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Help Me Cook Pork Shoulder In My Instant Pot

Pressure cook the pork for 60 minutes on high pressure. If you are using pork tenderloin, cook it for 45 minutes on high pressure. When the cook time ends, let the Instant Pot sit for 15 minutes to naturally release most of the pressure. A natural release makes the meat more tender, and the pork will continue to cook during this time.

After 15 minutes, carefully turn the steam valve to venting and allow the rest of the steam and pressure to escape. Carefully open the lid of your Instant Pot and shred the pork. If desired, you can thicken the sauce with a cornstarch slurry. See the full recipe with ingredients and instructions in the recipe card at the end of this post.

How Long Do You Cook Pork Shoulder In Instant Pot

Start The Instant Pot. Close the lid and make sure it is properly latched with the vent in the sealed position. Select the Manual setting,and press adjust to select a cooking time for 90 minutes. Regardless if the pork shoulder is over 2.5 lb or bone in,or frozen select 90 minutesof cooking time and the Instant Pot will do the rest.

Easy Instant Pot Honey Pork Steaks Notes:

  • The purpose of the trivet is to keep your meat off the bottom so it doesnt burn on the bottom, but still lets the meat cook in the ingredients without the need for a bowl since this recipe wouldnt fit in the bowl I use in my Instant Pot.
  • It takes a bit for the sauce to thicken. Be patient, but also remember that it gets thicker as it cools.
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  • As with any of our recipes, carb counts, calorie counts and nutritional information varies greatly. As a result, your nutritional content depends on which products you choose to use when cooking this dish.;The auto-calculation is just an automated estimate and should NOT be used for specific dietary needs.
  • Finally, all electric pressure cookers cook differently, so cooking times are always a basic guideline. Recipes should;always be tested first in your own electric pressure;cooker;and time adjusted as needed.

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Why Use An Instant Pot

Instant Pots are basically a home cooks cheat machine, using the power of pressurized cooking to turn long cooking times into a delicious meal incredibly easily.

The biggest challenge of making any dish involving pork shoulder is getting enough heat into the collagen in the tough meat so that it becomes delicious rather than rough and chewy. The extreme pressure Instant Pots create makes cooking pork shoulders an absolute breeze, turning what could be a multi hour cooking process into only 60 minutes.

Ingredients For Instant Pot Pork Butt

Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin with Garlic Herb Rub

Pork you can use a shoulder cut or a Boston butt

Chickenbroth if you dont have chicken broth you can use veggie or beef

Applecidervinegar dont skip this ingredient, it brightens up the flavor

Oil to sear the pork before pressure cooking. Searing the meat seals in the flavor and browns the meat.

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Whats The Difference Between A Pork Butt And A Pork Shoulder

These are actually two different cuts of meat. A pork shoulder is from the thinner triangle-shaped area of the shoulder, while the pork butt is thicker and from the lower portion.

Pork butts typically have more marbling than a shoulder, so they tend to be more tender and are more flavorful.

Did you know why they call it a pork butt? During the Revolutionary war, pork was stored in barrels referred to as butts. Boston butt was coined because they were a New England specialty food.

The Benefits Of Pressure Cooking A Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder as mentioned above, is inherently a tough cut of meat. Muscles that are used a lot become stronger, just like if you go and work out at the gym. The downside to these strong muscles is that they are usually packed with collagen and other connective tissues making them tougher then cuts such as tenderloins which are located right next to the spine and barely move.

Normally you would slow cook, these types of tough cuts over a long period of time to help break down the collagen and connective tissues. This helps make the meat super tender and fall apart.

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Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Mix up a bit of sweet and savory rub for your pork shoulder and it is done, fall off the bone meat in just 90 minutes. This is why I love my pressure cooker so much. ;

Let me show you just how easy cooking pulled pork is using this method.

I bet you have all the ingredients in your house already, other than the pork shoulder. So its really easy to throw together once you have that.

If you want a really quick way you can just use bottled barbecue sauce and a bottled already made rub. But I have an even better homemade recipe below that is super quick too.

  • I love using my Instant Pot because it cuts the cooking time in at least half, usually less than that. To cook pork in a pressure cooker takes only about 90 minutes for a 5 lb. piece of meat cut in half.
  • Ive put it in whole too but cut in half comes out a bit more tender.
  • You can use your Ninja Foodi to make this as well.

Put some on a bun topped with cole slaw and its a fantastic meal.

What Is Pork Shoulder


Pork Shoulder is the cut from a pigs shoulder, though sometimes labeled as Pork Butt or Boston Butt.

