How To Make Buffalo Chicken Dip In Instant Pot

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Pressure Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you love using your instant pot you’re going to want to make this Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip next.

This pressure cooker buffalo chicken dip only uses a handful of ingredients, it’s bursting with flavor and it’s addicting.

Buffalo chicken dip has been around for a long time. This is my spin off of the spicy and addictive dip. I’ve included instructions for making this Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip in an instant pot, crockpot, and I’ve included stove top directions.

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How To Make Buffalo Chicken Dip In The Oven:

  • First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Lightly spray a casserole dish with cooking spray and set aside.
  • Next, combine all ingredients in a large bowl, stirring well to combine. Reserve some of the cheddar for the top.
  • Then, transfer the mixture to the prepared casserole dish. Spread it into an even layer and sprinkle the reserved cheddar on top.
  • Bake for 18-20 minutes, until the cheese is hot and bubbly.
  • Garnish with green onion and serve with carrot & celery sticks and/or tortilla chips.
  • Football Recipes In The Instant Pot

    Finally, we are all fans of the Instant Pot around here ! Some of the MOSTpopular Oh Sweet Basil recipes are Instant Pot recipes!

    It only makes sense to make one of our favorite cheesy football game appetizers in the Instant Pot!

    Its quick and easy and it keeps the buffalo chicken dip nice and hot and fresh.

    If you want to try buffalo chicken dip in a fun, festive and football way, try our buffalo chicken dip football appetizer.

    Creamy, cheesy and irresistible Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip! Everyone is going to be asking you for this recipe!

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    Learn how ranch love conquered the world.

    Make Ahead And Storage

    Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

    This Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip recipe is perfect for prepping ahead.

    • Prep Ahead Store leftover chicken in the fridge ready for cooking. Also make ahead and store in a foil container that can then be reheated on a grill when needed.
    • Store Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reheat the dip in the microwave or the oven.
    • Freeze Freezing this recipe is not recommended.

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    Can You Freeze Buffalo Chicken Dip

    You sure can! If you have some leftover, just add it to a freezer-safe container and place it in the freezer. It will be good for a few months and taste great once thawed.

    If youre ever heard of buffalo chicken crack dip, this is it. I promise you that its delicious and addictive!

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    Substitutions For Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Now, what to do it you dont have everything on hand? First, use finely chopped onions instead of scallions, no problem. Skip the sour cream if its not around the dip will just be a little bit thicker. The blue cheese is optional, first because you might not have it, second because you might not like it.

    Dont have sharp white cheddar? Thats a-ok, use whatever cheddar you have. Use Havarti or Montery Jack or maybe even Gouda. Use a cheese that gets nice and melty.

    Dont have Franks Red Hot Sauce? While that is the classic hot sauce that puts the buffalo in buffalo, you can still get to a nicely spicy and satisfying dip with a different type of hot sauce. But start with significantly less, maybe even two tablespoons if the sauce is very hot. Franks is not so spicy, which is why so much of it is called for. Start with less if you are subbing in something else, and you can always stir in more at the end.

    Some shredded chicken, a couple of cheeses, a generous glug of Red Hot Sauce, and you have yourself a crowd-pleaser, an eye-rollingly good hot dip.

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    What Is Good To Eat With Buffalo Chicken Dip

    • Carrot sticks


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    Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip With Raw Chicken

    How to Cook Buffalo Chicken Dip | Instant Pot | PTV Cooks

    If youre starting with a raw chicken breast, place the chicken, water, soy sauce, hot sauce, and garlic salt into the Crock Pot and let cook on low for 4-6 hours or high for 2-3 hours or until the chicken is shreddable.

    Remove the cooking liquid and shred the chicken, then add the rest of the ingredients to the pot, mix together, and cook on low for about 30-60 minutes or until everything is melted and heated through.

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    Instant Pot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip Is My Go

    I am pretty well known with my family if there is a potluck I will bring my chicken wing dip. Why? Because it is so addictive. In our franks buffalo chicken dip is always an option. We love the wing sauce it packs and the ranch dressing tames the spice, you cant help but reach for another dip. I also, make a killer Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Pasta dish. This is one delightful treat to break up the workweek.

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    How To Make Buffalo Chicken Dip In Instant Pot

    This recipe is very simple- First, youll add a chicken breast into the Instant Pot with some water, hot sauce, soy sauce, and some garlic salt.

