What Is Difference Between Slow Cooker And Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Vs Slow Cooker

Differences between an instant pot and a slow cooker

Both appliances offer ease and convenience with relatively little hands-on cooking but that doesn’t mean that using these high-tech appliances sacrifices quality or flavor. A one-pot approach will still taste fabulous and makes clean-up a breeze. The best meals will always be a product of utilizing fresh, high-quality ingredients. The philosophy behind these appliances it that you can set something to cook and forget about it until serving time. A benefit of the slow cooker is that you can lift the lid at any point to stir and season. The lid of the Instant Pot is locked during the cooking process to unlock it, you must release all of the pressure trapped inside, which compromises the cooking process. The price of both of these products is comparable-you can buy a good slow cooker for under $100. The mid-sized, six-quart Instant Pot costs about $80.

The Difference Between Slow Cookers Multi

Just want the basics? Fiona has boiled it all down into three key points:

  • A slow cooker is a good choice for a busy family who can spare the eight hours of cooking time and are time-poor in the evenings.
  • A multi-cooker with pre-programmed settings is easy to use and has many functions. They’re suitable for people who want to reduce the number of appliances in their kitchen, but still have comforting meals prepared in a quarter of the time.
  • Stove-top pressure cookers are best left to the experienced cook. They require a bit of know-how to control the temperature and cooking time. A multi-cooker is a good alternative to a stove-top pressure cooker.

Are Slow Cookers And Crock Pots The Same Thing

Yes, they are the same thing. A Crock Pot is a specific brand of slow cooker that has unique features that differ from other off-brand slow cookers. The main difference between a Crock-Pot slow cooker and any other slow cooker is that the Crock Pot will heat from both the bottom and the sides of the cooking unit whereas, other slow cookers only heat from the bottom.

Other than that, they produce the same kind of delicious results and contain the same three components: a lid, a pot, and an internal heat source.

A Crock-Pot is always a slow cooker but a slow cooker is not always a Crock-Pot, it may sound strange but thats really how it is. Crock-Pots are designed as slow cookers but come with other features that many other slow cookers dont have.

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Is A Pressure Cooker Better Than An Air Fryer Chicken

Deep fryers are usually smaller than pressure cookers, so they are easier to clean. A pressure cooker can be used to make soups, while a deep fryer does not handle liquids well. Deep fryers are best for anything you would otherwise fry, fry, bake or roast.

Air fryer and pressure cookerIs a pressure cooker better than an air fryer? Which one is better than the others depends on what you are looking for and how you want to use the device. In some ways, a pressure cooker is better than a deep fryer, but at the same time, a deep fryer is better than a pressure cooker.What is the difference between Instant Pot and air fryer?The obvious difference between an Instant Pot

What Is An Instant Pot

The Difference Between a Slow Cooker and an Instant Pot ...

Instant Pot is a brand name for a multicooker, the same way Kleenex is a brand name for tissues or Scotch Tape is a name for cellophane tape. A multicooker is an electric appliance that, as the name implies, does many things. But its primary purpose and the one that put the Instant Pot on the map is pressure cooking. By using pressure to raise the boiling point of water, a pressure cooker makes it possible to cook things much more quickly, so you can make things like beef stew or braised short ribs, which typically take several hours, in less than 60 minutes. This quick cooking is what makes the Instant Pot popular for rushed weeknight dinners. Its worth noting that there are a few different models of Instant Pots these days.

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Can You Put Frozen Meat In A Slow Cooker Or Pressure Cooker

To keep nasty bacteria from moving in, the U.S. Department of Agriculture advises against putting frozen meat directly into a slow cooker. Defrosting all ingredients first also helps them to cook evenly and completely in the time given in a recipe.

Thin cuts of frozen meat, like steak, chops, and stew meat, can go straight into a pressure cooker, but they should be covered completely with liquid so that the pieces fully cookand dont be surprised if it takes far longer for the cooker to build pressure.

Is An Instant Pot The Same As A Slow Cooker

What is the difference between a crockpot and Instant Pot? is the most popular question I get asked all the time. Mostly by people who already have a slow cooker and are wondering if they need to buy an Instant Pot. Dont worry, until late 2017 I was convinced I do not need an Instant Pot because I had 3 slow cookers. So, you are not alone.

Instant Pot and slow cooker are not the same appliances.

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What Is A Rice Cooker

As the name suggests, this kitchen cookware is a device designed to cook all kinds of rice. Some modern rice cookers are more versatile now. In other words, these modern rice cookers will act as a slow cooker helping you to prepare dishes from eggs, fish, vegetables, flavors, and even pieces of meat.

