How To Cook Venison Roast In An Instant Pot

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Venison French Dips In The Instant Pot

How to cook a FROZEN Venison Roast in an INSTANT POT | Yummy Mushroom Sauce | Pulled Deer Meat

Perfectly savory and tender venison French dip sandwiches made in the Instant Pot, plus ideas for repurposing the leftovers for two additional delicious and freezer-friendly meals!;

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Hands down one of the most popular recipes from my cookbook, Family Meals From Scratch in Your Instant Pot, are the French Dip Sandwiches. Everyone who tries them raves about how delicious and easy they arethen continues to make them again and again. One follower on Instagram this week answered that getting an Instant Pot would be worth it just to make these sandwiches.

I mean, I dont disagree, but stick around long enough and youll be wanting to make all kinds of things in your Instant Pot.

When Kate from the super popular Naptime Kitchen bought her first Instant Pot this year, I offered to send her a copy of my cookbook. Actually, I also offered to come down and show her how to use it, but Im glad she at least took me up on one of those.

Kate tried and loved the French Dip Sandwiches, and then, being the kitchen whiz that she is, did something brilliant with her leftovers.;

NTK Vegetable Soup + Leftover Au Jus and shredded French dip = Comfort, flavor bliss.

Mississippi Style Venison Roast In The Instant Pot

Recipe card at the bottom of post!

Can I preface this by saying I generally try to steer clear of pre packaged seasoning packets. That being said, after trying this recipe in the crock pot years ago, I knew that it would be a family favorite! I have used;a deer ball roast in this recipe. In future post next deer season, I would like to have a few blog post dedicated to how to break down some of my favorite game meats. If you do not have access to deer roast, subbing a lean beef roast would be a perfect equivalent! I usually make this in the crock pot and it always comes out AMAZING but this time I tried it in the Instant Pot. It turned out even better, if that is possible! Here is my method:

How To Cook Frozen Sausage In Instant Pot

Set your instant pot on your stove and add some vegetable oil to the pot. Heat the oil and swell sausages in the lone coat.

Brunet the edges of the sausage. It takings around 15 to 20 minutes. Promptly remove the sausages from the jar and remove the fat.

Enhance 1 mug of water and Italian puma to the internal jar of the prompt jar then home a stand in the immediate jar weight cooker.

Then place sauces on the stand. Off the prompt pot with its Ida then home the regulator in a closing place.

Chef below weight Italian sausage Chef steady sausage ended usual weight 7 for 12 minutes and 5 actions at stature.

When this field is completed remove the sausage and serve as you want.

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Ways To Use Pressure Cooked Venison

Pressure cooked meat on its own, though tasty, is pretty boring. But it is so versatile to use in other recipes. The broth gives it plenty of flavoring, or you can dress it up with different sauces or add it to other recipes for some variety. Here are my personal favorite ways to use pressure cooked venison:

  • Add barbecue sauce to make sandwiches a great alternative to pulled pork
  • Eat it on crackers as a snack
  • Add it to scrambled eggs for breakfast
  • Put it in quesadillas
  • Sprinkle it with taco or fajita seasoning and eat it on tortillas
  • Add it to vegetable soup or chili
  • Top a salad with it for a delicious paleo meal
  • Wrap some up in a large lettuce leaf for a paleo lettuce wrap
  • Sprinkle it on top of baked potatoes with your other favorite toppings

The possibilities are endless, really!

I hope you find this method of cooking venison as delicious and versatile as we do. Oh, and be wary when you cook game meats. The smell tends to bring out packs of drooling wolves, at least in our house

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How To Add More Spice To The Recipe

Instant Pot Venison Roast (One

I looove experimenting with my Instant Pot recipes. To spice this one up a bit, try adding some gravy, red wine, and aromatic vegetables.

  • To make your venison au jus, take the pot juices left after the cooking and thicken them with 1 Tbsp of corn starch.
  • To make sure the gravy isnt lumpy, mix the corn starch with a bit of the meat juice you set aside before adding it to your gravy saucepan.
  • ;Cook the gravy for 5-10 minutes.
  • The addition of red wine will add deep flavor to your gravy, while 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce will give it a piquant punch.

    If you want less saturated fat per serving, go without the gravy. The original recipe includes 2 Tbsp olive oil, so this is the only fat you really need.

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    Instant Pot Deer Roast

    Instant Pot recipes are everywhere. But I couldnt find any recipes for what to do with the deer roast in our freezer. So I decided to wing it. Turns out it was delicious.

    The roast was frozen and into the Instant Pot it went. I diced up some baby carrots, potatoes, onion, and chopped garlic. I threw it all in the pot. I added the broth.;Next step.close the lid and cook for 60 minutes. After the timer chimes, vent to release pressure. Serve & enjoy!

