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For Instant Pot Shredded Cabbage:

How to Use Instant Pot Sauté Function
  • Remove the flimsy outer leaves from your cabbage and shred it. I prefer to shred mine in the food processor because it is easy to clean and very fast. You can also do this with a mandoline slicer or a knife, of course.
  • Place 1-2 cups of water or broth in the inner pot, then place the cabbage in. You dont need to use the trivet or steaming basket for this.
  • Cook on high for 2 minutes.
  • For soups or for a softer result: Let the pot naturally release pressure.
  • For a side or crisper result: Perform a quick release to finish up with.
  • Check out these 20 Instant Pot cabbage recipes and make sure to try out Sri Lankan Coconut Cabbage.

Does The Instant Pot Saut As Well As A Pan On The Stove

In my experience, the Instant Pot does not sauté quite as well as a pan on the stove. But I still use the sauté function almost every time that I use my Instant Pot. Why? It works well enough, and it is extremely convenient.

You can expect that it will take a little longer to brown meats or stir fry vegetables in your Instant Pot, compared to cooking on the stove. Not having to wash a second pot and transfer food between pots makes this small inconvenience well worth it for me.

For Small Pumpkin Pieces:

  • If you have a small pumpkin, you can cut it in half to de-seed it. If you have a larger pumpkin, you can slice off the stem first and de-seed it like you would before carving a Jack-O-Lantern. Once the seeds and stringy bits are out, you can slice it into small chunks or slices.
  • Place a trivet or steamer basket in the Instant Pot along with one cup of water.
  • Cook on high pressure for 2-3 minutes and let the pressure naturally release for a few minutes before performing a quick release.

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How To Saut In An Instant Pot

The basic steps to using Instant Pot sauté to brown meat, vegetables, etc. are:

  • Press the Sauté button on your Instant Pot. The pot will first display the default sauté time of 30 minutes and then the display will say On. Do not worry about trying to change the amount of time, as you can press Cancel at any time to turn sauté off.
  • Add cooking oil as needed/directed in the recipe.
  • Wait for the pot to display that it is Hot.
  • Add your veggies, meat, etc. to the pot and sauté or brown as directed in the recipe.
  • Press the Cancel button to turn off sauté mode.
  • Deglaze the pot before pressure cooking by pouring in some of your cooking liquid and scraping up any bits from the bottom of the pot. Be sure to follow the directions in your recipe, as you will sometimes need to remove browned meat before doing this step.
  • Or Replacing The Sealing Ring

    Instant Pot Sauté

    If you haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning process and your ring is a smelly lost cause, it’s probably time to replace it. Aside from odors, you should also keep an eye on its integrity cracks or other damage can lead to leaks. Thankfully, the sealing rings are inexpensive and, as of February 2018, won’t set you back more than $9 .

    Note that rings sold by unauthorized dealers have not been tested or certified by Instant Pot, and according to their website, “the use of third party sealing rings may have unexpected effects on your product, and would void the Instant Pot warranty.”

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    Instant Pot Recipes Made Simple

    Do you wish you could find one-pot meals that are simple and easy to make and your family will love?

    Youre about to find out how simple it is to make healthy, one-pot meals with your Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker with my cookbook Instant Pot Recipes Made Simple. You can download it instantly to your phone, computer or e-reader, so its portable and can go with you anywhere!

    With this book, youll get:

    • Tried-and-true recipes the whole family will love including pot roast, spaghetti, tacos, carnitas, soups, and easy breakfast meals
    • Instant Pot starter guide on how to use the buttons, tips and tricks, and more
    • Printable shopping lists for ingredients
    • Step-by-step video lesson on how to use your Instant Pot, pressure cooker safety, and some of my favorite tips and tricks
    • Two-week meal plan that you can put into action for no-stress weeknight dinners

    What To Use The Trivet For

    The trivet comes with the Instant Pot. This is a simple insert that allows you to get some space between the bottom of the pot and whatever food youre cooking. Generally speaking, any food that you might want to cook without having it come into direct contact with liquid can be made more easily with the trivet. You can place the food directly on top of the trivet or add it to a round heat-proof casserole dish or cake pan and place that on top of the trivet.

    Think of things like chicken breasts, lasagna, breads, meatloaf, and other things that wouldnt taste great if they were super soggy. Its also commonly used for eggs, veggies, potatoes, or pot-in-pot cooking. Using the trivet can prevent burning or overcooking and also ensure even cooking.

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    How To Saut Meat Without Burning It

    The very first thing you need to do is heat your Instant Pot. Before you put ANYTHING in it.

    Not even the oil.

    Once its had a chance to heat up, then you add the oil. Give the oil a few seconds to come up to temp, then add the meat.