An excellent rice cooker offers additional advantages to rice fans: They are simple to use. All you need to do is adjust the water level according to the amount of rice and turn it on. The machine will take care of the rest of the process.

An Instant Pot Is A Multi


An Instant Pot is comprised of an outer pot , an inner pot which holds the ingredients, and a lid . When you place water and ingredients inside of an Instant Pot, seal it, and turn it on, the water heats and pressure builds. As pressure increases inside the pot, the boiling point of water also increases. This allows the food inside the pot to cook faster and at higher temperatures. The microprocessor works with the pressure sensors and the heating element to create a precise cooking environment with stable pressure, so the food cooks evenly without scorching.

A rice cooker acts as a food steamer, but it doesn’t maintain pressure like an Instant Pot. You place the rice and liquid inside of the cooker, and it regulates the temperature while cooking the rice so that it comes out perfectly. Rice cookers don’t go much higher than the boiling point because the water turns into steam as it boils and absorbs into the remaining rice.

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Can You Bake In A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers can be used to bake all sorts of desserts and even bread, but youll need to adjust your tools and technique. Desserts are typically baked in an open container thats set on a rack inside the pressure cooker. Breads tend to be cooked in the same way, but in a loosely covered container with room for expansion. Its worth following a few baking recipes designed for a pressure cooker before you start adapting your favorites.

The Crockpot Is Way Cheaper

As for pricing, the Instant Pot comes in three different sizes: 3-quart , 6-quart , and 8-quart .

On the other hand, the Crock-Pot has been around long enough that it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, plus a lower price point. An 8-quart manual version goes for $31.49, while the Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker is $85.05. If you want to add a bit of flair to your countertop, then you might also love the 2.5 quart purple polka dot Crock-Pot for $14.99 .

If you compare the Instant Pot to the Crock-Pot, youll notice:

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Do You Seal The Instant Pot When Slow Cooking

No. There is no need to seal the Instant Pot completely when you use your Instant Pot slow cooker function.

When slow cooking in the Instant Pot, you can cover the pot using a tempered glass lid or the regular Instant Pot lid.

If you are using the Instant Pot lid, you need to move the steam release valve to the venting position.

Can A Pressure Cooker Replace A Slow Cooker And Vice Versa

The Difference Between an Instant Pot and a Slow Cooker ...

While you can achieve similar results with both these appliances and prepare the same recipe in both, they dont really substitute for one another. Their methods differ vastly and any recipe made for the slow cooker must be tweaked to fit the pressure cooker and the other way around.

So, yes, it is possible to cook tender and juicy meals in both of these cookers, but the time it takes to cook a meal varies greatly between these machines.

The pressure cooker is a fast cooker that requires the user to be present or nearby while cooking while the slow cooker is a, well slow cooker and can be left unattended during the 8-12 hour long cooking cycle because it operates at low temperatures.

Seeing as the slow cooker is the only alternative that you can leave unattended, and the pressure cooker is the only appliance capable of cooking with such speed, the case can be made for owning both of these appliances.

If you dont have sufficient funds for both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, you may want to take a look at an Instant Pot .

Instant Pots are, just like pressure cookers, much faster than slow cookers, they also require the user to be in proximity to the appliance while cooking, for safety reasons.

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Should I Buy A Pressure Cooker

These appliances can help you smash out dinner in under an hour. Lamb shanks that would take seven hours in a slow cooker or 2.5 hours on a cooktop will be melting off the bone in just 45 minutes. They use a small amount of liquid to fill the pressure cooker with steam.

Time-strapped parent Jason swears by his pressure cooker.

“I find pressure cookers give a slow-cooker result in a fraction of time,” he says. “Risotto in 20 minutes, beautiful soft beef brisket in an hour, instead of 4 or 8 in a slow cooker. It’s slow cooking, fast!

“I’m never organised enough to put something on in the morning and don’t like to run appliances all day, but with a pressure cooker you can cheat and fast-track dinner.”

The rundown

  • Popular brands include: Philips, Breville, Kambrook, Tefal and Sunbeam.
  • Price ranges from around $59 to more than $500.
  • Good for: Last-minute dinners time-poor cooks impatient foodies wannabe MasterChefs.
  • Not suitable for: People who like to come home to dinner that’s already cooked cooks who can’t stay in the kitchen while the pressure cooker does its thing inexperienced home cooks.

The pros of pressure cookers

  • You can cook a delicious meal in a fraction of the time of a slow cooker or using your cooktop.
  • You can turn out a slow cooker-style meal in under an hour.
  • A pressure cooker won’t heat up the kitchen like using the oven.
  • They work well with inexpensive cuts of meat like stewing beef, shank and blade.