    Cook the chicken until its shreddable .

    I remove the cooking liquid and and shred the chicken up , adding back any of the cooking liquid as needed to keep the chicken moist.

    After that, youll add in the rest of the ingredients and mix it together! Youll want to melt everything together, so if necessary, turn on the Saute function to warm things through.

    You can serve this buffalo chicken dip straight from the Instant Pot, or transfer to a dish and broil it for a couple of minutes with extra cheese!

    And thats how to make buffalo chicken dip in the Instant Pot! Super simple and easy!

    How Long Can Buffalo Chicken Dip Sit Out

    Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

    The dip should be kept warm in the crock pot during the festivities for no more than 4 hours. If its on the table out of the crock pot, it must be refrigerated after 2 hours max.

    If youre worried about foodborne illness, refrigerate the dip after 2 hours. Transfer any leftover dip to a large container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. When ready to serve, either microwave or follow oven instructions to reheat.

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    What To Do If You Get The Burn Notice

    The dreaded burn notice is everyones least favorite part of cooking with the Instant Pot. If you put your liquid in first, this shouldnt be a problem, but nothing is perfect and from time to time I get the burn notice when cooking.

    Luckily, this recipe doesnt take long to heat up and melt the cheese, so if you get the burn notice go ahead and release the pressure and open the lid. Then stir everything around to distribute the heat. Most likely, it will be fully cooked and ready to go. If it still needs a little time, you can set it to saute and let it finish heat up that way.

    If you love cooking with your Instant Pot as much as we do, we highly recommend getting a ceramic inner pot for your Instant Pot. It virtually eliminates the burn notice, which is a great perk and makes it worth every penny!

    Stir In Buffalo Sauce Chicken Broth And Ranch Seasoning Before Adding 1 Pound Of Chicken Breast

    From my buffalo chicken mac and cheese to buffalo air fryer tuna cakes, I use Franks RedHot buffalo sauce. If you dont have any ranch seasoning on hand, you could add some extra garlic and onion powder, dill weed, and parsley. And if you happened to have buttermilk powder for some reason, youll pretty much have ranch seasoning.

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    How To Make Buffalo Chicken Dip In An Instant Pot

    Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  • Cook the chicken breasts in the pressure cooker with the hot sauce and broth.
  • Shred the chicken breasts.
  • Stir in the cheeses and ranch dressing.
  • Transfer the mixture to a baking dish and top with shredded cheese.
  • Bake til the cheese has melted.
  • Game Day is covered!

    Buffalo Chicken Dip Instant Pot

    ð?Buffalo Chicken Wing Dipð? EPIC INSTANT POT RECIPE–Great for the SUPER BOWL
    • 1 lb chicken breast, uncooked
    • 1/2 12 ounce bottle Franks RedHot Buffalo Sauce
    • 1/4 cup water
    • 1 Ranch Dressing Mix packet
    • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
    • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
    • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
    • Additional 1/4-1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
    • Sliced Green onions

    Add hot sauce, water and ranch dressing packet to the Instant Pot and mix.

    Add chicken and cover with the sauce.

    Put lid on, set to sealing and cook on manual high pressure for 12 minutes. If you are using frozen chicken, set it for 20-25 minutes .

    Once timer goes off, let it naturally release the pressure for 10 minutes and then quick pressure release the rest.

    Shred chicken. I did it directly in the pot, but you could remove it to shred.

    Once chicken is shredded, stir around to make sure its covered.

    Add cream cheese and shredded cheese mixture and mix until everything is combined and creamy.

    Change the Instant Pot to sauté and stir until desired consistency.

    At this point, you could either:

    • Serve it as is
    • Place in an oven-safe dish
    • Or use an Air Fryer lid.

    If you want to use an Air Fryer lid, sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top and cook at 400 for about five minutes.

    If you want to put it in the oven, heat your oven to 350 degrees, pour the dip into an oven-safe dish, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, and bake for ten minutes. Broil for one.

    Top with sliced green onions and serve with your choice of dippers.

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    Instant Pot Chicken Dip Buffalo Style

    Instant Pot Chicken Dip Buffalo Style is perfect for any party or get together including the upcoming big game. A creamy buffalo chicken wing dip with a bit of spicy for dipping celery or carrot sticks and taco chips.

