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Simple Ingredients For A Fast Simple Chicken Breast Recipe

4 DUMP AND GO Instant Pot Recipes – Easy Instant Pot Recipes

Nothing too fancy here. Actually, nothing fancy AT ALL. Just some really basic ingredients for making the best, basic Instant Pot chicken recipe ever. The herbs you use can be any mix of simple dried herbs that you have in the cupboard and that you love. We think Italian seasoning is especially nice, because with herbs like marjoram and parsley in the mix, its got a little extra oomph. But if all youve got is some dried oregano, thats OK too! The Instant Pot will still work its chicken-cooking magic, and youll still be blown away by how easy it is to cook chicken breasts this way.

  • Italian seasoning, oregano, basil or thyme

Optional Brown Ground Beef In Instant Pot

*For Dump-and-Go Meal: skip the browning, sauteing, and deglazing steps below. Make sure to break the ground beef into smaller chunks, then layer the seasoned ground beef chunks, onions, garlic, dried herbs at the bottom of the pot.

*Pro Tip: This is an optional flavor-boosting step. If you have time, this step will greatly enhance the flavors of the Instant Pot Spaghetti.

First, heat up Instant Pot Pressure Cooker using Sauté More function.

*Tip: For older versions press Saute button, then Adjust button. For newer versions press Saute button twice.

Wait until it says HOT . This prevents the ground beef from sticking to the pot.

Add 1 tbsp olive oil in Instant Pot. Then, swirl your pot around to make sure the oil is coated over the whole bottom of the pot.

Now, add 1lb ground beef in Instant Pot, then season generously with salt & black pepper.

*Note: The ground beef will start to release moisture. At the 5-minute mark, discard the ground beef juice.

You just have to let the ground beef brown in Instant Pot. Simply stir them once in a while until theyre slightly crisped and browned .

Finally, taste the ground beef, then adjust the seasoning with more kosher salt and ground black pepper.

Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash

The Spruce / Diana Rattray

Spaghetti squash is super easy and quick to cook in the Instant Pot. You can cook the squash in about 10 minutes, then separate it into spaghetti-like strands, for topping with spaghetti sauce or tossing with butter and seasonings. This recipe includes more tips for serving ideas.

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Instant Pot Soto Ayam

The Instant Pot helped me reclaim my Mamis recipes, encouraging me to streamline steps and slash cooking times, writes recipe developer Pat Tanumihardja. This turmeric-laced chicken soup still requires a whole bunch of herbs and spices, just like Pats mom used, but there is way less prep work required. And its a near replica of her familys beloved recipe.

Easy Pressure Cooker Ham

25 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes (Paleo, Keto, Whole30)

Pressure cooking ham not only frees up oven space but it locks in the moisture so you dont have to worry about a dry ham at your next holiday meal or special occasion. It also saves you time and cleanup! Its so great, you may never cook ham any other way.

This recipe uses a fully cooked spiral ham that is flavored with the simple ingredients of pineapple and brown sugar. Its a delicious ham thats easy enough for everyday family dinners too.

If youre lucky, you will have great leftovers to make infamous ham sandwiches , in bean soup or old fashioned ham salad.

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Most Popular Instant Pot Recipes

Well begin by introducing you to the top pressure cooker recipes weve tried or seen around since the Instant Pot came on the market. These were selected based on their popularity on social media, blog comments, shares, level of drool-worthiness, and our personal experience. Some of these are super easy, while others might require a handful of speciality ingredients. Its a mixed bag, really, in no particular order.

Recipes For Instant Pot

I have received the most compliments from these. Keep reading for more though!Instant Pot rice pudding recipe and coconut rice pudding were our first desserts and gets rave reviews.

What is the best thing to cook in an Instant Pot?

The first thing I made, and most popular to this day is our easy Instant Pot spaghetti recipe. If you want a one pot meal, our Instant Pot lemon chicken casserole is great.Have picky kids? Try this easy Pressure cooker lasagna casserole. It will definitely replace traditional lasagna in your house.

