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Instant Pot Instant Milk Frother

How to Use the Instant Pot 6-qt Viva 9-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker | QVC

Normally $50, Now $32 at Amazon

Instant Pot is known for its countertop cooking machines, and this milk frother is included in the lineup. On sale right now, the latte, cappuccino, and macchiato maker may not make chili, chicken wings, meatloaf or other Instant Pot staples, but it does make the perfect addition to any at-home coffee bar, especially when it is on sale. We like it so much we think it’s the best milk frother available.

$30 is the lowest price weve seen for this item.

Normally $50, Now $30 at Walmart

One of the beauties of Instant Pot is its versatility, and the wide range of accessories, add ons and conveniences available. This cook and bake set allows you to multi-task, maximize and otherwise further enjoy your device. Features two round pans / pan stackers and two snap-fit silicone lids.

The lowest price weve seen for this item is $30.

What Is An Instant Pot

Instant Pot is a brand name for a number of pressure cookers, also known as a “multicooker.” It’s a countertop appliance that can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, searing, steaming, and more. Instant Pots also allow for sautéing and slow cooking right in the same vessel, for true start-to-finish, one-pot cooking of often-complicated or time-consuming dishes. Some Instant Pot models also include programs for specific food preparations, like rice and egg cooking and even yogurt making.

Straight To The Point

The best Instant Pot is the Instant Pot Pro. It performs well and has nice features like a steam release switch and handles on its cooking pot. Our budget-friendly pick is the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1.

Instant Pot has become synonymous with a type of electric appliance more correctly known as a “multi-cooker” . Similar to how Xerox has become the de facto term for copy machines, Instant Pot has become the most well-known electric multi-cooker, even though plenty of other companies make electric multi-cookers, too. While we don’t think Instant Pots should be considered in a vacuum , the fact of the matter is there are so many Instant Pot models that we think it’s worthwhile to sort through them. This review, then, is our look at everything Instant Pot offers to help you weigh those options, but it’s only part of the larger question of what kind of pressure or multi-cooker you should buy, which we answer in a separate review.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus 8

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For delicious one-pot meals made fast for your hungry family or party guests, the Instant Pot Duo Plus 8-qt. 9-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker gets the job done.

Gift Givers: This item ships in its original packaging. If intended as a gift, the packaging may reveal the contents.


  • 9-in-1 pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, sous vide and sterilizer
  • Cooking progress bar shows every step from start to finish . Innovative auto-sealing lid with a button for easy, stress-free venting
  • 13 customizable programs for quick one-touch meals
  • Cook up to 8 portions, perfect for families, meal prep, and big batch cooking. Bring it to potlucks, parties, events and more
  • Stainless-steel inner pot with tri-ply bottom for perfect sautéing.
  • 10+ proven safety features, including Overheat Protection and safe locking lid
  • Dishwasher-safe lid and inner pot for quick and easy clean-up.


Some Of The Most Popular Options Are On Sale

9qt Crock Pot Pressure Cooker 9 Quart Instant

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Cyber Week Deal Alert! The annual event currently includes some great discounts on Instant Pots: Both the Instant Pot Pro Crisp and the Instant Pot Pro are marked down! Find more kitchen deals here.

Instant Pot has done an excellent job of taking the humble pressure cooker and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon, and if you have yet to hop on the Instant Pot train , now is as good of a time as ever. Fall and Winter are a perfect time to cook up stews, chilis, soups, and large-format meals using Instant Pot.

When shopping for an Instant Pot, youll want to consider two main things: which features youll use most often, and what size fits your family, cooking preferences, and, realistically, kitchen counter or storage space. Remember, also, that this simple device may replace two or three other appliances, actually clearing up space on your countertop or in your cabinet.

Throughout the year we’ve been keeping our eye on sales at Walmart, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more to help you find the most savings.

Here, the best deals on Instant Pots right now.

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Should I Get The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid is sold separately and is compatible with 6-quart Instant models that dont already have air-frying capability . The Air Fryer Lid comes with a fry basket and other accessories and allows you to air-fry straight from your pressure cooker. In addition to air-frying, the Air Fryer Lid adds broiling, baking, roasting, reheating, and dehydrating functionality to compatible machines.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

This standout 11-in-1 pressure cooker was the first Instant Pot model to offer an air-frying function by way of a second air fryer lid. When youre done frying, you can simply switch back to the standard lid for pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and more. Like all Instant Pot models, this one comes with advanced safety features and access to a digital library of more than 1,000 Instant Pot recipes. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp even lets you broil, and until the Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer came along, this model was the Ninja Foodis fiercest competitor.

