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Instant Pot Corn On The Cob

How to Use an Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 – Beginner? Start HERE!

No need to heat up a big pot of water and your kitchen in the process just to enjoy some fresh summer corn. Cooking corn in a pressure cooker with minimal water allows the flavor to shine through, and it couldn’t be easier. Serve simply with butter, salt and pepper.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Corn on the Cob

Classic Comfort Food Recipesin The Instant Pot

Weve got a real soft spot for comfort foodthe only downside is that it often takes a really long time to cook. But pressure cookingwhich is what an Instant Pot doesspeeds up the time between craving and satisfaction by a lot! For example, our Instant Pot mac and cheese cooks in just three minutes!

  • Instant Pot Mac and Cheese. Grab a bowl, because our Instant Pot mac and cheese recipe is ready in FIVE MINUTES.
  • Instant Pot Ribs. Our Instant Pot ribs are nothing short of magical. Seasoned with loads of garlic, honey, chili paste and soy sauce, theyre absolutely irresistible.

Instant Pot Recipes To Make Next

Heres the scope of whats possible in your Instant Pot. Eventually youll hone in on what makes sense for you. Youre the boss of this thing, so have fun!

  • Hard-boiled eggs in the Instant Pot are actually steamed. The plus with them? So easy to peel!
  • Do you love cooking dry beans from scratch? In the Instant Pot, they are fast and plump in the pressure cooker. A game-changer.
  • Regular steamed rice in an Instant Pot frees you to focus on cooking the rest of the meal. An IP is essentially a rice cooker on steroids.

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Benefits Of Using Ghee

We wont look at all the health benefits of it because this post is really about making your own. I do want to make sure we at least touch on a few of the top benefits so you will know why you should be using it.

We also want to look at the benefits of using it in cooking.

For your health:

  • Healthy fats, like Omega 3s, which are used by the body for many of its primary functions are found in it.
  • Butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid necessary to gut health is in it.
  • Your gut health is directly related to the health of your immune system, energy levels, and is critical to reducing or eliminating inflammation in the body.
  • It has high levels of fat soluable vitamins K, E, A, and D.
  • Many people can use ghee even though they are lactose intolerent because the milk solids have been removed.
  • Its recommended you check with your primary care physician if you are under his care for this condition.
  • Before I started a semi-annual cleansing of my body , I was lactose intolerant but I could consume ghee.

    In the Kitchen:

  • It has a much higher smoke point than butter or most other oils which makes it safe for high temperature cooking.
  • It has a long shelf life when stored at room temperature.
  • I have read that refrigeration extends the shelf life, but I dont refrigerate mine so I have no personal knowledge of this.
  • Instant Pot Mac N Cheese

    How to Cook Beets in the Instant Pot

    Mouthwatering yet? Just the thought of perfectly cooked macaroni tossed in fresh, warm, gooey cheese is enough to get those taste buds revved up. The Instant Pot gives every boxed brand a run for its money in terms of money spent, time to cook, and especially flavor. If youve got picky eaters on your hands or youre just someone who enjoys the finer things in life , this is the only beginners Instant Pot recipe you need.

    You can mix and match types of cheese and types of noodles to create your own recipe. You definitely want to experiment with toppings and add-ins because something like bacon, for example, just makes everything a little better. If youre feeling up to it, finishing it off under the broiler with some breadcrumbs takes it from a 9 to a 10 quickly.

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    The Very Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

    Instant Pot plus chicken equals the simplest, no-brainer kind of weeknight meal. Quick, easy and pretty healthy, these Instant Pot chicken recipes are all winners:

    • Instant Pot Chicken Marinara. Instant Pot chicken marinara recipe is a 3-ingredient equation for dinner that goes something like this: chicken thighs + a jar of marinara sauce = dinners done.
    • Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken. A rich, bold homemade teriyaki is the secret to this delicious Instant Pot chicken recipe.
    • Honey-Balsamic Instant Pot Chicken. Chicken legs cook to tender perfection in a simple honey balsamic sauce, and the whole thing is ready in just 30 minutes!
    • Instant Pot Butter Chicken. Were big fans of Indian butter chickenthat tender, tomato-y takeout favoriteand this Instant Pot version really delivers!
    • Instant Pot Chicken. Say hello to the best Instant Pot chicken recipe ever! Whenever a recipe calls for perfectly juicy chicken, this is your go-to recipe!

    Honey Garlic Chicken & Rice

    This is the recipe where I finally mastered pot-in-pot cooking with my Instant Pot.

    I used chicken thighs, just like the Tandoori Chicken recipe above, but completely changed the flavor profile and added rice in the top of the pot using a tall trivet and silicone loaf pan.

    It worked SO well, and its one of my favorite Instant Pot recipes to date! Heres the recipe!

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    Instant Pot Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce

    Using the pot-in-pot method, the Instant Pot makes moist and delicious bread pudding. Studded with raisins and flavored with warm spices, it’s especially good top with a bourbon cream sauce.

