How To Use 7 In 1 Instant Pot

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Learn How To Boil Water

How to use an Instant Pot DUO60 6-Quart 7-in-1

Whichever electric pressure cooker you end up with, your first time using it should involve literally learning to boil water. You do this by adding a cup or so of water to the inner pot , sealing the lid, and selecting a short cook time. Within five minutes, the water should heat up and build pressure, at which point the pressure is released via the natural method, or you can use the quick-release method. .

How To Do An Instant Pot Water Test

  • Make sure that the power cord is firmly connected to your Instant Pot. Plug it into a power outlet in your wall.
  • Place the stainless steel inner pot in the base unit. Add 3 cups of cool water to the inner pot.
  • Check that the silicone sealing ring is fitted properly into the Instant Pot lid. Place the lid on the Instant Pot and turn it clockwise until it is in the closed position. Your Instant Pot will chime each time you close and open the lid .
  • Turn the steam release valve to the sealing position.
  • Press the Manual or Pressure Cook button.
  • Use the +/- buttons to set the time to 5 minutes. Wait for 10 seconds and the Instant Pot display will say On and the cycle will begin.
  • The Instant Pot will take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to reach pressure. Once it reaches pressure the float valve will pop up, the Instant Pot will beep once, and the cook time will begin to count down from 5 minutes. You might notice hissing sounds and some steam escaping from the steam release valve or float valve hole while the pressure builds this is normal. You may also notice a plastic smell the first time you use your Instant Pot. This is also normal and shouldnt happen again.
  • When the float valve drops down remove the Instant Pot lid.
  • Now that you have completed the water test, you are ready to cook in your Instant Pot!

    Check Silicone Sealing Ring

    How to install sealing ring on Instant Pot? Put the sealing ring on top of the rack on the Instant Pot lid, then gently run your fingers along the ring as you push it into the rack.

    Its criticalto ensure the silicone sealing ring is seated properly, and there isnt anything stuck on the ring or rack.

    *Caution: Never pull the ring by force as it may stretch or damage the ring and affect the sealing function. Dont use it if it has cracks, cuts, or any other damages.

    Do you need a spare sealing ring? Its always good to have a spare Silicone Sealing Ring because they do wear and tear. Plus, the ring may get stinky as it absorbs food odors over time. If you like, you can dedicate 1 Sealing Ring for Savory food, and the other for Sweets.

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    Cleaning: As Easy As It Gets

    We already assumed the stainless steel pot, steamer rack, plastic tools, and silicone ring were all dishwasher safe, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out the entire lid can go in the dishwasher, too. Cleanup cant get any faster than that. The only thing that cant go in the dishwasher or get immersed in water is the base, since it contains electrical components.;;;

    Oh My Hat My Life Is Complete

    Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker ⢠Homekits ...

    I got my Instant Pot yesterday and used it immediately. I made rice – a little dry – but it is all about playing around as I used less that the 3 cups in the recipe… But warmed it up in the microwave oven just before serving and added a little water and it was PERFECT… The rice eaters in my family do not like stodgy / sticky rice 😉 The sausage and bean stew was ready after 15 minutes of cooking once I had saute’d the sausages, onion and garlic. My hubby is in awe and dying to make the yoghurt, which he will do today. Then my mom in law is wanting to make the cheesecake… At this rate, I may not get to use it for some time ;(Read more

    I would recommend this product to a friend.

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    How To Use Instant Pot

    How to Use Instant Pot: We are currently living in the millennial where life is evolving every day. With it is evolving our necessities and the requirements that fulfill them. Just when everything around us was beginning to evolve virtually and figuratively, the kitchen appliance makers did not sit back to watch the world go by. With some amazing inventions over the past few years, the kitchen appliance industry has sparked a global phenomenon where women have begun to modify their kitchen.

    Women today have embraced the new age kitchen appliances with grace. Why would they not? The inventions these days were theoretical earlier and have taken form now by giving women and men today the satisfaction and leisure of cooking. Cooking can be many things; it can be a hobby, a duty and sometimes a need. If a cook is bored, they will make a food, which has the same boring vibe. Therefore, when the kitchen appliance makers introduced the Instant Pot, it gave relief to many of us.

    Dont Get Too Caught Up In What All The Buttons Mean

    For the most part, the buttons on the control panel are there to help you decide on your cooking time. For example, if there is a fish button, pressing it will likely mean that your food will cook for a short time . The chicken button will be slightly longer . Some electric pressure cookers have a saute feature, which comes in handy to pre-caramelize your mirepoix, if youre making soup or stew . New models have a sterilize function , and most come with a slow cook option, which means exactly what you think it means: slow cooking without pressure. When it comes to frozen food, learn if you can cook frozen meat in an Instant Pot.

