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Cleaning In The Dishwasher

How to Use the Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker | Instant Pot 101 For Beginners

While the sealing ring is dishwasher-safe, your best bet is to use the steaming method outlined above regularly to keep the ring clean and odor-free. If its been a while since you last cleaned the sealing ring , the dishwasher will certainly give it a good cleaning, but it might not completely get the odor out.

More About the Instant Pot

Why You Shouldnt Be Using Your Instant Pot As A Slow Cooker

All said and done, agreed that an instant pot does seem to be a promising replacement to your slow cooker. But certain users feel otherwise. Some people who have used instant pots and tried and tested it for slow cooking purposes feel that the appliance may be versatile in function but it fails to produce the same results as those derived in a slow cooker. Letâs look at some of the possible reasons why an instant pot shouldnât be used as a slow cooker.

  • The lid of an instant pot is exactly the same as that of a pressure cooker â it locks and seals at the same place. This means even lesser steam is allowed to evaporate from an instant pot when compared with that in a slow cooker. The result: you might end up with a dish literally swimming inside the liquid because of high moisture retention and lower steam evaporation and this may also show you the burn sign on your pot.
  • As mentioned earlier, the control panel on an instant pot is not that intuitive. It can be quite confusing for a first-timer. Besides, even if you get a hang of it eventually, you might not be able to accurately get the same settings right as those desired for slow cooking. In other words, the instant pot slow cooker setting isnt too reliable.
  • The instant pot does not come with an auto-warm switch unlike in conventional slow cookers.

How To Make Instant Pot Pulled Pork

  • Cube the pork into 3-4 inch chunks. This allows your pork to become SUPER tender and shred easily after pressure cooking.
  • Mix together the spices in a small bowl and then and liberally rub them over the pork, coating each piece in the spice rub.
  • Add the pork to the instant pot, along with the apple juice and liquid smoke.
  • Set high pressure on your Instant Pot by hitting the manual button or pressure cook button on your pressure cooker until high pressure lights up. To adjust the time use the + and – buttons. Read more about this on Instant Pot Functions.
  • Cook on High Pressure for 40 minutes for a pork shoulder or pork butt or on High Pressure for 30 minutes for a pork loin roast.
  • Once cook time has elapsed, it is very important to allow the pressure to release naturally for at least 15 minutes when cooking large cuts of meat in your instant pot. If you do a quick release or pressure, your pork can become tough, making it difficult to shred.
  • Place your pork loin into a large bowl and use 2 forks or a hand-held kitchen mixer to shred meat.
  • Mix with your favorite BBQ sauce, if desired. This meat is super flavorful without the need for added BBQ sauce.

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What Is The Timer Button For

Some models have a button that reads Timer. While you may think that this is the button that sets the cooking time for your Instant Pot, it actually delays cooking time and will start the cooking when the timer counts down. You can set the cooking time with the plus/minus buttons or the dial, depending on the model.

Best Air Fryer Lid: Instant Pot 6

How To Use Your Instant Pot To Slow Cook

While this air fryer lid is one of the most expensive Instant Pot accessories you can buy, it saves you from having to purchase a completely different device for air frying your food. Plus, youll save space in your kitchen by having an Instant Pot that also doubles as an air fryer. The detachable lid features user-friendly controls and comes with a multi-level air fryer basket, a broiling/dehydrating rack, and a protective pad.

Our tester found that it performed well when she wanted to pressure steam potato wedges and then use the air fryer function to brown and crisp them. However, the fryer basket is small so this works best for smaller portions. The fryer lid is compatible with the 6-quart Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, Viva, Nova Plus, Ultra, and Duo Nova models.

If youre going to cook whole eggs in your Instant Pot, you want to keep them from rolling around or bumping into each other, which can result in breakage. This ingenious egg rack holds nine eggs and keeps them neatly apart during cooking. You can also use it as a steaming rack in the Instant Pot when youre not cooking eggs. Outside the Instant Pot, you can use this as a trivet for any of your cookware, since its made from heat-safe silicone, or in a pot on the stove or even in your slow cooker when your food needs a lift.

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What Is Low Slow Cooker Setting On Instant Pot

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A slow cooker also known as the crockpot is a device that provides a digitally controlled environment that allows you to cook foods for a long period without major temperature fluctuations.

A slow cooker is good for a lot of things. Its convenient, easy-to-use, and you can leave it for hours without worrying about burning your food.

But, slow cookers are on the verge of being eliminated by a much more advanced machine called the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot is a multi-cooker, meaning it can perform several functions instead of just one. An Instant pot is mainly a pressure cooker that saves you a lot of time, but aside from that, it can sauté, make yogurt, make rice, steam cook, and can be used as a slow cooker.

