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How To Cook Dr Pepper Pork

How to Use an Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – Beginner? Start HERE!

Select the sauté function on the Instant pot and add 1-2 Tbsp. of EVOO. While thats heating up slice the onion thinly and set it aside. Cut pork butt roast into large chunks about 3-4 inches. When the display reads HOT add the pork a few pieces at a time searing on all sides. You may need to work in batches.

When all the meat in the pot season with salt, pepper. Once the pork is seared on all sides, about 2-3 minutes cancel the sauté function and pour in Dr. Pepper. Scrape the bottom of the pot to remove any stuck-on pieces.

Add to the pot the garlic, onions, & brown sugar and mix to combine. Lastly, if youre using the chilis in adobo sauce spoon the adobo sauce over the top along with 3-4 of the chilis.

Pressure Cook the pork for 15 minutes per lb. of meat, for this particular 6lb. roast I will pressure cook it for 90 minutes and allow for 15-20 minutes of natural pressure release. If you dont allow for a natural pressure release the pork will come out dry.

When the lid can carefully be removed spoon out the chilies and set them aside. For a spicy dish you may want to leave 1 pepper in the pork. I do not recommend leaving all of the peppers in the cooked pork. The peppers and adobo sauce will give the meat an amazing flavor but most of the peppers need to be removed after cooking to prevent the dish from being too spicy.

Why Use Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

We love making Dulce De Leche in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker because its easier, faster, and no need to babysit the pot on the stove!

Making Dulce De Leche on the stovetop normally requires 1.5 2 hours hands-on simmering with an occasional stir. And it takes roughly 8 12 hours in the Slow Cooker.

How To Use Instant Pot To Proof Dough

If you have a yogurt function on your Instant Pot you can use your IP to proof dough faster. It works so well. All you do is oil the pot so that the dough doesnt stick. Place the dough in the bottom of your pot. Then select the yogurt button. Use the adjust button to cycle through until the light is on the less. My pot says 24 hours on the display. Then cover the pot with a glass lid or a plate. DO NOT use the normal Instant Pot lid. If you do the dough might raise so high that it pushes the valve up and indicates to the pot that there is pressure. You wont be able to open the pot and the lid will be stuck. Let the dough double in size . My dough only took 30 minutes to raise as opposed to the normal hour it would have taken sitting on the counter.

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Tips For Perfect Chickpeas

Here are few helpful tips that I find quite useful when cooking my own chickpeas. Hope you will find these tips helpful as well.


This is if you prefer to pre-soak the chickpeas. Pre-soaking the chickpeas is one of the most important step in cooking dried chickpeas. There are two ways you can do this.

OVERNIGHT SOAKING: Rinse the beans thoroughly, discard any stones, debris or bad beans. Soak in ample water overnight or minimum of 8 hours. When beans re-hydrate they triple in size. I soak one cup of beans in 3 cups of water, thus making sure there is enough water for the beans to re-hydrate.

Soaking beans prior to cooking helps break down some of the complex sugars that can make beans hard for some people to digest. It also reduces cooking times.

Soaking the beans also cleans them more thoroughly .

QUICK SOAKING: There are times, when I forget to soak the beans and still what to make it for dinner. How do I do it? Yes, you can still easily cook the beans. I find this method very helpful.

Add beans and water to a pot, bring it to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat. Cover and let it sit in hot water for an hour. After 1 hour, the beans will be ready to be cooked.


After the beans have been soaked, the soaking water now contains elements that we are trying to eliminate such as indigestible sugars, that can cause stomach discomfort.

Soaking the beans also cleans them more thoroughly .

Why Is It Necessary To Use The Safety Valve Of The Pressure Cooker

5 Things You Can Make in an Instant Potand 5 You Can

Every pressure cooker comes with a safety valve.

So even if not most of the CO2 is lost during pouring and heating, the safety valve will make sure nothing bad happens.

That you should always make sure the valve is in good condition and working is a general pressure cooker rule independent of the liquid used.

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Can I Freeze Extras

Yep! You can freeze it in an airtight container for up to 3 months, for optional freshness.

This is the easiest and most delicious pulled pork recipe I have made. Trust me, Ive tried my fair share! Please leave a review or comment below letting me know how this recipe turns out for your family! Enjoy!

Your Instant Pot Can Do So Much More Than A Regular Pressure Cooker Which Might Be A Little Overwhelming At First No Fear Here Are Seven Dishes You Can Easily Whip Up In It

Your Instant Pot is packed with possibilities, so it can be overwhelming to choose what to whip up first! This multi-cooker combines the functions of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker and more so you can make comforting dishes without the hassle. Dont know where to start with buying an Instant Pot? Check out our guide and then get cooking these dishes below!

