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Instant Pot Chicken Thighs

REVIEW Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6 Quart Large Air Fryer 6 in 1 Oven

We dont want you to miss out on delicious meals because youre short on time or budget.

With this in mind, we experimented using few simple ingredients to craft this Caramelized Honey Garlic Chicken! Its a quick & easy, family-friendly dish thats bursting with flavors.

No more dry & tasteless ribs! Many readers have asked us how long to cook Country Style Ribs in Instant Pot so they come out Tender, Juicy & Flavorful.

So we did some fun ribs experiments. Check out our tasty results!

This is a super easy way to make creamy & fluffy baked potatoes. Weve included our Tested Time Chart developed from our potato experiments. Its a simple yet delicious side dish or snack.

One of the easiest Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Recipes!

After many experiments, we developed this Ultra Crispy-Crunchy Pork Belly Recipe with our Instant Pot and Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid.

Our family gobbled it all up before making it to the dinner table.

Your guests will enjoy the tasty, crusty, and fluffy stuffing soaked with mamas homey holiday flavors. Gotta love that golden crust!

This stuffing makes a great side dish for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 65

Pressure cook, air fry, slow cook, bake and more using one do-it-all ultimate lid!

No more switching lids! The Instant Pot® Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid combines the best of smart pressure cooking with air frying, using a single lid for all cooking! This Duo Crisp is simple to use, with a large LCD display that includes status messages to guide you through cooking programs. The advanced steam release is simple, with a release button on the control panel and status messages letting you know when to open and close the lid. And its whisper quiet, with an advanced steam release design for a simpler venting experience. With 13 different cooking functions, you can pressure cook for fast, healthy meals or slow cook for deep flavor, and then air fry for the perfect crisp. The dishwasher-safe cooking pot makes cleanup simple.

Should You Buy The Instant Vortex Plus 6

So, should you buy the Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart 6-in 1 Air Fryer with ClearCook and OdorErase? The name may seem unnecessarily long, but it does hold true. Not only were we able to easily look into the cooking chamber as our food cooked, but we also were free from the majority of cooking odors as we tested the air fryer.

Whats more, despite its somewhat low upper temperature limit, the cooking results in this air fryer definitely scored full marks for consistency and great taste. We also enjoyed the reminder to shake your food halfway through cooking, and the sleek control panel which is a lot more stylish than many air fryers on the market.

There are a couple of downsides: first, it cant go through the dishwasher, and second, you will have to keep a stock of replacement filters. If you are not concerned with the OdorErase element of the air fryer, we suggest trying the Instant Vortex Plus 6-quart ClearCook Air Fryer , which is pretty much the same apart from its lack of OdorErase technology.

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Best Instant Pot 202: Our Top Picks

Why you can trust Homes & Gardens Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

It’s the most expensive Instant Pot in our guide, but the Instant Pot Pro Crisp does everything you could wish for. It has an air fryer lid, 14 presets, and a digital display to track your cooking process.

Why we love it

When we tried the Instant Pot Pro Crisp for ourselves, it was able to pressure cook a chicken in just 20 minutes. We then turned it onto air fry mode, and crisped up the skin perfectly.

Most parts of the Instant Pot Pro Crisp can go in the dishwasher, including the pressure cooker lid. It has a removable air fryer basket that we found made takeout-worthy fries, and the handles allowed us to shake up the wedges for even cooking results.


You can put the pot in the dishwasher, and because it has silicone-coated handles, it’s easy to lift out even when your meal has recently finished cooking. The pot can also go on the stove, although with the sear setting, you might not need it.

Our Instant Pot Pro Crisp review has more details

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is an upgrade on the classic Instant Pot Duo, with added safety features and a smarter display. When it comes down to it though, this Instant Pot has all the features you’re looking for when you want to get started with a multi-cooker.

Why we love it


Why we love it


What we love


What we love

How To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

Instant Pot Vortex 6

The initial step will be to read all the safety and maintenance guidelines from the Instant Pot air fryer lid. It goes without a mention that the manufacturers safeguards arm you with troubleshooting tips, techniques, and cooking times for different foods, among other dos and donts.

Plus, your air fryer lid must be compatible with the Instant Pot base. Instant Pot air fryer lid suits 6-quart pots.

The lids compatibility includes the dimensions, capacity, and model. Some brands do not match this make, so it is paramount to check when buying. It will save you a hell of a time trying to return your lid for exchange.

Some outlets use your Instant Pot air fryer lid. If you find yourself at crossroads, read out detailed guides on the Best Air Fryer Lid For Instant Pot 6/8 QT.