    How Do I Make Venison Stew In The Slow Cooker Or Stove Top

    For the stove top deer stew, follow this recipe except instead of pressure cooking for 2 minutes youre going to cook on the stove top at low medium heat for about 30 to 45 minutes.;

    If youre using a slow cooker to make deer stew, combine all ingredients and cook on low for four approximately 4 hours or high for 2-3 hours.

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    Two Ways To Enjoy Leftover French Dip

    Kate and I are both sharing French Dip recipes today shes sharing the beef version and Im sharing the venison version. We are also both sharing brand new recipes for repurposing the leftovers!;

    Both recipes are freezer friendly, too, so you can make the French dip sandwiches for dinner one night, then use the leftovers to put a meal or two into the freezer for another night.

    • Prep Time:10 minutes

    Instant Pot Venison Pot Roast

    Deer Roast In A Instant Pot | Cooking a Deer Roast | Instant Pot Venison Roast | How To
    Venison pot roast used to be a weekend only thing for me due to the 10 hours of slow cooking it took to get it tender. Then there was the guess work of when to add the veggies. If you added them in the beginning, they became mush. If you waited too long to add them, they were underdone and to get them done, the venison got overdone. Instant Pot® to the rescue! The end result is perfectly tender venison roast and perfectly crisp-tender veggies, all in 3 hours.

    Provided by Soup Loving Nicole

    1 venison roast
    1 package beef stew seasoning mix
    2 cups water
    1 pound baby potatoes , halved
    1 package baby carrots
    salt and ground black pepper to taste


    Nutrition Facts : Calories275.3 calories, Carbohydrate20.9 g, Cholesterol114.3 mg, Fat5.6 g, Fiber2.3 g, Protein32.7 g, SaturatedFat1.6 g, Sodium681.8 mg, Sugar1.8 g

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    Instant Pot Venison Roast

    Home » Recipes » Main Dishes » Instant Pot Venison Roast

    This easy Instant Pot venison roast is cooked with potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms for a comforting winter meal. Pressure cooking the meat results in a tender, pull apart texture that sits in a delicious red wine balsamic sauce.

    Theres few other meals more comforting and cozy for winter than a tender, juicy, fall-apart roast and thats exactly what this Instant Pot venison roast is.

    Bathed in red wine balsamic sauce with fresh rosemary and thyme its as flavorful as it is aromatic.

    Better yet, the potatoes and vegetables to serve with it are cooked right in the Instant Pot as well.

    Its a one pot meal that trumps all others!

    I first tasted venison in 8th grade at a New Years Eve party with my best friend at the time.

    We were at her parents friends house and while I have zero recollection of what we did that night 25 years later, I do vividly remember tasting the venison appetizer on the table.

    Spoiler: I was not a fan.

    Because of that first impression, I avoided any chance to try venison again for many, many years.

    In fact, I think my first taste after that time at 13 was actually about 5 or 6 years ago.

    I was at the gym and someone was offering extra venison sausage from their successful hunting season.

    I happily took the opportunity for free food and remember loving that venison sausage.

    The problem with venison is its almost impossible to find unless you know someone that hunts.

    Delicious Pressure Cooked Venison

    How to make Venison Steak in the Instant Pot First, slice the venison, onion, and peppers. Next, season the meat with the spices and then set your Instant Pot to saute on high. Add the oil and venison, and cook for 5 minutes or until browned.

    Instructions Hit the Sauté function on the Instant Pot and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Cook the venison in batches until brown and seared on outside . Transfer to a plate and add more oil, if necessary for remaining batches.

    Set Instant Pot to “sauté” and add vegetable oil. Heat 5 minutes and add venison roast, browning all sides, about 10 minutes. To the Instant Pot add au jus gravy mix, ranch dressing packet, butter, bay leaves, pepperoncinis, pepperoncini juice, and beef broth. Cover and cook on manual high temperature, high pressure for 1 hour 30 minutes.

    A great way to have cooked venison in your pantry; ready to Heat & Eat! Great flavor & it makes its own juice/gravy. This recipe was given to me by a friend. Requires a pressure canner.

    Instant Pot® Duo Nova The newest addition to the most popular line of Instant Pots the Duo Nova makes pressure cooking even easier. Its innovative lid design ensures youll never forget to seal the steam valve again, and makes quick steam release as easy as the push of a button.Missing:venisonMust include:venison

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    Cooking A Frozen Roast In Instant Pot Is Possible You Can Still Get A Tender Flavorful Piece Of Beef Even If It Is Not Thawed Out Beforehand Heres How

    Here we share how to cook a Frozen Roast in Instant Pot here! Yes sometimes I forget to defrost dinner so this is a helpful Instant Pot recipe hack to keep on hand.

    If you need easy Ninja Foodi recipes, you can use that pot instead.

