is a pour conductor of heat where a pillow case will give more even heating of the casing. The same thing is true with a large Myco-Bag thats been over stuffed with substrate.

What can I use instead of a crockpot liner?

Simply grab some cooking spray and spray it all over the sides and bottom of your crock pot. Or, if you don’t have a spray, grab some vegetable oil, put it on a paper towel, and wipe the crockpot yourself.

Faq For Slow Cooking In The Instant Pot

Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the ideal result when using your Instant Pot as a slow cooker:

  • Do you still need to add 1 cup of liquid? No. Youre not using the pressurizer function. If the recipe already has liquid in it, add it. Otherwise there is no need to add an extra cup of liquid to the recipe.
  • Do you use the regular Instant Pot lid? Yes.; You dont have to use the heavy lid but you can. Again, the pot is not being pressurized so you can use any lid that fits. Personally I use my Instant Pot tempered glass lid when I slow cook in my Instant Pot.;
  • Can you use slow cooker liners? Yes. If youre using the slow cook function in the Instant Pot you can use slow cooker liners. If you are using your Instant Pot for any other function you can not use slow cooker liners.

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Instant Pot Glass Lid

Some people like to get a lid for their pots for popcorn, slow cooking, or yogurt. However, I find I have lids for my pots and pans that work just fine on top of the Instant Pot. I dont find it necessary, though many people like it, so Ive included it in my list.

  • Pros: Can be used for recipes that do not require pressure cooking, you can see inside the pot at a glance.
  • Cons: Its a glass pot lid that is branded Instant Pot, so it costs $15
  • Uses:Instant Pot Yogurt , popcorn, slow cooking

Pros Of Using Crockpot Liners


Many of these are obvious advantages. Some you may not have known.

1. Quick and easy clean up

Clean up is as easy as removing the liner and depositing it in the garbage. No more stubborn burned-on food that takes effort to remove.

2. Water savings

Less water needed in the clean up You wont need to soak your slow cooker and this means you will use less water.

3. Dishwasher efficiency

Theres more room in the dishwasher for other items, as theres no need for this intensity of cleaning.

4. Freeze leftovers easily

Some home cooks freeze meals in these crockpot bags and then, when its time, place the frozen meal directly in the crockpot.

You should know that the manufacturers, Reynolds Kitchen, advise that While the slow cooker liner material is excellent for cooking, it does not provide a barrier against moisture loss for food storage.;Freezer storage is not recommended

So its probably not a good idea to leave these meals in these bags in the freezer for too long.

5. Makes easy transporting of meals

For many people, the liners mean less stress in preparing meals that they then take to other venues. They find that you can easily take the cooked food with you in a slow cooker liner. Just place the liner containing the food into a vessel that is lighter, portable, or less fragile than the crockpot for transporting elsewhere.

This is probably a safety concern. If the bag busted the hot contents could burn you.

6. Adaptive aid

7. Stress-free meal preparation

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B Cooking Liquid: Too Much Liquid

Mistake:;On the contrary, when there is too much cooking liquid in the Instant Pot, it will increase the overall cooking time . This may overcook the food.

Plus, too much cooking liquid will dilute the seasoning, resulting in a bland dish.

Solution: Unless stated in a recipe, we recommend new users to use 1 cup of total liquid until they get comfortable with the machine.

The One Thing To Do Before Slow Cooking In An Instant Pot

Chances are high that you bought an Instant Pot because it did more than just pressure cook. You may have even told yourself that youd get rid of one of your slow cookers if you really loved the Instant Pot after trying it out for a bit but then basically forgot that this multi-cooker did anything other than pressure cooking.

Recently I used my Instant Pot as a slow cooker to see if I could indeed replace my smaller four-quart slow cooker with it. A couple of near-fails later, this is the most important thing I learned.

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Spray Your Crockpot With Cooking Spray

This is a tip to help fix the melted liner problem. Before trying this tip out, we recommend just trying a liner on its own first because this problem is pretty uncommon. If you try out the liner and it DOES melt, this tip should help fix that problem.

