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Instant Pot Sushi Rice

After you try the shrimp sushi bowls, check out these recipes for more delicious rice dishes to make in your Instant Pot! Rice is actually one of the go-to things I make in the Instant Pot because its so easy and you can even cook other proteins in the one pot.

Here are some of my other favorite Instant Pot rice recipes:

Directions For How To Make Instant Pot Sushi Rice

  • In a mesh strainer, rinse the sushi rice under cold water, swishing your hand through it in a circular motion, until the water runs clear. Set it aside and let it drain for 30 minutes. Note: this step rinses off some of the starches, so your rice cooks more consistently.
  • Transfer the rice to the bowl of your Instant Pot. Add the water and stir to mix the rice and water.
  • Close and lock the Instant Pot, and set it to cook on low pressure for 12 minutes with natural pressure release.
  • While the rice cooks, add the vinegar, mirin, sugar and salt to a small ball and whisk together until the sugar dissolves.
  • Transfer the rice to a large bowl. Add the vinegar mixture by pouring it over a spatula which you want to move from side to side, so that the liquid sprinkles evenly over the rice. Use the spatula to cut the mixture into the rice, allowing the grains to stay intact.
  • Allow the rice to cool until you can barely feel any heat coming off it. It helps to flip it a few times while its cooling.
  • Serve it while it is still lukewarm. If you have leftover rice, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for no more than a day.
  • The 3 Dilemmas Before Making Rice With The Instant Pot

    Before I go straight to the Instant Pot Rice recipe, I want to tell you why it took me a long time to share this post. If you follow my blog for some time, you probably know that I have my Instant Pot for a while and I;love using it to make various dishes.

    But why havent I used my favorite Instant Pot to cook steamed rice? Heres why I had avoided using the Instant Pot to cook rice:

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    A Few Notes About The Ingredients:

  • Sushi rice – a Japanese short to medium-grain rice with a higher starch content than Jasmine or Basmati rice. Because of this, it gets much stickier, making it the best for rolling sushi or making poke bowls. Opt for brands like Nishiki or Botan for authentic flavor and texture.
  • Water – the amount of water listed in this recipe will be less than instructed on the package of rice. That is intentional. When cooking with a pressure cooker or instant pot, less water gets evaporated. Therefore, you need to use less water while cooking to prevent the rice from getting mushy.
  • Rice vinegar – rice vinegar adds authentic flavor. It is acidic and flavorful. Use plain rice vinegar NOT seasoned rice vinegar.
  • Salt, sugar – both the salt and sugar work together to tame the acidic flavor of the rice vinegar. The salt adds a subtle salty quality to the rice, while the sugar is barely noticeable as it is paired with the vinegar.
  • Toasted sesame seeds – toasted sesame seeds are optional but they add a great nutty flavor to the rice. Most store-bought sesame seeds do NOT come already toasted. Therefore, you will need to quickly toast them to enhance their flavor before adding them to the rice.
  • Instant Pot Sushi Rice Recipe

    Instant Pot Sushi Rice with easy and consistent results!

    I have to admit this is an Instant Pot recipe Ive been working to perfect for a few weeks and I am happy to report that my recipe for Instant Pot sushi rice is finally ready to be shared!

    Cooking this sticky rice in the Instant Pot has helped me make the perfect sushi rice every single time. It tastes amazing!

    You might be wondering- why not just use regular white rice? Is there actually a difference?

    Well, sushi rice is typically a short-grain rice that contains a lot more starch than say the regular long-grain rice that many of us eat. Having that extra starch is what helps make the rice sticky and gives it texture for some of those classic Asian dishes.;.

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    How To Make Sushi Rice Just One Cookbook

    The best rice cookers consistently prepare multiple varieties of rice well with the push of a button. We found two models that make exceptional rice and are also easy to use and clean. The Zojirushi 5.5-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer is our top performer, followed closely by the Toshiba 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic.

    Cooking Instructions. The ideal ratio for cooking short grain rice is 1½ :1, meaning 1½ cups of water per each 1 cup of rice. It can be cooked over the stove, in the microwave, in a slow cooker, rice cooker or Instant Pot. Stovetop method: In a saucepan bring water to a boil. Stir in rice.

    Calrose rice is used in a variety of recipes by chefs all over the world. It’s mild flavor and sticky quality make it excellent for use in curries, sushi, stir fries and steamed plain as a side dish. Cooks will find that this rice is easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

    As we know sushi rice are vinegar-absorbed rice and slices of salmon fish, vegetables, and special sauces. What Are The Best Rice Cookers With Steamer Options? Aroma, Zujiroshi, IMUSA, Tiger and Black+Decker are the top brands to search for when it comes to choosing the best streaming option in the rice cookers.

    Meal Prep And Storage

    • To Store: Keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
    • To Freeze: Let the rice come to room temperature then seal in an airtight container. Freeze for up to 6 months.
    • To Reheat: Place rice in a microwave-safe bowl along with a teaspoon of water. Cover with a dampened paper towel and microwave until heated through.

