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How To Cook Burgers In An Electric Pressure Cooker ~ Instant Pot Hamburgers

I only very recently discovered how to make burgers in the Instant Pot, and I feel like Ive been missing out for so long! Cooking the burgers in the IP means that I dont need to stand by the grill or stove to watch the burgers or flip them, and its a quick dinner that can be cooked for the whole family.

This method of cooking melts the fats in the meat away, the fat drips in the water and then the water is drained of course. The burgers are healthier when theyre cooked this way.

Hacks To Make The Best Instant Pot Burger Taste Like A Copycat In

  • Make sure all 3 patties are the same size and thickness
  • Make an indention in the center of each patty to keep it flat while it cooks
  • While the burgers are cooking, toast the buns lightly
  • Be careful removing the patties from the pressure cooker because they will be full of hot juices and steam.
  • If you want to add cheese, you can do so while the burgers are still warm. If it doesnt melt, place on a baking sheet and place under the broiler until the cheese is melted.

How To Make Instant Pot Burger Big Macs

Start by seasoning your patties with salt and pepper. Then place them in aluminum foil and wrap them up.

Place the trivet in your Instant Pot and add a cup of water to the pot. Place patties on the trivet. Close the valve on the lid and pressure cook 10 minutes.

Once the burgers are done, do a quick release of pressure. Carefully remove the burger patties from the aluminum foil.

Now in a bowl add your Thousand Island dressing with mustard and mix. Spread on the bottom of the bun.

Stack onions, lettuce and a slice of cheese. Then place one patty on the cheese and add a second bun.

Spread more sauce on the bun, repeat onions and lettuce, pickles. Then a second beef patty.

Top with your sesame seed bun and pair with sides of your choice.

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How To Make Big Mac Style Burgers

If you love a good Big Mac, try making your own at home!

To do this, youll need two quarter-pound patties per burger, as well as 1 sesame seed bun and an extra bottom bun .

For each burger, mix a tablespoon of Thousand Island dressing with 1 1/2 tsp mustard to make the special sauce. Spread some of this on the bottom bun.

Add some diced onions and shredded lettuce on top of the sauce, then place a slice of American cheese over it.

Put a warm patty over the cheese, then top with the second bottom bun. Spread that bun with sauce, sprinkle with onions and lettuce, plus a few dill pickle chips, then the second burger patty.

Top with the sesame seed bun and serve!

More Instant Pot Beef Recipes

Instant Pot Burgers Recipe  Melanie Cooks

Ground beef makes fast and easy weeknight dinners, but you can do more than just make burgers! Try these other Instant Pot easy beef recipes next:

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Thawing Frozen Ground Beef In The Instant Pot

If you read the recipe card you will see in the Notes I added a little explanation regarding thawing vs. cooking. The recipe provides instructions for cooking frozen hamburger , but if you are really looking to speed up the process you can very easily just thaw your frozen hamburger and then quickly finish sautéing it in the Instant Pot® too!

Instant Pot Hamburgers Are An Easy Meal When You Dont Want To Heat Up The Stove Or Grill

Learn the tips and tricks to make delicious Instant Pot hamburgersincluding how to make them Big Mac Style!

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There are so many things you can do with your Instant Pot that you probably dont even realize yet.

Beyond the Instant Pot soups and chilis that beg to be made in your pressure cooker, you can make Instant Pot cakes and other desserts, yogurt, reheat food in your Instant Pot, proof bread dough, and make plenty of delicious Instant Pot weeknight dinners.

But did you know you can make hamburgers in the Instant Pot?

Yes! You can make juicy burgers and get an easy dinner on the table at the same time.

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Can I Cook Frozen Beef Patties In The Pressure Cooker

You can easily and safely cook frozen beef patties in your pressure cooker. In fact, you can cook patties straight from the freezer!

Wrap the frozen patties tightly in foil just as you would the unfrozen patties. Also keep the cook time the same. The only difference is that your Instant Pot will take longer to come to pressure with the frozen patties.

Hamburgers In Instant Pot Tips

Easy Delicious steamed hamburgers in the instant pot

Here are a few tips to make cooking hamburgers in Instant Pot super easy.