Can you cook frozen meat in an Instant Pot?

Yes!! We have a huge list of how to cook frozen meat in Instant Pot here to help. Try to cook Instant Pot frozen salmon and youll be amazed just how flaky and tender it comes out. Game changer I tell you. You can even make Instant Pot frozen pork shoulder thats fork tender.

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Quick Easy Instapot Recipes

  • Tons of Instant Pot ground beef recipes
  • We also create the best Instant Pot recipes for each year so stay tuned for those!

    Here are monthly pressure cooker recipes roundups too! I will continue to add to this list so there is one for every month of the year.

    Crockpot Express Recipes work the same way and you can use all of these with that pot too.

    I will focus on upcoming holidays as well as fruits and vegetables that are fresh for that time of year. All will take less than 30 minutes and should be a great way to try some new one pot meals.

    Trishs Tips And Tricks

    4 EASY Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – Perfect for Beginners
    • Love garlic mashed potatoes? Add a couple crushed garlic cloves to the the instant pot when you add the potatoes to make garlic mashed potatoes!
    • Add additional half and half or whole milk to your mashed potatoes to thin them out if needed.
    • Cutting your potatoes will shorten the time needed to cook in the Instant Pot. Allow a longer cooking time if you use larger chunks or whole potatoes.
    • Try adding cheese or herbs to the potatoes after cooking for a fun flavor twist!

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    Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

    We took the viral, melt-in-your-mouth Mississippi pot roast and made it in an Instant Pot® multi-cooker, cutting the overall cook time by more than half. The ranch seasoning and sliced pepperoncini provide just the right amount of spice and tang. The result is a flavorful, fork-tender dish you can make any night of the week.

    Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast

    Instant Pot Caramelized Onions

    Caramelized onions typically require a great deal of attention and time, as the low and slow cooking provide a perfectly tender and golden brown result. But thanks to the Instant Pot®, this typically labor-intensive recipe because an achievable weeknight dish. These sweet and jammy onions are the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, grain bowls and more.

    Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Caramelized Onions

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    Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    The Instant Pot helps make hard boiled eggs perfect every time. You can fit up to a dozen eggs in the pot and they’re done in about 15 minutes, including the time needed to build and release pressure. The eggs come out smooth, so they look great as deviled eggs and on salads.

    Instant Pot Chicken Breast

    Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe

    When you just want simple, juicy, delicious chicken breast as a part of a meal, salad, or just by itself, you really cant beat an Instant Pot.

    Now, we love the taste of grilled chicken. However, the grill cant even begin to compete with how tender our Instant Pot makes our birds. Its not even close, folks.

    Another simple Instant Pot dish is this recipe for potatoes. Theres nothing fancy happening here, folks, no special sauce or seasonings just fluffy and delicious potatoes you can flavor with anything youd like.

    These are perfect for potato salads and other potato dishes as well.

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    Serve Instant Pot Lasagna

    *Pro Tip: Depending on the meat sauce you use, the sauce can be very thick or thin. If your meat sauce is rather liquidy or thin, let it cool so the lasagna can set and keep in shape.

    For an easier release, use a paring knife to gently release the Lasagna from the springform pan .

    If you are using a Fat Daddio Cheesecake Pan with Removable Bottom for this recipe, you can place a mason jar at the bottom of the pan, then push down the pan to take out the Lasagna .

    Slice the glorious lasagna and serve immediately!!

    Enjoy your Heavenly Instant Pot Lasagna!~

    Instapot Corn Bread From Scratch

    With so many folks using cornbread mixes like Jiffy, its become a point of pride to proclaim that you make yours from scratch.

    However, with your Instant Pot, you can still claim bragging rights while saving a lot of time and effort.

    Folks, we strongly recommend you not disclose to your dinner guests that it only took you 35 minutes to prepare and cook these juicy pork tenderloins in your Instant Pot. They may have you committed.

