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Can I Freeze This Recipe

How To Make Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Yes! Freezing pulled pork is a great way to stretch your dollars and your time! Allow the shredded pork to cool completely and package into airtight freezer-safe containers. Freeze up to 3 months, or longer if vacuum sealed. To thaw, transfer to the refrigerator for an overnight stay, then heat and serve.

Instant Pot Bbq Beer Pulled Pork

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Football season is officially here for Packer fans tomorrow with our season opener. I am from Green Bay and we are a football town. The place is dead during games. The exception to that rule is those who really need to get something done, and want to avoid crowds. Also, most place have the game on the loudspeaker so you have the option to listen while you grocery shop.

My family has season tickets and we divide out the tickets and attend a game each year. This year we are going to the Monday night game in October. Besides watching the game, Ron and I like to hunt for the new stadium foods. Our seats are close to the cheese curds, and those are a must at Lambeau.

The new menu items for 2018-2019 have been released from one of our local news outlets and are:

The brat-in-a-blanket and the steak sandwich are calling my name. Needless to say, Ron and I are going to have a great time trying to find these tasty options around the stadium.

When we are not at the stadium we like to keep our game day menus packed with favorites like brats, bbq, burgers, grilled chicken, and sandwiches. Today, I am sharing a delicious BBQ pork sandwich you can make in the Instant Pot or the slow cooker.

Right now you can enter in my giveaway for a chance to win one of three Instant Pots!

What are some of your favorite game day foods? What screams football to you???

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Which Cut Of Pork To Use

My favorite cut of pork to use for this recipe is pork shoulder . I cook a LOT of pork shoulder in the instant pot. It turns out so tender and falls apart when you shred it, because it has just enough fat marbling throughout to not be dry.

I prefer to buy pork shoulder that is boneless. If you cant get it boneless, you can always remove the bone yourself before cooking, or cook it as is and remove the bone later. If the pork shoulder you buy has a large fat cap or skin on, youll want to remove both before cooking.

Pork Leg Pork leg usually comes in one big chunk, where shoulder is more marbled. It can turn out slightly more dry than shoulder, which is why I usually choose shoulder instead of pork leg, but its still a good choice.

Pork loin Pork loin is the leanest cut of meat and doesnt have much fat. Its also usually sold in smaller roasts that are thinner. Pork loin will cook a lot faster in the Instant Pot. Overcooking can quickly lead to dry pork. Thats why I mostly avoid this cut.

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Finishing Instant Pot Pulled Pork

  • Dont use ALL of the braising liquid, in the BBQ pulled pork, otherwise it will be too saucy and wet.
  • Instead, add about 1/2 cup of the BBQ braising liquid at a time to the pork and toss well with a pair of tongs.
  • Continue to add the sauce about 1/4 to 1/3 cup at a time, mixing well after each addition until the pulled pork tenderloin is moist but not sopping.
  • Taste for seasonings and adjust as necessary.
  • What Is The Best Cut Of Pork For Pulled Pork

    Recipe: Easiest

    The best cut of pork for pulled pork is a boneless pork shoulder or pork butt, also called Boston butt. These cuts of pork have plenty of fat marbled throughout for flavor, and they become fall apart tender after pressure cooking.

    You can also use a pork loin to make pulled pork. I have tested this recipe both with pork shoulder and with pork tenderloin. My family enjoyed the pulled pork made with both cuts of meat. A pork shoulder or pork butt creates a slightly more flavorful pulled pork because it is a fattier cut of meat. Pork tenderloin makes a healthier pulled pork because it is a leaner cut of meat.

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    Pulled Pork Bbq Sauce

    If you use BBQ sauce on your pulled pork in an instant pot, the first step is to cook the meat, and then when its all done, and shredded, then you can mix the sauce in with it.

    If you are worried about the sauce being cold right out of the refrigerator making your pulled pork cold, then a trick you can do is to pour your BBQ sauce into a saucepan and warm it up on the stove before pouring it over the meat.

    Diets This Recipe Is Good For

    • Paleo Pulled pork is a perfect fit for paleo as long as you do not add traditional store-bought BBQ sauce on it. Take a look at our recipe for keto BBQ sauce.
    • Gluten-free There is no gluten in pork or in anything else in this recipe, as long as you check out the ingredients in the BBQ sauce. You can feel free to also look at making our recipe for homemade keto BBQ sauce.
    • Sugar-free There is no need to add any sugar to instant pot pulled pork.
    • Nut-free There are not any nuts in instant pot pulled pork.
    • Dairy-free There is no need for any dairy products in our recipe for instant pot pulled pork.
    • Low Carb This is one of those good recipes for low carb because its only 0.8 carbs per ½ cup.