  • 12 of 19 Carve Your Craving

    Dairy-free and egg-free, this vegan chocolate cake only takes a few simple ingredients to create a decadent dessert. Cooked in the Instant Pot, the cake is never dry and doesn’t even need a blanket of frosting . It’s especially good with fresh raspberries.

    Best Ever Instant Pot Vegan Chocolate Cake from Carve Your Craving

    Continue to 13 of 19 below.

  • 13 of 19 Recipes for Instant Pot

    Flan is an egg custard that cooks on top of a caramel sauce. Once the dish cools completely in the fridge, you turn it out and the caramel sauce blankets the sweet, smooth dessert. It’s a thing of beauty that you can make ahead and whip out at the end of a meal to a chorus of oo’s and ah’s.

    Instant Pot Whole Egg Leche Flan from Recipes for Instant Pot

  • So What Can You Cook With An Instant Pot

    4 DUMP AND GO Instant Pot Recipes – Easy Instant Pot Recipes

    LOTS of things!

    You know me Ive been scouring the Internet to learn everything I can about Instant Pot cooking, and also reading lots of books.

    Just yesterday, I made oatmeal, BBQ chicken sandwiches, and then coconut rice pudding all in my Instant Pot . This morning â another oatmeal recipe. There are just so many possibilities, and its actually really fun!

    The basic functions are straight-forward, and clearly delineated for each Instant Pot model.

    Remember that most Instant Pot models can:

    • pressure cook
    • keep food warm after cooking
    • make yogurt
    • and some models can sterilize and make cakes, and even have specific settings for cooking eggs

    Some of these are probably pretty self-explanatory, but lets take a closer look at a few

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    Is This Thing Safe

    Instant Pots are safer than stovetop pressure cooking. Everyone has heard stories about old-time pressure cookers exploding. Your Instant Pot wont do that because the temperature and pressure inside the pot is carefully monitored and regulated through its programming.

    Remember: Its your trusty cooking robot.

    Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

    You can make hearty stuffed peppers without the long bake time, thanks to your Instant Pot! Just build the ground beef and rice filling in the Instant Pot itself, then stuff into large bell peppers and pressure-cook until perfectly tender. Finish off with some extra-sharp Cheddar and chopped parsley for a great weeknight meal.

    Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

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    Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

    We took the viral, melt-in-your-mouth Mississippi pot roast and made it in an Instant Pot® multi-cooker, cutting the overall cook time by more than half. The ranch seasoning and sliced pepperoncini provide just the right amount of spice and tang. The result is a flavorful, fork-tender dish you can make any night of the week.

    Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

    How Instant Is An Instant Pot

    All About Your Instant Pot: How To Use All The Buttons ...

    I wouldnt lie to you. Instant Pot is a misnomer. It does not cook food in an instant.

    Here’s the catch: It takes time for the Instant Pot to come to pressure.

    If a pot roast cooks for 30 minutes at pressure, the total time from start to finish might be more like 45 minutes or more. An Instant Pots heating element has less juice than the burners on your range, so it takes longer to heat food enough to get to pressure.

    BUT! The ease of use frees you up to do other things. With most recipes, Instant Pots truly are set it and forget it. Lets say youre making a stir-fry, and youd like brown rice to go with it. Before you start prepping the stir-fry, put the rice and water in the Instant Pot, program it to cook for 22 minutes at pressure, then go about your business.

    By the time youve chopped and stir-fried everything , your rice will have finished its cooking cycle, the pressure will have come down naturally, and the cooker will automatically switch to its Keep Warm functionso your perfectly cooked rice is waiting patiently for you at the ideal serving temperature.

    Emma Christensen

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    You Can Safely Fill Your Instant Pot Beyond The Pressure Cook Max Line

    You would normally never do this. If youre cooking a soup or anything with lots of liquid, your Instant Pot will never come to pressure if you fill past the PC Max line.

    But due to the shape of eggs, theres lots of air between each one. You can safely stack as many as you can fit and still close the lid.

    What Can You Do With An Instant Pot

    ~ Even after I bought my first Instant Pot, I was honestly still kind of wondering, What can you do with an Instant Pot? What can you cook with it? Maybe youre in the same boat. Or, maybe youre just trying to figure out Should I buy an Instant Pot? Will I actually use it? Heres an overview of the types of recipes you can make with an Instant Pot and also some of the things you just really cant. ~

    In last weeks post we delved into the ins and outs of the very first question most people ask in any Instant Pot journey: Just exactly what is an Instant Pot?

    I promised wed talk next about which Instant Pot you should buy, but then I realized that theres probably a more important question we oughta address first.

    Before you worry over which model is right for you, lets talk more specifically about what kinds of foods you might cook in an Instant Pot and what sorts of expectations you should have â so you can figure out whether or not this is even something that will fit into your lifestyle and typical cooking strategies .

    THEN we can proceed to the question of exactly which size and which model you might be happiest buying, ok?