    • If this has never happened to you, bravo.
    • I of course have made a pressure cooker roast before, when I have bought it fresh, but straight out of the freezer requires different directions.
    • You can use the same recipe below if youre using a Crockpot Express or as a easy Ninja Foodi recipe too.

    If youre staring at your rock hard piece of beef right now looking for a little guidance, do not fret!! Dinner will come out perfectly and nobody will know you had a forgetful moment.

    How Much Liquid Do I Put In My Pressure Cooker

    How to cook venison roast in an instant pot, ALQURUMRESORT.COM

    When you use a pressure cooker, you need to have enough liquid in the pot for it to come up to pressure and cook the food properly. The rule of liquids in pressure cooking is to always add at least 1 cup of liquid unless the recipe states otherwise. The liquid will help create enough steam to cook the meal.

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    Venison Roast Recipe In Instant Pot

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    Easy Instant Pot Venison Roast Recipes

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    Instant Pot Venison Roast Yep Here S A Recipe

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    Easy Instant Pot Roast In Less Than 1hr

    Easy Venison Instant Pot Recipes

    It all started with an Instant Pot I purchased for myself a few years ago. I put it to the test for many dishes not using wild game and my favorite was cooking frozen meats to perfection. Yes, frozen!

    That said, Im sure you could easily overcook something that was previously frozen, but the recipes below are the easiest recipes ever!

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    Vension Steak Cooking Tips

    Can I use boneless cuts of venison?;This recipe is for bone-in venison steaks only. The time will significantly decrease for other cuts of meat such as boneless cuts, roasts or tenderloins with little intramuscular fat. If you are planing to make boneless you can follow the suggestions from Marla in .

    Should the timing change if my venison is thawed? Yes, this recipe is for frozen so you will need to reduce the cooking time if your venison is thawed.;;If making boneless AND thawed has suggestions on timing.

    What if my steaks are heavier than 5 pounds? For each additional pound of meat, you may need to add additional cooking time after natural release. One reader added 12 extra minutes and a second natural release for 5+ pounds of venison steak in an 8-quart pot.

    Do I have to use broth with the meat? Yes, we are working toward both tender and moist venison with just the right amount of liquid. If you dont add enough broth, your meat can be dry. If you add too much, the meat can become tough. If you dont have any broth on hand, you can substitute water or juice.

    Can I use quick release on the instant pot instead of natural? You should always use natural release when cooking meat, beans or rice because the quick release method evaporates moisture too quickly. We want our meat to keep in as much moisture as possible.

    Pressure Cooked Venison Roast With Gravy

    Instant Pot Venison Roast (super delicious!!!)

    • gravy mix
    • 3 Tbsp
  • Mix up seasoning ingredients and sprinkle on all sides of the roast. Save leftover seasoning.
  • Get a skillet hot then add olive oil. Sear meat on all sides.
  • To small pressure cooker add 2 cup water, 1 cup broth and 2 gravy packages and the leftover seasoning mix. Whisk together.
  • Add meat to pressure cooker. Take 1 cups water and deglaze the pan that you seared the meat in. Pour this into pressure cooker.
  • Put lid on and turn on high. Vent for 10 minutes then add weight on. Reduce heat to maintain pressure. For my altitude I cooked 1 hour and 20 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure. Check with your manual for your area.
  • Let pressure come down then remove top. Remove meat for carving and bring liquid to a boil. In a bowl add 1/2 cup water then mix in the corn starch. Add this slurry to the liquid and bring back to a boil.
  • Slice roast and place in serving platter/bowl. Pour up gravy for gravy boat and pour the rest over the roast.
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    Venison Roast Cooking Faq

    Why use the oven for a venison roast?

    Our recipe calls for a baking temperature of 250 degrees, which is not an option on most conventional slow cookers. In addition, you can pre-sear your vegetables and brown your meat in the same pot used for baking.

    Why should you sear the vegetables?

    Searing the onions, garlic and carrots will pull out the sugars from the vegetables and remove some of the water. The result is more flavor for our dish.

    Why should you brown the venison roast before baking?

    Browning meat before cooking is really all about flavor. The caramelized surface of the meat will give so much more flavor to the final dish plus it looks more appetizing!

    Can you make this roast ahead?

    Yes, you can prepare the roast as featured and place the entire stockpot in the refrigerator to chill for up to four hours before baking. When ready to bake, add the additional stock. You can also put the chilled stockpot into a cold oven, add the stock, and set your time bake feature for up to one hour ahead.

    Can you cook venison roast in the slow cooker?

    Yes, but I still prefer the oven. The perfect baking temperature for a bone-in venison roast is 250 degrees, which is not an option on conventional slow cookers.

    • Total Time:6 hours 30 minutes
    • Yield:81x

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