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Can You Use Pyrex/tin Foil/metal In An Instant Pot

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There are a lot of common kitchen materials and containers you can safely use in your Instant Pot, or use to fashion your own Instant Pot accessory! When an Instant Pot recipe calls for it, oven-safe glass like Pyrex can be safely used in your pressure cooker, as long as the glass is free of cracks and other signs of damage.

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Metal containers such as stainless steel and non stick containers can be used in the Instant Pot too, as well as silicone accessories. Tin foil is a good choice when you need to cover an open container or bowl, and you can even use parchment paper to line dessert pans for easy cleanup. 🙂

With that said, heres my ultimate list of Instant Pot accessories:

Cook Multiple Dishes In The Same Pot At The Same Time

One of the best reasons to use the PIP technique is you can cook more than one dish in one Instant Pot at the same time.

Instead of cooking all the ingredients directly in Instant Pots inner pot, you can stack separate layers of food, and cook them all at the same time. A whole new level of One Pot Meal.

Pot in Pot Recipes that make convenient One-Pot Meals:

Safe Containers For Pressure Cooker

Below are the materials that you can use in a pressure cooker without fearing that they will melt or catch fire.

1. Oven-Safe Materials

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A good rule of thumb is that any container you can use in your oven will also be okay in the pressure cooker. Any dish labeled as oven-safe means that it can handle a large amount of heat.

Because of this, anything with this label is safe to use in a pressure cooker. This includes Pyrex-type bowls, glass casserole dishes, silicone baking dishes, and metal pans.

2. Food-Grade Materials

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Food-grade materials are not made with dangerous chemicals that can leach into your food. For example, you dont want to use a nonfood-grade glass container in your pressure cooker because it is not meant to hold food.

Did you know that some dishes can transfer toxins like lead and cadmium onto your food? Lead and cadmium were used in the paint that decorates many antique brightly colored dishes.

So please dont use your grandmothers bowls in the pressure cooker. Cadmium is found especially in bright orange and yellow dishes such as Mexican terracotta. So, keep these as décor only.

3. Non-Hermetic Containers

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Hermetic containers are those that are completely sealed from any liquids or vapors getting in or out. The most common hermetic containers are made of metal and glass, such as a sealed glass bottle.

Can You Use Plastic in a Pressure Cooker?

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Bottom Line Which Containers Work Best in a Pressure Cooker?

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Important Tips For Pot In Pot Cooking

  • If cooking two recipes at the same time, be sure both recipes have the same approximate cooking time and are cooked at the same pressure level and use the same release method.
  • A dish wrapped in aluminum foil will take; 5-10 minutes LONGER when pressure cooking. If using heavy-duty aluminum foil plan on a full 10 minutes longer.
  • Be sure to use OVEN SAFE dishes for PIP cooking methods.
  • Never put a frozen pot into your instant pot. The change in pressure will cause your frozen dish to shatter.
  • If you are cooking at a high altitude, you will want to take note of Altitude Adjustments for Instant Pot Cooking.
  • While I have never had issues using glass pyrex dishes in my Instant Pot, Pyrex has stated that they are not safe for Instant Pot cooking, and therefore I no longer use myself or recommend others using them.

These Make Great Holiday Hostess Gifts

Low Carb Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl

How neat to give a holiday hostess gift or all year round thoughtful and easy gift idea. These are especially fantastic for all the busy moms and wives we know hustling here and there and everywhere. Not always time to meal prep. How great to pull out a meal in a jar, dump, and go. Our Instant Pots have made that even simpler. This season I have seen some amazing ideas. Home-made vanilla extract, Moonshine, you name it, people are getting creative with their pots and gift ideas. Whether it be a meal, a home remedy, a jam, or more, you can find something creative to make and put in a mason jar all made from your Instant Pot.

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Can You Make Pottery Without Firing

Self-hardening clay, also known as air-dried or non-firing clay, is a direct modeling material that cures naturally and does not require mold making and casting to achieve a finished piece. In addition, this modeling clay does not need to be fired in a kiln. There are three basic types of self-hardening clay.

Cooking 2 Separate Dishes At The Same Time

  • Place the food with the longer cooking time in the bottom of the Instant Pot.
  • Make sure to add some sort of thin liquid to the bottom so the Instant Pot can achieve pressure.
  • Arrange a high trivet on top of the food. Make sure the trivet is level and stable.
  • Place the oven-safe bowl with 2nd dish on top of the high trivet. Depending on what youre cooking, the food in the bowl may or may not require any liquid.
  • Secure the lid and cook according to recipe directions. Steam trapped within the Instant Pot during pressurization cooks both foods simultaneously.
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    How To Use Pot

    Published: Dec 18, 2020 · by Jess Smith · · · This post may contain affiliate links.

    The pot-in-pot method can be used in the Instant Pot to cook something in an elevated dish. Its useful for everything from desserts to preparing two dishes at once! Read on for all of the tips and tricks you need to master this useful technique.

