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Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe


This Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe is the perfect drink for the summer. Its delicious and refreshing and the perfect drink to bring you to the Caribbean.;This post is meant for an audience 21 and over.

Oh Jamaica! Jamaica! How I miss thee! Ive got to say that I loveed growing up in a Jamaican household and I love everything about Jamaica, especially the food! Which is why I really should share more Jamaican recipes with you all. Noted! More Caribbean recipes to come in the future and will be added to my Carribean recipes page. But for now, I must share this Jamaican rum punch recipe with you.

How Long To Cook Oxtail Soup With Pressure Cooker

Reading: how long to cook oxtail soup with pressure cooker

Todays recipe is the pressure cooker version of our familys favorite Oxtail Soup Hong Kong Style Borscht. Since its Mr. JOCs favorite comfort soup, Ive been cooking this recipe with my Instant Pot to cut down on the cooking time.

For those of you whore not familiar with Hong Kong styled Borscht, its basically an oxtail soup that uses tomatoes instead of beetroots in the classic Russian Borscht. If you love tomato base soup, youll enjoy this rich and flavorful Oxtail Soup during the cold months.


  • 4 No pressure cooker or slow cooker?
  • How Long Does It Take To Cook Oxtail

    Old fashion oxtail stew can take upwards of 3-4 hours of low and slow cooking in a dutch oven to break down the meat, fat and tendons down to a rich and velvety stew. One can certainly do this if you have the time and can be at home.;

    However, if you are anything like us, time is of the essence. A great alternative is to use a pressure cooker to get your ossobuco fall apart tender in just 45 minutes with 15 minutes of natural release of pressure. Our instant pot is a necessary survival tool.

    Pressure Cooker Oxtail Stew is an easy ONE-POT meal. You seal the oxtails, make the delicious Italian tomato wine sauce and braise all in the pressure cooker device. Low Fuss and Less Mess!

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    Braised Oxtail Stew Recipe Pro Notes

  • If you are able to purchase the oxtail from an international market, ask them for the entire tail. It is most likely will be the exact price as the ones thats already chopped. Plus, you get more meat. Also, be sure to ask the butcher to chop it up for you as well.;
  • If you want to add a little heat, add 2 tablespoon Ti Malice hot sauce or red pepper flakes before cooking the meat for 45 minutes.;
  • The meat will shrink slightly when its cooked, be sure to get bigger precut chunks this will help the stew to come together really easy.
  • Instant Pot Jamaican Oxtail Cooking Considerations And Tips

    Quick and Easy Instant Pot Oxtail Soup (This is So Good ...

    This recipe can be conducted via traditional cooking methods. Follow the same steps but using a braising pan and cook at about 250 degrees F 3-4 hours until oxtails are super tender.

    Season at every step.

    Use a full-bodied red, but dont break the bank for it. Do choose the one youd feel good about drinking and enjoy a glass while you wait.

    If you prefer not to make your own paste, feel free to use store-bought brands like Grace or Walkerswood.

    If scotch bonnets are available to you, definitely use them in this recipe. Their sweet aroma and flavor give a unique, authentic element. Habaneros are a fine substitute though.

    Be sure to remove the chili when you remove the oxtails from cooking. Otherwise, they will disintegrate in your gravy and make it fiery as hell.

    These taste even better overnight. Leftovers will be a treat!

    Serve with coconut rice and a side of curry collard greens.

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    How To Make Oxtails The Jamaican Way

    Wash and dry oxtail. Place in a large bowl. Season with the spices . Add browning, soy, and Worcestershire sauces to the oxtail covering each piece well. Marinate for at least 2 hours.

    Set Instant Pot to high Saute settings. Once hot add oil, butter or ghee. Add the oxtail and brown on all sides. Remove and set aside.

    Cut slits into the sides of the chili using the point end of a sharp knife then add to the pot.

    Add carrots, onions, celery, and garlic and sauce 2-3 minutes adding a bit of the seasoning as you go. Add the paste and mix well.

