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What Is An Instant Pot

I Bought a Pressure Cooker~Instant Pot Ultra 60

The Instant Pot is a multicooker appliance that can perform the functions of a variety of appliances in one tool. Every Instant Pot model can pressure cook, slow cook, keep your food warm and sauté, and all models can effectively cook rice, meat and soups. No matter which model you pick, you’ll get a pressure cooker that will help you prepare dishes in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Duo: Most Popular Choice

  • Features: #1 bestseller on Amazon.
  • The Duo offers all of the standard Instant Pot features as LUX with an extra yogurt function.
  • It also has a low pressure cook setting so youll have more control over the cooking temperature.
  • It’s just $20 more than the LUX model and often goes on sale.
  • User-friendly lid with slots to prop the lid.
  • Detachable cord makes it easy to store in a cabinet.
  • Size: 3, 6 and 8qt.
  • Colors: Black comes in all sizes. 6qt size has Teal, Red and White
  • Verdict: Always been the best seller, so you can get this one for sure. Upgrade to better models if they are the same or little price difference from the DUO. .
    • This offers everything that the DUO does, plus settings for making cakes, eggs, sterilize and sous vide.
    • This also has an LED display, which makes the display more readable.
    • You can adjust the time, temperature and pressure level even after the Instant Pot has started cooking. This is not possible in the DUO model.
    • If you have babies or kids in the house, this model helps to silence the alarms.
  • Size: 3, 6 and 8qt.
  • Colors:Black, Blue, Cinnamon and Copper .
  • Verdict: Perfect for parents, and a great little upgrade over the DUO. Get it if the price is right for you.
  • DUO Nova 7-in-1: The latest evolution of DUO

  • Size: 3, 6, 8 and 10qt
  • Size: 6 and 8qt
  • DUO Nova Plus 9-in-1: Costco exclusive

  • Colors: Black and Silver
  • Verdict: I would rate this one as similar to a DUO, so go for this if it is the same price as the DUO or lesser.
  • Viva 9-in-1: QVC Exclusive

    A New Product From The Bestselling Instant Pot Brand

    Yes! This is another product from the very same Instant Pot brand you’ve come to trust, and can be purchased online via Amazon and many other websites.

    The Ultra is completely in line with the other Instant Pot products, it does everything they can do and quite a bit more too. The main difference is that this multi-cooker is a lot better at just about everything. It’s modernized, beautiful, and with the new functions it is better than ever.

    Instant Pot has always been famous for the huge amount of functionalities that it provides. This Electronic Pressure Cooker, the Instant Pot Ultra, gives you everything that the earlier models gave and a lot more. You can still cook yogurt in this pot, pasturize milk, sanitize accessories, and even do you sous-vide cooking too!

    Do you live at a higher elevation? Yep, this unit even has a way of dealing with your altitude adjustments so that you don’t have to manually figure it all out.

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    Features Of Instant Pot Ultra

    The Instant Pot Ultra Pressure Cooker is a must-have for every busy home chef. When you’re cooking, it’s often hard to estimate when your food is done cooking. That’s why Instant Pot features an LCD display with a cooking indicator to provide the progress of your dish with preheating, cooking and warming settings. Not to mention, the central dial provides added precision in program selection and adjustments. No matter what you’re craving – soup, cake, yogurt, or chili – you can cook all of your favorite dishes in an instant. If you’re unsure what to make first, be sure to download the free Instant Pot app that features over 600 recipes to get you started!

    Instant Pot Ultra 60 Sale

    Instant Pot Ultra

    Instant Pot® Duo Plus nine-in-1 Multi-Cooker is the following evolution within the Duo Series, the number one selling product within the Instant Pot® Family. The Duo Plus kitchen appliance combines the functions of a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice/Porridge Cooker, Cake Maker, Yogurt Maker, Sauté/Searing, Steamer, Warmer and Sterilizer. More Info.

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    Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer 6 quart 6 quart air fryer Not to be had online Instant Pot® Duo Plus Multi-Use Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart Instant Pot® 6QT duo plus Not to be had on-line Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Instant Pot 3QT Duo Not to be had online

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    Instant Pot Ultra, 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, and greater, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 6 Quart.

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    How To Choose The Right Size Instant Pot

    When selecting your Instant Pot, you’ll want to consider how much space you have. Instant Pot models come in four different sizes: 3-, 6-, 6.5- and 8-quart. Depending on what youre going to use it for, the size you choose can make a big difference.

    • If youre sticking to side dishes and meals for up to three people, Instant Pot recommends the 3-quart size.
    • The 6-quart size is the most popular and recommended for feeding up to six people.
    • The 8-quart model is the next most-popular size and is recommended for large families or to meal prep food for the week.