    This instant potato soup recipe is so delicious and creamy it tastes like you spent all day over a hot stove.

    Forget about dealing with hot stove grease, firing up the grill, or the oven. This Instant Pot recipe lets you enjoy deliciously, juicy, tender, and flavor-packed pork chops in less than 30 minutes!

    Those days of spending hours cooking holiday chicken are officially over. With this recipe for mouthwatering juicy whole chicken with crispy brown skin and tender fall-off-the-bone meat, you can have your bird ready for table duty in under 90 minutes.

    If you ever opened a can of refried beans and dog food on the same countertop, turn around, and forget which one was which, then this Instant Pot recipes especially for you!

    You can make retired beans that taste way better in under 90 minutes.

    Its morning, and everyones running late. Theres certainly no time to cook breakfast, right?


    This Instapot recipe allows you to make a hearty breakfast casserole with sausage, eggs, cheese, potatoes, and seasonings in about 35 minutes.

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    Instant Pot Chili Verde

    From The Cookie Rookie, this pork stew is flavored with a mix of green peppers, like green chilis and jalapenos. All the spice in all the right places! Fry up some tortillas and lay them at the bottom of the bowl for extra crunch and texture.

    This Instant Pot chicken stew with mushrooms is hearty, creamy and delicious. Using a pressure cooker, its a quick and easy dinner for the whole family. Serve with rice, potatoes, pasta or veggies. Keto-friendly!

    Soft & Hard Boiled Eggs

    7 BASIC Instant Pot Recipes – Perfect for Beginners!

    Eggs are a great source of protein, fats, and nutrients plus, they are affordable and highly versatile. The best thing about cooking boiled eggs in the Instant Pot is that you can add them in, press the button, and walk away. There is no need to wait for the water to boil first or to stand over the pot with a timer. Its also super convenient for those times when you cant use the stove for whatever reason.

    From Healthy Little Vittles, this 8-ingredient, refined sugar-free naturally sweetened apple butter is made in just 20-minutes and no peeling is necessary!

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    Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin

    Instant Pot pork tenderloin takes just minutes to cook to the perfect temperature and the recipe is easy to customize with alternative herbs and spices. This recipe relies on the pressure build and natural release to cook the pork, with no actual high-pressure cooking time. All you have to do is brown the pork, set the timer to 0 , and let the pressure come down naturally for 15 minutes.

    Instant Pot Short Ribs

    When we asked our readers: Whats your favorite Amy + Jacky Recipe? many screamed Short Ribs!

    Were super grateful how many of you are in love with our Instant Pot Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs! Oh the yummy rich sweet-savory-umami beefy sauce. We also included instructions for cooking buttery mashed potatoes in the same pot.

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    Instant Pot Fettuccine Alfredo

    From Simply Happie Foodie, this is a dump it all in and push start type of recipe. It is a creamy, rich, and delicious one-pot, easy pasta dinner! If you want to add chicken, just lay the chicken pieces over the noodles and season them, and away you go.

    From Jo Cooks, a classic Russian dish consisting of sautéed beef and mushrooms in a rich sauce with sour cream. All of this deliciousness is usually served over egg noodles to soak up all that sauce.

    Can You Use Instant Pot Recipes In A Pressure Cooker

    Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli

    Yes as long as you have an electric pressure cooker it doesnt matter what the brand says on the front. Stovetop cookers will not work the same way though. As long as you have the high pressure button on your machine they will all work the same.

    Now you can crisp your food right in the pot after youre done pressure cooking. I know, Ive been waiting so long for this too!

    This will fit on your 6 or 8 qt and then you can make air fryer recipes in it too! Just use our printable Instant Pot cooking times sheet, crisp outsides and enjoy things like pressure cooker cornish hens with golden brown outsides.

