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Cuban Chicken And Rice

FAST Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken and Rice – Dump and Go Recipe!

The dynamic duo is more than just a convenient dinner combo, its worldwide popularity has made it part of iconic dishes like arroz con pollo throughout Spain and in many Latin American countries like Cuba or Puerto Rico. Similar to Mexican rice, this dish uses a tomato and broth mixture to cook the rice along with cumin, annatto and turmeric to get the characteristic color, but the chicken is cooked with the rice rather than on the side or on top.

Instant Pot Chicken And Rice Is Great On Your Budget:

You only need 2 chicken breasts for this recipe so it is very frugal friendly. The rice and cheese really stretch the meat and make it easy to feed a big family.

I love meals that are easy on my grocery budget, taste amazing and only take a few minutes to prepare. Life is so busy and most of us are running from work and school to activities and more. Take out is so tempting on those crazy busy days.

Now, you can just throw everything in your instant pot and make this amazing dinner idea. Since it only takes 30 minutes to cook, you can have dinner ready in less time than going to the drive-thru and back home again.

Instant Pot Recipes Chicken and Rice make dinner time easy. Everyone is happy and full after this delicious and hearty meal.

Instant Pot Chicken And Rice Soup Recipe

Potassium 327mg 7%
*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

The Instant Pot pressure cooker is an excellent way to get homemade chicken and rice soup on the table quickly any night of the week. The soup is a healthy combination of lean chicken breasts, stock, and vegetables, along with a few basic pantry seasonings you probably have on hand.

Thyme and rosemary are the seasonings called for in this recipe, but feel free to substitute an equal amount of an Italian seasoning blend. Or you might use another herb blend, such as fines herbes or herbes de Provence.

  • 1 1/2tablespoonsolive oil

  • 1poundboneless chicken breasts, 2 large or 3 small

  • 3carrots, cut into 1/2-inch dice, about 2 cups

  • 1/2teaspoondried thyme, or 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

  • 1/4teaspoondried rosemary, crumbled, or 3/4 teaspoon fresh chopped rosemary

  • 1/2teaspoonkosher salt, or to taste

  • 1/4teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

  • 1/2cup long-grain white rice

  • 2tablespoons chopped parsley

  • Gather the ingredients.

    Diana Rattray

  • Select the Instant Pot sauté setting and add the olive oil to the pot. When the display reads “hot,” add the chicken breasts. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side . Remove the chicken to a plate and set aside.

    Diana Rattray

  • Add the chicken broth and rice and stir, scraping the bottom of the pot to loosen any browned bits.

    Diana Rattray

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    Tips For Using An Instant Pot:

    First-time users: always read the users manual for your specific instant pot prior to starting since your machine may not operate or look exactly like ours.

    • Make sure the rim and rubber seal on your instant pot are clean for the seal to form properly.
    • Stir the rice together before turning on to avoid the burn notice.
    • Remember to set your lever to the stealing position for pressure to build.
    • When manually releasing pressure, wear an oven mitt and keep your face away from the hot steam vent.
    • I keep a paper towel ready to shield the vent in case it sputters liquid while venting/releasing pressure.
    • Always check the pressure indicator on your machine to ensure that the pressure has fully released prior to opening the lid.
    • Follow timing instructions precisely and set timers. With pressure cooking it easy to over-cook something if you forget about your pot.

    Lemon Chicken And Rice

    Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Recipe

    Want to add a Mediterranean touch to your meal? Look to your fridge and pantry for help! Enhancing the flavor of your meal can be as simple as coating your chicken breast with lemon juice before cooking and infusing your rice cooking water with dried herbs and broth such as thyme, oregano or basil. Serve with a side of roasted tomatoes and asparagus for a complete meal!

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    Ingredients For Chicken And Rice:

    You can use any kind of chicken here: chicken breast, thigh meat or chicken tenders. We prefer chicken tenders because they require very little prep , and reheat really well. They are also the most tender. We often use the chicken we have on hand.

    The best rice for this recipe is jasmine rice . You could also use Basmati or Texmati without adjusting the cooking time. Brown rice like we used in our Instant Pot Rice with Beef recipe, would require a longer cooking time.

    This Chicken And Rice Recipe:

    • Wont trigger your Instant Pots burn error
    • Made with budget-friendly, fresh, healthy, pantry ingredients
    • Yields tender juicy chicken with flavorful rice
    • Rice comes out fully cooked, plump, and soaked with tasty flavors from the chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and aromatic herbs. No more dry or undercooked hard clump of rice.

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    Instant Pot Chicken Breast And White Rice

    The original recipe initially was for chicken breasts and white rice cooked together in the Instant Pot. After extensive testing, I found the right amount of cooking time to achieve fluffy rice and juicy chicken. After 5 minutes high-pressure and 10 minutes natural pressure release, the chicken is JUST cooked. It wont be dry but it shouldnt be pink at all, just white.

