How To Steam Crab Legs In An Instant Pot

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Wait Dont Toss Those Leftover Shells

Steamed Crab Legs in the Instant Pot

When everyone has had their fill and has licked their fingers clean, dont toss the leftover crab shells.

Use them To make a nourishing crab stock! All the beneficial minerals in the crab shells find their way into the stock! Plus, crab stock is PERFECT for delicious soups like crab and/or lobster bisque!

How does one make Instant Pot Crab Stock? Simple!

Just place all your shell bits and pieces back into the Instant Pot . Add just enough water to cover all the shell pieces.

Close the Instant Pot and seal the vent. Press the Manual button and adjust the time to 60 minutes. As soon as it beeps, you can immediately release the pressure OR let it naturally release. It doesnt matter either way.

Store your crab stock in glass jars in the fridge and use within 3 days. If you dont plan to use it within 3 days, its best to freeze it. Seafood broths, in my experience, dont last as long as beef, pork, or chicken broth.

Instant Pot Crab Legs

This easy recipe for Instant Pot Crab Legs shows you the best way to cook crab legs with the most flavor. The instant pot is a great tool for steaming seafood because it keeps the moisture and flavor in the shell. With this method, you can steam crab legs 2-4 minutes using your pressure cooker. You can even cook them straight from frozen!

How Do You Steam Snow Crab Legs In Instant Pot

Find the detailed step by step recipe along with measurements + Video at the bottom of the post.

  • Prep the stock: Add stock & add the seasonings along with butter.
  • Stack thawed snow crab legs: Place the metal trivet & stack the thawed snow crab clusters. Do not over fill the pot. We used 3 snow crab clusters. You may easily fit more 2 such crab clusters. If using frozen crab legs cook them for 7 minutes on high pressure.
  • Pressure Cook: Close the lid, seal the valve & pressure cook on HIGH for just 2 mins followed by quick pressure release (release pressure manually by moving the valve from the sealing to the venting position.
  • Serve with butter sauce: Prep the butter sauce and enjoy instant pot snow crab clusters.
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    Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce For Crab

    Lemon garlic butter sauce is a super easy seafood dipping sauce to make. You can put it together ahead of time!

    Its a delicious dip you will love to serve not just with crab meat, but with all your favorite seafood recipes.

    You can try serving this recipe for boiled crab with our compound garlic butter recipe, too. It uses garlic and parsley for a rich garlic butter sauce that goes well with everything!

    Instant Pot Simple Steamed Crab Legs

    Instant Pot Steamed Crab Legs
    There is no need to go to a high-end restaurant for crab legs when you can easily do them at home in your Instant Pot®. From the freezer to the table in 20 minutes. Save your money. It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this.

    Provided by Soup Loving Nicole

    2 pounds frozen king crab legs
    juice of one lemon


    • Place a trivet in the multi-functional pressure cooker and add water. Place crab legs on top of the trivet you may need to let them thaw for a few minutes so they will fit.
    • Close and lock the lid. Select high pressure according to manufacturer’s instructions set timer for 3 minutes. Allow 10 minutes for pressure to build.
    • Release pressure carefully using the quick-release method according to manufacturer’s instructions, about 5 minutes. Unlock and remove the lid. Using tongs, transfer crab legs to a serving dish. Squeeze lemon juice on top and serve with melted butter.

    Nutrition Facts : Calories 199.4 calories, Carbohydrate 1.2 g, Cholesterol 83.4 mg, Fat 16 g, Protein 12.7 g, SaturatedFat 9.8 g, Sodium 324.3 mg, Sugar 0.2 g

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    Instant Pot Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

    01/26/2019 by The Mama Maven

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    Did someone say seafood season? Who loves snow crab legs?? We love seafood in my house and making it in the Instant Pot is so easy! Order some frozen or thawed snow crab legs from your favorite place and make them in your Instant Pot!

    This is based on a recipe from Allrecipes.


    Youll need snow crab legs I found wild-caught, as well as water, lemon juice, and butter. Make sure you have a trivet or steaming basket for your instant pot.

    If you dont have an Instant Pot, you can use a steamer basket in a pot on your stove. When you add your snow crabs, look over what its your package there were two pieces of the crab that werent usable.

    Of course, you can get amazing Alaskan Snow Crab Legs from our affiliate partner Camerons Seafood so that will be how Ill order this next time. Order Snow Crab Legs , make sure your instant pot is clean then then print out the directions below!

    YouTube Video:

    I served this with a salad, spanish rice, and shrimp cocktail. Make sure you have something to break the crab legs with! Instant Pot Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

    Cooking Crabs Legs With A Steamer

    For this recipe, you will need your crab legs, 2 cups of water, lemon wedges, 1 tablespoon of salt, and a little melted butter or olive oil. You will also need a steamer, and if you do not already have one, take our advice and get one!