Here are the steps that will guide you when using an Instant Pot air fryer lid

  • Unplug your Instant Pot from the power outlet.
  • Stack your food neatly in your Instant Pot base or on an air fryer basket if you have one. Air fryer lids are not used on ceramic coated inner pots, so use a stainless-steel inner pot.
  • Unplug the pressure cooker. Position the air fryer lid on your Instant Pots base and connect to the power source.
  • Select the appropriate innovative program, including Reheat, Dehydrate, Bake, Broil, or Air Fry.
  • Use the Time + / buttons to adjust your cooking time and temperature.
  • Pressing Start to see the display as the Air Fryer Lid preheats.
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    What Are Some Downsides To The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

    The biggest downside to the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid is the capacity. The air frying basket is pretty small. If you think about how narrow a six-quart Instant Pots inner pot is, you may get an idea of the air fryers capacity. The air fryer basket measures roughly 7.5 inches in diameter, and air frying works best when you arrange your ingredients in a single layer. The lid may have been better if it came with the 8-quart Instant Pot models, rather than the 6-quart.

    Another small hiccup we experienced with the air fryer basket was with the handles, which are also way too small. The tiny handles make the air fryer basket difficult to lift up out of the inner pot after you air fry a batch of food.

    How We Test Instant Pots

    When the experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab assess multi-cookers, including Instant Pots, we put each to the test in a variety of ways. We check overall functionality by filling the device with water to capacity, then activate the high setting and set a timer. We watch and listen once the cooker comes to pressure, we note the time. Then, we maintain pressure for 15 minutes and release the pressure, timing how long it takes for the pressure to drop. Next, our pros get cooking. We mix all of the ingredients for beef stew in the pressure cooker, cover, record how long the pot takes to come to pressure, cook for 20 minutes and record how long the pot takes to release pressure. Then, we evaluate the final product: Is the beef tender? How were the veggies cooked? Whats the overall flavor like? Finally, our pros cook a batch of rice in each device, combining all of the ingredients in the multicooker and cooking according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We then evaluate the rice: Whats the texture like? Is any rice stuck to the bottom of the cooker?

    Our testers also consider ease of use, evaluating each product for how intuitive and clear the controls are, how many settings are offered, how simple cleaning is and the clarity of the owner’s manual.

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    Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 6

    Air fry in your Instant Pot like a pro!

    From the makers of the Instant Pot Duo series comes a pressure cooker with air frying capabilities. Pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, slow-cook foods to tender perfection just like grandma used to make and get all the crunch from deep-frying but with 95% less oil in one multi-cooker. Seamlessly transition from pressure cooking and slow cooking to air frying with the included removable air fryer lid. With 15 built-in smart programs, you can prepare even more of your favorite dishes with the press of a button. Redefine cooking and enjoy quick and easy meals anywhere, any time. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp offers the quality, convenience and versatility youve come to expect from Instant discover amazing.

    What Is An Instant Pot Air Fryer

    6qt Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer with ClearCook 6in1 Airfryer

    With an 11-in-1 functionality, the Instant Pot Air Fryer makes cooking a breeze for even the newest of beginners. Choose from steam, bake, fry, saute, pressure cook, slow cook options, and more, and easily switch between modes without bringing out multiple pots and pans! This is what makes Instant Pot air fryer recipes so easy and efficient.

    For those more deluxe Instant Pot Crisp recipes, the appliance comes fully equipped with a dehydrator and sous vide functions perfect for the more gourmet cooking styles you may wish to try.

    Instant Pot Air Fryers patented EvenCrisp technology creates a crispy, even exterior using up to 95% less oil than conventional fryers. Instant Pot air fryer recipes have never been easier simply attach the relevant piece, set your timer, and away you go!

    The Instant Pot Air Fryer is portable and simple to clean. You can take it to your next potluck, family gathering, or barbecue, with no worry about the mess just wipe down the stainless steel exterior, and youre good to go!

    5 Easy Recipes For Burgers In An Air Fryer

    15 Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Home Baking

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    How The Air Fryer Fries

    Air fryers are basically small convection ovens. Inside, they have a heating element and a fan that blows hot air around their small cooking chamber, circulating the air very quickly. Combined with its perforated basket, this means that the food comes into contact with the hot air at a much faster rate, frying it. No, it doesnt produce deep-fried results , but the air fryer can cook brown and crispy foods very well, making it a great way to cook foods like French fries, broccoli , and even proteins like salmon.

    Compatibility: Not All Models

    The fryer lid is compatible with the 6-quart Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, Viva, Nova Plus, Ultra, and Duo Nova models, including those models that come in different colors.

    It is not compatible with the Smart WiFi 60, Duo Evo Plus 6, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60, or Max 60. It also is not compatible with 3-quart or 8-quart Instant Pots or with electric pressure cookers made by other companies. In addition, it should only be used with stainless steel inner pots, and not with ceramic nonstick coated inner pots.

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    Harder To Clean Than Most Air Fryers

    One major setback of this model for me is how difficult the air frying rack was to clean. When I finished cooking the chicken thighs with dredged flour and egg coating, the fine mesh wire rack was inundated with gunk. While trying to flip them midway through cooking, much of the coating and skin also stuck to the rack.