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Goodbye Stains And Burnt

The Spruce / Diana Rattray

While one of the main selling points of the Instant Pot is the reduced cooking time, there are other advantages, including easy cleaning. For many recipes, the inner pot is the only pan you’ll need to scrub down, making cleanup a breeze. Whether you use your Instant Pot electric pressure cooker every day or only occasionally, here’s what you need to know about keeping it clean and working properly.

  • Most parts of the Instant Pot can be washed in the dishwasher. The inner pot, sealing ring, and trivet are all dishwasher safe, and the lid is top-rack dishwasher safe. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the outside of the Instant Pot base. Always unplug the Instant Pot before cleaning.

    Do not wash the base. If it does happen to get wet, let it dry thoroughly before using.

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

  • Clean the inner pot with warm, soapy water or wash it in the dishwasher. For stuck-on pieces of food, try scrubbing with baking soda or a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner, such as Bar Keepers Friend. If the pot has some light staining or discoloration, wipe it down with some vinegar. Always dry parts thoroughly before returning to the Instant Pot. Store the pot with the lid upside-down.

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

  • Periodically remove the steam release valve and check it for debris. Wash it with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. When it’s dry, place it back on the lid.

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

  • Instant Pot Pulled Pork

    Tech Tips: How to cook with your Instant Pot.

    Instant Pot Pulled Pork is a pork shoulder that has cooked long enough to become super tender, and it has a ton of flavor! Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork is made in a fraction of the normal time!

    Delicious pulled pork made in the Instant Pot is good on tortillas, buns, and over your favorite starch .

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    How To Make Instant Pot Pulled Pork

    First, I like to cut the pork roast into smaller pieces before cooking it in the Instant Pot.

    This is optional, but it helps the roast to cook evenly and fit better in the pot.

    Next, season the meat all over with the homemade dry rub from the spices. We like to rub the spices into the meat so that it’s well coated before pressure cooking.

    Then, place the cut-up roast into the bottom of the pot. Add the onion and some garlic cloves along with a little water, soda pop, broth or beer.

    I have made Instant Pot pulled pork with Dr. Pepper and Coke in the Instant Pot, and these sodas make the meat insanely tender!

    Dr Pepper Pulled Pork Recipe + Kroger + Google Assistant

    First things first for me, game day prep always begins at Kroger. I know I can stock up on all of my college football party needs, including ALL of the ingredients for this Dr Pepper pulled pork recipe, in one stop!

    And shopping at Kroger is even more easy and convenient now that . You can add, delete, and modify items on your shopping list using voice commands with your Google device! Adding an item is as simple as saying, Hey Google, add Dr Pepper to my Kroger shopping list. How cool is that?!

    Its really SUCH a game changer! I love that I can add items to my list while Im cooking and notice things getting low. And if I shout loud enough, I can even add them from my couch in the living room #lazy From there I can choose to view my list when Im shopping in store or check out through the Kroger app for pickup or delivery.

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    Why The Instant Pot

    Anytime is a great time for pressure cooking. Its quick and requires less effort than stove top cooking. Once its in the pot, it fairly hands off. But using the instant pot in the summertime? That is quite brilliant. No heating up the kitchen with steamy stovetops or hot ovens. Aside from releasing the pressure, no heat. Its done in minutes rather than hours. Its a winning situation no matter how you look at it.

    Which Brand Of Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Wondering, " What can you do with an Instant Pot  what can ...

    When we checked different brands of Sweetened Condensed Milk at the grocery store, they have more or less similar ingredients and nutrition facts.

    So, does it matter which brand we use?

    To satisfy our curious minds + tastebuds, of course we had to experiment for ourselves! More like an excuse to stock up on Condensed Milkhehe~

    We tested our Instant Pot Dulce De Leche Recipe using 3 different brands of sweetened condensed milk: Eagle Brand, Longevity Brand, and Store Brand.

    And the answer is YES! It matters.

    The brands vary in flavors and texture . And these factors affect the quality of the final caramelized Dulce de Leche.

    Caramelization Tests

    Longevity Brand & Store Brand caramelized better/faster than Eagle Brand.

    • Store Brand took High Pressure 40 mins + Natural Release to reach desire caramelized color.
    • Longevity Brands result was similar to Store Brands.
    • Eagle Brand took High Pressure 60 mins + Natural Release to reach the same color.

