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Air Fryer Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips

How to Use An Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – DUO CRISP AIR FRYER

These sweet potato chips looked so perfect but honestly, the texture did not match. I think I didnt leave them long enough to reach their full potential. Mine tasted dehydrated but they were not crispy like a chip.

I personally think purchasing store versions would be easier, cheaper and tastier. But I do understanding how the satisfaction of knowing what is in your foods and going into your body would be invaluable. Dehydrated cinnamon apple chips or teriyaki beef jerky would be amazing to try.

Air Fried Breakfast Potatoes

These yellow baby potatoes were so good! I air-fried at 400 F for 10 min. My first batch I tried with bacon on top to get the flavor of bacon grease drippings. Dont do this, there was no flavor, just grease.

The next time I drizzled with a tiny bit of olive oil, then seasoned it with garlic, salt, thyme, basil, and oregano. I filled up 2 trays and made sure to switch trays and move the potatoes around for even crispness.

You do have to each immediately because if you leave sitting they lose that crispy crunch. These are perfect for breakfast with a sunny side up egg.

How To Use Instant Pot Air Fryer The Right Way

Are you wondering how to use Instant Pot air fryer? You can learn how to use Instant Pot air fryer the easy way, or the hard way. Instant Pot is one of the most innovative and popular cooking devices manufactured by Sous Vide. It can successfully cook both fried foods and stew at the same time. There are several ways on how to use Instant Pot air fryer.

If you want to learn how to use Instant Pot air fryer, the first thing that you need to do is to read the manual and follow it closely. In the manual, you will be able to know how to turn it on. Just set the cooking mode and wait for the cooker to heat up. When the cooker reaches the appropriate temperature, you can already start cooking your meals.

How to use Instant Pot air fryer is very easy especially for those who have little knowledge regarding how to use appliances. Aside from setting the cooking temperature and timer, there are still a few things that you need to consider before using this equipment. Below are some tips on how to use Instant Pot air fryer.

When using how to use Instant Pot air fryer, make sure that the lid is tightly closed. Turn on the venting system to ensure proper ventilation. When it is already steaming, you can already start cooking. The steam will help in maximizing the fats absorption rate.

How to Use Instant Pot Air Fryer Instant Pot Fryer For Your Safety

How to Use an Instant Pot Air Fryer Learning the Basic Tips

Why Do I Love My Instant Pot Air Fryer?

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Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 In 1 Air Fryer Oven Review: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Of all the air fryers we tested, this is one of the most intuitive air fryers to program. The buttons are nicely sized, clearly marked, and quick to respond. To program the temperature and time, you turn and press a dial. The basket has a rack on which the food rests and is easy to pull out and reposition in the air fryer.

During cooking, no spot on the exterior of this air fryer gets hot enough to cause a burn. The highest temperature that we recorded was 126.6°F on the lower-front side of the machine. Both the handle and the controls dont get much warmer than room temperature. We measured a noise level of 66.5dB during heating, which is the loudest of the air fryers we had on test. Its worth mentioning that this is not so noisy that you wont be able to have a conversation over the top of it while its running.

Both the basket and the rack are nonstick and have relatively few crevices, making each easy to wash by hand. This is a good thing as they are not dishwasher safe.

With this air fryer you get a very limited guide which does explain how to operate the oven but for more details, cooking charts, and recipes you have to visit the company website.

What Is The Instant Pot Air Fryer Oven

Best air fryers 2020: Make healthier fried food

What we love just as much as the Instant Pot is the air fryer , so its no surprise were jumping at the chance to get ahold of Instant Pots version. This 10-quart appliance has all the bells and whistles, including nine built-in smart programs: air fry, roast, broil, bake, toast, reheat, prooffor all of your bread-making needs, dehydrate and rotisserie. You dont have to preheat this guy either, because the Instant Pot air fryer turns up the heat right away and promises a crispy yet tender result every time.

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Bonus: The Instant Pot air fryer oven is made almost entirely of stainless steel, so you dont have to worry about fingerprints or scrubbing off dried-on food. It already has almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon and sits at 4.5 stars, meaning this machine will really pay off in the long run. It also wont take up too much space, which is ideal for small kitchens.

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Instant Pot Vs Air Fryer: Functionality & Price

Instant Pots and air fryers vary in price, depending on the model and amount of features. Ask yourself: What will I cook?

Am I feeding a family of five, or just cooking for myself? Do I make complicated dishes or just want to air fry some chicken wings here and there?

Depending on the intended use, you can make an informed decision on budget and functionality needs.

The Instant Pot Ultra, for example, is on the higher end at around $150 but does the work of 10 different appliances in one.