The cons of pressure cookers

The Quantity Of Liquid

We all know that IP needs some type of liquid to get to pressure. This is how it works and there is no way around this. The liquid is used to power up the pot and delivers amazingly with regular and steamed recipes.

However, when you want something with a thick texture cooked slowly you need a traditional slow cooker. With a Crock Pot, even if the dish starts with more liquid, it will evaporate during cooking.

With an electric pressure cooker like the Instant Pot , this isnt possible because the lid is tightly sealed. Sure, the steam release valve is open, so some steam is released, but the result just isnt the same.

I made a few recipes using the slow cooker function in my Instant Pot. Some were great and some were tasty but a little watery.

Your first try

If you are cooking a recipe for the first time, use the same amount of water \ liquid as in the original slow cooker recipe. It may work and it would be tasty anyway.

Your second try

If the final dish on the first try was too watery, you have 2 options:

1. Use less liquid than in the original recipe.2. Use another lid that isnt as tight.

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What Can I Use A Slow Cooker For

While slow cookers are best known for slow cooking and tenderize big pieces of meat, they’re also handy for cooking hearty vegetable sides like Greek stuffed peppers, simmering white-bean soup, and even for making triple chocolate brownies. Most recipes cooked in a slow cooker will take four hours on high, or eight hours on low.

Test : Vegan Mac And Cheese

INSTANT POT vs. SLOW COOKER – Which should YOU get??

We made vegan mac and cheese. Prep was much easier as there was no initial sautéing, just putting vegetables, nuts and broth in a pot. While I will admit that I had already had two bowls worth of the Instant-Pot mac and then watched an entire movie before I could try the Crock-Pot mac, out of the slow cooker the mac and cheese was somehow saltier despite having the same amount of salt, and it had a better texture the “cheese” sauce seemed more like cheese sauce, rather than a wet soup. Crock-Pot wins this round, too.

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Instant Pots Have A Dedicated Rice Button

Most Instant Pots come with a dedicated rice button for automatic settings choices. However, there’s a catch: The rice button is designed specifically for long-grain white rice. If you have any other kind of rice, Instant pot suggests you use the standard Pressure Cook program and has some suggested temperature ranges to follow. It will probably take some practice to get it just right.

Rice cookers, on the other hand, tend to have dedicated buttons for a variety of different rices and grains, which makes it easier to customize your programming for the type of rice you want to cook. That’s important if you are cooking more brown, wild, sushi, or risotto rice.

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They Cook Food Differently

The Instant Pot, on the other hand, is an electric pressure cooker, which means it cooks foods faster by controlling the pressure within the pot. In fact, according to their website, it can speed up cooking by two to six times, while using 70 percent less energy.

If you’re cooking a meat or soup recipe in the Crock-Pot and it calls for an 8-hour cook time on low, then the same recipe will only cook for 25 to 30 minutes in the Instant Pot, according to The Spruce Eats.

Which Model To Choose

Whats the Difference Between a Pressure Cooker and an ...

Deitrick notes that there are differences in the controls and the default settings, but these multi-cookers performed similarly in our tests.

If you want to save $30, prefer easier cleanup from a nonstick inner pot, and dont mind a thinner yogurt, the Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker SCCPPC600-V1 might be the better choice.

There is one consideration that falls outside our testing: The massive Instant Pot community of users, including online and cookbook authors who share countless recipes that were developed specifically for the Instant Pot. These recipes can offer new users a lot of confidence, Deitrick says.

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Are Pressure Cookers And Slow Cookers Easy To Clean

Both pressure cookers and slow cookers should be cleaned after each cooking cycle, this is true for most items and appliances that are used to cook food. Hygiene is very important when handling food, and a subpar cleaning routine may create an environment where bacteria can grow we dont want that.

Knowing that youre going to spend some time cleaning the machine every time youve used it raises the question: Are these cookers easy to clean?

Is A Pressure Cooker Better Than An Air Fryer Slow Cooker

If you want to combine the advantages of a pressure cooker with the frying functions, you can also purchase a pressure cooker that also works with a deep fryer. The fryer reduces the pressure during cooking and increases the circulation of hot air for cooking.

Ninja 8 in 1 air fryerWhat is the most highly rated air fryer? Best Deep Fryers of 2019. After testing nine new fryers, we’ve added new features to this article for affordable purchases, small homes, and reuse. Philips Air Fryer XXL is still the best deep fryer we’ve ever tried.What is the cheapest air fryer?The cheapest and most reliable is the VonShef Low Fat Free Health 1200W Turbo Air Fryer 6-in-1.What f

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