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    How To Cook With The Instant Pot

    How you use your Instant Pot depends on what you’re cooking. But, many recipes — especially those involving meat — tend to follow this formula:

  • Set the Insant Pot to Saute mode. Add oil and brown your protein, like beef or chicken. Aromatics, like garlic and onion, are browned in this step, too.
  • Hit the Cancel button. Now tap Manual, followed by Pressure. Tap it again to go into High Pressure mode Use the plus and minus buttons to set the cook time.
  • Place the lid on the Instant Pot and lock it into place. You should hear a lovely little sound letting you know it’s locked.
  • Make sure the valve built into the lid is in the Sealing position.
  • When the Instant Pot builds enough pressure, the red button will pop up. Now the cook time will officially begin.
  • The above steps can vary quite a bit, depending on the recipe, but most of what I cook in my Instant Pot follows that sequence.

    Here, the Instant Pot’s valve is in Sealing position.

    The First 12 Recipes To Make In Your Instant Pot

    6 Things to Make in Your Instant Pot Every Week – Perfect for Beginners

    So you just got an Instant Pot. Congrats! Its going to be a game changer for weeknight dinners and your meal prep routine not to mention dessert!

    Ive had my Instant Pot for nearly five years, but I lean on it so regularly that it feels like Ive been using it forever. I remember, however, how confusing it can seem at first. Whether youre just getting started or youve been using it for a couple months, bookmark this handy FAQ. It will help answer practically any question you have, from whats this button do? to who invented this thing? and more.

    When it comes to breaking your Instant Pot in, its a good idea to start with some basic foods and simple meals youre already familiar with, then slowly expand your Instant Pot repertoire from there. Try making staples like eggs, sweet potatoes, rice, or lentils using just the pressure cooker function. Then move on to a recipe that uses both the sauté and pressure cooker functions, like Kalua pork, or spaghetti with meat sauce . Once youre familiar with how it works, then you can start really branching out and see what that thing can do.

    Ready to get cooking? Here are the 12 recipes to make when youre just getting started with an Instant Pot.

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    How Do I Get Into This Thing When Its At Pressure

    Now you need to release the pressure. There are two ways:

    • Natural release: That means you do nothing but wait. The more food in the Instant Pot, the longer it takes for the pressure to come downas long as 30 minutes if you have, say, a big batch of chili. In a lot of recipes, this time is actually part of the cooking time, and the recipe will specify natural release in the instructions. Think of it as carryover cooking. Youll use natural release with dried beans, a lot of soups and stews, most meats, steamed desserts, and long-cooking vegetables.
    • Quick release: With this method, you use the quick release valve and steam shoots up out of it. Once again, the more food in your Instant Pot, the longer it takes for the steam to release. Youll use quick release for quick-cooking foods like tender vegetables and seafoods.

    Instant Pot Beef Stew

    Making ingredients for separate dishes or simple basics can make life a little easier at dinnertime, but the Instant Pot can help you whip up entire meals too. A hearty beef stew is a solidwell, liquidoption on a cold night. What might have been an intimidating and time-intensive process is sped up considerably with the multicooker so you dont have to spend all evening over the stove. You will, however, have to brown your beef before adding it to the stew. See the whole recipe at Well Plated.

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    Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce

    Everyone should have a bolognese sauce they have truly mastered the art of, whether its something they put their own spin on or a recipe thats been passed down from generation to generation. A good pasta sauce is a kitchen staple, making simple and satisfying weeknight meals a reality without the aid of canned sauces from the supermarket.

    The Instant Pot blends the meat, veggies, and tomato sauce perfectly in no time, allowing those flavours to meld as though theyve been sitting together for days. Lets face it we all know the sauce is best the next day!

    You can mix and match meats if you dont do beef, or experiment with half pork/turkey mixes depending on whether you want to juice it up or lean it out. In any case, stocking up the freezer with a good Instant Pot bolognese is something youll thank yourself for in the future. Its not only good with pasta, either. You can serve it over zucchini noodles, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, or spaghetti squash.

    Instant Pot Bourbon & Cola Beef Short Ribs

    Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker?

    “This dish is inspired by the classic braised beef recipes that appear in almost all vintage community cookbooks in the South,” recipe author Sheri Castle writes. “The classic relied on a packet of dry onion soup mix for seasoning and a bottle of cola to help tenderize the beef. This recipe updates those flavors a bit. Instead of dry soup mix, the gravy includes fresh onions and herbs. Pressure-cooking ensures tender beef, but the cola is still here for flavor.”

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    Instant Pot Coconut Shrimp Soup

    “This Thai-style soup is brothy, fragrant, and delicately flavored,” Pitre writes. “While tom kha is typically made with chicken , I like making it with shrimp as a change of pace. This soup reheats very well, and I find the flavors deepen over time. If you plan to serve it a day later, dont add the shrimp until youre just about ready to serve the soup. Instead, reheat the soup and add them for the last few minutes of cooking.”

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