The solution is simple: before you put your liner into the crockpot with your food, spray the inside of the crockpot with cooking spray. Were not sure why, but this should help stop the liners from melting.

Instant Pot Egg Bite Mold

How to Use the Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker | Instant Pot 101 For Beginners

I recently purchased an Instant Pot egg bite mold and I actually really like it! This is a silicone mold that you can use to cook in your Instant Pot.

  • Pros: Incredibly sturdy, thick, nonstick, and the holes are much larger than I anticipated. It also comes with a lid.
  • Cons: Youll need to buy a couple if youre cooking for a lot.
  • Uses:Instant Pot Cheddar Bacon Egg Bites, Pumpkin Pie bites and Mini Cheesecake bites , freezing single portions of baby food or bone broth.

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Silicone Pressure Cooking Sling

I would use my blue steamer net for pot-in-pot holder for a while, but this tool is specifically made for pot-in-pot cooking to be able to lift things out of the Instant Pot. My MIL gave this to me for Christmas, and I really enjoy it. I also had a photo using this sling featured on OXOs Instagram page! Whaat!

How To Remove The Instant Pot Plastic Vent Cover

Thats the official name of the plastic on the base. My Instant Pot Duo Plus, Instant Pot Ultra, and Instant Pot Max all have the same type of cover on the underside of the base, held in place by a single screw. The screw is a standard Philips head on my Duo Plus and Max, but the Instant Pot Ultra has a Torx T15 screw, which made me dig deep in my toolbox to find a head that would fit.

To help the pot dry out, remove this base. Make sure the pot is unplugged before you remove the base! Water, electronics, and people with screwdrivers do not mix!

Remove the screw, and the vent cover is held in place by tabs on the base. Rotate the vent cover, line up the holes with the tabs on the base, and the vent cover lifts right off.

When I dumped water in the pot, the vents in the vent cover held on to a lot of water, so I dried it off with a towel and set it next to the pot. There were also drops of water on the electronics board in the base, so I gently oh so gently patted it with the edge of a paper towel to lift the water off. Dont get overly enthusiastic and damage the electronics.

And, AGAIN, please make sure the pot is unplugged before doing any of this!

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Instant Pot Is Obviously King When It Comes To Pressure

Instant Pot has owned the multi-cooker game for some timeand has inspired many of our readers favorite;quick-fix recipesbut the beloved kitchen appliance could face some hefty competition now that Crock-Pot has entered the race with the Express Crock. Yep, the brand synonymous with slow cookers now has a multi-cooker unit on the market. But how does it stack against the revered Instant Pot?

Can You Use Aluminum Foil Pans In The Instant Pot

10 Awesome Accessories You

put foilinstant potusewill takewill take

All bowls or pans must fit loosely in the pressure cooker on the cooking rack. Use aluminum foil to make a lifter.

Likewise, can you put metal in an instant pot? Instant Pot says you can use any container that is labeled Oven Safe. This includes containers made from metal, silicone, ceramic & glass.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what pans can be used in instant pot?

10 Must-Have Instant Pot Accessories

  • Glass Lid.
  • Sealing Ring.

Can I use parchment paper in instant pot?

It is just as effective to use a sheet of parchment and fold it easily and well, tucked all around the food as tightly as possible, and pop the little package into an oven or into an Instant Pot.

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What Is A Slow Cooker

Lets start with what is a slow cooker. A slow cooker is an appliance that simmers food at very low heats for a long period of time. The thing that makes a slow cooker distinct from all the other methods of preparing food is that slow cookers can cook food at a much lower temperature than other appliances. You may also know slow cookers by the name Crock-Pot, this is a trading name owned by Sunbeam Products. Slow cookers are typically used because the low heat that they operate at can allow typically tough, chewy foods to become tender, and melt-in-the-mouth.


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