Although the Instant Pot has the slow cooker functionality it was not built for slow cooking. Its made to speed up your cooking process whereas a crockpot slows it down.

So when using an Instant Pot as a slow cooker, a few things must be kept in mind:

  • An Instant pot only heats from the bottom whereas a slow cooker heats from all sides.
  • If you are transitioning from a crockpot, its worth noting that a crock pots internal temperature at a particular setting is always 20 to 30 percent higher than an instant pot. For example, the keep warm setting of a crockpot provides heat equivalent to the low setting of an instant pot.
  • You will not be able to use a thermometer as well.
  • Is An Instant Pot Better Than A Slow Cooker

    Instant Pot is a good slow cooker, but not as good as a dedicated slow cooker.

    In the end, I have to admit that I kept my old Crock Pot. I dont use it as often, but when nostalgia hits, I fire it up and let it do its job. The Instant Pot is a fantastic kitchen appliance and I dont think I can live without it , but its not perfect.

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    Instant Pot Steam Setting

    The Steam setting on the Instant Pot is perfect for cooking vegetables, fish and seafood, tofu and any other food that is suitable to steaming. This function uses Low pressure, which helps to avoid overcooking the food and means that the Instant Pot will come to pressure quicker. You need to use the trivet/steam rack provided to elevate food from cooking liquid. Always use QR to prevent food from overcooking. Below is how to use the Steam setting on Instant Pot.

    • Turn the Instant Pot on, it will say OFF to indicate the Stand-By mode. Add a cup of water to the inner pot and place the trivet on top. You can place the vegetables or a piece of fish or thinly sliced chicken on top of the trivet OR you can use an additional steam basket or a round pan with holes that fits inside the pot. A steamer basket might be useful for smaller-sized vegetables or cut-up vegetables to prevent them from falling into the water.
    • Secure and lock the lid. Press the Steam button. The default setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at Low pressure for 10 minutes. If you press the Steam button again, you can adjust the mode from Normal to Less or More.

    Tips On How To Make Slow Cooker Recipes In An Instant Pot

    Slow Cook in the Instant Pot

    Tip #1: Adjust the Liquid Level

    Every Instant Pot recipe must start with at least 1 cup of liquid. The liquid is required to prevent burn and to help the Instant Pot build pressure correctly.

    Because the heating is so gradual in a slow cooker, the odds of something burning are slim BECAUSE enough juices from the food has been released by the time the slow cooker has reached its highest heating temperature.

    Tip #2: The Instant Pot is designed to get really hot, really fast.

    This means you have to START with liquid, otherwise your food will burn before its had a chance to release any juices.

    • With that said, anytime you make a slow cooker recipe in an Instant Pot, you need to adjust the recipe so that youre starting with at least 1 cup of liquid. This might mean adding additional liquid in order to reach the minimum needed.
    • This additional liquid can be water, stock or the same liquid that the slow cooker recipe calls for its your call. But make sure theres 1 cup of liquid at the bottom of your Instant Pot before you start cooking.

    Tip #3: Natural Pressure Release vs. Quick Pressure Release

    Anytime you make a recipe, the Instant Pot must build pressure, then cook your food, and then release the pressure. The pressure is typically released one of three ways:

    The type of pressure release you choose for your slow cooker turned Instant Pot recipe matters, because anytime there is pressure inside the Instant Pot, your food is cooking.

    Other Ingredients to beware of:

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    How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt Cups

    Yogurt cups are a convenient way to portion out your yogurt into individual or smaller servings. After adding the starter culture to the pasteurized or warm milk, carefully pour the milk into your yogurt cups and seal them tightly. Clean the inner pot thoroughly and place the steam rack/trivet on the bottom of the inner pot. Place the sealed yogurt cups on the steam rack and add water to the inner pot until the cups are submerged halfway. Follow steps in Fermenting Yogurt above.

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    Reduce The Amount Of Ingredients You Use

    You could fill a slow cooker with all the ingredients you want. The Instant Pot wont pressurize if the food is too full. The Instant Pot wont pressurize properly if its not full. So make sure to reduce the number of ingredients you use. You should keep your ingredients below the MAX FILL line by keeping them at least 2/3. You should only fill the Instant pot to the halfway point if you are cooking ingredients that expand, such as beans, pasta, or grains. This is the key to great instant pot recipes.

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    Must Have: A Tempered Glass Lid

    Youll use this virtually every time you cook with your Instant Pot.