    This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more info.

    The Instant Pot Chicken Wing Dip is super easy to make and perfect for those upcoming game day parties. If you like quick and easy recipes that are spicy, youll love this Instant Pot Buffalo chicken dip.

    Its super cheesy, easy and has that real Buffalo wing taste! You can use either an Instant Pot or a Ninja Foodie. Ive used both.

    For Oven version, head down below.

    Make Ahead Buffalo Chicken Dip

    This dip refrigerates really well, so you can make it a day or two before you need it and keep it tightly covered in the fridge.

    When you are ready to eat, heat it through in the microwave, or bake it in the oven until warmed and the cheese is melted.

    If you are short on time, you can even just use a can of chicken breast and mix everything together and warm it up!

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    Directions To Prepare The Buffalo Chicken Dip Instant Pot:

    1. Place chicken and 1 cup water into the instant pot. Place lid on the instant pot and seal shut.

    2. Close the pressure release valve.

    3. Set the instant pot to manual, high pressure for 10 minutes.

    4. When the cooking cycle is complete, quick release pressure and open pot.

    5. Carefully remove chicken from pot and place into a large mixing bowl. Discard liquid.

    6. Use 2 forks to shred chicken and return to pot.

    7. Add sauce, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, and water. Mix well.

    8. Press sautee on the instant pot and stirring constantly, mix until cream cheese is melted and dip is hot.

    9. Spoon into a small bowl or dish and serve with crackers or chips.

    Makes 3 cups.

    Stove Or Oven Buffalo Chicken Dip

    How to Make Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip: Recipe and ...

    This is a great method if you want to make this ahead. If your cream cheese is already room temperature you can mix everything in a bowl. 30 minutes before you are you are ready to serve the buffalo chicken dip put it into an oven safe dish at 350 F. If you are cooking it from the refrigerator it may take a little longer..

    Alternatively dump it into a pot and heat it on the stove until its all melty and gooey, about 10 minutes. Scoop into a serving dish. You could even use one of those tea light fondue pots to keep it warm.

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    Just Take Me To The Buffalo Chicken Dip Already

    If youd rather skip my tips and tricks, essential cooking info, and similar recipe ideas and get straight to this deliciously easy crock pot Buffalo chicken dip recipe, just scroll right on down to the bottom of the page where you can find the printable recipe card!

    Lets clear something up: I LOVE Buffalo chicken.

    I do NOT love Buffalo wings.

    Theyre so messy and difficult to mindlessly eat when out with friends, which is the whole point of appetizers, isnt it?

    Obviously, Buffalo Chicken Dip is the superior version of Buffalo wings.

    All the flavor minus the mess. Plus you can throw some veggies and chips in the mix and turn it into a real meal.

    Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

    If you like this recipe, add it to a salad like my strawberry bbq chicken salad using frozen chicken. You can read all about how I make and shred my Instant Pot frozen chicken in this post!

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    The Best Ever Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

    If youre looking for a quick and easy party appetizer that you can whip up in just half an hour, try my warm buffalo chicken dip!

    Whoever came up with this dip is an absolute genius! I mean, it has it all!! Homemade buffalo sauce, tender chicken, and ranch seasoning. Its buttery, cheesy, creamy, with a kick of heat , and its truly addictive!

    And for the vegetarians, you can quickly whip up my Instant Pot artichoke dip everyone will love it!

    Franks Buffalo Chicken Dip


    The only hot sauce I use and recommend is Franks Hot Sauce. You can purchase this sauce in a variety of spice levels, but I always opt for the original, hot buffalo flavor.

    They do sell a Buffalo Wing sauce that usually has a yellow or light orange label and the sauce is more orange than red. This is because its already been diluted with something to make it less spicy .

    You can use whatever hot wing sauce you like, and maybe even experiment with other sauce flavors that pair well with cream cheese and chicken!

    The more sauce you use, the spicier the dip will be.

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    How To Make Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Ranch

    Place the buffalo chicken sauce, water and chicken in your Instant Pot or Ninja Foodie and set to manual for 7 minutes. Natural release and then shred the chicken using two forks.

    Stir in the cheese and dressing, if using.

    Scoop the buffalo chicken wing dip into your serving dish and serve with chips or veggies for dipping.

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