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What Size Instant Pot Is The Best For You 2021

Which Instant Pot Should I Buy? | Cool Products | Kitchn

One of the biggest questions around forums is what is the difference between instant pot sizes? or what Instant Pot size should I buy? And its something that you need to get an answer before to buy any pressure cooker.

The number of Instant pot models gets wider by the year, so with so many options understanding what is the best size can be confusing, having in mind that you are trying to already know what are the best features and functions that fit you the best

So lets start by saying that the Instant Pot models are available in 4 different sizes 3 quarts, 5 quarts, 6 quarts, and 8 quarts. But have in mind that not all sizes are available for all models.

The most popular size is the 6 quarts version cause it fits most types of families but check out the table below and keep reading to find out the benefits of each size and compare which model is the right for your kitchen and family.


Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

The ability to make crispy and dry foods was one of the most significant features the original Instant Pot lacked. One of the more innovative new instant pot models checks all the boxes, though. The 8-quart Instant Pot Duo Crisp is an air fryer and a multifunctional pressure cooker. It does everything the Instant Pot does pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, and keep warm and more. Its additional features let you roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate foods.

Lets say you decide to pressure cook a rotisserie chicken in the Duo Crisp. You can also crisp the skin in the same appliance. Making crispy foods like French fries is also easy. Not to mention, its healthier than heating a vat of oil.

Instant Pot also has an air frying lid that you can purchase separately and attach to most 6-quart Instant Pots. The Instant Pot air fryer lid is compatible with most six-quart pots, just not the Smart Wi-Fi 60, Smart Bluetooth, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60, Max 60, or any model with a ceramic inner pot.

A pressure cooker and an air fryer are two of todays kitchen must-haves, and theres nothing better than a multitasking kitchen appliance. Instant Pot has been breathing new life into the pressure cooker for a while now, but the company has only recently forayed into the air fryer business. Were grateful that they did, even if it took them a bit.

Smart: For The Techie

  • Features:
  • The Smart WiFi multi-cooker has all the features that other models offer along with the addition of WiFi connectivity, which allows you to set, monitor, and control your cooking from your phone. So you need to have a smartphone or a tablet to be able to remotely connect, and be within 30 feet
  • It also comes with more than 1000+ pre-programmed recipes that you can find on the Instant Pot app.
  • When your dish is nearly done, youll receive an alert on your smart phone and can even send your recipes and cooking results to your family.
  • The keep warm function has 3 different temperature levels normal, less and more.
  • Size: 6qt
  • Colors: Black
  • Verdict: If you are the one who nerds out on kitchen appliances and wants to have precise control over your cooking, then this is the model for you. It is not for the one who prefers easy to use gadgets with less options.
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    Where Do I Find Recipes For The Instant Pot

    The instruction manual and recipe booklet in the box are a great place to start. The recipes there are limited, but we found the cooking time tables to be pretty helpful in the beginning. Hip Pressure Cooking lists recommended times and pressure levels for many foods. You can also try a recipe from NYT Cookings Instant Pot editors collection, or check out the super-simple recipes that Wirecutter staff members cook in their Instant Pots.

    There are hundreds of Instant Pot cookbooks out there, including many tailored to specific dietary concerns . Melissa Clark, food reporter for The New York Times and an Instant Pot enthusiast, has written her own cookbook, Dinner in an Instant. She told us that two of her favorites are Urvashi Pitres Indian Instant Pot Cookbook and Coco Morantes The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook.

    + Things To Know Before You Buy Instant Pot

    What Size Instant Pot Should I Buy? Will it be right for ...

    Best Size Instant Pot Cookers for 1,2,4 Persons and Large Families We live in a stressful and fast-paced world and theres not always enough time to get things done. Quite often, people will skip meals altogether because they are simply too busy to have time to prepare food.

    While the 3 quart Instant Pot is a good size when cooking for 1 person or a small group it limits the amount of flexibility you have to make larger or more complex recipes. It may also be harder to find Instant Pot accessories that fit into the smaller 3 quart model.

    Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer, 3 Quart, 11 One-Touch Programs. 4.7 out of 5 stars 149,822. $59.99 $ 59. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

    Instant Pots can be found with 3-quart, 6-quart and 8-quart capacities, but not every model comes in every size. A 3 -quart Instant Pot is suited to cooking meals for one or two people, as long as you aren’t interested in batch cooking. The Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, and Ultra come in 3-quart sizes.

    Instant Pot 8 quart Instant Pot 3 quart Instant Pot 6 quart This is the pot I have and recommend. Instant Pot DUO Plus 6 Qt 9-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Warmer, and Sterilizer.

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    Instant Pot Models And Sizes

    Instant Pot has various models but not all sizes are available in all models. Models and sizes come and go. The 5-quart has been discontinued, although Instant Pot may supply some retailers with a limited supply for Black Friday sales. Check out the quick reference table below for models sizes and servings.