For more budget-minded consumers, this Instant Pot 6-in-1 is half the price yet straightforward and durable.

This Air Fryer from Philips has fat removal technology and tons of space but will cost you almost $300. However, you can easily find smaller, simpler air fryers for under $100, like this one.

Again, it all comes down to intended use and personal budget.

Instant Air Fryer Southern Fried Chicken

The minute I bought an air fryer, the first thing I thought of making was fried chicken. I love fried chicken. Seriously, who doesnt? But what I dont love is making it. Its messy, it splatters, and after you have a ton of grease you have to figure out what to do with .

I tried my hand at many an air fryer fried chicken recipe and searched online and in my cookbooks, but what I always found was chicken made with breading. Breadcrumbs or crushed crackers or corn flakes. And though they are all good and tasty, thats not what I have in mind when I am craving fried chicken. What I think of is Southern Fried Chicken. The kind with the egg and buttermilk and flour dredge that is packed with flavor and spices. Juicy int he middle and crispy and crunchy on the outside. I had come to believe that that was an impossible feet in the air fryer. My hopes were dashed that you couldnt use a real batter in the air fryer. Boy was I mistaken.

After a few tests and some research and failed attempts, I finally found a way to use the traditional method, but with a few tricks I made it work for the air fryer. No dry flour coating or overcooked chicken. If you follow my 4 steps you will have perfect Southern Fried Chicken that you would swear came from a deep fryer!

This recipe also uses Adobo. here is my Video on making a Copycat Adobo and Goya brand seasoning from scratch.

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Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 In 1 Air Fryer Oven Review: Cooking Performance

On our tests, we found that the Instant Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 in 1 Air Fryer Oven performed best on brussels sprouts and frozen French fries. In fact, it was the only air fryer to score full marks for frozen French fries, needing just 15 minutes to cook. It also scored highly for breaded chicken as well, needing just 13 minutes to cook this after preheating. However, it somewhat struggled for air frying chicken wings.

There are no preset cooking programs on this air fryer instead you need to set the temperature and time manually as well as the overall setting, such as air fry, roast or reheat. This can be daunting if youre new to air frying. Theres also little guidance in terms of cooking charts supplied you will need to go online to find these.

After you set your desired cooking temperature and time, it automatically goes into a preheat mode. There is no option to deactivate the preheat. This actually comes in use, because if your food isnt ready once time is up and you want to air fry it for a few more minutes, it will automatically revert to preheating again.

The roast setting worked beautifully, turning out a whole roast chicken with a well-browned skin and juicy meat in just 50 minutes. As in other air fryers, the bottom wasnt crisped, but this is to be expected unless the chicken is rotated.

It Cooks Quicker Than An Oven But Not As Fast As An Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus or Pro (Beginners Guide)| Instant Air Fryer | Air Fryer Oven

I’ve found that when cooking air fryer recipes in the Duo Crisp, you’ll need to add a few minutes to the cook time. For example, the average air fryer recipe calls for cooking fries at 380°F for about 15 minutes, but I find that in the Instant Pot they need about 20 minutes. However, they still produce a crispier and faster result than the oven, which takes about 40 minutes!

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Design: Worthy Of Dedicated Counter Space

The Instant Vortex Plus is a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment thats worthy of a dedicated spot on your countertop. If youre already the proud owner of the Instant Pot, the two will also complement each other nicely.

The majority of the Vortexs body is shiny black plastic while the door is made from sleek stainless steel. The front boasts a black touchscreen control panel which lights up to reveal a bright LED display that shows your cooking time, cooking temperature, reminders, and error messages. Around the display is a series of buttons: one for each smart program , +/- keys for time and temperature, and individual controls for start, cancel, light, and rotate .

The machines body is square-shaped and significantly larger than other air fryers at 14.17 x 13.86 x 14.96 inches. This is par for the course, though, considering it has a 10-quart capacity compared to typical air fryers which fall between 2.75 to 5.3 quarts. The Vortex Plus comes with a number of accessories including two cooking trays and drip pan as well as a rotisserie spit, basket, and fetch tool.

Get An Air Fryer Or Instant Pot For Christmas We Have Some Tips

Air fryers and pressure cookers were popular Christmas gifts this year, with good reason. The handy kitchen gadgets have their own social media followings with devoted fans swapping recipes.

Now that you have one, what to make first? We have some easy beginner recipes from veteran users of these gadgets. But first, just what are these things taking up counter space?

Air fryers are small ovens with a highly concentrated heat source and powerful fan that moves the hot air around to crisp french fries or leftover pizza with little to no oil involved in that nice fried finish.