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    This super simple pulled pork recipe results in tender, juicy pulled pork with a perfectly balanced sweet and slightly spicy flavor profile. Cooking it in the instant pot is now my go-to method for making pulled pork.

    For more delicious Instant Pot recipes, check out our Instant Pot Hawaiian Pot Roast or our Instant Pot Taco Pasta.

    Can You Pressure Cook Broccoli

    Yes, you can cook broccoli in an Instant Pot, but it does cook it to the point where its almost overdone so you will not want to use this method for this recipe. If youre looking to pressure cook broccoli in the future, you should use a steamer basket. As a result, the broccoli will not sit in the cooking water. Also, set the Instant Pot to zero minutes.

    As soon as it comes to pressure, immediately do a quick release to stop the cooking process, then remove the steamer basket with oven mitts. This is the best way to ensure that the broccoli does not overcook, but be warned that broccoli does not remain tender whatsoever when cooked in an Instant Pot.

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    Did You Know That 1/3 Of The Pork Raised In The United States Comes From Iowa

    I bet many of you dont know this, because I am constantly talking about Nebraska, but my husband grew up on a farm in rural Iowa. His dad grew corn and soybeans and raised hogs, and he owned the local fertilizer and anhydrous business.

    When I took my first trip to the farm to meet his parents, they couldnt get over what a city girl he had brought home. I know, if you are reading this from NYC or LA, you probably think, Omaha?? Big City??

    My youngest son, when he was little, riding in the combine with Grandpa during harvest.

    But compared to his town of 300, its the big city. I had never seen a hog up close, or even knew what a combine was. We spent many many weekends there in the early days of our marriage and family. Our kids grew up riding in tractors, feeding the farm cats, and knew what it meant when he said thats the smell of money.

    You see, those crops and those hogs were their livelihood. When you purchase pork in your grocery store anywhere across the United States, you are supporting local family farms in Iowa and other parts of the U.S.

    Here is a recent photo of pig buildings on an Iowa friends family farm.

    With the advancements in technology the past 30 years, most pigs are now kept in buildings in order to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A pig farmers biggest priority is animal well-being and food safety. However, no matter how big or small the farm is, know that there is always a family behind it doing the work.

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    Create Instant Pot Dulce De Leche

    Remove the stainless steel bowl from the Instant Pot pressure cooker.

    Mix & inspect the dulce de leche with a fork.

    *Pro Tip 1: If it is not caramelized to desired color, simply place it back into the Instant Pot and pressure cook it for another 20 30 minutes.

    *Pro Tip 2: Depending on your brand of Sweetened Condensed Milk, the Dulce De Leche can turn out lumpy and looks unappetizing.

    Dont worry! Its perfectly normal. It takes 30 seconds to smooth it out with an immersion hand blender.

    *Note: if the Instant Pot dulce de leche looks a bit runnier than your desired consistency, keep in mind that itll gradually thicken as it cools, and itll harden when its chilled overnight in the fridge.

    What Cut Of Meat To Use

    For a classic pulled pork, a pork shoulder is the go-to. You might also see it referred to as a Boston Butt or pork butt. This will provide the moistest result for your pulled pork.

    I personally prefer a boneless cut of pork, in my opinion, its a lot easier to work with. However, I have even used pork tenderloin in the past. It shreds well, it is just a leaner cut of pork, so the final dish will be a little dryer. However, once you add bbq sauce, its still delicious!

    My motto is to use what youve got, but if you can, use a pork shoulder!

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    Doesnt Work So Well: Fried Foods

    The crispy chicken you craveyou know, like the kind you get from KFCis not going to come from an Instant Pot. Thats because the key to successful frying is getting the oil hot enough, which your new pressure cooker isnt able to do. The Instant Pot might be good for a quick pan fry or sauté, but its not a deep fryer. Try our best chicken recipes to make in an Instant Pot instead.

    What To Serve With Dr Pepper Barbecue Pulled Pork

    Can You Put Frozen Chicken in an Instant Pot?

    When Im making this BBQ pulled Pork with Dr Pepper for tailgating, I transfer the shredded pork back into the pressure cooker insert and set it to Keep Warm. Ill have plenty of buns ready to go, and I like to offer 3-4 different types of BBQ sauce, so theres something for everyone. When guests arrive, I set out a bowl of this old fashioned Southern coleslaw and let them build their own sandwiches

    And if Im making Dr Pepper pulled pork for dinner? Along with the coleslaw, I add a big sheet pan of these crispy oven fries! Serve it all up with a cold can of Dr Pepper, and watch your kids magically appear at the dinner table. Its totally a family favorite meal!


    Amount Per Serving:

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