    Psst: Heres why you should trade your slow cooker for an Instant Pot.

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    Instant Pot Steamer Basket

    Like I said, out of all the instant pot accessories you could buy, the steamer basket is the best one because you can use it in so many different, practical ways

    Its best to choose an Instant Pot Steamer basket that can withstand being pressure cooked and not fall apart. This is my favorite steamer basket because it is incredibly high quality.

    This basket does NOT rust, nor does it have silicone noodles covering the legs, which easily trap food/bacteria that you cannot get out. They also honor a LIFETIME guarantee, so they will replace it if anything happens to it.

    Ive tried a couple other baskets, and I promise they are not near the quality. My basket has lasted me years with no sign of wear!

    Do You Need To Double The Cook Time For A Double Recipe

    How to Use the Instant Pot Duo60 6 Qt. 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

    If you would like to double an Instant Pot recipe, you may double the ingredients . You do not need to double the cook time.

    However, you may need to adjust the cook time based on the size/width of meat and vegetables. For example, a small 8 ounce chicken breast will cook faster than a large 12 ounce chicken breast and a small sweet potato will cook faster than a large sweet potato. Read all recipes and directions carefully to determine how long to cook your food.

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    The Instant Pot Duo Nova 7

    Have you been thinking about getting an Instant Pot? Do you have less time in your day, but still want to make your family a wide variety of healthy and delicious homemade meals? If so, you may want to consider the Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1.;

    There is actually a whole line of the Instant Pot Duo, but the Duo Nova is the newest addition. I had the original Instant Pot Duo, but I am loving the new Nova.;

    Great Value For Money

    I was really excited to try out this nifty appliance and see if it lived up to the hype. The answer is YES – it’s compact, easy to use, and has many different cooking options to choose from. I chose to make the Instant Pot cheesecake recipe just to try something different, and it did not disappoint. It was straightforward to prepare and make. As a newbie to pressure cooking, I thought it would be daunting but the user manual helped a lot.I really like how energy efficient it is and the delay start means that cooking can fit in with your busy time schedule. I did find it takes a bit of time to heat up/get to pressure and for natural pressure release after cooking . So while it took 25 minutes to cook the cheesecake, it took quite a while before I could open the lid and take it out. But otherwise, I’m very happy with this product.Read more

    I would recommend this product to a friend.

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    Instant Pot Parts And Accessories

  • Base Unit this contains the heating element.
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot fits into the base unit.
  • Lid the look of the lid varies between Instant Pot models.
  • Steam Release Valve this fits on the top of the lid and may already be attached.
  • Condensation Collector attach this to the back of your Instant Pot.
  • Trivet be sure to keep this, as you will use it often.
  • Power Cord removable in some Instant Pot models.
  • Measuring Cup & Utensils These come with the Instant Pot. I use my own measuring cups and utensils instead of these.
  • The first thing youll want to do is wash the parts of your Instant Pot. The Instant Pot lid, steam release valve and stainless steel inner pot are dishwasher safe; however, I wash mine by hand. The base unit is not dishwasher safe never immerse the base unit in water.

    Check Other Parts On Lid

    Instant Brands Instant Pot Duo Nova 6

    The following 3 Instant Pot parts are critical for the Instant Pot to function properly. Make sure theyre all properly in place, clean, and clear of any obstructions during the Instant Pot Setup & every time before using.

    a. Instant Pot Venting Knob ensure its fully attached to the lid and pushed down all the way. Its perfectly normal and necessary for it to be loose. You should be able to remove it for washing by pulling it straight out.

    b. Instant Pot Floating Valve test & make sure it can easily pop up and down .;

    c. Instant Pot Anti-Block Shield push it on the side to lift it up and press it down in position to install it back in.

    *Pro Tip: there may be times when food or liquid gets stuck on or inside the anti-blocking shield. Be sure to remove it and wash it thoroughly from time to time.

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    Install Instant Pot Condensation Collector

    If your Instant Pot came with 2 plastic cups, the round plastic cup is a Rice Measuring Cup. The flat plastic cup is an instant pot condensation collector.

    How to Install Instant Pot Condensation Collector? Find the slot at the back of Instant Pot, then slide it right in .

    *Pro Tip: be sure to check & rinse the condensation cup once in a while.

    How To Open & Close The Lid

    First Instant Pot setup skill you need to master is opening & closing the Instant Pot Lid with ease.