Instant Pot took the cooking world by storm via word of mouth and a strong social media following to become the it appliance of 2016. And its been gaining steam ever since, with cooks gushing over the time savings and the intense flavor that comes from the pressure cooker.

But we also have some cautionary tales of mistakes weve made, including thinking these gadgets can meet all your cooking needs. They cant. They are tools that make some tasks easier, but they arent miracle workers. Heres what you need to know.

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Bacon And Egg Breakfast Pastries

Another enticing breakfast can be prepared in the Vortex with ease. All youll need are 4 simple ingredients and about 25 minutes to whip this meal together.

To help make this a quick and easy recipe, use store-bought puff pastry. Fill the pastry with an egg, crumbly bacon bits, and shredded cheese then air fry the pastries until their golden and crispy. PHOTO AND RECIPE HERE: INSTANT POT

What To Air Fry First Bacon

Instant Vortex Plus 7

If you dont know what to cook first in the Instant Pots air fryer then make some bacon!

Proceed with caution. I got a little overly ambitious and decided to do the whole package of bacon. This resulted in my smoke alarm going off because the grease from the bacon started to burn and smoke.

I realized quickly to do things in moderation with this machine. Despite my smoke mishap, the bacon was perfectly delicious. I wrapped the drip catch tray with aluminum foil and set the temperature to 375 degrees for 10 min with 4 pieces of bacon per tray.

I had to rotate/ switch the 2 trays so they would get the same crispness. The whole ordeal is a greasy mess inside the Vortex. Thats one reason I thought to do the whole package of bacon, to have some for later with one-time cleanup. You can do several small batches, but make sure to discard the bacon grease and put in new aluminum foil.

But, the dilemma is how to get rid of pipping hot oil safely. The manual states to not clean anything until the machine has cooled completely. Maybe its not worth spilling hot oil everywhere. Dont be a glutton, just stick to 8 pieces of bacon.

I had to come up with a system for taking out the trays and safely putting them on a heat resistant surface and also could still catch the grease that would leak out of the graded trays that the bacon was laying on. This was really tricky at first. An easy solution was laying the little trays on a baking sheet.

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Which Potatoes To Use For Roasted Potatoes

For this recipe, I use baby Yukon Gold potatoes, which are about 1.5 inches in size. You can use baby red potatoes too.

If using regular sizeYukon Gold or Red Potatoes, cut them in half if you are steaming them in the Instant Pot for 5 mins. Then cut them about 1 inch cubes to proceed with the rest of the cooking process.

If following the Air fryer or Oven recipe, cut them in about 1.5 inch cubes and follow the respective recipes.

Everything You Need To Know About Instant Pots Vortex Plus

My test model of the Vortex Plus arrived directly from Instant Pot. As my UPS driver set it on the steps, he commented, Oh youre gonna love this thing! We had a little back and forth because he assumed that the box was the beloved Instant Pot. When I explained a bit more, he was quick to share, Ive got an air fryer already, but if this one is bigger I might have to get one myself. Looking forward to your review.

Hed be delighted to learn that the Vortex Plus has a capacity of 10 quarts thats large enough to hold a whole chicken or a full bag of frozen french fries. It can roast chicken thighs and a bunch of veggies at once, and soone of the most exciting promises of Instant Pots Air Fryer is its ability to feed the whole family with one cooking cycle. Here are the specific functions that this 7-in-1 air fryer boasts.

  • Air Fry
  • Dehydrate
  • Rotisserie

The Vortex Plus has a pretty hefty footprint about 1 1/2 times the size of my Instant Pot Max. A very short manual is included and asks that you clean the machine and give it a test cycle before you begin cooking. It is slightly discouraging that the manual doesnt walk you through assembling the rotisserie. but the rest of the instructions are very clear and you can get more info at

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Whats The Difference Between A Convection Oven And An Air Fryer

In principle, they are the same: hot air that is blown around in a chamber to create even heating. Convection is the natural rise and fall of heat thats caused by uneven temperatures. Most household ovens have heating elements, which is that coil of wire on the top and bottom of the oven chamber .

The current is converted into slow, even, radiating heat. This heat rises, and the fan in the back of the convection oven will blow the air around for temperature consistency. However, the air fryers generated heat is pulled up with the fan, so there is no direct heat source on the food. Its dispersed on the outside of the chamber and then ascends from the open bottom to heat from all around making it gentler processes for the food.

Because air fryers have smaller chambers and higher speed air circulation than a convection oven, it takes less time than a traditional convection oven to bake/fry foods. Recipes that say foods need to be heated for 10 minutes may only require 6 minutes in an air fryer.

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