    • pasteurize
    • Jiu Niang

    Lets talk about just a few of the other foods you can prepare in a multi-cooker. Soft and hard-boiled eggs, various beans black, pinto even lentils. Cooking from frozen is a real benefit.

    You use the 14 built built-in programs to prepare these and any other of your favorite recipes your favorite dishes are as easy as pressing a button.

    Also for ultimate convenience is the 24-hours delay cooking timer. After the cooking time has lapsed the automatic keep-warm feature keeps your dishes at temperature until ready to serve.

    How To Know What Size Instant Pot To Buy

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    Have you been considering buying an Instant Pot? The fact that you can put the food in, close the lid, push a couple of buttons, and then walk away, even out of the kitchen makes this a must-have appliance in todays kitchen. Its just so easy to use. But what size Instant Pot should you get?

    Maybe you already own one and youre thinking of buying another one and youre not sure which size you should get. Well, I took the three main sizes of Instant Pots 8 qt., 6 qt., and 3 qt. and compared them to help you have a better idea of which one is right for you?

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    The Smart Bluetooth Model

    Truly the Cadillac version of the Instant Pots. If you love technology, boy you will be in heaven with this model. It offers all your awesome cook options and has 14 smart programs for you to choose from. It is a Bluetooth model so you can sync to your phone to watch the progress of your meal cooking away while you are off in another room folding laundry, working, or relaxing.

    It is really neat, and if you love having the option to monitor food easily while in a different room, this is the option for you.

    Which Instant Pot Should You Buy All Of The Models Compared

    UPDATE! Which Instant Pot Is Right For You? Which Size & Model Should You Buy? | #AskWardee 048

    Instant pots are multifunctional pressure cookers with enhanced features and multiple settings to make an even better meal. The best instant pots not only offer faster cooking times but other handy features like pre-programmed settings, LCDs, and customizable parameters. In this article, we compare all 13 current Instant Pot models, examine their unique features, and explain how each products settings work.

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    Can You Air Fry In An Instant Pot

    You sure can. Where the Ninja Foodi’s crisping lid once had a leg up is no longer Instant Pot’s blind spot. The fall 2019 collection brought the Instant Pot Duo Crisp, which opened the door for a collection of other air-frying Instant Pots with Pro, Plus, or both tacked onto the end of the name. There are also multiple dedicated air frying convection ovens by Instant Brands that do not pressure cook.

    For folks who already have an Instant Pot and don’t want to replace it just to buy the Duo Crisp, Instant Pot released a standalone air fryer lid that attaches to regular Instant Pots and turns them into an air fryer. This lid works on all existing models with the exception of the Instant Pot Smart WiFi, the now- discontinued Duo Evo Plus, Duo SV, or Max.

    Still confused about what air frying even is? Read our simplified explanation of the crisping craze and check out some of the best air fryers.

    Instant Pot Smart Wifi

    Sizes: 6 quart

    Functions: 13 smart programs. The Smart Wifi has all of the functions of the Instant Pot Duo and possibly more.

    • You can program your Smart Wifi Instant Pot from your phone. You can also check on the cooking progress of the Smart Wifi using your mobile device. Since you have to be home when cooking with your Instant Pot, I dont see much benefit of this feature. The biggest benefit may be that you can use pre-programmed cooking programs right from your phone using the Instant Pot App.
    • The Smart Wifi has an LCD display and 5 cooking status icons: Wifi On/Off, Heat, Pressure Cook, Keep Warm On/Off, Sound On/Off.
    • The Instant Pot Smart Wifi may be a good choice for you if you are into technology and gadgets. It replaces the discontinued Smart Bluetooth model.

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    It Helps To Consider What You’ll Be Cooking

    I know it’s hard to think of what a 6- or 8-quart Instant Pot can hold. Let me give you some examples.

    Whole chickens The 6-quart will fit a 5 to 6-pound whole chicken comfortably. The 8-quart fits 5 to 6-pound whole chickens comfortably side by side.

    Yogurt The 6-quart will make 4 to 5 quarts of yogurt comfortably while the 8-quart will make 6 to 7 quarts of yogurt comfortably.

    Spaghetti squash A medium-size or 2 smaller will fit in the 6-quart Instant Pot 2 medium or even a large spaghetti squash will fit in the 8-quart.

    Batch cooking If you batch cook at all, whether rice, beans, pre-cooked chicken, etc., you will fit more in the 8 quart, making your efforts stretch farther.

    Accessories Many of the accessories I chose fit in both the 6-quart and 8-quart Instant Pots. An exception is the stackable pans I showed you in the second video above. Those ONLY fit the 8-quart Instant Pot. However, there is a greater capacity for stacking and using larger containers inside the 8-quart Instant Pot. Wondering what I’m talking about? Like making this sourdough cornbread in a 7-cup Pyrex bowl it will fit in either size Instant Pot.