    Add the red wine being sure to deglaze the pot by scrubbing the bottom with a wooden spoon. Allow the wine to cook down slightly . Add the cognac, beef broth, thyme, bay leaves, and any remaining dry spice seasoning.

    Add the oxtail back to the pot,; mixing well.

    Close the lid and pressure cook 45 minutes and then allow the pressure to release naturally.

    Remove the oxtail, then return instant pot back to high saute settings to reduce the liquid to gravy consistency.

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    Instant Pot Oxtail Ragu

    This Instant Pot Oxtail Ragu is a thick and meaty sauce thats perfect over pasta, gnocchi, or polenta. This flavorful dish is super simple to make in the Instant Pot.

    Oxtail is one of those meats that takes a long time to break down, and for that reason its always been an all-day affair when cooking in the oven or on the stove top. But you can make it in a fraction of the time in the Instant Pot.

    >>You might also want to check out our Instant Pot Brisket Recipe.

    If you dont have an Instant Pot yet , you really should consider it. We have a free Instant Pot starter guide when you join our mailing list. You can also check out our Instant Pot page for more information.

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    Instant Pot Oxtail Stew

    Nothing is better on a cold day than a warm bowl of rich stew in your hands. The beauty of this Instant Pot Oxtail Stew is that it is a stand alone dish one pot and youre good to go.

    Have you ever had oxtail? Most people I know havent even heard of it and even if they did it probably made them quite nervous, which is so sad. Because this cut of meat is delicious. Think braised beef short ribs or shanks, but with even more flavor. Oxtail, also known as cow tail, is rich in;connective tissue and collagen making any kind of stew or soup extremely;flavorful and satisfying.

    As with most tough cuts, oxtail requires a long cooking time. But here comes our favorite kitchen gadget Instant Pot. Ive used it in so many recipes and can not tell you how easy and convenient it is. Making this Instant Pot Oxtail Stew is ridiculously simple and quick. The machine does all the heavy lifting for you and in less than 1 hour creates yummy, rich, succulent and perfect winter stew.

    In the winter time, Im a huge fan of cozy stews. Every time I make this pressure cooker oxtail stew it puts;me in a good mood straightaway, filling my;whole house with delicious smells.


    This recipe makes for a very brothy stew, so I always eat it with a big piece of crusty bread to dip into to the stew and soak up all the concentrated tomato, herb and oxtail flavors. Alternating between the juicy broth-soaked bread and tender oxtail makes for a delicious dining experience.

    What Kind Of Meat Is Oxtail

    How to make Oxtails in Instant Pot | Instant Pot Recipe

    Oxtail is the culinary name for the tail of cattle. Back in the day, oxtail was specifically the tail of an ox. Today, it can be the tail of any cattle.

    Oxtail used to be considered a throwaway cut of meat. Because it was inexpensive, oxtail was often referred to as food for the poor. Nowadays oxtail is one of the most expensive cuts and somewhat difficult to find. Keep in mind that half of its weight is;bone and cartilages.

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    Jamaican Instant Pot Rice And Beans

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    This Jamaican Instant Pot Rice and Beans recipe is generally called rice and peas on the island. Its made with red kidney beans, coconut milk, and added spices.; Make it in your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for perfect results.

    This post may contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.

    *This recipe has been updated to include stovetop directions as well.;

    Today I bring you another rice dish I grew up eating, Jamaican rice and peas. Ive named it rice and beans for the blog because the dish is made with dark red kidney beans. Sometimes its made with whats called gungo peas in place of the red kidney beans.

    I love making rice side dishes in my Instant Pot, like thisCopycat Rice a Roni. This rice side dish is no different. I can set the timer and step away from the Instant Pot while I prepare the rest of my dinner.

    Is Oxtail Stew Healthy

    Everything in moderation is always our motto. The extra collagen in oxtails not only makes the stew rich and delicious but also gives gut health a boost. According to NIH, glutamine can improve gut barrier function in several experimental conditions of injury and in some clinical situations.