    As shown in photo below, the black markings on the lid & pot may not be easy to spot at first.

    • Markings on lid: Close Inverted Triangle Open
    • Markings on exterior housing:;Locked Triangle Unlocked Triangle
    • Open Lid : twist counter clockwise until Inverted Triangle is aligned with the Unlocked Triangle sign, then lift the lid.
    • Close Lid : align the Inverted Triangle with the Unlocked Triangle, then twist clockwise to lock the lid.

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    Instant Pot Bone Broth

    I actually love this usage so much because it helps avoid STRAINING a giant pot of boiling liquid. Place all your bones and vegetable scraps in the basket, and make the bone broth like normal. When its finished, pull the basket out and thats it! G E N I U S !

    I dont have this recipe up on my website yet, but you can see a step by step on Instagram here!

    Excellent Value For Money


    Verified Owner

    I dumped my crock pot, yoghurt maker and pressure cooker so theres so much more room in the cupboards. Work lunches have become easier, weekend prepping a dream, and even my husband is eating more vegan food and loving it! Have cooked more in the Instant Pot in the last week than my pressure cooker that Ive had for years. Excellent investment and taking it camping next week!

    I would recommend this product to a friend.

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    Price: Affordable And Often Discounted

    According to the list price, the 6-quart Duo 60 7-in-1 retails for $99, but its frequently on sale for $69.99 to $79.99 instead. This puts it closer in price to budget-friendly brands like Crock-Pot, which sells a similar cooker for $69.99. And when this model of Instant Pot goes on deep discount thanks to events like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, its entirely possible to buy one for as low as $59.

    What Can This Instant Pot Do

    The Instant Pot is a 7-in-1 multi-functional cooker that can perform the following functions:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Steamer
  • Warmer
  • High-pressure cooking can reduce your cooking time up to 70%. The Instant Pot has a large, easy-to-use control panel with 14 built-in programs: soup, meat/stew, bean/ chili, poultry, sauté, steam, rice, porridge, multigrain, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, pasteurize, and fermented rice.

    • The steam function allows you to prepare fresh or frozen vegetables in less than three minutes.
    • Potatoes can be completely steamed in about 15 minutes.
    • Chili or stew dishes take an hour.

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    Release The Pressure Safely

    When you release the pressure, the escaping steam will be very hothot enough to burn you. So make sure the hole on top of the steam release is facing away from you before pressing the release button. Also, the quick-release method is not suitable for soups or cereals , because quick release may cause food to splatter out with the steam.

    I Love The Automatic Steam Release Valve


    With most electric pressure cookers, you have to turn the steam release valve to sealing before you set your pot to begin cooking. Without doing this, your Instant Pot will not come to pressure. I cant tell you how many times I have totally spaced this step. With the Duo Nova, it automatically seals it so you dont have to!

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    Instant Pot 10 In 1 Vs 7 In 1

    Many people are extremely satisfied with the 7 in 1 Instant Pot, but the 10 in 1 Ultra carries out added functions and may suit you if you are looking for more. So is it worth paying extra for three extra buttons? Is it a sensible option to choose a multi-function pressure cooker that carries out as many different functions as possible? Or is this just a case of added bells and whistles for the sake of novelty? We take a look at this Instant Pot 10 in 1 vs 7 in 1 comparison.

    The Instant Pot 10 in 1

    The Instant Pot Ultra 10 in 1 offers a whopping 10 different cooking functions. It is available in mini size , 6 qt size and 8 qt size. As ever with pressure cookers, the 6 qt size is the most popular as it is most suitable for cooking for up to six people so it can be used to prepare batches of food or for creating large meals.

    The 10 functions are; pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, sauté/searing, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer so this multi-function electric pressure cooker is indeed versatile.

    Also, there are some impressive new features. There is a built-in altitude adjustment program, so if you live at an altitude of over 2000 ft, you can automatically cook at the correct temperature and time without having to make any calculations yourself. You can also press the Ultra programming button to customize cooking times and temperature.


    The Instant Pot 7 in 1


    • Well priced


    In conclusion

    Resources: Manual Cookbook And App

    We were very impressed with the level of detail in the full-color user manual. It was very informative and even listed the psi for each pressure level and the temperatures equivalents for the less, normal, and more sauté functions. Of all the brands we tested, Instant Pot had the clearest explanation of how its pre-set programs work.;

    The recipe booklet, on the other hand, was a little less impressive. The photos accompanying the recipes werent very attractive, and it was clear the recipes werent designed for that particular Instant Pot . The Instant Pot app also has more than 1,000 recipes to choose from, but none seemed particularly appealing.

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