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    Start With A Good Rub

    Our pulled pork will be getting its flavor start by applying a rub. We use simple ingredients that include brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, ground mustard, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne. Whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and add the pieces of pork. Use your hands and toss it all together for a couple of minutes. Make sure that seasoning mixture is well incorporated into the meat.

    Why Make Easy Instant Pot Pulled Pork Recipe

    Yummy Pulled Pork in the Instant Pot
    • Easy to make: Season pork, cook for an hour, make the sauce, shred meat and voila, bbq pulled pork for dinner in less than 2 1/2 hours vs all day.
    • Homemade BBQ rub + sauce: Garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, smoked paprika, sweet honey or maple, liquid smoke and tomato paste create a flavorful powerhouse!
    • Enjoy all year round: No need to wait for a summer backyard party to enjoy BBQ! Its a favorite summer Instant Pot recipe for a crowd, or even just a weeknight dinner!
    • Pulled pork sandwich: Serve on a soft or toasted bun topped with a fresh, simple creamy homemade coleslaw!

    Also, check out my slow cooker pulled pork meat recipe.

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    What Cut Of Meat For Pulled Pork

    The best cuts of meat for pulled pork in the instant pot are PorkButt/Boston Butt and Pork Shoulder. They are both similar to each other and are from the same part of the pig.

    They are not lean cuts of meat that get tougher as they cook too long, but instead are a more fatty cut which is just what you need for pulled pork.

    When the meat cooks down over a long period of time, like in a slow cooker, or under pressure from the instant pot, it gets more tender because of the fat.

    Quick Tips For Best Results

    • Different types of pressure cookers may have different results. Id suggest the first time you try to make this to leave yourself some extra time just in case you need it.
    • The beef broth really gives a nice flavor to the pork and more so than water. Use it if you can.
    • Dont overcrowd the Instant Pot and make sure you have enough liquid in there.
    • If youre not familiar with your Instant Pot or pressure cooker, be sure to read the directions and try it out first.
    • If you are new to the Instant Pots or use yours for a wide range of recipes. Id suggest getting more silicone rings if you havent already. The pork does leave a smell in the bands and if you are planning to make any non-meat recipes extra rings come in handy so your desserts dont taste like pork or other strong flavors.

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    Add Favorite Bbq Sauce And Serve

    At this point, your pulled pork will already be full of flavor. Just try a piece and you will be amazed! You can serve just like this . Or, you can add your favorite BBQ sauce. Add the sauce in small amounts to start. You dont want the pork swimming in the sauce, but rather the sauce complimenting the pork.

    One of my very favorite ways to enjoy pulled pork is with some BBQ sauce and heaped onto a good piece of white bread. Use a fork to enjoyed this open-faced sandwich approach. Add a little coleslaw on top too for added flavor and texture. Be sure to have some pickle slices on the side too.

    How I Make This Recipe

    Instant Pot Pulled Pork (4 ingredients)

    Pulled pork is super easy to make in the Instant Pot and turns out the juiciest, crowd-pleasing, delicious grub in a few simple steps.

    To start, trim the pork and cut into pieces if it’s too large for your Instant Pot like I did in these photos. Season the pork with salt and pepper. Then combine the dry rub spices and coat the pork on all sides.

    Sear all sides of each piece of pork using the ‘Saute’ setting in the Instant Pot. Deglaze the pot by adding a splash of broth and scrape the brown bits off the bottom. This is “liquid gold”).

    Pressure cook the pork on HIGH for 45 min pressure cook with 15 min natural pressure release .

    Transfer pork pieces to a tray or bowl. Shred the pork into smaller, bite-sized pieces with meat claws or two forks. Serve warm.

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    What Kind Of Barbecue Sauce Do You Use For Pulled Pork

    My husband and I really like KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce in this pulled pork recipe. Its smokey and sweet, with just a little kick. However, you can use your favorite brand of barbecue sauce in your pulled pork with no change to the water content.

    If you prefer homemade, my friend Alyssa has an awesome homemade BBQ sauce recipe.

    When serving those with dietary needs , you can even make the pulled pork without using any BBQ sauce in the pot. Id probably add some spices or liquid smoke to the meat before cooking to infuse some flavors. Then, just remove a portion of the meat and stir in the barbecue sauce to the remaining portion.

    As far as which spices, the sky is the limit! Keep things simple with a teaspoon of onion powder, garlic powder, and salt. Like a spicy barbecue? Then add some cayenne pepper or chili powder.

    How Much Pulled Pork Do I Need Per Person

    Thats the quintessential question especially for a party! A good rule of thumb is 6 oz of cooked pulled pork per person . Notice I said cooked pulled pork per person, not pork. As you cook pork , it loses weight as the water is released and cooked away. Basically you want to double the amount of cooked pork, and thats how much raw pork you need. Also, know your guests 10 hungry adults or athletes are going to eat more than 10 kids

    So for a party of 10 people, 10 people x 6 oz = 60 oz of cooked pulled pork. 60 oz x 2 = 120 oz of raw pork meat. So youd need to pick up 7 1/2 lbs of pork loin/shoulder/butt for your party. Make sense?