    See, the thing is, if you have a hot pan and cold oil, the food wont stick!

    After you put your meat in, you need to wait until its seared before you flip it.

    If it sticks to the pan, its not ready.

    Youll want to leave the meat alone until it forms a crust and releases from the pan.

    ***Another quick tip: a good flat ended wooden turner is indispensable when it comes to searing meat in the Instant Pot!

    To sauté meat without burning it, sauté your Instant Pot until it says hot, then add your oil and place the meat in the pot.

    After a few minutes, youll turn the meat over using the wooden spatula and continue searing the other side.

    When its done, you can add a little water or stock to the pot. The steam will loosen any food that is stuck to the pan.

    Finally, you can use the spatula to scrape all the meat bits off the bottom of the pot!

    Its as simple as that to sauté delicious Instant Pot Meat!

    Ways Youre Using Your Instant Pot Wrong

    How to use the Saute Function of your Instant pot

    Up your Insta game with these tips.

    If youre still a novice Instant Pot cook, then there may be a few key tips youre missing that can make your life easier and your food tastier. Here are five things you may be doing wrong and how to get you on the right track.

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    You’re Not Cleaning The Sealing Ring

    If you notice a less-than-pleasant odor emanating from your Instant Pot, chances are it’s the sealing ring. Strong foods can infuse the silicone ring, and after a few meals it’s bound to take on a gross combination of smells. But before you toss it in the trash, try this method to clean it: Pour two cups of white vinegar into the pot, close the lid, then run it for two minutes on the “steam” setting. Remove the ring and let it dry before reinstalling. It should now be odor-free.

    The First Question Is Generally Which Button Should I Use

    All the pressure cooker buttons cook the same except the canning button. So it doesnt matter which button you use, chose the button with the closest cook time to the time in the recipe.

    The Power Pressure Cooker XL pressure buttons:

    • Fish/Veg/Steam 2 minute cook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 4 or 10 minutes. This is the shortest cook time available on the Power Pressure Cooker XL
    • Beans/Lentils 5 minute cook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 15 or 30 minutes.
    • Rice/Risotto 6 minute cook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 18 or 25 minutes. The manual suggests using 6 minutes for white rice, 18 minutes for brown rice, and 25 minutes for wild rice.
    • Soup/Stew 10 minute cook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 30 or 60 minutes.
    • Meat/Chicken 15 minute cook time, use the cook time selector to adjust to 40 or 60 minutes.

    To adjust the preset times listed above, use the time adjust button to add time. You cannot reduce the time. If you need less time, use one of the buttons with less time Fish is the shortest cook time. You have to press the time adjust button immediately after pressing the pressure cook button you want to use.

    All of these pressure cooking buttons cook at 7.2 psi, which is considered the high end of low pressure on the Instant Pot. However, Power Pressure Cooker XL users report that they do not have to increase the cook time when cooking Pressure Cooking Today recipes that are cooked on high pressure.

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    From Frozen To Cooked

    If you go to make dinner and realize you have forgotten to thaw out your ground beef–YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have done this more times than I care to admit.

    As you most likely know, it is NOT safe to thaw meat out at room temperature, but what about safely cooking ground beef from frozen in an instant pot?

    It works like MAGIC!

    Just like the Instant Pot can cook frozen chicken breast, and frozen pot roast, The Instant Pot can be used to cook frozen ground meat effortlessly.

    The Three Most Important Instant Pot Buttons

    Instant Pot LUX80 8 Qt 6

    There are really only three buttons you need to know when you are just starting out with pressure cooking:

    Manual/Pressure Cook. This button is where the magic happensif a recipe says to cook at High Pressure, this is the button you need. Just press it, then use the and buttons to change the cook time. After a brief pause, the Instant Pot will beep to tell you its beginning the pressure cooking process. Some Instant Pots, such a the Duo Evo Plus have a start button that youll need to press to start the cooking process.

    Sauté. Press the Sauté button to brown meats, sauté vegetables, and simmer ingredients in the pressure cooking pot. Adjust Sauté to less for simmer, normal to sauté and more for browning.

    Keep Warm/Cancel. Use this button to cancel a function or to turn off your Instant Pot.

    Honestly, thats it! I recommend beginning with some easy, tried-and-true recipes before branching out into converting your old favorites. Since I write my recipes so they can be made in any electric pressure cooker, I rarely use the preset Instant Pot buttons.