  • When opening the burger foil packets do so carefully as liquid will gather in the foil packs.
  • If you want a grilled flavour or to brown your burgers, then cook them under the grill for a few minutes.
  • Shape the burgers into similarly sized patties so that they cook at the same rate.
  • Feel free to add spices to your taste into your burgers.
  • You can use regular burger buns if you are not following a gluten-free diet.
  • Add some cheese and cook the Instant Pot hamburgers under a hot grill for a minute to get a melty cheesier burger.

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Which Recipe Is Your Familys Favorite Hamburger Recipe For The Instant Pot

ahh, Im so glad you asked! :). We really enjoy the Meatloaf and Potatoes as well as the Ground Beef Stroganoff. Id say those are definitely 2 of our absolute favorites from this list.

Id love to know what yours is, too, even if its not on this list. Leave me a comment below to share what your favorite ground beef recipe is!

Im hoping you will find some family favorites out of these 30 plus Instant Pot recipes with ground beef. We really enjoy most of the recipes on this list! Be sure to sign up to receive a free Freezer to Instant Pot One Week Meal Plan. Itll make your meal planning this week so much easier!

For a bit of a Mexican food flare, try this delicious Enchilada Pasta ground beef pressure cooker recipe. Top it with some sour cream to finish the taste and youll be happy you stayed home and cooked for dinner tonight! This dish is perfect for a quick meal when you know youll be on the go.

I love using ground beef Instant Pot recipes! Not only is this dish just plain delicious, its also so easy to dump and go.putting it all on automatic in the pressure cooker! Even my kids love this Chlil Mac recipe, which is a HUGE win for me.

Using this delicious ground meat Instant Pot recipe youll realize that Instant Pot Taco Meat is an easy way to make Taco Tuesdays happen with ease. Of course, any night could be taco night, if youre anything like us!

Perfect Ground Beef In The Instant Pot

One of the most common questions is how to cook ground beef in the Instant Pot.

Cooking ground beef from fresh is easy peasy! Just hit the sauté button

on the Instant Pot and brown your ground meat as you would usually on the stovetop.

But when it comes to making ground beef from frozen, it requires an additional step. One has to first cook the beef to then sauté it with seasoning in the pressure cooker or Instant Pot. Does it work well? You bet it truly does!

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Can You Cook A Roast That Is Frozen

When you leave a roast in its frozen form, you negatively impact several steps of the cooking process. The first is your overall cooking time. Placing the frozen roast in any cooking device increases the overall time needed for the meat to cook, as the meat must first thaw before it can properly cook through.

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Instant Pot Hamburgers

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How To Pressure Cook Frozen Ground Beef

  • Pour cold tap water into the bottom of the inner pot. Use 1 cup for a 3 or 6 quart instant pot and 1.5 cups for an 8-quart model. Then place in a metal trivet or rack inside the inner pot.
  • Place the frozen ground beef on your trivet, and seal the instant pot closed with vent closed. Be sure all plastic, styrofoam, or any other packaging is completely removed from the frozen meat. If not, run undercold water until you can remove the packaging.
  • Place the lid on the inner pot and seal. Set to high pressure and cook for 20 minutes for a 1-inch thick slab of frozen meat.
  • Once the cooking time has elapsed, let the pressure release naturally for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Check the temperature with a meat thermometer–it should be at least 160 degrees. If it is not, seal again and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. *See my notes at end of the post to troubleshoot why your meat would need longer to cook.
  • Carefully remove the meat from the instant pot and place in a large mixing bowl.
  • Discard the cooking liquid and fat that drained off beef.
  • Use a spatula to break up the ground meat and use just as you would for any recipe calling for browned or cooked ground beef.

Delicious Instant Pot Hamburgers With Cheese

  • Pin

These Instant Pot Hamburgers with Cheese are super easy to make and are the ultimate Copycat In N Out Burger! Youll feel like youre eating fast food by topping the burger with homemade In N Out sauce!

Cheeseburgers in the Instant Pot are super simple and require just a few basic ingredients to create a perfect weeknight dinner! Once you have the meat mixed up, all you have to do is wrap them up and steam them in the pressure cooker!

We became obsessed with In N Out when we first visited Las Vegas! If youre unfamiliar with In-N-Out Burger, its a famous chain of fast food restaurants in the Western part of the United States. Its known for its Double-Double Animal Style burgers, secret sauce, and fresh french fries!