Youll usually see pork shoulder being sold as a big slab of meat with fat or fat cap. This fat adds flavor and keeps the meat tender as it cooks. It can also be sold bone-in, or boneless.;

Pork Shoulder is a great cut of pork to cook in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker because its a tough cut of meat thats fatty and full of connective tissues.

So its super easy to cook as a whole or in chunks with a variety of recipes, and itll come out tender, juicy, and flavorful.

*Shopping Tip: Pork Shoulder is usually quite a bit cheaper in Asian markets . So if youre able to shop at an Asian market that sells fresh meat, you might want to check them out first.

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How To Double Or Half The Recipe For Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

I have gotten a number of questions about doubling our reducing the size of the recipe. You can increase the meat without adding more liquid, just be sure not to fill the pot more than 2/3 full and make sure there is space around the sides of the pot so that it can come to pressure.

If you are using a smaller piece of meat, you will still want to use the same cook time, but just use half the barbecue sauce called for when cooking.

Instant Pot Dr Pepper Pulled Pork Recipe

Instant pot pulled pork Dr. Pepper. Description: This is a very easy and straightforward instant pot pulled pork recipe made with the Dr. Pepper flavoring. Ingredients: 1. 4 cups caffeinated pepper-type soda 2. 4 hamburger buns. 3. 2 cups prepared coleslaw. 4. 2 cups barbeque sauce divided. 5. 1 pound pork tenderloin.

418 · 52 minutes · Instant Pot Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork serve this up for dinner tonight. In under one hour, you have Instant pot pulled pork that is tender, juicy, and jam-packed with flavor.

1 Onion. 1 tbsp Onion powder. Condiments. 1 cup Bbq sauce. 1 tbsp Liquid smoke. Baking & Spices. 2 cups Dr. pepper. 1 tbsp Salt. Instapot Recipes Dinner Cooking Instant Pot Dinner Recipes Instant Pot Pork Cooking Recipes Pork Recipes Dump Meals Recipes.

Season pork with salt and pepper. Turn Instant Pot to Sauté setting and heat oil. When oil is shimmering, add pork. Sear until golden all over, about 6 minutes.

Our latest recipe is this Best Ever Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork! I dont know if its because Im from Texas or what, but Dr. Pepper is by far my first choice when I do have soda. But cooking with it makes the meat so tender and gives it amazing flavor too! If youve never tried this, start with this recipe!

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Instant Pot Pork Shoulder


Instant Pot Pork Shoulder a delicious and simple Instant Pot pulled pork recipe; perfect for a crowd or weekend meal prep!!

This Instant Pot Pork Shoulder repine is one of my favorite recipes to make for a crowd!

How Long To Cook Pork Roast In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Roast Pork Recipe

When you roast a pork butt in the oven, it takes about 40 minutes per pound. The Instant Pot is MUCH quicker.

In the Instant Pot, you should cook a pork butt for 15 minutes per pound. What does that mean? That means that you set the Instant Pot to pressure cook for 15 minutes per pound. If the roast is 3 pounds, you set it to pressure cook for 45 minutes.

The roast ends up being in the Instant Pot for longer than just those 45 minutes though. Before the pressure cooking starts, the Instant Pot spends time coming up to temperature. That can take as long as 10-15 minutes.

Then, after the pressure cooking time is up, the pressure needs to be released. I do what is called a natural release for 10 minutes. A natural release happens if, when your pressure cooking time has reached zero, you do nothing. Basically, the heater of your Instant Pot stops heating at that point, and then the pressure inside slowly dissipates.

I do the natural release for 10 minutes whenever cooking meat in the Instant Pot because a quicker release results in a drastic change of temperature that can make meat seize up and get tough.

So do the natural release for 10 minutes and then switch the valve to Venting and let the remaining pressure escape. You then open up the Instant Pot and take out the roast.

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Instant Pot Pork Cooking Times

Do not let people tell you pulled pork should be cooked for X minutes in the instant pot. NO! You need to take note of how much your pork butt weighs and plan accordingly from there.

IT IS 15 MINUTES PER POUND! I usually take about ½ pound off the total weight for the fat that is removed during trimming.

Pulled Pork Cooking Times by weight


3 lbs. 45 minutes, 10 min. NR

3.5 lbs. 52 minutes, 10 min. NR

4 lbs. 60 minutes, 10 min. NR

4.5 lbs. 67 minutes, 10 min. NR

5 lbs 75 minutes, 10 min. NR

Can You Freeze Leftover Pulled Pork

Yes!! You can freeze the excess of a double or triple batch for future meals. This comes in handy if you are frequently short on time. Just store it properly inside airtight containers and youll have a quick and tasty meal for nights when you dont have time to cook.

