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Is It Better To Cook A Ham In The Instant Pot Than The Oven

No More Dried Out Ham: Instant Pot Honey Baked Ham

I was happy with the carmelization of the outside of the ham. However if you want it more crisp your going to need to throw it in a really hot oven for just a short bit. You want really hot because you need to do this fast so you don’t dry out your meat. I would say at least 400 degrees.

You could even consider turning on the broiler but watch it really closely and if you have a sweet glaze on the outside it could burn really fast. Use caution.

How To Cook A Ham In An Instant Pot

Cooking a bone-in ham in the Instant Pot is really not much different that making, say, my Instant Pot salsa chicken. Overall, the ham in Instant Pot technique is very similar: you cook the ham on a trivet, remove it after a short Natural Pressure Release , and then sauté the remaining liquid from the pineapple, brown sugar, and ham drippings to make a delicious glaze.

A key difference is that youll use a couple of pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil to form a sort of bowl around the ham. A cup of water goes in the bottom of the Instant Pot insert, along with the trivet, and then the loosely wrapped spiral ham is set on top. Pour a 16-oz. can of crushed pineapple over top of the ham, tucking some pineapple in between the spiral slices, and then sprinkle 1/4 cup of brown sugar over the top.

Pressure cook the ham according to the notes in the recipe, and then allow the ham to sit for about 5 minutes before releasing any remaining pressure. Remove the ham, allowing any juices and drippings in the aluminum foil bowl to drain back into the pot.

If you want to make the pineapple brown sugar glaze at this point , turn the Instant Pot on to Sauté and add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch thats mixed into 2 tablespoons of water to the water/juice/drippings mixture. Whisk until it thickens sufficiently, and then pour it over your cooked ham or serve alongside for guests to drizzle at will.

Ideas For Using Up Leftovers For Your Honey Ham

For leftovers, I love to eat ham a day or two as is and then incorporate it into other dishes so we dont get tired of eating the exact same things. I like to dice up the ham and create omelets or even just scrambled eggs for ham for breakfast. For lunch and dinners, I might use some ham for ham and beans, ham and dumplings, toss it in with some au gratin potatoes, or Instant Pot Chicken Cordon Blue. It helps you to utilize the leftovers but not feel like you are stuck eating a ham the same way over and over again.

This ham is great for any holiday or a weekday meal. I know if you make this you will really enjoy the sweet and savory taste of this juicy ham. Happy cooking!

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How To Cook Ham And Why To Use An Instant Pot:

There always seems to be a lot of confusion over how to cook ham but actually, when you buy a spiral ham at the grocery store, its almost always already fully cooked which means most of the time you just need to heat it through. The hams packaging comes with suggestions about how long to cook or heat the ham and those suggestions always recommend using an oven. Im here to tell you that I dont think Ill ever use an oven to warm a bone-in spiral ham ever again.

Using an oven to heat ham can dry the ham out, especially a pre-sliced spiral cut ham. By using an Instant Pot, the flavors of the glaze infuse into the meat. Just look at this plate of sliced ham soaked in my spiced honey glaze. You know you want a slice or two of this ham on your plate:

Instant Pot Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham

Instant Pot Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham
  • Place in the Instant Pot. Pour the pineapple juice on top.
  • Add the brown sugar and ground cloves directly to the ham.
  • Set to the sealing. Cook high pressure for 15 minutes.
  • Let natural release
  • Remove ham from Instant Pot. Cover with foil and let sit for 10-15 minutes before carving.
  • Optional – pour the remaining liquid into a bowl for dipping, or hit the saute button and reduce to make a glaze.

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What Is The Best Way To Cook A Pre

So, youve found yourself with a pre-cooked ham. There are a couple different things you can do with it. First, because it is fully cooked, ham can be eaten as-is! Slice it up cold and have yourself a delicious sandwich or chilled meat dish.

I personally think that the best way to cook a pre-cooked ham is to give it a nice fruit-based glaze. Many people love a pineapple glaze or a cranberry glaze works great too. The contrast of the sweet fruit with the salty meat is mouth watering.

Whether youre baking your pre-cooked ham in the oven or cooking ham in the instant pot, a fruit glaze will help to seal in the moisture to the meat and give it a nice crisp crust on the outside.

A traditionally baked ham takes a long time, but instant pot ham cooking time is under an hour. Plus, because the instant pot relies on pressure and steam, there is nowhere for the moisture of the ham to escape. If you cook a pre-cooked ham in the instant pot, your meat is guaranteed to be moist and delicious!

How To Cook Instant Pot Bone In Ham

It is really simple to cook the bone in ham in the Instant Pot.

But there is one important step that has to be done first. To make sure that it would fit into the liner of the Instant Pot.

