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Questions You Might Have About How To Make Pressure Cooker Brisket:

The BEST Instant Pot Short Ribs

Are brisket and london broil the same thing? No, they are not, they are two different cuts of meat. London Broil is comes from the top round or bottom round part of the cow and is typically cooked with a quick broil to medium rare or medium, hence the name.

Brisket, on the other hand is from the front plate of the animal, and is generally slow cooked to break down fibers and is cooked to a medium well or well done.

What are brisket burnt ends? Oh, burnt ends are the bomb!!! Burnt ends are the ends of the brisket that get good and charred during the smoking or grilling process. However, since this recipe is made in an Instant Pot, I am sad to tell you that you wont get any.

Smoked brisket burnt ends are typically a little more expensive when you find them at restaurants because each piece of meat only produces two and the basic laws of supply and demand make these in demand and much more expensive.

Some people love them and others wonder what all the fuss is about.

Can brisket be overcooked? Yes, any meat can be overcooked. You really need to find the sweet spot of cooked before it gets rubbery. The first rule is to pay attention to the size of your cut.

If the recipe calls for 3 pounds and you throw in a 1 pound roast, chances are the cook time is too long and vice versa with a large cut of meat.

Use of a liquid is also imperative. Make sure you look for these aspects in any brisket recipe.

Instant Pot Short Ribs

These Instant Pot Short Ribs are super tender and packed with tons of wonderful flavor! This recipe is my new version of my super popular Slow Cooker Short Rib recipe that Ive adapted to work with the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker!

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I started making short ribs about 5 years ago and Ive had them in my favorite recipe folder ever since. I make them at least once a month during the winter and up until now Ive always made them in my slow cooker.

However, this past Christmas is when I received my Instant Pot as a gift from Thomas and Ive started turning some of my favorite slow cooker recipes into Instant Pot recipes.

I know a lot of yall are loving your Instant Pots too! Youre going to be crazy about this recipe, yall! Ps. did you know that the original slow cooker recipe that this recipe was adapted from is one of the MOST POPULAR recipes on my blog? It is!

I hope that yall love this Instant Pot version just as much as yall have loved the slow cooker version!

Instant Pot Bbq Brisket Is The Perfect Dinner Idea Brisket Will Stay Moist And Offer Loads Of Flavor

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Im not going to lie, brisket is a tricky cut of beef. For that reason, many stay far away. For those folks, I am here to tell you that the Instant Pot is the ultimate way to make brisket fast!

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Can I Make These Without An Instant Pot

Absolutely! We love using a slow cooker here if you want to make short ribs without the oven. Use a skillet on the stovetop to follow this recipe as directed until you add the wine to the sauce, then transfer everything to the crockpot and cook for 7-8 hours on low.

If you’re looking for oven braised short ribs, check out our easy red wine braised short ribs!

The draw of the Instant Pot is that short ribs can be cooked quickly – so just be aware that if you use another method, this recipe will take some extra time.

Excellent Wine To Enjoy With Instant Pot Short Ribs

Instant Pot Short Ribs

For this delicate dish, we paired it with 2012 Dolin Estate Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills. We wanted a lighter red to match with tender short ribs and flavorful daikon, and not overpower the dish. The grapes for this wine come from Santa Rita Hills, just a bit north of Santa Barbara. The areas cool weather is great for growing Pinot Noir. After harvest and fermentation, these grapes were aged for 20 months in French oak barrels.

How did we like the wine? We loved it! The pairing worked really well. As you raise the glass close to your nose, you can already smell the familiar scent of pinot noir. I would describe the smell as fresh berries and reminds me of the beautiful spring season. The initial taste is refreshing, light, and full of intense fruit and berry flavors. The body is silky smooth and the wine feels really young and sweet. The finish is very clean, and you can taste a bit of spice.

We hope you enjoyed this flavorful Instant Pot Short Ribs and the wine too!

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What Ingredients Do I Need For Instant Pot Short Ribs

  • Short ribs: Get English-cut short ribs, not thin flanken-style ones. With that said, hybrid-cut short ribs that are flanken style but cut thickly will work great. Make sure the store or butcher cuts any long short ribs into lengths of about 4 inches so they fit into the Instant Pot.
  • Aromatics: Carrots, onions, garlic, tomato paste, bay leaf, and fresh or dried thyme contribute their flavors to the meat and sauce.
  • Liquid: You dont need a lot of liquid to cook these short ribs because theyre in a pressure cooker. Just 1/2 cup each of beef broth and dry red wine will do.
  • Thickener: Utilizing cornstarch rather than all-purpose flour keeps the dish gluten-free and means you can just use it at the very end to thicken the sauce.