    Have you ever heard of the Leaky Gut Syndrome? According to Harvard Health Publishing, We have an extensive intestinal lining covering more than 4,000 square feet of surface area. When working properly, it forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

    An unhealthy gut lining may have large cracks or holes, allowing partially digested food, toxins, and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath it. This may trigger;inflammation;and changes in the gut flora that could lead to problems within the digestive tract and beyond.;Be sure to try our Nourishing Slow Simmered Beef Bone Broth for another delicious recipe with loads of collagen to improve your digestive health.

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    Wine Pairing With Pressure Cooker Oxtail Soup

    We had the opportunities to taste 3 different wines 2014 from Frank Family Vineyards in Napa and share them with friends over the holidays. These wines are great paired with food or enjoyed by themselves.

    Among three wines, our favorite was the Petite Sirah, it was very fruity and flavorful, with hints of plums and berries. We enjoyed the Sirah with baked salmon and they worked out really well.

    For the oxtail soup, we enjoyed it with cab. The cab had strong earthy flavor but yet smelled light and refreshing. The complex flavors complemented the meat and tomato-based broth.

    As you drink, we particularly enjoyed the spicy finish for the cab. The pinot was light-colored and easy on the palate. We would recommend drinking the pinot in the afternoon for fun as it was very sweet and fruity. It would go well with cheese and crackers, or just by itself.

    Ingredients And Equipment You Will Need

    Instant Pot Oxtail (Pressure Cooker)

    To make Instant Pot oxtail, heres what youll need:

    • Oxtails; washed and pat dried, seasoned with salt and ground black pepper.
    • Onion, garlic celery, and carrot; what will make your stew taste fantastic!
    • Dry red wine; optional, choose an inexpensive good quality wine.
    • Thyme, bay leaves, and beef or chicken broth.
    • Tomato paste for a rich flavor.

    Recommended Equipment:

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    What Else Can I Serve Oxtail With

    As I mentioned earlier, oxtail is great served just the way it is, on the bone. Serve it with a side of smash potatoes or green beans.

    I also like to serve the ragu over polenta, or gnocchi, or even with fried cabbage or rice. You can also use any type of pasta you have on hand doesnt have to be pappardelle.

    Selecting And Cooking Oxtail

    Nowadays oxtail can be found at many local supermarkets and grocery stores, but if you have trouble finding it there the best place to look will be an Asian market. Our local Asian market has pre-packaged oxtail as well as whole oxtail that they can cut to your specifications.

    When selecting oxtail for this oxtail soup recipe, get around 2.25-3 lbs. This will be around 6 pieces of oxtail

    Because of the high quantity of bones and cartilages in oxtail, it typically takes a long time to cook oxtail sufficiently and get fall-off-the-bone meat. This Instant Pot oxtail soup recipe gives you perfectly cooked oxtail in a fraction of the time!

    This recipe is also packed chock-full of hearty vegetables, including carrots, daikon, cabbage, onions, and potatoes. The rich tomato-based broth has a delicious acidity that helps cut and complement the fattiness of the oxtail.

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    Talk To Me About Oxtail

    Oxtail is the tail of beef cattle/ox. If you are buying it from the butcher, it is best to ask them to cut it into 1.5 inch to 2-inch pieces for this recipe. The oxtail is also sold pre-cut .;

    Once the oxtail is cooked for a sufficient amount of time, it can be fork tender! The flavour is beefy and rich, which makes it a popular choice for a good beef soup or a braised dish.

    You can use the technique and ingredients in this recipe for a beef stew using stewing beef, bone-in beef ribs, or a different cut, and adjust the timing accordingly. Smaller beef cubes for example are;cooked in less time than the oxtail.;

    Brown Oxtail In Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Jamaican Oxtail Stew

    Heat up Instant Pot using Sauté More function.

    *Tip: For older versions press Saute button, then Adjust button. For newer versions press Saute button twice.