Year released: 2019Built-in smart programs: 11Cooking functions: Pressure-cooking, slow-cooking, air-frying, steaming, sautéing, food-warming, sous videcooking, roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydratingSizes available: 6- and 8-quart Instant Pots

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Is An Instant Pot Worth It

If you enjoy slow-cooked food such as pulled pork, beef stew or pot roast, but don’t love waiting for them to braise, an Instant Pot is a worthy investment. Not only do Instant Pots use less energy than a full stove, but they are able to turn cheaper cuts of meat into fork-tender dinners. That all amounts to more money in your pocket and more fast, easy and delicious meals on your table each week.

Plus, Instant Pots and multicookers can be purchased for under $100 for basic models. And some lesser-known brands produce multicookers that can be had for much less.

If you don’t plan to use the pressure-cooker function, an Instant Pot is probably not worth the cost and space it takes up. You might be better off nabbing a more budget-friendly slow cooker, or a rice cooker instead.

Instant Pot Pro Crisp & Air Fryer 8

Instant Pot DUO Plus 8 Qt 9-in-1 Review & Test

Instant Brands

Normally $270, Now $170 at Amazon

If you’ve been in the market for an Instant Pot upgrade, now’s the time to finally pick up the Instant Pot Pro. This sleek machine is one of the newer models and comes with amazing features not found on older generations. New technology means this heats 20 percent faster and cooks quicker overall, while the large LCD screen allows you to customize almost every aspect, including variable temperature settings.

Normally $200, Now $125 at Amazon

In case seven or nine functions werent enough, this 8-quart Instant Pot Duo adds two more options for you: air fry and dehydrate. You just have to switch out the pressure cooker lid for the air fryer lid, which contains a heater and fan, plus an air frying basket.

Our official review of the appliance found that the familiar design creates a seamless experience. When a function is chosen by pressing a button, a tiny light above that button lights up, so its obvious what has been selected, our tester said about the 10 options on the front of the machine, including steam, slow cook, air fry, bake, dehydrate, and more. Ultimately this two-in-one option was found to be a great deal and space-saver since it is cheaper and smaller than buying a pressure cooker and a separate air fryer.

The Spruce / Donna Currie

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How Instant Pots Work

Instant Pots and other pressure cookers have unique lids that create an airtight seal. Once the lid is locked in place and the cooker is set, steam gets produced in the pot and can’t escape.

The trapped steam increases the atmospheric pressure inside the cooker, increasing the boiling point of liquids and speeding up the time it takes to boil, braise or steam foods.

An Instant Pot should not be confused with an air fryer. Check out our guide on Instant Pot vs air fryer for more details.

The Best Instant Pot: Instant Pot Pro

What we liked: This model pressurized the quickest and offered the best searing and sautéing experience, with a stable, non-spinning pot. The ability to use the stainless steel inner pot on an electric, induction, or ceramic stovetops was welcome, as it gives the user greater flexibility and control. Releasing the steam feels straightforward and safe because of its separate push-button release and the plastic cover around the steam valve. The control panel is easy to navigate with a mixture of buttons and a dial. We also liked the handles on its cooking pot, which made it easier to lift the pot up and out of the Instant Pot’s base.

What we didn’t like: Its pretty expensive, and while the sous vide function works, although it isn’t nearly as reliable as an immersion circulator.

Price at time of publish: $150

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How To Clean The Instant Duo Plus

Just like any Instant Pot, cleaning the IP Duo Plus is very straightforward.

Watch this quick video from the brand.

Technically, its from the Instant Pot Max. However, as I have mentioned, cleaning Instant Pot Multicookers is practically the same. So, all you have to worry about is not losing any of the tiny parts.

The Latest: Instant Pot Duo Crisp With Ultimate Lid

Instant Pot DUO Qt 9

The latest Instant Pot model has the most functions of any Instant Pot on the market: It has air frying capabilities, and the new Ultimate Lid. It’s called “the ultimate” because, unlike other the lids in other Instant Pot models, it can be used for both pressure cooking and air frying. No need to switch between lids for different types of cooking. It’s a functional, space-saving upgrade.

Year released: 2022Cooking functions: 13Functions: pressure cooking, air-frying, slow cooking, steaming, sautéing, food warming, roasting, mini oven, broiling, dehydrating, yogurt-making, sous vide-cooking, and bread proofingSizes available: 6.5-quart Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Instant Pot Meat Claws


Normally $16, Now $13 at Amazon

The saying you can never have too many accessories doesnt usually apply to the kitchen, but it does when they are on sale. Not only do these Meat Claws make it easier and more convenient to shred meat quickly after cooking because of the special design that interlocks them together, but they are also quite a deal right now.

