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Instant Pot Mashed Potato

25 of the BEST things to make in the Instant Pot – What I make over and over!

Instant Pot mashed potato is a delicious comfort food, which makes a great side dish to almost any meal. Mashed potatoes are quick and easy to cook in the Instant Pot, and you can get creative by adding new ingredients like cheese, sour cream, or bacon to make this recipe your own.

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Do Instant Pot Recipes Work In Any Multicooker

Most of the testing for this guide was done using recipes from Eisner’s The Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook, which was developed using a variety of Instant Pot-brand electric pressure cookers. In our testing, we didn’t find any difference in how well the recipes turned out in off-brand pressure cookers versus Instant Pots. The recipes appear to translate well across brands.

Though Eisner has never used another brand, he says his recipes work in non-Instant Pot multicookers. “I’ve had people write to me who have other brands,” said Eisner. “And, they say the recipes in my book work just fine for them.”

Best Instant Pot To Buy In 2021

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Trying to determine which Instant Pot to get? Check out this 2021 Instant Pot Comparison and Buying Guide to read about the available options and get the Instant Pot size and model thats right for you.

The first Instant Pot pressure cooker came out in 2012. Since then, Instant Pot has released at least 15 new models , and all with slightly different features.

It can be really hard to keep track!

Let me take away the guess work and point you towards the best Instant Pot to buy for your situation with this Instant Pot Comparison and Buying Guide, .

Interested in having us teach you how to start cooking in your Instant Pot?Our Instant Pot 30-Day Jumpstart beginners course is OPEN for new students until January 14th!

I absolutely love the Duo Evo Plus, which is the newest high-end Instant Pot model. I love the button/dial combo and the ease of use.

Unlike the other Instant Pot models, the Evo is the only one that offers:

  • attached handles on the cooking pot, so you dont need hot pads to remove the inner pot and the inner pot stays in place when sauteing
  • cooking pot with a completely flat bottom, so it sautes more evenly than other Instant Pot models
  • the large cooking pot can also be used on the stovetop
  • a lid that features a steam release cover and a separate pressure release switch
  • larger digital display

Read my full Instant Pot Duo Gourmet Review.

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Instant Pot Duo Nova 7

  • The Duo Nova is an easy-to-use multi-cooker that strains hamburgers, sautés, steams, slow cooks make pasta, warms meals, also makes yogurt. This upgraded version has an upgraded lid, like almost all of their newer versions, that has a steam release valve that automatically seals, removing one manual step, and a pressure release button , which means it is possible to keep your palms safer.
  • This version features one-touch Smart Programs for 13 dishes, such as poultry, soup, legumes, rice, and much more, assisting you to attain the ideal meal without a lot of work. In addition, it is going to save you a lot of time when cooking meals such as chili, stew, or even substantial cuts of beef.

Whats The Best Instant Pot To Buy

Top 10 Highest Rated Instant Pot Accessories  These ...

All this information is to tell you that my final recommendation on which Instant Pot to Buy.

If you are reading this post, you are obviously interested in purchasing your first Instant Pot and are a beginner.

For any beginner, I recommend getting the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 in the 6 quart size.

This is the best Instant Pot to get as a beginner because itll do everything you need it to do. If youre a more intermediate or advanced cook and understand how to use the Instant Pot, you probably know the features your current pot is lacking and will be able to identify which model you need or want.

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The Question: What Size Instant Pot Should I Buy

Deanna asks:

Everyone I know has an Instant Pot! I know I want one, too, but the trouble is when I go to order one, I get overwhelmed by which model to choose and whether I should get a 6 or 8 quart? Can you help?

And after I originally created this episode, Carmen followed up with these questions:

Could you open both of the pots and actually hold them up together side by side? And talk about the dimensions and space required for each, the weight, etc. And show some of the foods you were talking about like the chickens, spaghetti squash, etc.

Would you please consider amending episode #048 to include you showing the inner pot liners side-by-side? And getting more into the differences of the physical attributes and space required to store the 8 quart? Not everyone has the type of kitchen space you did your presentation in and it makes it extremely difficult to assess how I could store the 8qt in an apartment sized kitchen w/o more visual/physical handling of the potWould really appreciate it if you would.

There Are So Many Modelswhich One Should I Get

The dizzying array of Instant Pot models can be a real source of confusion when shopping for your first Instant Pot. Thankfully, weve learned this year that the brand is discontinuing many of their models and streamlining to a few core ones. Were testing a few new cookers to update our recommendations, but much of the following information is still helpful, since you may still find many of these cookers in stores or online.