Prepping The Beef Ribs

There are 2 different cuts of short ribs, English cut and flanken cut. The english cut is widely available, and is what you can see in my images of this post. I prefer the English cut because theyre meatier segments that are taken from one section of the rib as opposed to the fanklen style where you get thinner stips with multiple bone segments.

If you bought a plate/rack, go for English style cut by cutting in between the bones, so each piece has 1 bone.

To prep the beef, start by washing the short ribs from remaining blood and bone dust and pat dry using paper towels. You need the meat to be really dry as youll be searing it to give it a great color and flavor when its caramelized.

Remove the silverskin/membraneon the boney side with a towel . Trim any excess fat on the external surface/meaty side as the fat wont render down since this is not grilling or smoking, but you can leave a little bit if desired as you will sear the meat.

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How To Make Pressure Cooker Short Ribs

Honestly, at first glance, the ingredient list and instructions look a lot longer than some of my recipes. But read through it, measure things out ahead of time, and put some good music on. You can totally, 100%, definitely handle this!

Begin by browning the meat. This is probably the most time consuming part but its a step you dont want to skip because it adds a ton of flavor. Get the pan good and hot and sear all sides of the short ribs. Get them nice and brown. It takes a bit of time because youll need to do the ribs in batches. Thankfully, you can do this right in the Instant Pot! Jack of all trades, this thing. And possibly, master of all trades, too.

Once you have the ribs browned, place them on a plate. Next, place your onion, celery, and carrots into the hot Instant Pot. And garlic, of course. Once those are sautéed, add a nice dry red wine and scrape all those yummy brown bits off the bottom of the pot. Deglazing the pan will ensure you dont see that annoying burn warning on the Instant Pot but also adds great flavor to what will eventually be your gravy.

When the wine has reduced a bit, you add even more flavor to the gravy and the ribs with beef broth, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, bay leaf, thyme, and paprika.

This is making me want to get in the kitchen and make these again right now!

Now its time for the pressure cooker to work its magic.

Time to serve!

Instant Pot Short Ribs With Red Wine

Best Instant Pot Short Ribs Recipe Ever…

These easy Instant Pot Short Ribs are ready in under two hours! With beef short ribs and a simple red wine and mushroom gravy that’s perfect over mashed potatoes, pasta, polenta, and more!

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When you need warm and cozy comfort food in a hurry, these Instant Pot Braised short ribs are HERE. FOR. YOU.

We’re making these red wine short ribs entirely in our Instant Pot with just a few main ingredients:

  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Garlic & Onion
  • Tomato Paste

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Garlic Butter Instant Pot Short Ribs

Published by Lauren Vavala

Thanks for sharing!

Garlic Butter Instant Pot Short Ribs are flavored with a simple combination of butter, garlic, and fresh thyme. Now you can enjoy fall apart, incredibly tender and succulent short ribs in a fraction of the time.

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Usually, I would make Red Wine Braised Short Ribs but after a life-changing experience with Garlic Butter Chicken, the next time I was planning on making short ribs, I decided to try using garlic and butter with beef bone broth to flavor them.

It does make total sense though. Steak topped with Garlic Herb Compound Butter is so tasty.

I also wanted to make short ribs in the Instant Pot, since the traditional method of slow cooking them in the oven takes hours. These short ribs turn out perfectly tender and flavorful.

Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Looking for an instant pot short ribs recipe? Or maybe a pressure cooker beef short rib recipe?

This easy beef short ribs recipe produces the best beef short ribs and the sauce is going to have you spooning it on everything.

I used to make beef short ribs in the slow cooker , but lately I have been obsessed with my Instant Pot.

Now we make instant pot short ribs at least twice a month. Keep an eye on the sales, as they go down all the time. You can also get the non-ultra version. It’s priced reasonably.

For more meal ideas check out my Gluten-Free Main Dishes.

This instant pot short ribs recipe is so insanely easy, and delicious that you are going to want to make it over and over again.

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How To Make The Best Instant Pot Short Ribs

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Making Instant Pot Short Ribs couldnt be easier! Try this recipe for tender, succulent, fall off the bone braised short ribs, made even more delicious with a secret ingredient!