I had a 7.5 lb ham that needed to fit in my 6 quart Instant Pot.

It was slightly wider than the liner. So I had to trim down one edge down in order for it all to fit.

I placed the ham face down, with the fat side facing up. Then the trimmed piece fit right next to it. Perfect!

My next task was to choose how to flavor the ham.

I stuck with the classic seasonings because I was feeding a crowd.

Pineapples and pineapple juice are always a great way to add a little citrus to the ham.

And dont forget about orange juice and cloves.

A little brown sugar to coat the top of the ham to add a little extra depth of sweetness, and we were ready to begin the cooking process.

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What To Do With Leftover Ham

Leftover ham is a lot like turkey there is a lot you can do with it. You just need to decide what youre in the mood for.

If you have a lot of family or friends visiting, you can use your leftover ham to make breakfast for a hungry crowd. Try our Low Carb Ham and Cheese Crustless Quiche, Ham Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sliders, or this easy Ham and Cheese Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole.

Also, if you use a bone-in ham dont throw the ham bone away. Save it to make a big pot of Instant Pot Navy Bean Soup! You can wrap the bone, leaving any extra meat on it, and store it in a freezer bag in the freezer for up to six months. Its a great way to make an easy weeknight dinner during the coming winter months.

And of course, you can always slice up the ham and make great tasting ham sandwiches that are ten times better than sliced deli ham. They are great to pack and take along for all the post holiday shopping.

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Best Instant Pot Ham Recipe:

Instant Pot Holiday Honey Ham

Thats right!

This is by far the best Instant Pot Ham recipe on the internet.

This recipe is so easy and quick to make. Theres only one dish that creates this entire feast, the inner pot of your Instant Pot!

The ham comes out perfect tender and juicy every. single. time! Its virtually foolproof! If I can do it, you can do it!

Not only does this ham cook up in just minutes with just a few simple ingredients, but this recipe will also show you how to make the most decadent sweet a savory saucy glaze that you will want to put on everything!

I put it on my ham, I put it on my leftover, I saute vegetables in it, a drizzle the glaze over rice. It goes well with everything!

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What Can You Serve With Instant Pot Boneless Ham

Its completely up to you what you serve with this dish, and it can go with almost anything. We think it would be great with roast potatoes, rice, or a side salad, but if you are celebrating a special occasion, add a whole host of different dishes on the side. If you are serving this at Easter, add corn casserole, stuffing, deviled eggs, cranberry, and mashed potatoes.

Instant Pot Honey Glazed Ham Recipe

The most delicious Instant Pot Honey Glazed Ham, steamed to perfect in minutes. The ultimate Sunday dinner!

One thing I want to touch on is the Instant Pot ham cooking time! How long to cook a ham in an Instant pot, you ask?

Well technically you will set the timer for only 4 minutes, but make sure that you account for a 10 minute natural release and the time it takes the Instant Pot to get pressurized.

But even then, thats only about 35 minutes to make a whole 3-4 pound ham! Talk about a game changer.

If you havent made the plunge and bought yourself the amazing Instant Pot, you can also check out some of our other wonderful ham recipes! Like our Slow Cooker Honey Baked Ham, or Slow Cooker Maple Glazed Ham recipe and our Citrus Glazed Ham.

You cannot go wrong with any of these, in fact, you should try them all!

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Instant Pot Bone In Ham

So that is why I decided to make Instant Pot Bone In Ham this year!

Because the ham is already pre-cooked, all I had to do was to heat it up. And what better way to do that than by using my 6 quart Instant Pot Duo.

This left me more room in my oven for the side dishes that requiring browning, such as oven roasted carrots, green bean casserole and roasted Brussels sprouts.

And I had to save my slow cooker for my scalloped potatoes.

Plus, with the moist heat that is used to pressure cook the ham, I knew that it would be nice and juicy.

I have always preferred bone in ham. When cooked, the bone provides so much additional flavor to the meat as compared to a boneless ham.

Yes, it is easier not to have to deal with the bone when carving the ham. But for us we freeze the leftover bone to make ham and bean soup on a cold winter day.

Why Youll Love This Pressure Cooker Ham:

Easy 3
  • only 4 ingredients required for the glaze
  • low carb, ketogenic friendly and gluten free
  • less than 10 minutes of prep time for an easy pressure cooker ham recipe
  • freezer-friendly & easy to make ahead of time
  • A simple set and forget ham recipe that takes the stress out of hosting Sunday dinner / Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday gatherings

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How To Make Instant Pot Honey Baked Ham

To make Instant Pot Ham you need just three things to make a flavorful and delicious Honey Baked Ham. Aluminum foil to wrap the ham to keep heat and juices in, a silicone sling to lower and lift the ham out of the Instant Pot, and the Instant Pot itself.