    These things are a true lifesaver and make the most wonderful dishes. Here are some of our best picks:

    The first step is to ensure that the crab legs are completely thawed before cooking. Once this is done, you will need to pour the two cups of water in the steamer and bring it to the boil.

    Then, place the crab legs in the steamer basket, and leave them in there until the water is at boiling point.

    Once the water has reached boiling point, you will want to place the steamer basket with your crab legs in, and set your steamer timer to 7 minutes.

    You will know that your crab legs are ready by the stunning aroma that will fill the air. However, you can also touch the crab legs to check if they are heated up properly. If the crab legs are extra hot to the touch, then they will most likely be ready to serve.

    Once the crab legs are ready, remove them from the steamer, and top them with a little melted butter or olive oil, and a squeeze of a lemon wedge.

    Whilst cooking crab legs with a steamer is the easiest trick to steam crab legs, you can cook them without a steamer, too.

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    Instant Pot Simple Steamed Crab Legs Recipe

    This easy recipe for Instant Pot Crab Legs shows you the best way to cook crab legs with the most flavor. The instant pot is a great tool for steaming seafood because it keeps the moisture and flavor in the shell. With this method, you can steam crab legs 2-4 minutes using your pressure cooker. You can even cook them straight from frozen!

    Instant Pot Snow Crab Legs. Once you try this instant pot wild caught snow crab legs technique youll never be steaming crab legs in any other way ever! Juicy crab meat guaranteed and in just 2-3 mins tops! Seasoning the broth is the key technique that totally elevates this recipe of snow crab legs in electric pressure cooker.

    How To Season Crab Legs

    Instant Pot Crab Legs
    • Old Bay seasoning
    • fresh or frozen crab legs
    • vegetable oil
    • light beer in a can
    • Optional: corn cob halves

    Crab seasoning is a matter of preference. Steaming allows you to infuse the meat with more flavor, so you can use just a bit of seasoning and get the most amazing results!

    My personal favorite seasoning for crabs uses a can of light beer and Old Bay. I love the flavor it infuses in the crab legs! But, you can steam them in plain water and enjoy them just as much. Crab meat is so tasty either way!

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    The Best Crab Dipping Sauce:

    The combination of butter, garlic and lemon pairs so well with seafood. We used a similar flavor profile with our Broiled Lobster Tails and Baked Salmon.

    This doesnt get any easier: In a small saucepan melt 4 Tbsp butter then stir in 2 minced garlic cloves, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/8 tsp pepper. Stir for just 30 seconds and take off the heat. Squeeze in 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice.

    Take My Money!! This is going to become your new favorite seafood dip. Try it with shrimp or lobster next.

    Instant Pot Steamed Crab Legs

    If you have seafood lovers in your family that love Crab legs, you can now easily satisfy their cravings by cooking crab legs at home in the Instant Pot. So easy and so delicious!

    These Instant Pot Crab Legs were made while on vacation. My husband and kids love Crab Legs but it can get really expensive ordering them out. So we decided to make them at our condo.

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    How Many Instant Pot Lobster Tails To Serve Per Person

    If youre making lobster tails as the main dish, youll want to pay attention to the lobster tail size and weight to be sure you have enough lobster to fill you up.

    In general, you should plan for about 8-10 oz of cooked lobster tail meat per person if youre serving lobster tails as your main dish meaning two lobster tails per person, unless they are jumbo lobster tails.

    Most often frozen lobster tails that are readily available in grocery stores are around 4-6 ounces, so plan on about two per person if making lobster tail your main dish.

    There Are Some Simple And Safe Home Remedies For Boils That Can Help Relieve Some Of The Pain And Discomfort

    Learn how to make Crab Legs 4 easy ways  Instant Pot ...

    There are many causes of boils,. Editors of consumer guide boils can be an unsightly bother, but for the mos. Learn how to manage the most common environmental issues that can lead to your hermit crab’s leg loss and possibly help the leg grow back. There are some simple and safe home remedies for boils that can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort. Since the entire body is covered in hair, it is possible for a boil to form almost anywhere, although they are more common in exposed areas. Boils are uncomfortable and unsightly, but fortunately, it’s generally possible to treat boils at home. A boil is a hard and painful lump caused by an infection of the hair follicles and surrounding skin. All crabs have 10 legs, regardless of type. A boil is a type of skin infection that begins in a hair follicle. They may be caused by many types of bacteria or fungi present on the surface of the skin. Garlicky crab legs with corn on the cob. From here, different types of crabs are divided into different infraorders, but they all share the. Learn about home remedies for boils.