We recommend the Instant Pot Duo to most people, though the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus is also very good if youre willing to pay extra for more sophisticated controls, and find it in stock somewhere. The company has a number of other models were not as crazy about, but mainly because we found the Duo and the Duo Evo Plus to offer the best set of features for their respective prices. If you can find another model on sale, we think most of these will serve you well. The only versions with significant downsides other than price are the Lux, which lacks a low pressure setting and a handle on the lid, and the Duo Crisp, which comes with an additional air fryer lid that takes up a lot of extra space without adding a lot of extra functionality. .

Heres a chart showing the most important differences between our picks and other Instant Pot series. You can read more about all of the models we dont recommend later in this guide.


*At the time of publishing, the price was $120.

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The Best Instant Pot For You: A Comprehensive Guide To Every Size And Model

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Youve heard the hype, read the articles, perused the recipes, and come to the conclusion that you absolutely need an Instant Pot . But finding the best Instant Pot model for your unique cooking needs is a more involved task than it may seem. This buying guide for the beloved kitchen appliance has the answer to every anxious Instant Pot question you may have and will help you determine which of the many varieties is right for you.

Though every Instant Pot model has the same basic multi-cooking functionality that made it a household favorite, some are more versatile than others. Most of the models are very similar in terms of pot size, wattage, and voltage where they differ is mostly in the softwarehow many smart programs are built in with preset heat, time, and pressure levels.

Which Is Better: A Stainless Steel Or Nonstick Inner Pot

20 of the BEST Things to Make in the Instant Pot – What I ALWAYS Make

This is a matter of personal preference. All of the Instant Pots we tested featured stainless steel inner pots, while all of the other brands had nonstick. Stainless steel inner pots are great because they are dishwasher safe, heat evenly, and you can use metal utensils in them without fear of scratching the nonstick surface. On the other hand, it’s harder to remove stuck-on debris from stainless steel.

Nonstick inner pots are great because your food is less likely to stick to the inside, and thus, it’s easier to clean. Though it varies by brand, many nonstick pots are also dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing by hand to increase the longevity of the nonstick coating. The biggest negatives with nonstick pots are that they don’t heat as evenly as stainless steel, and metal utensils can scratch them. We did not find there was a difference in cooking times or quality based on pot type.

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Gina Homolka Skinny Taste

Since 2018, Homolka, a busy mom of two, has been sharing healthy, family-friendly recipes on Skinnytaste, and, she tells Underscored, she loves the convenience of cooking in the Instant Pot.

Food cooks faster, and has more flavor, she says. Tough meats in stews come out more tender than cooking on the stove.

Homolka adds that beans, soup, oats, rice, stews and yogurt are among her favorite dishes to prepare using the device, along with hard-boiled eggs. They practically fall out of their shells, she says.

Tips for those just breaking out their Instant Pots for the first time: Read the manual before you start so you know how much liquid and time is required, then buy a good cookbook for the Instant Pot as a guide. She also recommends picking up steamer baskets and racks to cook multiple foods, as well as a metal springform cake pan for cheesecake and porcelain ramekins for egg bakes or desserts.

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Indian Chicken Pulao: The great thing about chicken pulao is that its easy to adapt you can make it as spicy or mild as you wish, and use whatever spices you prefer. The cilantro and squeeze of lemon at the end is a must, it really brightens the whole dish. Get the full recipe.

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Instant Pot Large Mesh Steamer Basket

BIA Porcelain Ramekins, Set of Four

The Best Countertop Multi

There’s a lot to love about this affordable electric pressure cooker that’s taken the world by storm. The price is reasonable, and the unit is packed with functions, ranging from pressure cooking to rice cooking and yogurt incubation. Add to that well-rated customer service and an avid user-base, and it’s one of your best bets as far as electric pressure cookers go.

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How Do You Clean An Instant Pot

The good news is that most Instant Pots have dishwasher-safe components. At the least, the stainless steel cooking pot and the silicone ring are dishwasher safe. On many models, the entire lid is dishwasher safe. The lid has a few removable parts that should be removed and cleaned, but the process for that is different depending on the model, so its best to check the user manual to see what parts are removable and how to clean them.