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    Beef Recipes Instant Pot

    Our Instant Pot 15 bean soup is great with any leftover meat really. You can dice up steak or roast that is left over from the last night or use ham after Easter too. Same goes for Instant Pot birria tacos, I make this when I find roasts on sale.

    If you want to know how to make the best beef arm roast recipe in your pressure cooker, we have it here! Id recommend that you buy two pots so that you can make a side dish in one and your main in the other. That is what I do when making Instant Pot sweet mashed potatoes, especially during the holidays.

    Love spicy and feel good meals? Try Instant Pot buffalo chicken soup some night for dinner. If youre looking for a few easy Instant Pot stew meat recipes we have some suggestions here.

    Instant Pot Coconut Shrimp Soup

    “This Thai-style soup is brothy, fragrant, and delicately flavored,” Pitre writes. “While tom kha is typically made with chicken , I like making it with shrimp as a change of pace. This soup reheats very well, and I find the flavors deepen over time. If you plan to serve it a day later, dont add the shrimp until youre just about ready to serve the soup. Instead, reheat the soup and add them for the last few minutes of cooking.”

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    Instant Pot Chicken In Red Wine Sauce

    While this old-fashioned country recipe traditionally uses an entire chickenpreferably a tough old bird, Ann Mah writes, here I use chicken thighs, which braise beautifully in the pressure cooker. For the braising liquid, I like to use an inexpensive , medium-bodied red wine like a Beaujolais Villages. Buttered broad noodles are a traditional accompaniment.

    Classic Comfort Food Recipesin The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Classic Pot Roast | Boneless Chuck Roast Recipe

    Weve got a real soft spot for comfort foodthe only downside is that it often takes a really long time to cook. But pressure cookingwhich is what an Instant Pot doesspeeds up the time between craving and satisfaction by a lot! For example, our Instant Pot mac and cheese cooks in just three minutes!

    • Instant Pot Mac and Cheese. Grab a bowl, because our Instant Pot mac and cheese recipe is ready in FIVE MINUTES.
    • Instant Pot Ribs. Our Instant Pot ribs are nothing short of magical. Seasoned with loads of garlic, honey, chili paste and soy sauce, theyre absolutely irresistible.

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    Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana

    for this popular recipe from Damn Delicious.

    What we loved:

    • We liked it when we tried it, but we LOVED it when we brought it home to our families that night for dinner. Overall: high yum factor.
    • Straightforward process, short-ish ingredient list. Just one sautéing step for the sausage, then dump everything in and cook.
    • Creamy and cozy, but still brothy enough to sop up with some crusty bread.

    Thicken & Season Spaghetti Sauce:

    Dont panic when you open the lid to a liquidy spaghetti sauce right after pressure cooking. Thats perfectly normal!

    Thicken the spaghetti sauce by using the Saute More function, and bring the sauce back to a simmer. Use a few minutes to thicken, taste, and season the spaghetti and sauce to your preferences. These extra few minutes will make a big difference to the spaghettis flavor & texture!

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    The Best Instant Pot Recipes With Beef

    Theres nothing quite like a big slab of beef thats fall-apart tender and tastes like its been braising all day. But what if you could have that same comforting, cozy, hearty meal in just about 30 minutes?! Yeah, thats the magic of the Instant Pot. Here are four of our favorite Instant Pot beef recipes:

    • Instant Pot Beef Ragu. Rich, savory, and fall-apart tender, our Instant Pot beef ragù recipe is ready fast but tastes like it simmered all day long.
    • Instant Pot Barbacoa Recipe. A copycat recipe for Chipotles cravable barbacoa, and ready super fast! In other words, an extra exciting Instant Pot recipe.
    • Instant Pot Mississippi Pot Roast. If you know about Mississippi pot roast, well then you know how exciting it is to find an Instant Pot version! If you dont, get ready to fall in love.
    • Instant Pot Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. The 2-in-1 recipe introduced us to “pot-in-pot” cooking, where you use the Instant Pot to cook not one but two things at once! It’s dinner time MAGIC.

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