How To Start Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

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How To Use The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
  • +/- Button To adjust cook time.
  • Saute Button Used for sauteing and browning ingredients before pressure cooking. And simmering, thickening and reducing liquids after.

Never have the lid on when sauteing . It will cause the pot to pressurize eventually and is not necessary for sauteing.

  • Adjust Button Switches between Less, Normal and More to control the amount of heat during Saute mode.
  • Keep Warm/Cancel Button Once a cooking program is selected, the Auto Keep Warm function is on by default but it can be turned off by pressing this button again before you begin pressure cooking. Cancel button ends cooking program at any time.

Even if you dont need to keep food warm, it is handy to leave this function on when you are not around during cooking. So, when you come back to the kitchen you know exactly when Instant Pot has finished cooking. Display will say L and number of minutes.

  • Pressure Level Button This button switches between Low and High pressure levels that is available on all Instant Pot models except Lux.
  • Delay Start Button Set the delayed time before a cooking program starts.

1. Press Delay Start button.2. Use the +/- buttons to set the hours.3. Press Delay Start again.4. Use the +/- buttons to set the minutes.

When Should I Use Keep Warm Function

The Instant Pot can be kept on Keep Warm after cooking most foods. In fact, its very handy if you are finished cooking before youre ready to serve food. Some foods like rice, quinoa, or anything that has soaked up a lot of liquid should be monitored or warmed in a more moist environment to prevent dryness or burning. You can select Keep Warm cycle before you start cooking or after.;

Happy Holidays And Welcome To Pressure Cooking Today

Here at Pressure Cooking Today, we post;easy and delicious recipes and training guides for the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or any other brand of electric pressure cooker!;

Interested in having us teach you how to start cooking in your Instant Pot?Our Instant Pot 30-Day Jumpstart beginners course is OPEN for new students until January 14th!

If youre just getting started with your electric pressure cooker or Instant Potwhether its new or or even if youve had it for a whileyou may have lots of questions!

Here are some quick answers to some of the most common:

Keep reading for a breakdown of the different pressure cooker parts and the nitty-gritty of making your first meal in the pressure cooker!

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How To Cook Using An Instant Pot

For a quick and dirty guide, it’s as easy as this:;

  • Sauté your meat .
  • Press the Cancel button and add your other ingredients.
  • Place the lid on and lock it in place.
  • Select the pressure and time you would like.
  • Make sure the valve is in the sealed position.
  • Press the Start button to begin cooking.
  • Once the time runs out, release the pressure.
  • Once the pressure is released, open the lid and enjoy.
  • If using your Instant Pot still seems daunting and you need more detailed instructions on how to use it, we’ve got you covered.

    Once you’ve found a safe place to put your Instant Pot I keep mine on a kitchen counter away from other appliances take a moment to gently handwash the removable pot and the interior of the lid before you first use it. Next, plug in the unit.

    If you are using meat or vegetables like garlic and onions that benefit from browning, you’ll want to use the sauté function first. With some recipes you can skip the searing shredded chicken from frozen comes to mind but for the most part, you want to brown or sear your meat first to add and lock-in flavors. Press the Stop or Cancel button to stop the sautéing, and add your other ingredients. If there is an excessive amount of grease left in the pot, drain it before continuing.

    Before you press Start to begin the cooking process, make sure the steam valve is in the closed position. If it’s left open, the pressure will never build up, and your meal will take much longer to cook.

    Instant Pot Quick Start Guide For Easy Home Cooking

    How to quickly start using your Instant Pot to make all ...

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    Learn how to quickly start using your Instant Pot with this Quick Start Guide, filled to the brim with practical tips, Instant Pot recipes, accessory ideas, and more! Kick fear to the curb and start pressure cooking!

    It’s no secret that we love cooking with our Instant Pot. We’ve made so many delicious recipes using the one appliance that may as well sit out on our counter, rather than in our stocked pantry, because we use it almost every day.

    We also get a lot of questions from readers about how to use it. One recurring theme I’ve noticed with readers is that they’re afraid to use their Instant Pot pressure cooker; so it sits in a box just waiting to be opened up, taken out, and used.

    Let’s dispel some of those fears today, because once you use this handy dandy small kitchen appliance, there will be no turning back. I can promise you that. You’re going to fall in love with it, my friend, because the sky really is the limit on everything you can make with this fancy gadget.

    We are working on a FAQ’s post to address specific questions we’ve gotten over the last year or so; it will be up very soon. But for now, this will get you started using your Instant Pot and even give you ideas for a few Instant Pot accessories and Instant Pot recipes you can add to your weekly menu planner.

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    Want More Practice Bring It Back To Pressure

    Try it again with the same hot water. This time, press Manual and then adjust the 30 minute default time by pressing the button, then press the + button to go up. Lets do 10 minutes.