    Ive recently become a little emphatic about the usefulness of the pot-in-pot method for the Instant Pot. The truth is, once I got over my initial fear of using the Instant Pot , I found it only moderately more useful than my slow cooker. But the pot-in-pot method has totally changed that. Once I discovered that I could cook a complete meal main dish and side at the same time, I was hooked. I use this once or twice a week now and love that all messes are contained right inside the machine. See below for my favorite things to cook this way!

    Decorative Vase Filler Idea

    Instant Pot Accessories

    Display these tall decorations en mass, on a dining table, coffee table, or even a demilune. Large glass vases look fabulous when arranged on a windowsill. This do-it-yourself Christmas decoration is easy to make, yet results in a classy, elegant final product. Glass Cylinder Vases: Crate & Barrel; or 1-800-967-6696 Add Statement-Making Art. Whether it’s a transporting seascape photograph, a vibrant floral still life, or a bold abstraction, look for an oversize work that can visually anchor your console on the wall. The frame should be narrower than the width of your table by a few inches on each side; this will keep the vignette from feeling top-heavy Most glass and ceramic bowls are oven safe, other than the ones that have decorations painted or screen printed on them. The main assumption of safety is that the contents of the bowl in the oven have water in it, and hence the temperature inside the bowl will be around boiling point of water or less The first thing you have to do to use glass safely in an oven is to make sure the glass is made for being used in an oven. Don’t use glass which isn’t rated for use in the oven. There are particular brands of glassware which are designed for in..

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    When And Why Would I Want To Use Pot

    There are several reasons you might like to use the PIP method, including but not limited to:

    • Reheating meals
    • Cooking;meals not on direct heat such as those with low liquid content or those you dont want sitting in liquid
    • For a recipe youve made before that stuck to the bottom of the pot
    • Desserts such as cakes or cheesecakes
    • Preparing multiple items at once, for example: rice and honey bourbon chicken.

    Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas Table Decorating Idea

    10. Oversize Bowl Here is an idea sure to appeal to some but not others. Oversize bowls can sometimes be hard to store, especially with standard-depth upper cabinets at 13 inches. I use oversize bowls a lot for pasta and salad. Find the best-looking and thickest one you can and leave it on the counter The tortoise figure can be kept in a similar material depth dish. Add some water and colored stones. This will make beautiful décor, and as per Vastu Sashtra, bring serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home. Tortoise needs to take care of that is keep the check that they are well placed in the right direction mentioned above.

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    Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid

    This glass lid is great for containing splatters and keeping an eye on your meal when youre using non-pressurized settings like Sauté and Slow Cook. Just set the glass lid right on top of the inner pot to keep your kitchen counters clean and prevent your food from drying out while it cooks. This could be my #1 favorite Instant Pot accessory of all!

    How To Use Instant Pot As A Double Boiler

    Easy Instant Pot Popcorn + Ninja Foodi Popcorn Recipe
    • Start by placing around 2 cups of water inside your Instant Pot.
    • Then set your stainless steel bowl or;glass/pyrex or inside the pot. You want to ensure the bowl doesnt go into the pot, that it catches on the sides so it hovers over the water. You may want to stick a; wooden spoon in between your pot and your bowl so that it does get suctioned stuck.;;
    • Next, turn your Instant Pot to Saute, and then allow it to warm up.
    • Next, add in your chocolate or other ingredients you want to melt in the double boiler. Then follow the steps like you would with any other double boiler recipe.
    • Make sure if you are melting chocolate for a while, you refill the water in your pot as it dissipates.

    The beauty of this method is, it will keep your chocolate or other ingredient melted without overcooking it or hardening it over time. It allows you to work efficiently to meet your needs for the recipe. ;

    Please remember to keep safety in mind, you do not want to over boil the water while doing large batches.; Be mindful of how hot the water is becoming ; and remove your bowl to allow it to cool down a bit if starting to percolate to the point of your bowl blowing off. Please do not walk out of the room while using your instant pot as a double boiler, it should be supervised usage.

    Check out my delicious Buckeye Cookies for the ultimate Christmas cookie.

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    Safe To Use In Instant Pot

    If youre still feeling uneasy about how safe it is to use Pyrex in your Instant Pot, here is a list of other acceptable accessories you can use in your Instant Pot.

    • Glass canning jars are designed for pressure canning. Unless you have the Instant Pot Max model, you wont be using these jars to can in your Instant Pot. Many Instant Pot owners use canning jars to pressure cook successfully. They are glass, so they can break but they are created to withstand the pressure during canning. Check out the amazingly delicious Small Batch Instant Pot Lemon Curd by Julia at Imagelicious for her use of glass for pot-in-pot pressure cooking.
    • Ceramic ramekins are used by many, although technically it can still break if there are any cracks/fissures.
    • Quick Cooker Ceramic Pot by The Pampered Chef is made specifically for use with pressure cooking! Plus it comes with a silicone lid and a wire cradle to lift it out easily;too!
    • Silicone is safe to use inside the Instant Pot.
    • Stainless steel is always a safe choice. You can find several stainless accessories to use here.
    • Non-stick baking pans are also safe for pressure cooking. However, due to risks of chemicals leaching into foods and possibility of the coating flaking off into food, we avoid using these products now.
    • Aluminum pans are also popular to use in the pressure cooker. Our family is stepping away from using aluminum products due to research about its correlation to Alzheimers disease.

