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How to Make Clotted Cream in an Instant Pot

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Round #: Lets Try The Slow Cooker

I recently tried making clotted cream in a slow cooker. I completely forgot to take photos but I wanted to share the results with you. While I like that you can let it cook all day or night while youre not at home I didnt love the final product as much.;

The first round cooked on the low setting on my crock pot. But that was too high a temperature. The top of clotted cream turned dark and the texture was lumpy yet thin.

So, for the next round, I cooked it on warm for about 12 hours. That turned out better but I ended up with only a small amount of clotted cream.;

Some people swear by using a crock pot to make clotted cream. It worked ok for me set to warm but after this Ill stick to using the oven.

What Is Clotted Cream

According to Wikipedia, no one is quite sure where clotted cream came from originally, but, now, it is made primarily in the Devon and Cornwall counties of southwest England.; It is used as a spread, like butter, but it has much less fat compared to butter .; It is made by heating cows milk and letting it cool until it forms clots.; It is then traditionally spread on scones.

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The Origins Of Afternoon Tea

Lets first take a look at the origins of afternoon tea. It was made popular by Afternoon tea was introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the year 1840. It was meant as a light meal between lunch and dinner, not to be confused with high tea which is an entirely different affair. Although it sounds fancy, afternoon tea and high tea are not interchangeable terms. Afternoon tea refers to the small meal in the afternoon, while high tea was traditionally an evening meal where heavy bread and meats were served. You can read all about the different types of afternoon tea here.

Repeat Step If Cream Has Not Reached 180f

Instant Pot Clotted Cream  Fresh clotted cream that ...

Clotted cream recipe instant pot. This will take a while, about 30 minutes and resemble a thick custard sauce. Ill show you how to make it easily in your own kitchen. Pressed the yogurt button and then adjust until it said boil.

This will be the best ribs youll ever make! Remove instant pot insert from fridge. Use the yoghurt setting to first boil the cream and then leave warm for 8 to 10 hours.

I set the timer for 12 hours, and left the toggle on venting.. After 12 hours, i had a thick, golden skin on the cream . For the full recipe plus tips and tricks on how to cook these ribs in the instant pot visit life, with clotted cream.

This is a standard recipe for clotted cream which i have made many times. Let us tell you what clotted cream Whod a thunk you could use your instant pot to create the famously decadent spreadable cream thats the highlight of a classic british afternoon tea?

Spoon your clotted cream into a glass jar with a tight lid and refrigerate until ready to use. Do not stir or disturb the cream during the baking process. Once i returned home to the us, i sadly, could not find clotted cream anywhere!

Transfer it to a bowl and stir it together. To do this, pour the cream in a wide, open dish that fits into the vessel of your slow cooker and set it inside. Or at least i’ll give the ip variation on my.

Pour the cream into a shallow glass or ceramic baking dish. The lactose caramelizes delectably overnight. Set instant pot to yogurt and then boil .

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Can I Make Clotted Cream In An Instant Pot

Yes! Just place the heavy cream in your Instant Pot and choose the yogurt setting until it hits boil. When the Instant Pot beeps to let you know that its come to temp, press keep warm. Let the cream cook for 8-10 hours. Turn the Instant Pot off and let cool down completely then place the insert in the fridge for at least 12 hours to chill and firm up. Scoop off the top layer of thickened cream thats the clotted cream.

Can I Make Clotted Cream In A Slow Cooker

You all love our recipe for clotted cream in the oven , but many of you have asked us if it is possible to make clotted cream in a slow cooker.

Well, we did some testing in response to your questions, and we are happy to be able to share with you that, yes, you can make clotted cream in a slow cooker or crock pot!

But first we need to learn a bit about our slow cooker.

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What Do You Eat It With

Clotted cream is essential with a batch of scones. Trust me when I say you havent lived until youve eaten a fresh scone slathered with clotted cream and jam. Its divine. Clotted cream is standard when you have British tea and scones. You can pretty much also eat it on anything where you would have butter. I love it on toast and Ive been known to eat it with slices of banana bread too. You can also have a smoosh alongside cake.

