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A Silicone Lid For Storing Leftovers

Instant Pot Must Haves! 6 Accessories That Make Using Your Instant Pot Easier!

Save your leftovers without dirtying another dish.

If you tend to always have leftovers, youll be so glad to have this on hand. It fits snugly over the inner pot, so you can just toss the whole thing in the fridge. No need to get more containers dirty . The tempered glass lid works great for this as well, but this will give you a flat surface that you can stack other items on.

Instant Pot Cooking Time Guides

Also, those time sheets/magnets/charts with cooktimes- ehh. I dont think they are a good resource since every chart Ive seen online doesnt seem accurate to me. Unless it guide comes from a blogger or recipe creator you absolutely trust, I wouldnt spend money on it.

Personally, I would stick with tried and true recipe and methods with researched recipes

Just my two cents!

So what do you think? Do you have some of these accessories? What would you add to the list?

Instant Pot Round Cake Pan

This is another product that comes straight from the manufacturers of the Instant Pot. This springform pan was made to fit in the Instant Pot, so you can use it to make anything from lasagna to cake. Plus, the durable stainless steel can endure rapid heat change, including going straight from the freezer to the inner pot, or vice versa.;

One reviewer says, “The pans hold more than I expected; size is perfect for portion control; we ate one & froze the other for later.”

Buy It: Instant Pot Round Cake Pan, $10;

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Instant Pot Official Silicone Roasting Rack

The Instant Pot does come with a metal rack, but this BPA-free silicone version is far easier to clean since it’s nonstick. It elevates your food from the liquid in the pot, while the vented bottom promotes better airflow for even cooking and also allows any rendered fat to drain. Use with 6- and 8-quart Instant Pots. When not in use, it works as a heat-safe trivet too.

Instant Pot Carrying Case Great For Travel Potlucks And More

8 Must

Do you travel and cook when you get there? If so, this one is a must.

One summer, our family was away from home for a full six weeks, staying with friends and at Airbnbs with a few hotel rooms tossed in for good measure. We took our Instant Pot everywhere we went, and Ive never been so glad to have a carrying case.

You can read more about how we use the case and how much I love it in my full review, but its definitely worth the investment if you think you might be taking the Instant Pot while you travel on vacation.

Ive often taken my Instant Pot to potlucks or Teacher Appreciation meals and things like that, and its very convenient to have a case to carry it in, along with whatever utensils you need.

One time we were taking the Instant Pot to Detroit to be on TV. It was full of cheeseburger soup. And I got a little lost, made a wrong turn, and had to whip a U-turn to get on the right on-ramp.

It was totally safe as far as cars coming at me, but utterly unsafe for the Instant Pot. It fell over sideways.

Amazingly only a little bit of soup spilled. But had I owned a carrying case at the time, I would have been much happier to have the soup inside the carrying case instead of seeping into my carpet in the back of my van. Thank goodness the Instant Pot lid locks so well.

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Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

These tiered steamer pans allow you to cook your sides and main dish all in one pot. It comes with two interchangeable lids, one for steaming and one airtight lid for baking, cooking, or food storage.;

“I usually use it to simultaneously cook my rice and steam my veggies, or to thaw my meat. 10/10 would buy again,” says one reviewer.

Buy It: Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans, $30;

A Steamer Rack Made For Eggs

Cook perfect eggs effortlessly.

Hard boiling eggs should be a simple thing to do, but getting it just right can feel near impossible. If you cook them in an Instant Pot, it’s a lot harder to get it wrong. With one of these trays, which hold up to seven eggs at a time, you can enjoy perfectly cooked eggs in minutes.

Make your own egg bites at home in minutes!

If youve ever had sous vide egg bites, like those offered at Starbucks, you know how delightfully fluffy and decadent they are. But if you don’t already own a sous vide immersion circulator, you can still enjoy these treats right from your Instant Pot thanks to this handy silicone accessory. It’s also microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe so you can make all sorts of things!

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Cleaning In The Dishwasher

While the sealing ring is dishwasher-safe, your best bet is to use the steaming method outlined above regularly to keep the ring clean and odor-free. If its been a while since you last cleaned the sealing ring , the dishwasher will certainly give it a good cleaning, but it might not completely get the odor out.

More About the Instant Pot

Instant Pot Egg Rack Trivet

8 MUST HAVE Instant Pot Accessories – Instant Pot Tips

This versatile, stackable egg rack acts as a trivet and has multiple uses. Its perfect for cooking eggs in the Instant Pot but you could also use it as a taller trivet for steaming foods like vegetables, fish, tamale, and crab, or to place a cake tine on. You could cook rice in the pot and place the egg rack over the top with another dish in the springform tin cake. Get the egg rack trivet here.