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    Pork Butt Vs Pork Shoulder

    The Instant Pot takes an inexpensive, tough cut of meat like pork shoulder or pork butt, and turns it into a masterpiece that tastes and feels like it cooked all day! If you’re wondering which one to use, there are some differences, but either will work for this recipe.

    Pork butt, or Boston Butt, has more fat marbling that benefits from slow cooking and pressure cooking which tenderizes and falls apart when it’s pulled or shredded.

    Porkshoulder, or picnic shoulder, has less fat marbling, so it’s a leaner cut that doesn’t fall apart as easily as pork butt, but will still work for this recipe.

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    Instant Pot Pulled Pork: So EASY and So GOOD!

    The easiest + BEST pulled pork ever! Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce. So smoky, so flavorful, so juicy, and SO SO GOOD.

    Hello, summer. Please dont leave us just yet. Im not ready for the Chiberia snow.

    No, but really, lets get back to the best part of summer days: Pool parties. COVID honeymoon boat trips. And now, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.

    Thats right. PULLED PORK SAMMIES. Smothered with your favorite BBQ sauce ever.

    The instant pot takes care of all the hard work and all the time, infusing all the flavors into the most tender, juicy shredded pork in less than 90 minutes.

    When ready, drizzle with desired BBQ sauce and serve with slaw, pickles and brioche buns. The pork also keeps VERY WELL so these can easily be prepared ahead of time for all the socially-distanced-get-togethers.

    Stay safe and stay cool, friends. And eat some pulled pork sammies immediately.

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    Easy Instant Pot Bbq Pulled Pork Tenderloin

    This easy pulled pork tenderloin recipe comes together quickly in the Instant Pot. Use my flavorful Kansas City style pulled pork rub to season the meat. This meal cooks in only 45 minutes and the moist, tender Instant Pot pulled pork tenderloin shreds easily with a fork. Youll want this classic BBQ on sandwiches, in tacos or even tucked into lettuce wraps for a healthier pulled pork dinner.

    Different Variations Of This Recipe

    Instant pot shredded pork is very versatile and there are a few variations that will change up the taste a little bit.

    • No Sauce Pulled Pork Just seasoned meat without any BBQ sauce.
    • Carolina Pulled Pork Made with vinegar sauce and crushed red pepper for an extra kick.
    • Pulled Pork Carnitas Made with a sweet or tart citrus fruit juice such as orange or lime, along with garlic and onions.

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    What Is Pulled Pork

    If youve never had pulled pork and have no idea what it is, its pork that has been shredded into strands. Popular in the south with BBQ sauce. The best way to make it, in my opinion, is with a smoker or slow-cooked on a grill, BUT that can be a lot of effort for everyday cooking, I like to make pulled pork in a slow cooker or now an Instant Pot .

    Most pulled pork is made using a pork shoulder . Ive started using pork tenderloin, which is leaner and a smaller cut of meat so it cooks up quick.

    When making pulled pork in a slow cooker or Instant Pot you really dont need a lot of ingredients or prep so its simple to make even for beginners!

    You can sauté the pork before pressure cooking or slow cooking, but I dont, and really not necessary in my opinion. Not to mention who really wants extra cleaning?!

    Only a few quick and easy ingredients needed

    What To Serve With Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

    Instant Pot Pulled Pork
    • Load up your pulled pork sandwich with some homemade coleslaw too. We have a recipe for a great keto coleslaw on our site.
    • Macaroni and cheese is a favorite with pulled pork at our house.
    • Cauliflower Mac & Cheese is an even healthier, yet yummy side dish.
    • Baked beans are another favorite with pulled pork.
    • A green tossed salad is always a winner with all foods.
    • Potato salad.
    • Macaroni salad.
    • French Fries or Jicama Fries.
    • Onion Rings. Take a look at our recipe for keto onion rings, which is one of our most popular recipes.

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    How To Shred The Pulled Pork

    Once the pressure cooker pulled pork is done cooking, then its time to shred the meat, which is the fun part.

    Just take 2 large forks and stick them in the meat, close by each other and pull the meat apart over and over again until it is all shredded into bite-sized pieces.

    If there are any large pieces of fat then feel free to discard them.

    NOTE: If the meat does not shred easily, then stick it back into the pot and cook it for another 10 minutes.

    Making Easy Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork In An Instant Pot

    An Insta Pot is one of the most popular brands of electric pressure cookers. They are easy to use and your Instant Pot can help you create these delicious Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork!

    Since this is such an easy recipe, Ive gotten a number of repeat questions over the years. Heres what you need to know:

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