    The wire air frying rack was no fun to clean.

    Most air fryer baskets have a nonstick coating and take seconds to clean after use. For the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, I had to give it a good 10-minute soak to get it clean, but it did all eventually come off with a scrubber, soap and elbow grease. I found it much more difficult to clean than the original Duo Crisp’s nonstick basket and rack, which is completely flat with larger holes that don’t trap as much food.

    Other foods including sweet potatoes and frozen snacks didn’t stick to the wire rack. If you’re planning on cooking mostly those foods versus battered foods, you may not have the same issues I did.

    The original Duo Crisp requires a separate basket insert for air frying which diminishes the overall capacity. On the upside, it was far easier to clean.

    Getting Set Up With The Instant Vortex Plus

    Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6

    The Instant Vortex Plus 6-in 1 Air Fryer with ClearCook and OdorErase comes in a medium-size box thats well-packed to keep your air fryer safe as it ships. The packaging was not too sustainable, with styrofoam layers at the top and bottom of the fryer that cannot be recycled.

    The air fryer comes with the basket in place, and the removable non-stick air fryer insert at the top of the styrofoam packaging.

    There is an included instruction manual which is very thorough, and you can take a look online to find recipe suggestions from Instant Brands.

    We were struck by the sleek controls on the Instant Vortex Plus, which only illuminate when the air fryer is plugged in. You can control the timings and temperature using a dial on the front of the air fryer, and pressing down on this dial will confirm your choices.

    The control panel slopes towards you, which makes it well-suited to under-cabinet use. It is glossy and quite minimal when switched off, but throughout testing we did find that it marked very easily with greasy fingertips.

    With this air fryer you get a removable air fryer insert grid which can be lifted and removed using a hook in the center of the grid. The drawer is not quite square, and we found it a little confusing to fit this inside the air fryer on the first use. Once we realised it needed to be turned 90 degrees, this was easy enough.

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    Is Instant Pot Lux Easy To Use

    As Ive mentioned a while ago, the Instant Pot IP Lux doesnt have a touch screen feature. Its quite old-school to be honest. However its not that difficult to use.

    You just need to be careful when operating the pressure cook mode especially if youre new to it. The steam is too hot, it can burn your skin.

    For safety purposes, I highly advice going over the included manual to familiarize with the proper way of using each function.

    So yes, any multi-cooker has a certain level of difficulty, its not as straightforward as smoothie blenders.

    What’s The Best Size Instant Pot

    Our Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab evaluates 6-quart models because we think it’s the most practical option. Its big enough for a decent-size batch of chicken soup or chili, but it doesnt hog too much counter space. That being said, the 8-quart model is great for large families or for those who love to meal prep.

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    What Number Of Chips Can I Make In An Air Fryer

    An air fryer may resemble a huge appliance. However, the actual ability is much less than an oven. Depending upon the ability of the model & design, you can make between 500g and also 1kg of chips, which is enough for 2 to 4 people.

    Understand that the suppliers have claimed the capacity might occasionally be misleading for example, a ten-liter model might just have the ability to cook around 500g of chips.

    Inspect the requirements for working capacity or cooking capability to get a far better suggestion of how much the air fryer can prepare at once.

    Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 In 1 Air Fryer Oven Review: Verdict


    The Instant Vortex 6-quart Air Fryer impressed us with its great air frying results on brussel sprouts and, in particular, frozen French fries. We also loved that it could deliver these results speedily. While it doesnt have preset programs for air frying, it is exceptionally easy to use as the buttons are clear and the display isnt cluttered with icons.

    However, if youre new to air frying and need the suggested settings and convenience that presets provide, you may be disappointed plus, theres no cooking guidelines in the manual so you have to visit Instant Brands website for that information.

    This appliance nearly took the top spot in our air fryers test, but the Cosori Smart Wifi Air Fryer 5.8qt performed slightly better in terms of chicken wings and breaded chicken.

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    Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 In 1 Air Fryer Oven Review: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

    Of all the air fryers we tested, this is one of the most intuitive air fryers to program. The buttons are nicely sized, clearly marked, and quick to respond. To program the temperature and time, you turn and press a dial. The basket has a rack on which the food rests and is easy to pull out and reposition in the air fryer.

    During cooking, no spot on the exterior of this air fryer gets hot enough to cause a burn. The highest temperature that we recorded was 126.6°F on the lower-front side of the machine. Both the handle and the controls dont get much warmer than room temperature. We measured a noise level of 66.5dB during heating, which is the loudest of the air fryers we had on test. Its worth mentioning that this is not so noisy that you wont be able to have a conversation over the top of it while its running.

    Both the basket and the rack are nonstick and have relatively few crevices, making each easy to wash by hand. This is a good thing as they are not dishwasher safe.

    With this air fryer you get a very limited guide which does explain how to operate the oven but for more details, cooking charts, and recipes you have to visit the company website.

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