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How to Use An Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – DUO CRISP AIR FRYER

While we have rounded up some accessories that are popular and useful, it all depends on what you enjoy making in your Instant Pot at home for you and your family that will determine what you really need. Accessories can truly help with the wonderful kitchen tool and make it even easier to use. Always check the compatibility of your model with any accessory you purchase.

Easy Control Easy Clean

With a big bright dual display and easy-to-use controls, selecting programs and making adjustments is a breeze even during cooking. Clean-up is easy too. The Air Fryer Lids sleek surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the accessories are all dishwasher safe

12 Months
Accessories Multi-level air fryer basket, dehydrating and broiling tray, and protective pad to set it on when its hot, then flip it over after its cool to use as a storage cover

Air Fryer Lid is NOT compatible with the following models: Smart WiFi 60, Smart Bluetooth, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60 or Max 60.

Air Fryer Lid is only compatible with stainless steel inner pots and NOT compatible with ceramic inner pots.

Duo 60 IP-DUO60, IP-DUO60 V2, IP-DUO60 V2.1, IP-DUO60-ENW, IP-DUO60 V3, Duo 60 V3, Duo Frontier Rose 60, Duo Dazzling Dahlia 60, Duo White 60, Duo Teal 60, Duo Red 60, Duo Black SS 60, Duo Red SS 60, Duo Nova Black SS 60
Lux 60 IP-LUX60, Lux Blue 60, Lux Red 60, IP-LUX60 V2, IP-LUX60-ENW, IP-LUX60-ENW-MM, IP-LUX60 V3, Lux Breezy Blossoms 60, Lux Vintage Floral 60, Lux Black SS 60, Lux Red SS 60, Lux 60 V3
Duo Plus 60 Duo Plus 60, Duo Plus Cinnamon SS 60, Duo Plus Blue SS 60, Duo Plus Copper SS 60, Duo Plus Black SS 60
Viva 60 Viva, Viva 60, Viva Cinnamon 60, Viva Cobalt 60, Viva Eggplant 60, Viva Red SS 60, Viva Black SS 60
Ultra 60

How does the Air Fryer Lid work?

Is air frying healthier than deep frying?

Best Instant Pot Accessories For 2022

The absolute best accessories and attachments for making healthy meals with your Instant Pot.

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If you’re the proud new owner of an Instant Pot or multicooker — or if you’ve had one for a long time — you may want to seek out the best Instant Pot accessories, which can help you achieve multiple levels of culinary greatness.

The Instant Pot can be a great tool for wellness and health, and for that reason, it’s one of our must-have kitchen devices. Since it’s a combination pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, warmer and more, you can make thousands of satiating meals in your programmable Instant Pot . From slow-cooking flavorful meat stews and fall-off-the-bone short ribs to summer shrimp boils and nutrient-packed soups to mashed potato recipes and Instant Pot cheesecake, most Instant Pot recipes require minimal prep and are done in minutes.

Making bread in an Instant Pot is easy.

One reason an Instant Pot pressure cooker is perfect for preparing meals for healthy eating is how quickly it cooks tender meats, perfect beans, eggs, creamy Greek yogurt and other proteins integral to a balanced diet.

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General Faq For Instant Pot Accessories

Do I need an Egg Rack for Instant Pot?

We dont think it is one of the necessary accessories for Instant Pot. This is because you can cook the same amount of eggs on the trivet that is included with your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Is Pyrex or Glass Bowl safe in the Instant Pot?

The official word from the Pyrex company is no, it is not safe to use Pyrex bowls in Instant Pot. If the Pyrex or glass bowl has fine crack or scratch, there is a small chance the bowl will crack or shatter in Instant Pot. Having said that, many users have been using Pyrex bowls in Instant Pot or other pressure cookers.

What material is the safest in the Instant Pot?

High quality stainless steel is the safest material to use in Instant Pot. A tip is to look for stainless steel bowls such as this one that have multiple layers. Ideally, it should have aluminum or copper in the middle layer to improve heat conductivity. Furthermore, high quality stainless steel will not react or leach harmful chemicals to your food.

Is parchment paper safe in the Instant Pot?

Yes, parchment paper is safe to use in the Instant Pot. Many users have been using it to line their cheesecake pan.

Is silicone really safe in the Instant Pot?

According to Health Canada, as of now, there are no known health hazards associated with the use of food grade silicone cookware. Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages. It also does not produce any hazardous fumes.

What do you think of these Instant Pot Accessories?

Sik Air Fryer Accessories Set

Instant Pot Air Fryer Accessory

If you are hoping to find an all-in-one set that offers top choice accessories, youre looking at it here. The package includes a cake pan, pizza pan, cupcake pan, tongs, basting brush, and more.