    More Instant Pot Recipes:

    The Only Ninja Foodi Accessories You Need

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    May 30 |

    Just like my obsession with the Instant Pot, what makes it great is all the accessories. Lets take a look at the amazing Ninja Foodi accessories available and what they can do to make life easier in the kitchen. This is one handy kitchen appliance and the Ninja Foodi accessories only make it that much more versatile.;

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    Are Glass Bowls Suitable For Using In A Pressure Cooker

    A common myth about cooking with glass bowls or containers is that they will shatter when heated. This isnt always true.

    Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass and can withstand high temperatures without breaking.

    However, not all tempered glass is made to handle certain types of heat like microwaves, pressure cookers, or stovetops.

    Tempered microwave-proof bowls will have a label on them that says they are suitable for use in a microwave.

    Make sure to read the label carefully before you buy, and choose a bowl that is made for microwaving.

    Stove-safe bowls will say oven-safe. Most tempered glassware is oven-proof, but not all are stovetop, microwave, or dishwasher safe.

    This means you should only use bowls labeled oven-proof in a pressure cooker for the safest results.

    Put Instant Pot On The Stovetop And Accidentally Turned The Dial

    Pot in Pot Cooking 101 || Instant Pot

    Mistake: Due to convenience or limited counter space, some users like to place their Instant Pot on the stovetop. Sometimes, things happenand we see melted burnt Instant Pot bottom.

    Sorry, we;dont have a picture to show you the aftermath, but we see this happen frequently.

    Solution: Please dont put the Instant Pot directly on the stovetop. Some users lay a wooden board between the stovetop and Instant Pot to prevent this disaster.

    Or, you can get this cart from IKEA, as it fits the Instant Pot perfectly.

    *Note: this is not sponsored by IKEA, just that many Instant Pot users find the cart very handy.

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    Can I Steam A Glass Bowl


    Oven-tempered glass and metal bowls or pans can be used in a pressure cooker. Beautiful desserts and side dishes can be prepared in a pressure cooker by using individual molds, glass custard cups, metal bowls, pans, soufflé dishes, and springform pans, all of which must be oven safe.

    Furthermore, is Pyrex safe for steaming? Pyrex DOES NOT go on top of the stove. It is to be used in the oven or microwave. Having said that, there are some Pyrex-like products that are made by Corning that can be used on top of the stove.

    Considering this, can I cook in a glass bowl?

    Note that with the best of care, a heat-resistant glass bowl or bakeware could still break or shatter – there’s absolutely no guarantee that it won’t. If you feel uneasy using your glass bakeware in the oven, keep it for non-baked desserts and use metal bakeware for everything else.

    Can you steam ceramic bowl?

    Using a steamer basket inside the cooker pot should work; I’d recommend sticking with just the basket itself if possible; stainless steel is plenty safe. If you are going to put a bowl or dish in there, use ceramic or stainless steel – both of those should be fine, and unlikely to leach strange things into your food.

    Max Temperature Reached By The Containers In Instant Pot:

    3 QT Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Pot: The best container for Pot in Pot in the 6 Quart or 8 Quart Instant Pot.

    • Overall, it has one of the fastest heat transfer rates.
    • Due to its thickness, it has the best overall heat-retaining rate.
    • Because of its taller height, itll prevent foamy food from spilling out of the container.

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    Can I Use Pyrex In The Instant Pot

    Its generally safe to use Pyrex in the Instant Pot. But make sure its not broken, scratched, chipped, or cracked to avoid the rare case that they shatter.

    You must follow all Pyrexs safety precautions such as avoid sudden temperature changes. Some tips to prevent breaking Pyrex glass:

    • Dont place the hot Pyrex on a wet or cool surface .
    • Dont handle the hot Pyrex with a wet towel or potholder.
    • Before washing, refrigerating, or freezing the hot Pyrex, allow it to cool on a cooling rack, dry potholder, or dry cloth.

    What To Beware Of With Glass Bowls

    Instant Pot, How to Make Stovetop Stuffing in the Instant ...

    You can use a glass bowl in the pressure cooker, but dont put light glass utensils in with it. Sometimes, people have forgotten this, which led to the glass shattering.

    Also, never put plastic in the pressure cooker because it will melt. Even with tempered glass, you still have a risk that the glass will shatter. They do break from time to time without warning. For someone who doesnt want to take that risk, you can use metal bowls as well.

    Other things to beware of with glass bowls include:

    • Allow the bowl to cool before immersing in water
    • Dont place the glass bowl on cold or wet surfaces
    • Place on a towel or cooling rack to avoid the glass shattering
    • Dont bump, scratch or poke it with utensils

    Beware of rapid temperature changes with a glass bowl because this can cause the bowl to shatter. The pressure inside the pressure cooker wont pose a problem, but the glass will still have a vulnerability to thermal shock.

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