    What You Need To Know About The Instant Pot Ultra 10

    One of the most-talked-about cooking appliances is the Instant Pot. This pressure cooker has the ability to prepare recipes that usually take hours in just minutes. But is buying the Instant Pot Ultra really worth the price? This guide will explain how this model differs from other pressure cookers and will help you figure out if it is the best choice for you and your culinary needs.

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    Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

    This standout 11-in-1 pressure cooker was the first Instant Pot model to offer an air-frying function by way of a second air fryer lid. When youre done frying, you can simply switch back to the standard lid for pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and more. Like all Instant Pot models, this one comes with advanced safety features and access to a digital library of more than 1,000 Instant Pot recipes. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp even lets you broil, and until the Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer came along, this model was the Ninja Foodis fiercest competitor.

    Year released: 2019Built-in smart programs: 11Cooking functions: Pressure-cooking, slow-cooking, air-frying, steaming, sautéing, food-warming, sous videcooking, roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydratingSizes available: 6- and 8-quart Instant Pots

    The Cons Of This Product:

    Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots in the Instant Pot Ultra 60 Pressure Cooker

    As great as this product is, there are always a bit of room left for improvement, and while it does not do to be skeptical even with such a great model, we must consider the CONS when we consider purchasing this product. The main drawbacks of this model, the Instant Pot Ultra, are as follows:

    • The greatest negative is perhaps the price. Although the Sur la table is currently selling it for $149.95 for now, it may be assumed that this product will be priced higher than that in the future, so, if it is priced even higher that would be a con for anyone on a tight budget.
    • The second disadvantage is the lack of extreme versatility. That kind of versatility which we find in the Breville Fast Slow Pro. While the Instant Pot Ultra is very versatile, it is not the most versatile in the industry.
    • This model lacks some special features that other models have, such as the Flavor Infusion technology that the Power Cooker XL provides you with.

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    Compare With Similar Items

    This item Instant Pot Ultra, 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, and more, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 6 Quart
    4.7 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars
    FREE Shipping. Details FREE Shippingon orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with FREE Shippingon orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with FREE Shippingon orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with
    Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Magnet Stainless Steel
    13 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches 9.1 x 9.1 x 2.8 inches 9.8 x 0.5 x 9.8 inches â 9.37 x 9.37 x 6.22 inches

    What Features Are Available With The Instant Pot Ultra

    The Instant Pot Ultra’s controls are pretty simple. All you see on the front of the machine is a display with clearly labeled buttons , a knob and a start and cancel button. This control system is pretty intuitive and lets you scroll through Instant Pot’s impressive range of settings without having to click hundreds of tiny buttons.

    The Ultra gets its name from the new “Ultra” setting, which lets you completely customize the cooking time, pressure and temperature of your food. Not sure exactly which cooking settings you want to use? You can also use presets like “Soup/Broth” or “Bean/Chili” to let the machine decide for you.

    Other helpful features of the Instant Pot 10-in-1 include a delayed start of up to 24 hours for automated cooking and a quick steam-release button for safe handling. The display can show you when the pot is preheating, cooking or keeping your food warm so you know exactly what stage of cooking your food is in.

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    Instant Pot Duo Vs Instant Pot Ultra

    If you are new to the Instant Pot, Id love to help you jump right in and feel comfortable using your awesome new appliance! Check out this getting started with the Instant Pot guide and learn 5 most important rules, the 5 most used buttons, and 5 recipes to try first. If you prefer video, you can check out this thorough 3-part video series for beginners.

    Wondering what the best accessories are to go with your Instant Pot? I put together this list of the very best, most versatile accessories after making 76 recipes in 4 days for my cookbook photoshoot :: Best Instant Pot Accessories.

    Instant Pot Comparison Chart

    Instant Pot Ultra 60 Ultra 6 Qt 10

    If you are completely new to Instant Pot, let me share what is an Instant Pot – It is the top-selling multi-cooker and the most popular kitchen gadget. It is a device that combines an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and sauté in one handy unit. It can speed up cooking time, especially for meats, grains and lentils. Some instant pot models have additional functions, such as sterilizing baby bottles, making yogurt, or wifi connectivity/app. Instant Pot has also recently launched a multi-cooker + air fryer combination, called Instant Pot DUO Crisp.

    Instant Pot website has an awesome comparison chart that maps out all the models, functions, features, and sizes. You will definitely find this resource helpful.

    There are 7 main models of Instant Pot: Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, Ultra, Smart, Max, and Crisp.

    Falling somewhere in between are the Nova Plus and Viva models that have a combination of features in the main models, launched exclusively in partnership with Costco and QVC, respectively.