    Wait until it says HOT . This prevents the oxtail from sticking to the pot.

    Add 1 tbsp olive oil in Instant Pot.

    Season one side generously with salt & black pepper.

    Add in the larger pieces of oxtails, then brown each side for 5 minutes.

    While one side is browning, season the other side with more salt & black pepper.

    *Pro Tip:;We are just browning the larger pieces of oxtails to save time from browning a second batch.

    Set aside the browned oxtails.

    Add in sliced onions, then saute for two minutes.

    Add in 3 tbsp tomato paste, 2 bay leaves, a pinch of dried oregano and dried thyme. Saute for another 3 minutes.

    Add in chopped garlic cloves, then saute for another minute.

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    Ingredients To Make This Dish

    Oxtail is available at almost all major super markets and international markets.;

    Like all good traditional beef stews, this stew is made with onion, carrots, celery, garlic, beef broth, browning, tomato paste, herbs, and, of course, oxtail to name a few.

    This instant pot oxtail stew recipe is the perfect Sunday meal to make for your loved ones. To be truthfully honest, just like lamb, we do not eat it often as oxtail can be pricy.

    However, It is beyond delicious and pairs well with low carb recipes, such as this cauliflower mash potatoes.

    How To Make A Citrus Gremolata

    Citrus gremolata is a simple topping for ossobuco. It contains only 3 simple ingredients

  • Parsley chopped finely
  • Lemon zest
  • Grated garlic
  • Have you ever made gremolata before? Its so easy to make, refreshing addition to this rich stew and also great on our Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta with Zucchini Blossoms and our Farfalle Aglio e Olio with Breadcrumbs.

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    Benefits Of A Pressure Cooker

    When I make braised meat or stew on the stovetop, I usually brown the meat to seal in the juices and make the meat taste richer. This is not the case when using the pressure cooker.

    The pressure cooker raises the boiling point of the water in the pot. The extra-high heat not only speeds up the cooking process, but also promotes caramelization and browning in a different way. Yes! Your beef will be caramelized in the liquid and it will result in a deep and complex flavor without browning the meat.

    Substitutions For Jamaican Instant Pot Rice And Beans

    Instant Pot Oxtail Soup Recipe
    • I do not recommend using dried beans in place of the canned beans in this recipe unless they have been cooked separately at first. Dried beans take much longer to cook than the 6 minutes allotted for in this recipe. Heres a guide to cooking dried beans in the Instant Pot.
    • Feel free to change it up with different canned bean variety.
    • Most Jamaican rice and peas recipes include scotch bonnet pepper. I dont put them in my rice and peas recipe. Feel free to modify this recipe by adding it in.
    • Wondering what a sprig of thyme is? Check out this helpful article that defines how much a spring of thyme is.

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    An Explanation Of The Ingredients

    • Oxtails Cut the extra fat off of each oxtail before pressure cooking.
    • Vinegar Soak the oxtails in vinegar to tenderize the meat before cooking.
    • Salt & Pepper Add salt and pepper to taste.
    • Granulated Garlic Season the oxtails with granulated garlic.
    • Onion Chop and dice the onions.
    • Bell Pepper I like using a red bell pepper for this recipe.
    • Garlic Cloves Finely mince the garlic cloves.
    • Flour Use flour to thicken the stew.
    • Tomato Sauce Add tomato sauce and water to the stew.
    • Tomato Paste Just a little bit of tomato paste will add tons of flavor.
    • Beef Broth I used reduced sodium beef broth.
    • Red Wine Cabernet works well for this oxtail recipe.
    • Cassava Frozen cassava works best.
    • Parsley Garnish with fresh parsley.

    This is how you trim the fat off of the oxtails before cooking.

    Saute the oxtails for 3 minutes on each side.

    Add the peppers, onion and minced garlic cloves to the pressure cooker.

    Pour in the tomato sauce, tomato paste, wine and beef broth.

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