    Its important to note that if your pin drops before the 10 minutes, the pot most likely didnt get to high pressure and the chicken might be undercooked. Double-check before you start that the sealing knob is in the sealing position, and no air or steam comes out of the knob.

    Why This Recipe Works

    Instant Pot Chicken and Rice | One Pot – 30 min Dinner

    I mentioned this Instant Pot chicken breast and rice recipe checks alllll the cold-weather boxes. Why? Well, here are just a few reasons!

    Instant Pot We all have those days when were just in a super hurry to get dinner on the table. Or, maybe you just simply dont feel like turning on your stove and getting out the pots and pans. Instant Pot to the rescue! Quick, easy, fast, and cleans up in a snap!

    Browning chicken You might want to skip this step, but quickly browning the chicken in the Instant Pot is your only chance to sear in the herby flavors and oil, locking in the juiciness of the chicken for optimal flavor.

    Simple spices No need to run to the store to flavor this chicken and rice dish. This meal is flavored with pantry staples like paprika, garlic, onion powder, and an Italian blend.

    Amazing leftovers This Instant Pot chicken and rice keeps for up to 4 days in the fridgethat is, if it lasts that long!

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    Instant Pot Chicken And Rice Is Your Favorite Creamy Cheesy Casserole Comfort Food Except Its Made Faster And Easier In The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    Instant Pot creamy chicken and rice casserole is the perfect, stick-to-your-ribs home cooked dinner! Youll love how easy it is!

    Note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

    Growing up in the south, we enjoyed our fair share of delicious food at church potluck dinners.

    There was always a smattering of casseroles on the plastic tablecloth-lined tables that spanned the churchs fellowship hall, along with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, southern style green beans, potato salad, and more.

    Southern style casseroles have always held a special place in my heart, especially when they are creamy, delicious, and full of flavor. I mean, isnt a casserole the ultimate comfort food?

    Thats why I know this creamy Instant Pot chicken and rice is going to be a hit with your familyIm betting its going to be one of your favorite Instant Pot chicken dinner recipes!

    Tips For The Best Instant Pot Chicken And Rice

    • Always consult your instant pot user manual for the best advice for your specific model.
    • Be sure to rinse the rice well before cooking to prevent mushy rice.
    • When you add the water to the pot, be sure to scrape up any browned bits stuck to bottom of your instant pot with a wooden spoon. This will help prevent a burn notice.
    • Always check that the pressure has fully released before opening the lid.

    This instant pot chicken and rice will be your favorite go-to on those days when time simply escapes you. And you dont have to sacrifice flavor to get dinner on the table fast!

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    Instant Pot Chicken And Rice Recipe Tips

    • Be sure to rinse the rice well before cooking.
    • When you add the broth to the pot, be sure to scrape up any bits stuck to bottom of your Instant Pot with a spoon or spatula before adding the chicken. This will ensure that you dont get the Instant Pot burn message during the pressure cooking time.
    • If you want more veggies, try adding a chopped bell pepper along with the carrots. To add broccoli, stir in some steamed broccoli after pressure cooking. The broccoli will get too mushy if you pressure cook it along with everything else. Or stir a few handfuls of chopped fresh spinach into the finished dish.
    • To learn more about cooking rice in the Instant Pot, see my recipes for Instant Pot Rice and Instant Pot Brown Rice.

    Instant Pot Chicken And Rice With Butter Garlic & Herbs

    Instant Pot® Spanish Chicken and Rice Recipe

    Making Chicken and rice in Instant Pot is easy and convenient. No need for cleaning multiple pans or spending hours in the kitchen. Make it in the instant pot from start to finish in just 20 minutes.

    Start with seasoning Chicken. Seasoning Chicken well and browning helps in developing flavour. I have used chicken thighs but you can also use chicken breast instead.

    Next is to caramelize onion and a lot of garlic in butter, which again adds lots of flavours. You can use Olive oil instead of butter, but believe me, it will not be the same. So for once keep your worries about calories aside and use butter.

    I have used a mix of herbs Oregano, thyme and parsley. But you can use any of your favourite herbs.

    Using Chicken Stock instead of water makes the flavour robust. Use water or a mix of water and stock instead.

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    Optional: Brown Chicken In Instant Pot

    First, press Saute button to Sauté More function to heat up Instant Pot.

    Itll switch to ON on the screen.

    Wait until it says HOT on the screen .

    Amy + Jackys Tips!

    Pat dry the chicken with a paper towel. Then, season one side of the chicken generously with salt and black pepper.

    Add 1 tbsp olive oil in Instant Pot. Swirl the inner pot to ensure the oil covers the whole bottom of the inner pot .

    Add the chicken in Instant Pot , then brown this side for 5 minutes.