Heres the printable recipe to follow

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What To Serve With Pulled Pork

Instant Pot Bbq Pork Shoulder Recipe

Pork Shoulder Showdown: Instant Pot vs Dutch Oven vs Slow Cooker | No Pressure | Extra Crispy

This pulled pork recipe is so easy to make, youll kick yourself for not trying it sooner! It doesnt matter if you use a bone-in pork shoulder or a boneless one, if its frozen or thawed. The method remains the same. The only note here is if using a frozen pork shoulder, the instant pot will take longer to come to temperature, extending the cooking time.

While this Instant Pot pork shoulder recipe is a BBQ one, you can easily change the spice mix to a Cajun spice mix, or Mexican fajita-style pulled pork!

Lets get started, Youll need:

Chefs Tips: For maximum flavour, mix all the spices together, dry rub the pork shoulder and let it marinate overnight. This will help infuse the spices into the meat itself and not just into the sauce.

If youre in a hurry though and need something to eat ASAP, just toss everything into the Instant Pot in one go!

Regardless of if you marinate the pork or not, place the pork shoulder in the Instant Pot, along with the spices, chicken stock, and molasses.

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Pressure Cook With Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is the perfect liquid for pressure cooking pork. It adds flavor that you simply cannot get with water. To round out the flavors, well be adding some Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke. These flavors work together to bring about a boldness and savory aspect that youd normally get from the smoking/slow roasting methods of traditional BBQ. Naturally were going to emulate those flavors and the combination of Worcestershire and Liquid Smoke in the pressure cooker works wonders.

After youve deglazed the pot, add the rest of the wet ingredients and place the chunks of pork directly into the liquid. Dont stack it, spread it out as best possible. Secure the lid, close the vent and pressure cook on high for 1 hour. After the hour is up, let the pressure release naturally for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you can quick release any remaining pressure.

What Kind Of Pressure Release To Use For Instant Pot Pulled Pork

With long cooking meats, a natural pressure release is always best to lock in the flavor and prevent the meat from drying out. If you are in a hurry, Ive found that a 10 minute natural release, followed with a quick release gets similar results.

Learn more about natural verse quick pressure release in my post.

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Wait Onions Arent Liquid Whaddaya Mean

You caught us onions are solid, but theyre mostly made of water and once the pressure starts to mount they release more than enough liquid to prevent the dreaded BURN message. Dan Shumski, author of How to Instant Pot: Mastering All the Functions of the One Pot That Will Change the Way You Cook, developed two of the recipes below and both rely on onions. He notes, Where water dilutes flavor, onions add to it. Yet despite the onions, the pork here doesnt taste overwhelmingly of onions. When it comes to the onions, don’t go crazy chopping them large chunks are fine.

Pork Shoulder In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pork Loin

If you’re looking for fool proof fall apart pork shoulder then you must make it in the Instant Pot. Not only does this free your oven up for other things, but it also takes a fraction of the time of other methods. This three ingredient shredded pork is delicious in tacos or enchiladas, or on its own with rice and beans. My personal favorite is to make pulled pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce.;

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Instant Pot Kalua Pig

You gotta make my Instant Pot Kalua Pig!

After making the classic version of my;Slow Cooker Kalua Pig recipe;for years, Ive identified;its one drawback: the agonizingly long 16-hour cooking time. The perfume of slowly simmering pork never fails to drive me bonkers.

But at long last, a solution is at hand! Instant Pot Kalua Pig!

A few weeks ago, I started hearing from readers about how they successfully cooked kalua pig in their Instant Pot or pressure cooker, and my ears immediately perked up. Was it possible? Smoky, fork-tender kalua pig in a fraction of the usual cooking time? Only one way to find out

After interrogating my resourceful readers , engaging in good old fashioned research, and futzing around with all the variables in my kitchen, I came up with my own pressure cooker version of kalua pig.

And believe it or not, it may;even be better than my slow cooker version.

Ive extolled the virtues of pressure cooking before, but its truly become one of my favorite cooking methods. My trusty stovetop pressure cookers have been workhorses in my kitchen for some time now, but these days, Im almost exclusively turning to my electric programmable Instant Pot. I can make bone broth at a moments notice without having to babysit it like a stove-top pressure cooker. The Instant Pots sauté function even lets me brown aromatics or meat right in the pot before I throw in the rest of the ingredients. One less skillet to clean? Hallelujah.

Bbq Pulled Pork Recipe

You can absolutely use this recipe for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. Simply mix the pulled pork meat with your favorite BBQ sauce. My family really likes the Stubbs Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce; and the O Organics Original BBQ Sauce .;

These Gluten Free Hamburger Buns make the BEST sandwich rolls for gluten-free pulled pork sandwiches! They are soft and fluffy, and will quickly become a family favorite!;

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