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    What Type Of Rice Do You Use For Sushi

    Sushi Rice is rice thats flavoured with vinegar-based seasonings. Sushi rice is made of white, short-grain Japanese rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. However, keep in mind that some rice companies outside of Japan call their short grain rice sushi rice so make sure to double check where it is made and if its truly sushi rice or just short grain rice.

    If you want real sushi rice, it is important you purchase authentic sushi rice as the consistency and flavour of Japanese rice is very different from other types of rice. Sushi rice has higher moisture content and is characterized by its stickiness and texture.

    What Can I Do With Lots Of Rice

    Instant Pot Sushi Rice Recipe – How To Cook Sushi Rice In The Instant Pot – Perfect Sticky Rice!

    With the right rice recipes and quality of rice, the possibilities are endless. From fried rice recipes to wild rice recipes, you’ll be making rice tasty without sacrificing variety. No need to feel like you’re eating the same thing every night with this fantastic list.

    A Mediterranean classic made vegan and gluten-free. Rice stuffed dolmades full of fresh herbs, roasted eggplant, olives, spices, and aromatic basmati rice! A fantastic appetizer, side, or main dish!

    With garlic, ginger, edamame, sesame oil, and more this vegetarian fried rice is special, yet still accessible and easy to make. This dish can easily be made gluten-free and is ready in under 25 minutes.

    Turmeric Chicken with Wild Rice is delicious comfort food without all of the guilt. This easy dish is the perfect weeknight meal.

    A budget friendly meal that the whole family will enjoy. It’s made with just a few basic ingredients and super easy too!

    A one-pot saffron rice with chicken and vegetables made with parboiled long-grain white rice in 30 minutes. it is a healthy and gluten-free meal the entire family will love!

    Easy authentic Thai mango sticky rice dessert. Sweet sticky rice smothered in fragrant coconut milk, served with fresh juicy mango and extra coconut sauce!

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    My Zojirushi Rice Cooker Does An Amazing Job

    A rice cooker is an essential;appliance at Japanese household. My Zojirushi Induction Heating Rice Cooker makes perfect rice every time, and I can even schedule the finished cooking time so the rice is always ready for dinner. Thats another reason why I didnt need my Instant Pot to cook rice for me.

    How To Use Sushi Rice

    You mainly use sushi rice for sushi rolls but you can also use it for sushi bowls! This gives you all the flavour of sushi without any of the hassle of rolling and using a special sushi mat. If youre feeling ambitious, you can see how to make your own sushi rolls at home here.

    If you have leftover sushi rice there are plenty of uses as well! Everything from risotto to rice pudding. Grab some more ideas for ways to use up leftover sushi rice here.

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    How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice In The Instant Pot

    Add sushi rice to the Instant Pot along with the water and mirin.

    Close the lid and turn the valve to a sealing position. Press the Pressure Cook or Manual button and set the time to 4 minutes on HIGH pressure.

    When the Instant Pot is done cooking, let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes followed by a quick release to release the remaining steam.

    Open the Instant Pot, remove the cooked rice from the Instant Pot, and serve!

    Soak Rice For 20 Minutes

    Instant Pot Sushi Rice Recipe

    I tried both soaking rice and skip soaking rice prior to cook rice in the Instant Pot. Whether its cooked in manual mode or Rice mode,;when I didnt soak rice, it did not become tender all the way through.

    This is probably the only difference between cooking other types of rice. I often get asked why we need to soak Japanese short grain rice. Unlike the other types of rice, Japanese short grain rice is plump, and it takes time for the moisture to go through. Therefore, we always soak the rice first, giving the dry rice a head start in absorbing moisture.

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    Tips For Making The Best Sushi Rice

    You may think that Instant Pot sushi rice is simple to make, but thats not always the case. Rice can sometimes be tricky to get right, especially with specially seasoned sushi rice.

    Here are some tips to make sure that your sushi rice comes out as great as possible every time.

  • Do not try to use regular white rice to make sushi rice.
  • Rinse the dry rice this removes excess starch that may clog the Instant Pot venting mechanism.
  • Add the oil to the bottom of the pot first this is to keep the rice from sticking.
  • Dont stir the rice and water mixture once added to the Instant Pot this can cause the burn message to come up.
  • Dont stir the seasoning into the rice once its cooked. Doing so will crush the grains of rice, turning perfect, fluffy rice into mush. Instead, use a folding motion to gently blend the seasoning into the cooked rice.
  • To keep sushi rice from drying out, drape a moist paper towel over the bowl of rice until youre ready to use it.
  • What Type Of Rice

    Sushi rice is typically a short-grain or medium-grainJapanese or California variety that has a higher starch content than longer grain varieties.;Because of this, it is super important that you rinse the rice thoroughly before cooking.