The best part about it is the set fits most standard air fryers, including top brands like Philips, Gowise, Cosori, and Ninja. Be sure to check your air fryers size and compatibility before purchasing.

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Instant Pot Cheesecake Pan

This is the smartest pan on the market for cheesecake. I researched high and low to find something like this, because I wanted a push pan that was not difficult to remove from the Instant Pot.

Many recipes will tell you to make a makeshift sling out of foil, but you dont have to talk to many people with broken slings and dropped cheesecakes to know it is NOT worth it.

I didnt want a springform pan, because Ive been figuratively burned by them before #leakingbatter

Personally, the push pans are a better choice to me long term pan since there are less moving parts/hinges to break.

  • Pros: Extremely good quality! It truly feels super heavy and nice. It cooked well and the bottom didnt warp.
  • Cons: Not a ton of extra uses

Instant Pot Yogurt Cups And Rack

You can make your own yogurt easily at home with this nifty Instant Pot yogurt maker accessory. We love that its easy to use and easy to clean. This is a perfect tool for anyone making yogurt or smoothies to power up in the morning. Try creating different flavors and varieties such as Greek yogurt. Incorporate unique add-ins to shake up your healthy breakfast routine.

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How To Use Air Fryer Accessories

An oil spray bottle is necessary for recipes that require a small amount of oil for dishes that you want to crisp, such as Air Fryer French Fries, Air Fryer Fried Chicken, Air Fryer Chicken Tenders, and Air Fryer Pork Chops.

A meat thermometer is necessary to test the internal temperature of cooked meats. You will want to ascertain the meat has cooked thoroughly and is safe. This is useful for dishes like Air Fryer Cheeseburgers, Air Fryer Steak, and Air Fryer Whole Chicken.

Silicone muffin tinsor baking cups will work great when making muffins or eggs in the air fryer. You can use them to make these Air Fryer Egg Cups.

Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Appearance

Can the New Air Fryer/Instant Pot Duo Replace Your Entire Kitchen?

As mentioned earlier, these two appliances appear quite similar at first if youve not had previous experience with them. Both are boxy kitchen appliances which can have a large surface footprint depending on the model. Each will also advertise the ability to produce quick and delicious recipes which can save you effort in the kitchen. But, if you take a closer look, you will find that there are key differences which can help you tell these appliances apart.

Instant Pot is actually from the brand Instant, although its had such success over the years that many now view these machines as a product category in itself. As the name suggests, an Instant Pot will feature a large removable cooking pot with a lockable lid on top. A control panel is located on the front, showing several functions and settings to choose from. Once you switch it on and start cooking, a large timer will appear on the display to countdown what remains.

These machines mostly come with a 6-quart capacity, although there are larger 8-quart options and even a mini 3-quart model. The majority of the models are quite sizable considering this about the size of a basketball so they take a significant amount of storage or display space. Accessories tend to include a steam rack.

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Best Cheat Sheet: Lotteli Kitchen Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Set

You’ll never have to guess how long or at what temperature to cook something in your air fryer again with these cheat sheets. One is small enough to stick right to your appliance, and the larger one is suitable to display on the refrigerator . Each indicates the cooking time and temperature required to cook a variety of foods based on their size. called them “very handy,” and added, “It helps us to use the air fryer more, as it’s easy to glance over and time things correctly.”

Instant Pot Air Fryer Fish

With those tools in your property kitchen, you can cook dinner just like a seasoned. By Jason Perlow for Tech Broiler

Instant Pot® Air Fryer Lid. Comparison Chart. Enjoy the Duo Crisp The Instant Pot that air fries, to the evolutionary Duo Evo, make tasty food as much as ninety% quicker.

Unplug the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid and let it cool to room temperature before cleansing or garage. Never use harsh chemical detergents, scouring pads or powders on any of the parts or components. Clean after each use, and allow the appliance to dry completely earlier than similarly use or storage.

Air fryers are the most up to date kitchen equipment considering, properly, Instant Pots.

AWAKEN is proud to announce a new partnership with.

The Instant Pot changed my air fryer, stress cooker, crock pot and rice/vegetable steamer ~ greater room in my kitchen! I not often use my range or oven any greater. I can slow cook dinner soup or pressure prepare dinner it hastily. Bake fish or bird then crisp it with the air fryer lid. Getting the duo crisp become a exquisite cost.