How Long Should You Cook Short Ribs In Instant Pot

The Ultimate Instant Pot Short Ribs [VIDEO]

It only takes about 40 – 50 minutes for most beef short rib recipes in the instant pot. When it beeps do a natural pressure release for 10 minutes and then release any remaining steam.

40 minutes may seem like a long time, but most short rib recipes take 6-8 hours in a slow cooker.

The instant pot speeds up the process without compromising on taste or texture in the instant pot short ribs.

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Make Ahead Instant Pot Short Ribs

I love to make these short ribs ahead of time! After cooking, I just let them cool in the cooking pot and refrigerate them overnight.

About an hour prior to serving, remove the short ribs from the fridge. Use a spoon to skim the solidified layer of fat from the surface.

Reheat the short ribs in the pressure cooker by selecting High Pressure and 2 minutes cook time. Allow the pressure to release naturally for 5 minutes, then finish with a quick pressure release.

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What Is Qr Or Quick Pressure Release

It is the opposite of NPR. Instead of allowing the pressure to gradually release, you vent it out super fast. Be careful though, this steam is HOT and can cause injury.

Also, dont do it under your cabinets or around anything that has a painted finish- it will literally peel the paint. Release pressure in an open space on the counter.

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What Kind Of Meat To Use

Bone-in beef short ribs are marbled and meaty, which make them perfect for the pressure cooker!

I prefer English-style beef short ribs, where each rib has only one bone and theres at least 1 inch of meat above the bone.

You can use boneless short ribs, if you prefer. If the short ribs are wide and thick , keep the same cook time. If theyre skinnier, Id cut the cook time by half and add extra time if needed.

How To Cook Short Ribs In The Instant Pot

Beef Short Ribs In The Instant Pot

This section shows how to make this Instant Pot short rib recipe, with step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

  • Dry. Pat the beef dry with paper towels.
  • Season. Season short ribs with salt and pepper. This step helps to build flavor throughout the cooking process. Dont skimp, you need a generous amount!
  • Sear short ribs. Brown the short ribs in the Instant Pot using the Sauté setting. Cook in batches to avoid crowding the pan, or they will steam instead of brown. Remove short ribs and set aside.
  • Saute garlic. Add oil and garlic and saute for just a minute.
  • Deglaze. Add beef broth and coconut aminos to the pressure cooker, and use a spoon to stir, scraping up any of the yummy browned bits off the bottom. Place the short ribs back in there, along with a bay leaf, if using, and place the lid on and seal.
  • Pressure cook. For boneless Instant Pot short ribs, set the time to 40 minutes, or increase to 50 minutes for bone-in pressure cooker short ribs. When they are done, let the natural release do its thing for 10 minutes before switching to manual release.
  • TIP: Dont skip the pressure cooker natural release.

    This helps the beef short ribs finish cooking and helps them come out tender.

  • Thicken sauce. Simmer the sauce with gelatin powder on the Saute setting .
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    The Best Instant Pot Short Ribs Ever

    Don’t forget to save this for later!

    Tender and fall-off-the-bone good, these Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs are going to be a new favorite dish. It’s the best pressure cooker beef short ribs recipe, in my opinion.

    You are going to love this beef short rib recipe!

    Serve these Instant Pot Short Ribs with Red Roasted Potatoes and a salad or grilled veggies for a complete meal. If you like to eat your beef short ribs with cornbread you’re going to want to check out my Gluten-Free Cornbread recipe.

    Can You Freeze Instant Pot Short Ribs

    This recipe is a perfect candidate for a freezer meal. I often make a double batch of ribs so that Ill have extra to freeze for a different night! Place the short ribs with their sauce in an airtight container or resealable freezer bag, then freeze for up to 2 months. Thaw the ribs overnight in the refrigerator, then warm the ribs in a pan on the stove top or in a covered dish in the oven.

    Once you try these Instant Pot short ribs, youll find yourself making them on a regular basis. Theyre just that good!

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    What Can I Make In The Instant Pot

    Most people think of fried chicken when they think of electric pressure cookers, but you can make so many things. Chuck roasts will be fork tender, chicken will shred in just 10 minutes and seafood will be done in 4 minutes.

    You can also make desserts, such as cakes and puddings, cheese, yogurt, broths, stocks and stubborn grains like quinoa, sorghum and steel cut oats in just minutes.

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