    You may notice how, if you press Manual and take too long before pressing the other buttons, the cooker will just beep on its own and proceed for 30 a minute pressure cooking time. If you need to re-start, just press Cancel/Keep Warm and start over.

    Since the water is in your cooker is already almost boiling to begin with, the cooker will come to pressure a lot faster than it did the first timewithin a minute or so. Itll hiss, then the hissing will abruptly stop as the pressure indicator button goes up. If the hissing just keeps on going, its probably because you left the valve in the venting position instead of sealed. Just use your spoon handle to nudge it back.

    What next? Same as before: the cooker beeps, the readout will say 10, and then it will switch to LO:00. You can do quick or natural release, whichever floats your boat.

    Coco Morante

    Is This Thing Safe

    Its actually safer than conventional cooking or stovetop pressure cooking. Everyone has heard stories about old-time pressure cookers exploding. Your Instant Pot wont do that because the temperature and pressure inside the pots is carefully monitored and regulated through its internal programming.

    Remember: Its your trusty cooking robot.

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    What You Need To Know

    The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker. Its different than the old stovetop models that our mothers and grandmothers had. Those were scary because they made a lot of noise and there were stories flying around about them exploding!

    My second suggestion is that you understand how a pressure cooker works. The idea is that you always use about a cup of liquid with most anything you cook in the Instant Pot. The heating element heats up that liquid and creates steam that builds pressure inside.

    That enormous amount of steam under pressure is how food gets cooked so quickly, without any loss of quality. So, the point is that you always need to use about one cup of liquid no matter what youre cooking. Sometimes, youll use a little less or a lot more, but one cup is about the minimum amount of liquid.

    The Instant Pot is a modern, electric version of a pressure cooker that is safe, easy to use, and one of the best ways to get healthy food on the table fast. That said, it can be intimidating getting used to a whole new way of cooking. I hope this post offers some guidance and assurance that its not that hard to get started.

    Never Open The Instant Pot While Its In Manual / Pressure Mode

    Get Started With Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    Once you close the lid and select the Manual / Pressure mode, be sure the pressure value is set to Sealing. That will ensure the pressure cooking feature will work. You have 10 seconds to press the Cancel mode to stop cooking. After that, the;Instant Pot is;coming to pressure and if you open the lid youll be hit with a face full of steam. Its actually difficult to open the lid while its cooking for that reason thats why the Instant Pot is so intuitive. So once you close that lid, let it cook for the full time youve set.

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    No Need To Stir Before Cooking

    With Instant Pot recipes, you dont have to stir before cooking. Again, to avoid the dreaded Burn but more than that its not necessary. The pot is often too full already, you will create unnecessary step for yourself and dirty an extra spoon. Instead, stir cooked food after.

    Stirred ingredients will not come out more flavorful than unstirred.

    How To Cook On Manual

    When you use a manual setting, you are in charge of selecting the cook time, and the pressure in some models, rather than relying on one of the preset buttons like rice or stew. Older models of Instant Pot have a Manual button and newer models have a Pressure Cook button, but both buttons do the exact same thing.

    To cook on manual, all you have to do is press the Manual or Pressure Cook button and then use the + or buttons to set the cook time.;The Instant Pot automatically cooks on high pressure, but some models have a separate Pressure button that allows you to cook at low pressure if youd like to.

    Make sure you secure the lid and move the steam release valve to Sealing, to ensure the pot will come to pressure. Its also important that you follow a trusted Instant Pot recipe, so that you have sufficient liquid in the pot and that your ingredients are layered properly.

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    Instant Pot Rice Setting

    This button is made for cooking medium and long-grain white rice. The Rice setting uses low pressure and a 10-minute natural release is recommended for perfect results, however, we found that 2-3 minutes natural release followed by quick release is sufficient. Below is how to use the Rice setting on Instant Pot.

    • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add rice, water or stock and seasoning if you wish. Secure and lock the lid. Press the Rice button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at Low pressure for 12; minutes, which is suitable for slightly larger rice kernels. If you press the button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More .;;
    • Less mode 8 minutes at Low pressure tender but firm to bite texture; great for thinner white rice such as Basmati and Jasmine rice.;
    • Normal mode 12 minutes at Low pressure for normal texture white rice; great for regular medium to long-grain white rice and for more al dente Arborio risotto rice.
    • More mode 15 minutes at Low pressure for softer texture white rice; great for slightly softer risotto.;

    If desired, use the / + buttons to further customize the time. The cooking time may be adjusted at any time during pressure cooking.;


    1 cup of dry white rice usually yields 3 cups of cooked rice.