Best Instant Pot Pressure Cookers : Reviews And Buying Tips

The best Instant Pot deals of Prime Day 2020

Electric pressure stoves existed prior to the Instant Pot was made, but with a catchy title and a smart marketing program, the Instant Pot took the anxiety out of pressure cooking and produced the appliance nearly as common as the mamas slow cooker. Instant Pot pressure cookers reduce cooking time tough meats, dried legumes, and vegetables that are hardy can be a portion of a weeknight meal minutes.

With the prevalence of pressure cookers, there are lots of recipes to them, such as cheesecakes, lasagna, easy-peel hard-boiled eggs, soup stock, and rice that is perfect. The typical cooking containers are made from stainless steel, which most consumers prefer over pots with non-stick coatings.

But, you will find replacement nonstick-coated pots out there for people who prefer them. The Instant Pot product line has developed from one pressure cooker to many product families in various sizes. Whether you want the simplicity of pre-programmed functions or you would rather place your time and strain for recipes, then there is something for everybody.

We assess each multi-cookers simplicity of usage, including how instinctive and easy-to-read the controllers are, the selection of configurations provided, how simple its to wash out the cooking fit, and also the clarity of this operators manual. Below is the best Instant Pot pressure cookers you can buy and all information you should know.


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Instant Pot Family Meals

Perfect for those cooking for a big family, this book has more than 60 super delicious and flavorful meal ideas you can get started on, and put on the table in a jiffy. Whats best is the fact that this book has meals that everyone will love. Plus, youll also find some actionable ways to utilize your Instant Pot to the fullest.

Instant Pot Duo Gourmet

The Duo Gourmet is a 9-in-1 Instant Pot cooker that acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, warmer, sous vide machine, sterilizer, oatmeal maker, and yogurt maker. A powerful Instant Pot with 15 smart cooking programs, the Duo Gourmet is supposed to reduce energy consumption and cooking times by up to 70%. This pot comes with extra accessories like mitts to protect your hands and an extra sealing ring. It also has easier sealing and steam release functions, so this is a good option for beginners.

The Duo Gourmet Pot is compatible with the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid, so you can add that accessory and have an air fryer in addition to the nine other functions. Only available in the 6-quart size, the Duo Gourmet is plenty large enough for pressure cooking meals for a family of four to six, but you may find the Pot has is limited space for sous vide cooking given you have to submerge sous vide bags in water completely.

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The Costco Exclusive: Instant Pot Nova Plus

While searching around for Instant Pots, you may have come across mention of the Nova Plus. The Nova Plus was a Costco exclusive that is no longer sold. The Nova Plus had the same functionality and smart programs as the Duo but had the blue LED screen of the Duo Plus. That screen is a small but important detail that provides a superior user experience without the price tag of the Duo Plus. It was originally sold through Costco, but you can find it on Amazon as well.

Instant Pot just got delivered? Put it to use with one of these Instant Pot recipes:

Confused By The Different Electric Pressure Cooker Models We Break It Down To Help You Find The Best Instant Pot For Your Kitchen


I distinctly remember the rappity-pop-pop, rappity-pop of my grandmothers old pressure cooker rattling away on the stove in her kitchen. While I associated the sound with her soon-to-be delectable homemade rice pudding, I steered clear until that final hissing of steam trailed off. Shed be tickled to discover todays craze for pressure-cooking and the safety and convenience of electric pressure cookers.

Although there are several different manufacturers of multi-functional electric pressure cookers, the Instant Pot brand has cornered the market on popularity so far. But the number of models, functions, bells and whistles can be overwhelming. How do you know which model is right for you? Take a look at some of the basic differences to determine which is the best Instant Pot for you.

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Instant Pot Lux Programmable Cooker

Uses: Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Cake Maker, and Warmer | Built-In programs: 12

The oldest and most basic of the Instant Pot models, you will be able to get this model for the cheapest price. The Instant Pot Lux is perfect for those who will primarily use it as a cooker and want to save money by foregoing unnecessary features. The Lux lacks some of the features of its successors , but is still a solid choice for handling everyday cooking needs as it comes with 12 built-in cooking programs. It is available in 3-quart, 5-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart models.

Instant Pot Beef Curry

This rich, savory Japanese-style beef curry is typically made with little blocks of store-bought Japanese curry roux. Since the dish comes together so fast in an Instant Pot®, we use the time gained to make a homemade roux with basic pantry ingredients. Combined with Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, grated apple and beef broth, the result is a mildly sweet, spicy curry packed with extra umami. You can serve it over white rice or udon noodles. You can also make it without the beef and pour the sauce over Japanese-style breaded and fried pork or chicken cutlets .

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Beef Curry

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