    The spruce / nyssa tanner if you’re prepping for a big seafood event you’re going to want to have a good crab boil. Editors of consumer guide boils can be an unsightly bother, but for the mos. In fact, crabs are members of the order decapoda, which translates to “decapod,” meaning 1. Place crab legs and corn in the pot of boiling water. Learn about home remedies for boils.

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    More About Instant Pot Steamed Crab Legs Recipes




    FromServingsCuisineTotal Time

    • With sharp kitchen scissors or a knife, carefully cut the top of the lobster tail shell down to the tip of the tail,. Don’t worry about hitting the meat too much as it will create a “butterflied” appearance.

    FromCuisineEstimated Reading TimeCategoryTotal Time

    • Remove King Crabs legs from the freezer for approximately 10 – 15 minutes, allowing them to thaw slightly so they can bend and fit into the instant pot.
    • Place the lid onto the instant pot, slide it clock wise to close and lock. Then turn the pressure valve to the SEALING position. Press the MANUAL button, then press the PRESSURE button so the PRESSURE HIGH lights up, and then press the minus or plus button to 5 minutes. It will take approximately 10 minutes to pressurize.

    FromCategoryServingsTotal Time

    • Add the crab legs to the pot. If it helps to thaw them slightly so you can fit them all in the Instant Pot, that’s fine.





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    Dipping Sauce: Garlic Butter Sauce

    Similar to our Air Fryer Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe, you cant enjoy these snow crab legs without the garlic butter sauce.

    Snow crab legs are usually on sale at the supermarket. The garlic butter sauce will definitely make the flavors from the old bay seasoning pop in these snow scrab legs.


    To make this sauce all youll need are:

    Unsalted butter, melted

    Garlic powder or fresh garlic

    Parsley flakes

    Simply place the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to combine.

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    Why Use The Instant Pot

    Its fast. You will have this entire process completed in under 15 minutes. That works great if you are planning to serve this dish for the holidays or for a gathering.

    The crab legs are so much easier to crack. This is my favorite way to make crab legs that are extremely easy to crack. The pressure from the pot, along with the steams works wonders. When you remove the crab, you can see how much easier the legs are to navigate and how the inside meat has become tender.

    How To Defrost Lobster In The Microwave

    Instant Pot Crab Legs

    In a word? Don’t.

    Dont rush the thawing process in the microwave.

    Defrosting lobster tails in the microwave will make the frozen lobster meat tough, in my opinion the meat is too delicate and cooks so quickly, it is just never going to defrost properly in the microwave.

    Opt for gently defrosting in cold water in the sink if you absolutely can’t wait.

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    Can You Cook Lobster Tails In The Instant Pot

    While it might seem more complicated to cook lobster tails in an instant pot, it is actually incredibly easy, and keeps the lobster meat from getting too gummy or tough – plus it cuts down on kitchen prep and keeps cleanup to a minimum.

    This recipe just calls for the lobster tails to be placed over a trivet, so you don’t even need any extra tools for your IP to make your lobster come out perfect every time.

    How To Air Fry King Crab Legs

    Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    There are several ways of cooking your king crabs. But do you ever think of how to air fry the king crab legs? The king crabs in the air fryer come out impressively good compared to the other ways of cooking.

    Crabs are popular all around the globe for their delightful and unique taste. When compared to the other seafood, the crab offers you a different taste that is not fishy. This makes it a preferred food for a lot of people around the globe who dont enjoy fish because of the fishiness.

    There are different ways of cooking the king crabs. It is prepared in discrete ways in different parts of the world. Although the king crabs are usually preferred through pan-frying in the usual stovetop, the air-fried king crab legs will impress you for sure.

    In the below part of the article, we will let you know how to air fry the king crab legs. Keep going through the article to find out all the information you will require to make the recipe successful. Along with that, we will also let you know about the health benefits of crab legs.

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    Thaw Frozen Crab Legs

    Crab legs are generally sold precooked and flash frozen. The best way to cook them is by steaming them. The gentle, moist heat helps preserve the pure, sweet taste and the tender texture of the meat. They’re also less likely to overcook and turn rubbery or lose their flavorful juices, as they often do when they are boiled. Boiling can also cause them to take on more water in the cavities between the shell and the meat, which makes them harder to eat.

    Thawing the legs before cooking is optional, but if you have the time, it’s worth it. The legs will steam faster and more evenly if thawed. Ideally, you will thaw them in a bowl overnight in the refrigerator, but if you’re tight on time, know that you can place them in a colander under cool running water until no ice remains.

    How To Buy And Shop

    Learn how to make Crab Legs 4 easy ways  Instant Pot ...

    Most crab will come precooked and often frozen. Sometimes, if its sold thawed, then it has been thawed from frozen. After the crabs are caught they are cooked on the boat and then flash-frozen right on the spot. If the crab legs are orange or red in color when you bought them, then they have already been cooked. This process is reheating them.

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