    Need to simmer your soup or sweat some veggies before pressure cooking them? This lid is a must. You can use the regular lid for this, but its heavy and cumbersome. The glass lid is much easier to use, especially after dinner is served and you want to keep things warm when you inevitably double back for a second helping.

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    Using An Instant Pot As A Slow Cooker

    How to Use the Instant Pot Slow Cooker Setting

    Are you ready to prepare a mouth-watering, slow-cooked meal using an instant pot? If you have previously used a traditional slow cooker, you are familiar with the process. The only difference is the few adjustments you will have to make.

    First, prepare the ingredients you are going to use for recipes you get at corrie cooks or other resources. Place your freshly prepared ingredients in the inner pot. Place that pot inside the housing of your instant pot.

    Attach your pots lid and make sure it is firmly sealed to avoid losing vital cooking steam. When releasing the lids handle, you must do it in a venting position. The alternative is using a glass lid that is tempered.

    Move your pot closer to a power source where you will plug it in. Now, press the button indicated as Slow Cook. This action adjusts your instant pot to perform the work of a slow cooker without overcooking your food.

    If you want to set your pot to a specific cook time, use the keys indicated as + or -. The plus key increases the cooking time according to the number of times you press it. Minus key reduces cook time when you discover the set time is likely to overcook the recipe you are preparing.

    Whenever you want to change the cooking mode, use the Adjust button. If you have a smaller model of the instant pot, use the Slow Cook function. You will have to press the button indicated as Slow Cook when changing your pots settings.

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    Instant Pot Slow Cook Setting

    The Slow Cook is a non-pressure cooking setting that is compatible for use with any common slow cooker/Crockpot recipe. The pot is heated but is not pressurized and the Less, Normal and More modes correspond to Low, Medium and High slow cooker settings but you will need to adjust the time manually.

    You might want to use this setting for making dishes ahead of time while youre away from home or overnight. There are times when slow-cooking might work better for certain recipes than quicker pressure cooking. Below are the steps for how to use the Slow Cook setting on Instant Pot.

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    Best Sling: Oxo Good Grips Bakeware Sling

    If youre looking for a durable accessory that can be used while baking in the Instant Pot, the OXO Bakeware Sling is a great option. Getting bakeware in and out of the pot without spilling, and getting it out of the hot pot without burning your hands can be a challenge, even if youve got sturdy potholders. This handy sling solves the problem, and also means you dont have to bother with the metal trivet since it lifts the bakeware off the bottom of the pot. Not just for the Instant Pot, this can be used in a pot on the stove, too.

    Many Instant Pot users report that when they cook spicy or pungent foods in their Instant Pot, the seal tends to absorb the odor. While there are many methods that can reduce the odor, some of them are time-consuming and may not work for all scents. The answer to that problem is simplejust have one or more extra sealing rings on hand, so one ring can be used when youve added highly flavorful spices to your savory foods and a second can be used for delicately flavored foods and desserts.

    An extra ring is handy to keep on hand, even if spicy foods arent an issue, since you never know when the dog might decide the ring is a pull toy. This is a set of two authentic Instant Pot rings in red and blue so you can tell which is for spicy foods without sniffing.

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    Do I Need To Adjust My Recipes At Higher Altitude

    The short answer is yes. Some Instant Pot models e.g. Ultra and MAX will allow you to set your altitude and the cooking times will be automatically adjusted for you. Otherwise, cooking should be adjusted 5% for every 1,000 feet above 2,000 ft. above sea level. So, for example, at 3,000 ft., you will increase cooking time by 5% and at 4,000 ft., you will increase cooking time by 10% and so forth. One of our team members has lived at many varying high elevations and personally, I have never run into altitude-related issues with my Duo model.

    A New Lid Is The Secret To Slow Cooking In The Instant Pot

    How to Use you Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker

    Unless youve read the Instant Pot manual cover to cover, you might not know that one of the most important considerations when using the Instant Pot as a slow cooker is the Instant Pots lid. In fact, Instant Pot sells an additional glass lid to aid with slow cooking. The Instant Pots standard lid is designed to tightly seal and keep moisture in, which is great if youre pressure cooking pork shoulder but less so if youre trying to slow cook fruit butter.

    Before you use your Instant Pot as a slow cooker, find a replacement lid. You might be able to use the lid of another pot that you have at home or you may need to order one of Instant Pots glass lids, depending on your Instant Pot model. Another tip, taken from an Instant Pot Facebook group, is to open the valve all the way on your Instant Pot lid when slow cooking. This allows some moisture and steam to release and keeps the Instant Pot from overcooking your slow cooker recipes.

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