Chef John’s Clotted Cream

Instant Pot Clotted Cream How to Make Real Clotted Cream the Easy Way! #clottedcream #instantpot

The long, slow cooking sort of. Clotted cream is a traditional British topping that originated in England. It is a smooth, yellow cream that is very thick and indulgent. Cornish clotted cream is now legally defined and the milk to make clotted cream must come from Cornwall with a minimum fat content of 55%.

Recipes for every occasion! DIY Homemade in the Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker. Bread & Sourdough. Yogurt & Dairy. Chocolate. Slow Cooking. Gluten-Free. Speciality Foods. Cooking, Preparing and Drying Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Its so incredibly easy to make clotted cream, a delicious British topping for scones and other pastries. This recipe requires only heavy cream and an oven or rice cooker, though you can also make it in a slow cooker or electric pressure cooker.

Fill the cooker with about an inch of water that surrounds the dish with the cream. This water will act as a buffer between your too-hot slow cooker and the your would-be clotted cream. After 8 hours has passed, gently remove the crock from the slow cooker, being very careful not to move the cream around and agitate the fragile top layer.

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Pros And Cons Of The Stove Top Method


  • This is probably the easiest method of them all, with no special equipment or specific temperature settings required.
  • Its also probably the most foolproof, as long as you cook your cream long enough to reduce it according to the recipe instructions.
  • You can use any type of heavy or whipping cream for this method, even ultra-pasteurized.
  • This is by far the quickest method ~ your cream will be thick and spreadable within about an hour.


  • Although this definitely scratches the clotted cream itch for me, the texture is a little different from the first two, and lacks the same crusty top that some consider to be integral to the clotted cream experience.
  • Requires more hands-on cooking time at the stovetop while the cream reduces, though the overall time is shorter.

Clotted Cream : The Basics

  • Clotted cream is a thick creamy spread normally used on scones, originally made by farmers in Great Britain.
  • Its made from heavy cream that has been heated over a period of time until it thickens or clots into a spreadable consistency with a unique cooked cream flavor and an extremely high fat content.
  • Clotted cream is world famous for its unparalleled rich texture, and its an essential part of a classic British afternoon tea.
  • Normally the only way to get clotted cream is to visit Great Britain, or to spend big $$ on a very small imported jar at your local gourmet market.
  • Ive come up with 3 different ways you can make this famously decadent spread in your own kitchen.

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Pros And Cons Of The Oven Method


  • This method is pretty straightforward, without a lot of phases and steps, and a lot of readers have had success with it. Like the Instant Pot method, you also get that nice crust on the top of your clotted cream.


  • Not all ovens go down to 180F, so check yours before trying this recipe out. And many ovens arent accurate, so it really helps to double check with an inexpensive oven thermometer.
  • Its important to use the right sized dish so that your cream is no more than a couple of inches deep.
  • Like the Instant Pot method, this method also takes a long time with overnight or all day cooking, then cooling and chilling.

Round #: Maybe Foil Would Help

Instant Pot Clotted Cream

The second time around, I did everything the same as the first time,;except that I covered the dish with foil. I thought that might create;a smoother texture. Heres what the cream looked like after 12 hours in the oven:

This batch wasnt grittybut it was soupy.

You can see in the photo above that the texture was quite different from the first round. And the only difference was that this batch was covered in foil!

I liked the taste of this batch, and it was smoother than the first, but it was a little too runny for scones.

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What Should Clotted Cream Look Like

When it is time to separate your cream, you will notice two layers in your bowl. The top layer is a more firm layer that is kind of like a soft ice cream attached to the top crust. This thicker layer you will scrape off and place in a new bowl, leaving a milky liquid behind.

The thick layer you then can mix up if you desire. That is your clotted cream.

If it is too thick for your liking, you can mix in a little of the thin, milky liquid to achieve the consistency you desire.

That thin liquid can be used like milk in any baking recipe you desire.

Slow Cooker Clotted Cream Recipe

Taking to the Facebook group Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips she posted snaps of her creamy concoction.. Captioning her photos she wrote: Clotted cream in the making hopefully cream tea tomorrow afternoon. She later posted a video of her spooning her successful cream onto the scone Devonshire style, so cream first followed by jam.

Slow Cooker Clotted Cream Recipe : A common breakfast topping in the UK is clotted cream, but it’s almost impossible to find in the US. Here’s how to make your own in a slow cooker. Slather it on everything. Find this Pin and more on EH Garden Tea by Iona Richards. Choose board.