Test : User Experience

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

The test: In reading reviews from Instant Pot users, a common user experience complaint is fear about the steam released when venting the pressure cooker. To find the least scary option, we added 3 cups of water to each pot, sealed the lid, and selected the pressure cook option for 5 minutes. Once the cooking ended, we released the pressure and waited for the float valve to drop before opening the lid.

Another common frustration is about how the inner pot spins uncontrollably while sautéing. We took note of this behavior while searing the meat and sautéing the onions for the chili test mentioned above.

Intuitive design is also a heavy hitter in affecting user experience. The control panels on each model vary some use buttons while others have dials for navigating options. Each model gives information about whats happening inside the pot through different status indicators.

Ease of cleaning, of course, is also important.

All of the pots spun while we was searing and sautéing except for one: the Duo Pro. We tested this pot both on the stovetop and in the machine and it was stable in both methods. It had handles that held it put in the cooker’s base.

The Duo Pro was the easiest to navigate, and the steam release felt safe and simple. The upgraded inner pot that doesnt spin when stirring and can be used on the stovetop is a true value-add.

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Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart

The defining feature of the new Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart is that you can pair it with your iPhone or Android to automatically engage the cooking functions from more than 800 smart recipes on the Instant Brands Connect app. This doesnt mean you can press Start while youre at the office and come home to your Instant Pot braising ribs , but you can control almost everything through the appincluding the steam release! The Pro Plus Smart also features a premium inner pot with easy-grab handles and comes with NutriBoost, a function that mimics the motion of boiling by moving food in the pot to enhance the flavor and texture.

Year released: 2021Built-in smart programs: Access 800+ smart recipes via the appCooking functions: Pressure-cooking, rice-cooking, slow-cooking, yogurt-making, steaming, sautéing, food-warming, sous videcooking, baking, sterilizing, and NutriBoostSizes available: 6-quart Instant Pot

How Do You Clean An Instant Pot

Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, 6 Qt 9-in-1 Review

Cleaning an Instant Pot is easy but you should do it after each use. You’ll want to clean the base with a warm washcloth and scrub the cooking pot with soap and water. The lid, especially the underside, will also need a good washing after each use and the rubber ring can go through the dishwasher. Finally, you’ll want to wipe down the outside before putting it away. For more, see our full guide to properly cleaning your Instant Pot or multicooker.

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Best Instant Pot Of 2022

Instant Pots are known for fast and easy cooking, but how do you know which one is right for you? This guide will help you find the perfect multicooker.

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While many thought it was merely a passing trend, the Instant Pot is here to stay. If you haven’t adopted one yourself, then Instant Pot cooking is something you could get into right now: These magic time-savers make it easy for budding home chefs. You really don’t need skill or any cooking knowledge to work with an Instant Pot. You can make simple, delicious meals in no time at all. Craft soups, chilis and even pulled pork for taco night. The effort you’ll need is in picking the right one for you. That’s why we’ve tested a number of models to find the best Instant Pot.

There are even Instant Pots made especially for Star Wars fanatics.

Instant Pot Duo Plus With Whisper

The Instant Pot Duo gets a major upgrade in this latest iteration. Not only do you get a sleek, stainless steel finish, you get 25 smart programs. One significant difference between this version and the original is that the Instant Pot Duo Plus with Whisper Quiet Steam Release trades sous vide cooking capability for a cake making feature.

Now let’s get into the obvious difference between this model and the regular Duo Plus: the steam release. Instant Pot’s latest technology and design allow the machine to diffuse steam more quietly than ever. It also gives you the option to use a remote button so you can open the cooking pot at a distance for extra safety. But is it worth buying this one over the original Duo Plus? There’s actually just a $20 difference between the two models, so we’d say the advanced steam release technology and aesthetics of this version make it worth itbut if you’re really into sous vide-cooking, we’d stick with the original Duo Plus.

Year released: 2021Cooking functions: Pressure-cooking, rice-cooking, slow-cooking, yogurt-making, steaming, sautéing, food-warming, cake making and sterilizingSizes available: 6- and 8-quart Instant Pots

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Serious Eats has long promoted the benefits of stovetop and electric multi-cookers, but we are not Instant Pot evangelists. I personally have now been living with these five machines for over a monththey have taken up residence in my life, and we are currently in an intimate and complicated relationship, sprawling across every inch of my kitchen counter.

I am a seasoned cook and pretty darn familiar with following a recipe. I went to both culinary and pastry school and developed and tested recipes at Americas Test Kitchen for five years . I’m able to use my trained culinary background to recognize good outcomes and know what matters in the kitchen, and my Instant Pot agnosticism makes it easy to assess the usability of these machines.

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