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Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid

This glass lid is great for containing splatters and keeping an eye on your meal when youre using non-pressurized settings like Sauté and Slow Cook. Just set the glass lid right on top of the inner pot to keep your kitchen counters clean and prevent your food from drying out while it cooks. This could be my #1 favorite Instant Pot accessory of all!

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Vs Instant Vortex 4

Turn any Instant Pot into an air fryer and dehydrator for $80  BGR

We put the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid to the test against the Instant Vortex 6-Quart 4-in-1 Air Fryer . We did a side-by-side comparison of frozen steak fries in the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid and the Instant Vortex and found similar results and cooking times. The major difference when comparing the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid to the Instant Vortex comes down to capacity and cook time. Here’s a breakdown of how they compare.

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Faqs About Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Is a Vortex air fryer better?

In my opinion, the Vortex air fryer is a great appliance that makes fried food crunchy without adding any oil. It only needs the air to generate hot air for cooking. Thus, you can enjoy delicious foods without worrying about obesity and various diseases associated with oily fried food.

Do you have to preheat the Instant Vortex air fryer?

Yes you must preheat the Instant air fryer for 10 minutes so that the temperature can stabilize to a cooking temperature of between 160-180°C.

This will help the Instant Vortex cook food more effectively so it doesnt come out soggy. Make sure you read the manual before using your Instant air fryer or head to my website for more tips on how to use your air fryer.

Can you make toast in Vortex air fryer?

It is possible, but the result will be different from a real oven. Vortex cant reach really high temperatures. So its not as hot as an oven. So youll get more cooking on the outside and less on the inside of your toast or whatever youre baking with the vortex air fryer.

Also if something is baked for too long in a vortex cooker, it can become dried out and crumbly instead of moist and delicious so keep an eye on what youre cooking!

Instant Pot Duo 6qt 7 In 1 Best Overall

Here comes the most reviewed and the top seller Instant Pot Air Fryer on Amazon. With many lovely features and multifunctional cooking capability, it replaces many other kitchen appliances. Its latest manufacturing technology adds to its versatility. Here are its exceptional features that make it a unique product.

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Why Instant Pot Suits You

With its distinguishing features, an instant pot makes your cooking quite easy, simple, and time-saving. Here are its most important features that make it a worthy kitchen outlet for you.

  • If you have an instant pot, you dont need to cook for your dinner and other meals for many hours as it cuts your cooking time.
  • Due to extra cooking accessories, you can cook more than one recipe in a single go.
  • Using it, no more need for babysitting to observe your recipe as it is quite safe to use.
  • While cooking in it, you can do many other tasks after setting it for a particular cooking function.
  • It is quite safe and easy to use.
  • Such a cooking outlet saves your kitchen space as well as money for other cooking gadgets by performing lots of tasks solely.
  • Due to their availability in different sizes, these suit every family.
  • The stainless cooking pot or basket is dishwasher safe so it is easy to wash and clean.
  • The extra cooking accessories make your cooking easy and also expand the cooking by offering more options.

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The Best Must Have Universal Accessories For The Air Fryer

Accessories for the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven – Do they fit?

Posted on

Home » Air Fryer » The Best Must Have Universal Accessories for the Air Fryer

The Best Must Have Universal Accessories and Gift Guide for the air fryer includes a listing of where to buy the most popular items that will please anyone with an air fryer! This post will show you how use air fryer accessories for the Phillips, Power Air Fryer, Farberware, Nuwave, or any air fryer brand.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.

This guide includes items like the Power Air Fryer oven,olive oil spray bottle, grill pans, cookbooks, and more! You will find instructions on how to use the air fryer accessories. You can choose to shop at Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Whether you shopping for Christmas or for yourself, this guide has you covered!

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Which One Is Faster

It depends on the type of ingredients you want to cook but since the air fryer features only one cycle, its faster than the instant pot.

The instant pot needs to build up pressure before the cooking can begin. Additionally, an air fryer can be utilized as an instant pot and not the other way around.

The instant pot represents a multicooker. Meaning, its more versatile. The air fryer is less versatile since it can only make fried food.

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Can You Use Pyrex/tin Foil/metal In An Instant Pot

There are a lot of common kitchen materials and containers you can safely use in your Instant Pot, or use to fashion your own Instant Pot accessory! When an Instant Pot recipe calls for it, oven-safe glass like Pyrex can be safely used in your pressure cooker, as long as the glass is free of cracks and other signs of damage.

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Metal containers such as stainless steel and non stick containers can be used in the Instant Pot too, as well as silicone accessories. Tin foil is a good choice when you need to cover an open container or bowl, and you can even use parchment paper to line dessert pans for easy cleanup.

With that said, heres my ultimate list of Instant Pot accessories:

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