    When deciding which instant pot to buy, there are 2 main questions you need to answer:

  • Which size Instant Pot should you buy?
  • Which model Instant Pot is right for you?
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    Products That You Might Also Consider If You Are Considering This:

    If you are considering this model, you surely are looking for the specific things that this model has to offer. Thus, we can look at them and see how the other models which are reputed for those qualities measure up to it.

    1. Functionality: If you are considering the functionalities that are offered, then this model is one of the best. However, the only models that I can consider to be a competitor to this model in that aspect is the Breville Fast Slow Pro or the IP-Smart Bluetooth which you can program all the presets you could ever imagine from your phone.

    2. Modern Interface: If you are looking for a model that would have a modernized interface, there are quite a few models available that offer you that. However, among them as well, the Fagor, Elite Platinum and Breville Fast Slow Pro are also prominent.

    I wouldn’t blame you however if you just ordered yours on pre-release today. I know I’m picking one up for myself I just hope it doesn’t take too long to get to my doorstep. At the pre-release price I’m not hesitating.

    Alternatively there is also a new model releasing on Amazon this month. The IP-DUO Plus60 will be available very soon and it will be cheaper although it will lack the amazing display with selector dial and it won’t be able to make sous-vide like the Ultra model will.

    Instant Pot Ultra Review Conclusion

    As food lovers who love to experiment with food, cooking, and kitchen gadgets, we thoroughly enjoyed testing the new Instant Pot Ultra.

    From the packaging to the new look, new design, and new features, its an exciting new electric pressure cooker that cooks well. We especially love the flexibility and versatility of the customization.

    Though there are a few areas that require some fine-tuning, the Instant Pot Company is definitely heading the right direction.

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    Should I Buy The Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10

    Having in mind that this model gives you a lot of versatility, the 10 in 1 model is a great buy for people who are looking at versatility and flexibility at a good price.

    If you have an Instant Pot cooker, there is no doubt that you can benefit from having these huge amounts of new functionalities that come along, for those that already know how to use and set the cooker its a no brainer to try the 10 in 1 Ultra.

    Alotuhg if you have never use an INstant Pot before dont worries, its not like you are not ging to be able to undesratnd how yo use it. Every Instant Pot model is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

    The safety, warranty, and detailed features that come along with the Instant Pot brand combined with the number of new generation settings that come with this model plus the cool additions such as the drip catcher and the detachable power cord, making this unit a really great model to choose for both the experienced pressure cookers and the beginners as well.

    Is Instant Pot Ultra Easy To Use

    Chicken and Rice Alfredo, Instant Pot Ultra 60 Recipe

    The IP Ultra features somewhat tricky controlsit isnt hard, yet its also not that straightforward for beginners. To be more precise, it has a score of 8 out of 10 in terms of usability.

    That said, you need to check out this how-to video demo from the brand first.

    Heres the catch:

    The dial and multiple functions are like a double-edged sword. Picture this, when choosing a particular program, you may have to turn the dial several times before reaching your desired setting.

    Therefore, having individual buttons for the programs would be easier. Similarly, the dial fares better on adjusting number-type data such as duration, temperature, and elevation. In fact, the newer Instant Pot Max hallmarks these exact suggestions, plus its touchscreen.

    That being said, this is simply a minor drawback. Better yet, you wont even notice it after using Instapot Ultra several times.

    And for the bright side of the so-called double-edge:

    You have a total of 16 smart programs, nine of which are made for everyday recipes. Consequently, they already have a pre-programmed setting . In a nutshell, you can simply place the ingredients, select the program, and let the magic happen.

    As if thats not enough:

    The best scorer of Instant Pot Ultra has to be the steam release valve. The machine separates the valve and the vent, making it safer and more accessible than older versions and other brands.

    Heres a how-to clean video demo from the brand:

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    What Does An Instant Pot Do

    Yeah, why can’t you just get a regular slow cooker? At their core, Instant Pots are electric pressure cookers. The proprietary locking lid creates a seal that heats any water inside far past its boiling point, turning it to steam. When that steam has nowhere else to go, it creates pressure thus cooking food 2-10 times faster than what an oven or slow cooker could do.

    The Instant Pot’s heart is a microprocessor aided by built-in temperature sensors that give Instant Pots the ability to 1. Mimic the cooking functions of multiple different appliances and 2. Switch between those functions at the press of a button. This collection of programs can be tweaked and tailored to perform super specific tasks that you may have struggled with pre-Instant Pot . They get down to the nitty-gritty of heat intensity, pressure, and cooking duration to achieve more precise results in the kitchen. Some of the more advanced models even offer personalized programming and will remember your settings for the next time.

    Each Instant Pot model gains a new cooking method or two, so you aren’t paying for functions you won’t use.

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