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Check Silicone Sealing Ring

How to install sealing ring on Instant Pot? Put the sealing ring on top of the rack on the Instant Pot lid, then gently run your fingers along the ring as you push it into the rack.

Its criticalto ensure the silicone sealing ring is seated properly, and there isnt anything stuck on the ring or rack.

*Caution: Never pull the ring by force as it may stretch or damage the ring and affect the sealing function. Dont use it if it has cracks, cuts, or any other damages.

Do you need a spare sealing ring? Its always good to have a spare Silicone Sealing Ring because they do wear and tear. Plus, the ring may get stinky as it absorbs food odors over time. If you like, you can dedicate 1 Sealing Ring for Savory food, and the other for Sweets.

There Are So Many Instant Pot Accessories Out There It Can Be Hard To Know Which Ones To Buy That’s Why We Did Some Testing Of Our Own And We Think These Are Some Of The Best Instant Pot Accessories You Can Get

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When I first started cooking with my Instant Pot, there were no accessories; you just had to wing it! I raided thrift stores for old pans and rigged up all kinds of contraptions from wads of foil that worked okay if you didnt breathe on them the wrong way.

That wasnt even ten years ago, but since then a multitude of accessories designed just for Instant Pots have popped up. Which ones are worth bothering with? I tried out a dozen, and heres what I liked best.

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Pan In A Variety Of Options

Technically this is really a collection of 3 Instant Pot Accessories, but theyre kind of the same so Im going to clump them together.

Non-stick Springform Pan

My second choice would be the 7 springform pan. In some ways, I can also see that clip on the outside getting banged around and messed up in the cabinet. Its just the way things are when everyone helps put dishes away, one of those family activities I like to encourage! But I can also see how this might be easier to remove a cheesecake from because you dont have to push it up from the bottom.

Can you just imagine that going sideways and dumping a cheesecake on the countertop instead of gently pushing it up and out of the pan? Not that I wouldnt strongly consider scooping it back into a pan and serving it with some sort of;garnish!

And clinching the first choice title Bundt Pan!

Its the combination bundt/cheesecake/cake pan. Im guessing theres no need to explain this option because it can function as all three of the above with minimal storage. This particular model has some great reviews and ideas for recipes beyond cakes like lasagna and meatloaf. And I just love the color of this one too!

Most of us may be able to survive just fine without a bundt pan, but when you can get all three Instant Pot accessories in one, then why not?! Or if youre the type who would definitely opt for all 3 of these pans, then you can free up a little storage space in your cabinet for some other kitchen gadgets.

Instant Pot Silicone Lid

10 Awesome Accessories You

Turn your inner pot into an airtight storage container using this silicone lid. This lid makes food storage containers obsolete and don’t we all love cutting down on dishes to clean? One 5-star reviewer says, “It seals my pressure cooker pot perfectly and I just stick the whole thing in the fridge once it’s cooled enough.”

Buy It: Instant Pot Silicone Lid, $13;

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Best Air Fryer Lid: Instant Pot 6

While this air fryer lid is one of the most expensive Instant Pot accessories you can buy, it saves you from having to purchase a completely different device for air frying your food. Plus, you’ll save space in your kitchen by having an Instant Pot that also doubles as an air fryer. The detachable lid features user-friendly controls and comes with a multi-level air fryer basket, a broiling/dehydrating rack, and a protective pad.

Our tester found that it performed well when she wanted to pressure steam potato wedges and then use the air fryer function to brown and crisp them. However, the fryer basket is small so this works best for smaller portions. The fryer lid is compatible with the 6-quart Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, Viva, Nova Plus, Ultra, and Duo Nova models.

If youre going to cook whole eggs in your Instant Pot, you want to keep them from rolling around or bumping into each other, which can result in breakage. This ingenious egg rack holds nine eggs and keeps them neatly apart during cooking. You can also use it as a steaming rack in the Instant Pot when youre not cooking eggs. Outside the Instant Pot, you can use this as a trivet for any of your cookware, since its made from heat-safe silicone, or in a pot on the stove or even in your slow cooker when your food needs a lift.

Oxo Good Grips Pressure Cooker Bakeware Sling

Your Instant Pot comes with a metal steam rack and that works perfectly well. Weve just found that its not always easy to get the inner pot out when its time. So you can either create a sling for your pot or, instead of doing that every time, you can get this silicone bakeware sling, which you can reuse over and over again. It lifts your container up off the bottom of the liner and you can totally place it on top of any food that youre cooking on the bottom layer . Note: Its key that the container you use for PIP cooking sits on a rack or on top of other food versus being placed directly in the insert.