    The perfect grain to water ratio is 1 cup white rice to 1.25 cups liquid; if cooking risotto rice, the ratio is 1 cup Arborio rice to 2 cups liquid .

    How To Use Your Instant Pot: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know


    It’s not just a supercharged pressure cooker — it’s a way of life.

    Like a microwave or an electric kettle, the Instant Pot has become a kitchen staple.;This versatile pressure cooker;replaces so many countertop appliances, from rice makers to slow cookers. It’s introduced a new generation to pressure cooking, and shown us just how quickly it can cook a healthy meal.;

    Whether you’re a new Instant Pot owner or it’s long been stored away in a cabinet, this guide is for you. A longtime Instant Pot owner myself, I’ll guide you through the basics, including explaining those strange buttons and some basic recipes.

    To kick things off, let’s walk through Instapot basics. Even if you’ve owned yours for a while, there’s something here for you, too. Let’s get started.

    More tips:15 healthy Instant Pot recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner;|;Does the Instant Pot destroy nutrients in your food while cooking?;| The best paleo Instant Pot recipes;|;Best Instant Pot accessories you need right now;|;Best air fryers of 2020

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    Why Do Most Recipes Use Manual Settings Instead Of Smart Program Buttons

    One size does not fit all in most scenarios. This is true of the smart one-touch buttons on the Instant Pot too. While some may come in handy down the line, you should learn more about specific recipes before you begin relying on them. Using Manual/Pressure Cook button and adjusting time and pressure level by yourself gives you more control. Having said that, you can also adjust time and pressure level once youve selected once of the Smart Program function.;

    Instant Pot Setup: Manuals And Accessories

    Ah, the manual. Heres what usually happens with manuals in my house:

  • Take it;out of the box.
  • Flip through quickly.
  • Google the manual when I need some help.
  • Does that sound familiar? Yes? Thats why were friends!

    AnyWAY, I know it sounds boring but I urge you to read the Instant Pot manual. Modern pressure cookers are safe. However, they arent slow cookers. Its important to understand the basic ins and outs of a;pressure cooker before you use it.

    Oh, and if you misplace it, you can;find the Instant Pot manual online.

    Oh! Recipes! I love recipes. <understatement. ButI must confess. Ive never used this recipe booklet. The recipes didnt really appeal to me and the directions were confusing.

    I wish this quick reference guide was handier than it is. As written, it shows the steps for using each function. However, it doesnt explain cook time or the how to release pressure. Im very meh on this guide. It could be so handy!

    Question: do you use the free tools that come with appliances? I dont think Ive ever used them! And not just for the Instant Pot. Maybe Im just weird.

    Lets take a look at these:; measuring cup,;soup spoon,;rice paddle, and a condensation collector.

    Measuring Cup.;If you dont own a glass measuring cup for liquids, I urge you to get one. This measuring cup is flimsy and, without handle, hard to handle.

    Now heres a handy accessory! The steam rack. Use this to hold vegetables, pans , or anything else that you dont want sitting in cooking liquid.

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    Avoid The Dreaded Burn

    Oh, the dreaded burn. There are quite a few reasons why it happens. For example, one of the most common ones is when canned tomato products are stirred with other ingredients. To solve this issue, always add tomatoes on top and do not stir. Because Instant Pots heating element is located at the bottom and may.more likely will cause sugars caramelize and burn.

    I have compiled a list with 10 tips on how to avoid Burn forever.

    Manual Pressure Cook With Quick Release Or Npr

    How to Use Instant Pot as a Pressure Cooker

    Many Instant Pot users almost always use manual settings. While Smart Program buttons are handy, cooking instructions can vary for different types of rice, smaller or larger beans, and soup with or without meat. With manual settings, you have more control over the time and pressure level. Here is how to use the Instant Pot with manual pressure cooker settings.;

    Step 1. Star the Instant Pot as mentioned above.

    Step 2. Add food, seasoning and liquid to the pot. The liquid can be cold or hot; hotter liquids take less time to heat up so the Instant Pot comes to pressure quicker. Stir if needed.

    Note on stirring: If adding tomato sauce or paste, keep them on the top and dont stir too much as these foods can sometimes thicken and burn during cooking; again, this depends if water and stock are also added as when diluted, its less of a problem.

    Step 3. Get your lid and quickly check that the sealing ring on the inside is in place. If its loose or sticks out, the pot might not seal properly and it will not be able to come to pressure. Place it on top and twist it until it locks in place.

    Step 4. On older models like Duo Classic, check that the steam release handle on top of the lid is pointing to Sealing. On the more advanced models of the Instant Pot, the vent will automatically seal when the cooking process begins. On the Duo Nova the quick release button should be popped up and not pressed down.

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