Since we live in the Southeast, we rarely get to enjoy the real deal. So we wanted to create an easy Instant Pot Recipe to recreate the delicious cheeseburger! These pressure cooker burgers topped with secret sauce are ready in just 20 minutes and are one of our favorite family dinners!

The cool part about using the Instant Pot versus grilling, is that you can make this recipe any time of year and the cleanup is super easy too!

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Instant Pot Hamburgers In Duo Crisp Plus Air Fryer

These Instant Pot Hamburgers are the absolute best hamburgers I have ever eaten!!!! They have a crispy outer texture and are moist and juicy on the inside. We used a combination of avocado oil spray and our favorite go-to cajun seasoning to get the delicious crunchy outer texture. I mixed some Tony Chacheres and Natures Seasoning Blend into the ground meat to form the patties first. Then before cooking, I sprayed the outside of the burgers with the Avocado Oil Spray and sprinkled a little more Tony Chacheres so it would give them a crispy well-seasoned flavor!!!

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Please Note- The printable Instant Pot Hamburger Recipe is at the bottom of the post.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes Frozen Ground Beef

Instant Pot How To Defrost Or Cook Hamburger For Beginners

Instant pot ground beef fresh or 15 instant pot ground beef recipes instant pot creamy ss and beef instant pot ground beef frozen and instant pot shredded beef from frozen

Instant pot cheesy hamburger potato cerole recipe how to cook instant pot frozen ground beef thawed in no time instant pot bolognese sauce with frozen ground beef the dinner bite recipe this instant pot shredded beef from frozen 15 instant pot ground beef recipes from a pantry

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Instant Pot Hamburger Toppings

One of my favourite things about these burgers in Instant Pot is how super versatile they are. Not only can you make these burgers with a huuuuuuuuge combinations of spices, but you can also garnish it with an unlimited array of toppings.

Here are some of my tried and true toppings options. But feel free to experiment and come up with very your own favourites as well!

  • juicy tomatoes

How To Make Instant Pot Hamburgers:

  • Season ground beef according to your liking. I season my beef before I make patties, but you can also make patties and then season the beef.
  • Using a hamburger press or your hands, shape the beef into 3-4 patties. Wrap each patty into parchment paper. Place each wrapped burger in the instant pot on the trivet.
  • Place the lid onto the instant pot and seal shut. Close the pressure release valve. Set the instant pot to manual, high pressure for 10 minutes. When cooking is complete, quick release the steam and very carefully open the pot.
  • Remove the hamburgers using tongs and serve immediately. If adding cheese, do that quickly so it melts onto the burger just before serving.
  • Say so long to only having burgers during the warm season and get ready to build a burger however you want, no matter what time of the year it is!

    • hamburger fixins’ such as cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or anything you like

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    Why Make Steamed Burgers

    So, why on earth would anyone want to make hamburger patties in the Instant Pot? Well, maybe you don’t have a grill, or maybe it’s too hot or too cold for grilling. Maybe you don’t even have an air fryer for burgers either. And if you’ve ever fried burgers on the stove, you know the clean-up isn’t fun! Trust me — been there, done that!

    If you’ve got a pressure cooker, you can still make juicy, tasty hamburgers or cheeseburgers in just a few minutes. They’re quick, easy and delicious. And the clean-up is easy, too!

    Option : Saute The Meat

    Instant Pot Hamburgers

    Using the saute function on the Instant Pot, is nearly the same as browning the meat on the stove.

    • Hit the saute function on the Instant Pot and then hit Adjust to change the heat to normal heat.
    • Let the Instant Pot heat for 2-3 minutes. Some models display Hot once heated, some do not, but after a few minutes of time, you can begin to saute the meat.
    • Add in a couple of teaspoons of oil and let the oil heat for 1 minute.
    • Add the ground meat, and allow to cook, breaking the meat up into small pieces as it browns.
    • Once the ground beef is cooked thoroughly, this takes about 6-7 minutes, turn the Instant Pot OFF.
    • Drain off any excess grease and then use as desired. This works great for recipes like Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff, Instant Pot Chili, or Instant Pot Hamburger Helper.

    A note to this method–it seems silly to get out your pressure cooker if you are just sauteing your meat , but if you are using it to start another recipe you will finish in your Instant Pot, it is a great method to use!)

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