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Best Sling: Oxo Good Grips Bakeware Sling

If you’re looking for a durable accessory that can be used while baking in the Instant Pot, the OXO Bakeware Sling is a great option. Getting bakeware in and out of the pot without spilling, and getting it out of the hot pot without burning your hands can be a challenge, even if youve got sturdy potholders. This handy sling solves the problem, and also means you dont have to bother with the metal trivet since it lifts the bakeware off the bottom of the pot. Not just for the Instant Pot, this can be used in a pot on the stove, too.

Many Instant Pot users report that when they cook spicy or pungent foods in their Instant Pot, the seal tends to absorb the odor. While there are many methods that can reduce the odor, some of them are time-consuming and may not work for all scents. The answer to that problem is simplejust have one or more extra sealing rings on hand, so one ring can be used when youve added highly flavorful spices to your savory foods and a second can be used for delicately flavored foods and desserts.

An extra ring is handy to keep on hand, even if spicy foods arent an issue, since you never know when the dog might decide the ring is a pull toy. This is a set of two authentic Instant Pot rings in red and blue so you can tell which is for spicy foods without sniffing.

Overall Instant Pot Cooking

The BEST Instant Pot Accessories and 3 Recipes Using Them!

This is a breakdown of the most used Instant Pot accessories in my kitchen. These are great for general, every day cooking in your Instant Pot.

Tempered Glass Lid

The glass lid makes a great addition when using the Saute, Slow Cook or Keep Warm function. It has a steam release vent to prevent too much condensation on the underside of the lid and was designed to fit the 6QT LUX, DUO or Smart models.

I especially like it when sauteing onions, but you can also use it to cover the pot when making yogurt or fermenting batter or dough.

As an added bonus, it is Dishwasher Safe and can be used on the stainless steel inner pot in the oven up to 425 degrees F.

The silicone lid is great when you want to store leftovers or soup in the fridge. It also makes an easy transport to parties and potlucks when I don’t want to bring my entire Instant Pot.

It creates an airtight, spillproof, watertight seal that is both BPA free and Dishwasher safe.

Silicone Mini-Mitts

These heat-resistant mini mitts are more flexible than the full-on silicone gloves, so it makes it much easier to pop them on and off. I honestly did not think I would use them as much, but it turns out, I use them every day – even for oven cooking!

Silicone Sealing Ring

Tip: It is important to purchase only the Instant Pot sealing ring and avoid third-party sellers. As Instant Pot notes, “The use of third party unapproved sealing rings may cause damage, safety risk and void the instant pot warranty.”

Non-Stick Inner Pot

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Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid

This glass lid is great for containing splatters and keeping an eye on your meal when youre using non-pressurized settings like Sauté and Slow Cook. Just set the glass lid right on top of the inner pot to keep your kitchen counters clean and prevent your food from drying out while it cooks. This could be my #1 favorite Instant Pot accessory of all!

Instant Pot Trivet The One Accessory Everyone Needs

Im pretty sure that all Instant Pot models come with a trivet that sits on the inside. Its job is to lift food up out of the water if youre doing something like steaming vegetables;or cooking a big cut of meat that you dont want all down in the liquidy sauce .

So you probably wont need to buy an extra trivet, but its something you want to keep handy and understand how to use.

Trivets are also imperative for cooking hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot.;You can even buy a special egg trivet; this one looks like a fantastic option but they arent strictly necessary.

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Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans With Sling For Pressure Cookers

These nifty stainless steel stacking pans are perfect for reheating leftovers in your Instant Pot. You can put your meat or main dish in one pan and your sides in the other, then lock it up, place it in your Instant Pot, and cook on High for 5 minutes. Its the best way to reheat leftovers, in my opinion!

Must Have: A Tempered Glass Lid

8x Instant Pot Accessories Set Steamer Basket for Insta ...

You’ll use this virtually every time you cook with your Instant Pot.

Need to simmer your soup or sweat some veggies before pressure cooking them? This lid is a must. You can use the regular lid for this, but its heavy and cumbersome. The glass lid is much easier to use, especially after dinner is served and you want to keep things warm when you inevitably double back for a second helping.

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Top 10 Instant Pot Accessories Picks + 3 Extras

May 7, 2018

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of speaking at a conference, my topics being meal planning tips and Instant Pots along with some of the Instant Pot accessories that are available.;That is what prompted me this Top 10 Instant Pot Accessories Picks + 3 extras post but, I digress.

We kicked off this calendar year with Pressure Cooker School on and here on the blog with a free Instant Pot School. And it was about a year ago that we did an entire series on cooking meats and proteins for the freezer using your electric pressure cooker.

Are you seeing a theme here? Electric Pressure Cookers, and specifically the Instant Pot, aka. Instapot, have become wildly popular in the past few years. As were learning how to use them, were realizing all the things they can do!

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