    See the second video above for real-life examples of how these foods fit in the 6-quart or 8-quart Instant Pot!

    If you’d like more ideas for using your Instant Pot, be sure to check out 11 Creative & Surprising Things To Make In The Instant Pot. I think some will astound you!

    Back To Size, Though

    Can You Cook Small Meals In 8qt Instant Pot

    What Size Instant Pot Should I Buy?

    Yes, you can. You can cook as much or as little in the instant pot. Though note, as you cook you will need more liquid to go to pressure on a larger model compared to a smaller one.

    But that is the only main difference, and you can use a larger 8 quart instant pot to achieve bulk cooking and then make small meals in it for every day dinners.

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    How To Decide Which Instant Pot Should You Buy

    As with any kitchen appliance, my recommendations are always about buying based on your needs. While deciding which instant pot you should get, here are some questions you could ask yourself:

  • Which features are important to you?
  • What type of cooking will you do most of the time?
  • Overall, I would say the Instant Pot Duo would fit pretty much all the cooking needs for majority home cooks. It does both most commonly used cooking duties pressure cooking and sauteeing beautifully. Youd get a pretty value for the price you pay . If youre all about practicality, you would be very happy with your Duo.

    If you have a higher budget and do all the fancy cooking like sous vide, Instant Pot Ultra would be an attractive one to get. The Ultra mode has the custom temperature and pressure control features, which are truly amazing. If these are important to you, then go ahead with Instant Pot Ultra.

    Instant Pot Duo Plus has more programs than Duo, including egg, cake, and sterilize modes , and the price is $99.95, a sweet spot between Duo and Ultra.

    Best Smart Home Integration: Instant Pot Smart Wi

    You may remember the first smart Instant Pot, the Instant Pot Smart, which was powered by Bluetooth. The company discontinued that model and replaced it with the $150 Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi.

    This tech-forward multicooker connects to your phone’s Instant Pot control panel app for remote monitoring of your cooker, recipe customization and notifications. Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is also controllable via voice commands through both Alexa and . It’s important to note that this model is only available in a 6-quart size, so if that’s not a good fit for you, it may not be the best Instant Pot for your cooking needs.

    Programs included: Rice, Bean/Chili, Meat/Stew, Multigrain, Porridge, Soup/Broth, Cake, Steam, Egg and Manual or Pressure Cooking

    What it doesn’t have: Poultry, Canning, Ultra and Sterilize

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    Which Instant Pot Model Should I Buy

    It can be hard to choose an Instant Pot since there are so many models on the market, including the Duo and Lux series.

    The Lux models are all 6-in-1 appliances with the following capabilities: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, saute/searing pan, steamer and warmer.

    Models in the Duo series are 7-in-1 appliances that do everything on the list above and can also make yogurt.

    I believe that either a Duo or Lux series Instant Pot will be fine for anyone buying their first pressure cooker, but high-end versions are also available. You can see the full list on Instant Pots website.

    Which Is The Best Instant Pot For You

    Which Instant Pot Should I Buy? Instant Pot Lux VS Instant Pot Duo

    The size of meals you want to cook, or even the size of your family will determine what Instant Pot is the right size for you. Most come in the following sizes: 5 Quart 6 Quart 8 Quart The 5 quart size works well if youre mainly cooking for one to three people.

    6-Quart: Instant Pot DUO 60 6 QT is on sale for only $79.00. 3-Quart: Instant Pot DUO Mini 3 QT is on sale for $59.99. The New 10 QT Instant Pot DUO is $149.99.

    Which Size of Instant Pot Should You Buy? Depending on the model, you can choose from the mini 3 quart Instant Pot, the standard 6 quart or the large 8 quart. A few models also come in a 5 quart size. 6 Quart Instant Pot. For the average user, I recommend getting a 6 quart Instant Pot.

    This model is also available in an 8 quart size Instant Pot Lux80, 6-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot Mini LUX, 3 Quart. They all feature 10 Smart Built-In Programs Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Cake, Egg, Sauté, Rice, Multigrain, Porridge, and Slow Cook, your favorite dishes are as easy as pressing a button.

    There is three size of the instant pot available, 5 quarts, 6 quarts and 8 quarts. I have the 8 quarts and it fits 100% my family needs of 5 people. And recommend the same size if you have more than 5 people at home. Key Features .

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    What To Air Fry

    I use it for cooking frozen sausage patties for my kids every morning- they come out AMAZINGLY delicious in it! Have you tried reheating pizza in the air fryer? Oh my gosh, its like its fresh out of the oven. No more soggy or rock hard crust!

    I use it to warm up tortilla chips before we eat them- squeeze a little lime on those babies and OH MY. They taste freshly fried! Make an easy snack of Cream cheese wontons or Cookie dough wontons and youll gain 5 pounds but be super happy!

    My point is, I use it ALL the time. I even have a special shelf in my pantry with an outlet so I can have it plugged in at all times.

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