    Lightly season the other side of the chicken with salt and black pepper. Then, flip and brown this side of chicken for another 5 minutes.

    Finally, set aside the chicken thighs.

    *Note: If youre skipping this browning chicken step, add the chicken in Step 4.

    Add in sliced onions and 1 tsp tomato paste, then saute for two minutes.

    Add in a pinch of dried oregano and dried basil, then saute for another minute.

    Add in minced garlic cloves, then saute for another 30 seconds.

    To Cook Perfect Rice Below Are A Few Tips

    • Wash rice under running tap, until water runs clear.
    • Measure water. As a general rule for every part of rice, you need two parts of water. But while cooking in Instant Pot because there is no evaporation of water, the amount of water you would need is less. The rice to water ratio would be 1:1.5
    • Always add rice to warm water.
    • While water is warming up, soak rice for 10 – 15 minutes.

    These tips are for regular white rice, long grain Basmati rice and Brown rice. But rice varieties are not only limited to this. With my 20 years of experience in cooking rice, these few tips have always worked for me. But cooking perfect rice also depends on the quality of rice.

    If the rice is of the starchy kind, you will have to adjust the quantity of water and time. The age of the rice grain also determines the end result. The older/aged the grain, the better it turns out.

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    How To Make Creamy Instant Pot Chicken And Rice

    Youll start with a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Cut them each into two or three uniform pieces and place them into the insert pot of your Instant Pot.

    Add in some white rice and chicken broth, along with some garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper.

    Cook that at high pressure for 3 minutes, then allow a natural pressure release.

    Once the pressure has released and the valve has dropped, remove the chicken and shred or chop it as desired, then fluff the rice and return the chicken to the insert pot.

    Stir in some cream of chicken soup until combined, followed by some shredded cheese. Stir until melted, and voiladinner is ready!

    I served this with some southern style green beans, and it was a match made in heaven!

    How To Cook Rice In The Instant Pot

    4 FAST & EASY Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Dinners!

    Cooking rice in the Instant Pot is easy. Rice to water ratio and the right timing is the key to perfect rice.

    I cook rice in a pressure cooker or using the “cook and drain” method. When cooking rice in an open pot and drain the extra liquid you don’t need to worry about the rice to water ratio.

    Because once the rice is cooked, you drain excess water. On the other hand, cooking rice in a pressure cooker needs an exact rice-water ratio.

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    Why Youll Love This Chicken And Rice Recipe:

    • Quick to Make:This pressure cooker chicken is ridiculously fast to make. Simply add your ingredients to the pot and youll have a large-portioned, delicious meal in only 30 minutes!
    • Easy Cleanup: All you need to make your rice casserole is an Instant Pot. That means no mess and no extra dishes for this yummy meal!
    • Great Results: Youll love the taste and texture of this amazing chicken and rice. It has a savory, cheesy, and meaty flavor that the whole family will enjoy!

    Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken And Rice

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure for more information. Published: Feb 2, 2022 by Dee

    Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken and Rice is a complete meal with creamy chicken, rice, peas and cheese. A one-pot meal the whole family loves! This easy chicken dinner is perfect for busy weeknights!

    Easy chicken and rice is classic comfort food made even easier in the electric pressure cooker. This is one of my favorite Instant Pot recipes to make on busy days because it comes together fast.

    We love my grandma’s old fashioned chicken and rice recipe, but this Instant Pot version is much faster. You can dig into this delicious chicken dinner in about 30 minutes!

    The first time I made chicken and rice in the Instant Pot, I kept it super plain. I just added Parmesan cheese.

    But the next time I made this easy Instant Pot recipe, I added cheddar cheese and cheddar blend. I also used cream of chicken soup to make super creamy chicken and rice. This is a very versatile recipe, and you can make it with or without cream of chicken soup!

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    Tasty Enough To Give Mama’s Classic Casserole A Run For Its Money

    If you are still on the fence about buying a multicooker, this delicious chicken and rice recipe will convince you that you need one in your kitchen right now. Just like slow cookers and food processors earned a place of importance in the kitchens across the South, the Instant Pot has quickly become a popular go-to cooking appliance for making everything from cornbread to lasagna and, if you can whip up a weeknight meal in less than an hour, what’s not to love? This multicooker recipe is just as flavorful as Mom’s oven-baked chicken and rice you grew up enjoying, only it comes together faster and uses boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which means there is no waste. A true weeknight classic made even easier. Serve alongside a tossed green salad or your favorite green vegetable. This Instant Pot dish makes great leftovers simply store any remaining chicken and rice in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to one week.

    What Pressure Cooker Did You Use

    Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken and Rice

    I used the Instant Pot 7-in-1 cooker for this recipe, but there are several other manufacturers that make similar multi-function pressure cookers . If you have a single function pressure cooker, but still want to make the rice in the pressure cooker instead of on the stove top, here are some directions from

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