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    How To Use The Delayed Cooking Timer:

  • Select either manual or slow cook mode, as these are the only two modes compatible with the timer function.
  • Set your cooking time.
  • Within 10 seconds of setting the cooking time, press the timer button.
  • Use the +/- keys to set your delay time. I would not advise keeping food out for more than 4 hours, and an average delay of 3 hours is great for a weekday.
  • Note: press the keep warm / cancel button at any time to cancel the timer.
  • Tips For Instant Pot Saut Mode

    • After you press the Sauté button, wait for the pot to get hot before adding your food. The display on most models will show Hot when the pot is hot.
    • Add cooking oil before adding meats or vegetables to the pot. The exception is that you do not need to add oil if you are browning ground beef or another meat that will release its own fat as it cooks.
    • When browning pieces of meat, such as chicken thighs, do not move the meat until it has formed a browned crust on the bottom. This usually takes a few minutes. Trying to move the meat too soon can cause it to stick to the bottom of the pot. Its also important to use enough oil, as I have found that delicate meats such as chicken tend to stick easily to the bottom of the pot.
    • Always deglaze the pot after sautéing. This means that you pour in a some of your cooking liquid, such as broth or water, and scrape up any bits that are stuck to the bottom of the pot. If you do not do this, you are much more likely to get a burn message while pressure cooking. Learn more about how to prevent the Instant Pot burn message here.

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    Can You Make Stroganoff Out Of Pork Chops

    After the success of Instant Pot Pork Chops, Pork Stroganoff seemed to be a logical and delicious choice. Besides, pork is very affordable and economical when compared to beef, needed for traditional Stroganoff. Pork Stroganoff comes out fork tender out of the Instant Pot and blends very well with the creaminess of this dish.

    Help My Meat Is Burning When I Saut

    How to use Saute and Pressure Cook, Instant Pot


    I pulled out my Instant Pot the other day. I was trying out a new recipe, and I could. not. wait.

    The recipe said to click the sauté button to brown the chicken.

    I added the oil, waited a few minutes for it to warm up, and added my chicken.

    Let me tell you, the only thing that was browning was the bottom of my Instant Pot. My Instant Pot burnt my chicken!

    What in the world was I doing wrong?

    Thankfully, Im a person who doesnt give up until I get food perfect, so I started investigating.

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    Yogurt Making Sauting And Other Uses

    True to its name, the multicooker can do more than just pressure cook and slow cook. Depending on your model, it may also feature several settings for preparing yogurt, rice or poultry, as well as sautéeing.

  • Yogurt Setting

    How you use this function will vary based on the recipe and your model. Most yogurt functions will heat the pot at 180 degrees to 200 degrees, which kills any errant bacteria in the milk, and helps the yogurt to thicken. Then it keeps the milk at 110 degrees for several hours, during which time it ferments. Consult your manual for exact instructions.

  • Saute Setting

    The sauté function works like a burner on your stove, heating the inner pot from the bottom up, and allowing you to brown meats and vegetables, and to simmer sauces to reduce them.

    The sauté function on most cookers has several levels, from low to high, allowing you to adjust the heat. If yours doesnt, and the food is turning too dark too quickly, turn off the machine for a few minutes to bring down the heat. Then, if necessary, turn it back on. Its not a perfect solution, but it works well enough. Or, you can always brown the ingredients on the stove in a skillet, then transfer them to the pot for the remainder of the cooking. Note that when sautéing, the multicookers lid should always be off.

  • There Are So Many Recipes For Your Instant Pot

    The internet has gone wild for the Instant Pot, with countless personal blogs, cooking websites and Facebook groups devoted to it. Together they also generate a copious and steady supply of recipes. From Instant Pot Turkey and Gravy to Instant Pot Elderberry Syrup, its all there for the taking and tasting!chances are someone has tried it.

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    You’re Underestimating The Time A Recipe Takes

    Yes, the Instant Pot is fast, but you might be a little disappointed when the mac and cheese recipe that promises to cook in five minutes takes longer than five minutes. This is because the time needed for the machine to come to pressure isn’t taken into account but there is a way to shave a few minutes off the process. Just turn on your Instant Pot right as you begin your recipe, even if you’re not ready to close the lid yet. Make sure you have whatever cooking liquid in so you’re not heating an empty pot, then finish the remaining prep. The pot will start to heat up while you’re working, and won’t have to start from cold once you do close the lid. Now you’re that much closer to cheesy pasta goodness.

    Is A Browning Function A Must Have In A Pressure Cooker

    Instant Pot Ultra 8 Qt 10

    Although when preparing a meal it is easy to sauté or brown your meat and vegetables in a pan and toss them into the pressure cooker seems like a simple step, the added convenience of not needing an extra pan in nice.

    If the idea of a sink full of dishes to clean up after youve enjoyed a good meal is not appealing to you, then definitely get a pressure cooker that has this function.

    Not only will it decrease your prep time if you already frequently sauté your meals, it can also encourage you to try new recipes.

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