    You can normally find bags of it in your local grocery store on either the grains aisle or in the Asian food aisle.; They will typically be labeled sushi rice.

    A Few Brands:

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    Sushi Rice Recipes To Try

    Now what? Well, lets put your perfectly sticky rice to the test! Here are some of our favourite sushi rice recipes to try at home. P.S. if you dont have a sushi roller or dont feel confident in your rolling skills, you can take the easy way out and make hand rolls. Simply wrap up your favourite fillings in a sheet of durable nori and roll like an open-ended burrito for a delicious and healthy, low-effort snack.

    Why We Love This Recipe

    How to make sushi rice in the Instant Pot (white, brown, or a mix!)

    I’m a die-hard sushi fan. Making sushi is a delicate art, and most times I’m very happy to leave it to the experts. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to play. When you know how to make really good sushi rice at home, there’s so much you can do in between visits to your favorite Japanese restaurant.

    Instant Pot sushi rice is:

    • Just the right amounts fluffy, firm, sticky, and shiny
    • Delicately flavored with bright rice vinegar, sea salt, and a hint of sugar
    • An excellent use for the IP, which removes any guesswork and inconsistencies from the process
    • Super-flexible. See the serving suggestions below for our favorite ideas.

    Plus, you can use the exact same recipe on the stovetop if you prefer.

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    What We Look For In Perfect Calrose Rice

    • Evenly cooked ;Tender through the center yet has a nice mouthfeel chew to the bite
    • Remain intact, separated, slightly sticky, but not mushy or gooey
    • Dry rice with a bit of moist, not soggy or wet

    We conducted 4+ tests with Calrose Rice;using different amounts of liquid & cooking time in our;Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.

    Here are the Instant Pot Calrose;Rice Experiment Results:

    After playing around with various factors,;we achieved our desired results with Test #4.

    • Soft Rice Fans: If you like softer rice, follow Test #3s ratios.
    • Hard Rice Fans:;If you like chewier rice, follow Test #2s ratios.

    The Ratio For Water To Rice Is 1 To 1

    The golden rule for the ratio for Japanese short-grain rice to water is 1 to 1.1 or 1.2. So if the rice is 180 ml , you will need 200 ml water.

    However, when the rice is cooked in the Instant Pot, the steam does not escape from the pressure cooking. Therefore, the best ratio for the rice to water is one to one.

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    Why Use Instant Pot

    If you ever cooked sushi at home, you know that the secret to this meal stands in the rice. If the rice doesnt have the right consistency or texture, the whole thing is ruined.

    Knowing this and the fact that an Instant Pot takes away the guesswork completely, it becomes the natural choice. If you use a rice cooker, you cant set everything up as perfectly as you do with the Instant Pot. Also, the IP doesnt need any checking up while cooking the rice you just press Start and wait for it to finish.;

    How To Serve Sushi Rice

    Perfect Instant Pot Sushi Rice

    This recipe is delicately flavored and easy to love, so you can think of it as a versatile component of easy meals. Got raw or cooked vegetables and a little leftover protein? Serve it over a bowl of Instant Pot sushi rice and call it dinner.

    That said, here are some of our favorite ways to use it:

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    How To Cook Sushi Rice

    • Rinse and drain the sushi rice at least 5 times in cold water or until the water runs clear.
    • Add rice and water to the Instant Pot and press manual, setting the Instant Pot for 10 minutes.
    • When the Instant Pot beeps, let the IP Natural Pressure Release, this can take up to 20 minutes before the pin drops.
    • When done, pour the vinegar seasoning onto the rice.
    • To combine, cut the rice with your rice paddle. Mixing the rice in a circular motion will mush the rice. Cut down the rice until the grains have separated. Allow it to cool before using if you wish .

    What Is Sushi Rice

    Not all rice is created equal. While the Instant Pot does a great job of cooking all different types, youll want to make sure your sushi rice comes out with the right consistency and texture. Sushi rice is sometimes called sticky rice. Its what makes it easy to use when using delicate nori and fish alongside it to create sushi rolls, bowls, and more. It holds together well and takes on the shape of whatever you mould it into.

    The first step in making beautiful sushi rice is choosing the right type of rice to craft your recipe with. You should look for;short-grain Japanese rice or;medium-grain California rice. Most times, you will find rice simply labelled;sushi rice. It may also be called Calrose rice.;Either option will do the trick! Medium or short-grain rice is preferable because it cooks to a stickier consistency than long-grain rice, which is traditionally fluffier and useful in many other dishes.

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    How To Make A Sushi Bowl

    Want to use this rice to make a sushi bowl? I have a few ingredients and tips on how to make a delicious sushi bowl at home.

    Topping ideas: Edamame, shredded carrots, cabbage, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, tofu, etc.

    How to make: You can add your rice in a bowl, top with all your favorite toppings, sauce, and eat a sushi bowl that tastes like your favorite wrapped sushi.

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