Theres no need for an oven for this Instant Pot Honey Baked Ham and it only takes two minutes per pound plus 10 additional minutes no matter the amount of pounds that are being pressure cooked.

In the first step, the butter, sugar, and honey is melted together. Once it is all melted together, the salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and paprika are added into the melted mixture.

Aluminum foil is placed under ham and folded up the sides to prevent any liquid from leaking out from around the ham.

The melted liquid is then drizzled over the ham and also drizzled down between the slices of the spiral cut ham. Any remaining liquid on top will get rubbed into the ham. Once all of the honey mixture is used, more aluminum foil is added on top of the ham to seal in the moisture.

One cup of water is added to the liner of the Instant Pot and then the prepped spiral cut ham is then placed on the sling. It is then lowered down into the Instant Pot and the lid is closed as well as the vent.

After the lid is removed, use the sling to remove the ham and drain the water from the inner liner. Place the ham back into the pot and remove the aluminum foil from around it to allow the liquid to settle into the bottom of the liner.

Making Smoky Ham Hock And Pinto Bean Soup In An Instant Pot

Today, were excited to share our newest creation with you! We love cooking beans in a pressure cooker, as it saves us so much time. Plus, we can never say no to a bowl of comforting soup In fact, we once enjoyed a bowl of piping hot soup as we were sweating bullets at 100°F+ without any air-conditioning!! Such an unforgettable experience.

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Can You Put Frozen Pork In An Instant Pot

Place the trivet with handles and place frozen tenderloin directly onto it. If it doesnt fit, cut it in half. Close the lid and make sure the valve points to sealed. Press the Pressure Cook button and set the timer for 60 minutes for frozen pork tenderloin and 40 minutes for fresh or thawed tenderloin.

How To Make A Ham In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Ham (Low Carb)

Like Ive mentioned before, you are not cooking the ham, you are simply heating it in your Instant Pot. Its easy to do and you only need a few minutes of prep time.

Step 1: Place the trivet in the bottom on the Instant Pot. Put your ham in with the fat cap facing down. Pour the canned pineapple chunks WITH THE JUICE over the ham, making sure the liquid goes to the bottom of the pot.

Step 2: Spread the honey over the top of the ham.

Step 3: Add the cloves to the Instant Pot.

Step 4: Put the lid on, set the valve to sealing and cook on high pressure for 15 minutes. Let the Instant Pot come to natural pressure before removing the lid.

Step 5: Remove the ham to a baking sheet or platter. Broil, if desired. Spoon out the pineapple and cloves from the pineapple juice. Set the Instant Pot to saute to thicken the glaze.

Step 6: Add cornstarch to water and stir to dissolve. Pour the mixture into the boiling pineapple juice in the Instant Pot and allow to thicken, about 4 minutes. Remove, allow to cool and pour or spoon into a serving bowl

Step 7: Slice the ham and pour pineapple glaze over the top of the cooked ham.

How to cook a boneless ham in the Instant Pot

Follow the directions above but change the cook time to 8 minutes instead of 15. You still want to use a natural release and make the pineapple glaze when its done cooking.

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How To Cook A Frozen Ham In The Instant Pot

September 21, 2017 By Deanna Piercy

Do you ever find yourself in need of an easy meal but forgot to thaw something? What about when unexpected guests show up? If you have an Instant Pot and make a point of keeping a small ham in the freezer, youre in business. Thats right. You can cook a frozen ham in the Instant Pot!

Pressure Cooker Ham That Is Fall Apart Tender And Deliciously Sweet

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If youre looking to change up your Holiday Dinner Menu Plan this year, think twice about the spiral ham and go ahead and make this Pressure Cooker Ham!

I can almost guarantee that everyone at youre gathering will be amazed and its the perfect equivalent to the beloved holiday ham tradition.

You can say that this Instant Pot Ham is the modern version of a holiday classic- whatever you call it, just dont pass it over!

But, be aware, everyone will want the recipe afterward! So be sure that you save this link to your favorites so that you can share it!

If youre from the south, or just anything like me, ham is a good meal for any time of year! We love taking a ham and boiling it down till it just falls to pieces.

And not in that tough, dry, bleh- kind of way. In the most tender, juicy, and delicious kind of way. You know what I mean!

Ham is so good for a main meat dish, adding it to beans, stews, soups, sandwiches! Options are endless when youve got something this delicious!

Dont get me wrong, a spiral ham is pretty good too. But in our family, its all about maw-maws boiled ham and we cant get enough of it.

Ive adapted this pressure cooker ham recipe from my grandmothers original boiled ham recipe, so you know its gonna be good!

This recipe is so simple that its pretty much foolproof. You throw everything into the magic pot and then let it do all the work.

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