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Round #: Getting Started

I poured one pint of regular grocery store heavy cream into an 8×8 glass baking dish and let;it sit uncovered in a 180F/82C oven for 12 hours. This is what it looked like at the end of those 12 hours:

The yellow stuff on top is the clotted cream.;I spooned it into a jar and used the milky leftovers in a batch of scones. Its always a good idea to make clotted cream the day before you want to make scones so you dont waste any of the leftover cream/whey.

For this first round, I used a pint of heavy cream from Trader Joes just regular old heavy cream. Later I realized that it was ultra-pasteurized, which clotted cream experts advise against using. I found that it worked ok but not great. I much preferred the cream that was made with local organic pasteurized cream .

This batch of clotted cream tasted good but was a bit gritty and had the worst texture of all my clotted cream experiments.;;

Or Even A Rice Cooker

How to Make Cream Cheese in the Instant Pot!

Yup, as lot as your rice cooker has a keep warm setting that keeps things warm from 165-180°F. You can test your rice cooker with water and an instant read thermometer. Just pour 4 cups of water, set it on keep warm and after 30 minutes or so, check the temp of the water. If it reaches 165-180°F, you can make clotted cream in it. Simply pour the cream into the bowl and set the keep warm for 8-10 hours. Double check every so often to make sure your rice cooker hasnt turned off. When its done, let it cool to room temp then pop it in the fridge to cool completely before skimming off the clotted cream that has formed on the top.

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Round #: Trying A New Method

I recently heard someone swear by this next method because it results in completely smooth and creamy clotted cream with none of those thick butter-like clumpy bits. I gave it a try and wanted to share it with you!

Heres what you do:

  • Heat oven to 360F/182C
  • Pour clotted cream into a baking dish and cover with foil I used 1 pint of non-ultra pasteurized heavy cream
  • Place cream in oven
  • Take cream out of oven 12 hours
  • Chill in the fridge for 12 hours
  • Scoop clotted cream into a dish;

Heres what my clotted cream looked like after following this method

My clotted cream was definitely smoother and creamier! I loved that there were no chunky bits and it wasnt gritty or lumpy at all. There was still a fair amount of whey, but thats to be expected.;

I think I transfered a little too much whey when I scooped the clots of cream into a jar, which made it runnier than normal.;

That said, it did thicken up after another 12 hours in the fridge. But it didnt have the same butter-like consistency that I usually get. It still tasted amazing, even if it was more pourable than spreadable.

What Temperature Does A Slow Cooker Cook At

This gadget can seem like a bit of a mystery cooking tool, so as a part of our experiment we ran our two slow cookers through a series of tests to see exactly what they do.

Keep in mind that each slow cooker will have a slight variance in the way they reach temperature and what their target temperature is. But, they all are required to get above 160F which is the widely recognized safe cooking temperature.

Our larger slow cooker had a max temperature range of 180-200F . Our smaller slow cooker had a max temperature range of 165-180F .

We used a ThermoWorks Chef Alarm digital probe thermometer to keep track of these temperatures. One of the many nice things about this thermometer is that it keeps track of the lowest and highest temperatures that it picks up when it is on.

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Homemade Clotted Cream Recipe

The first time I made clotted cream, it was in the oven. Since Id only experienced this traditional British spread from out of a jar, I really didnt know what to expect. A thick, yellow coated cream rose to the top of my baking dish, leaving liquid whey below. That was the clotted cream! It wasnt very appetizing at first glance, but according to Sally, the taste was spot on.

I was always a little suspicious of those little jars of clotted cream in the grocery store. Was it the same quality as what the British were spreading on their teatime scones along with a smear of jam? My experience was limited, but I wanted to try making my own.

How To Make Clotted Cream In The Slow Cooker

Clotted Cream made in the Instant Pot in 2020

As you can see, this Clotted Cream Recipe is barely a recipe. Can something with one ingredient be a recipe?

The trick here though is to make sure that you find cream that is pasteurized, but not;ultra-pasteurized.;The ultra variety will never;clot correctly. Youll end up with a strange cream soup situation that is definitely not worth your time.

As far as the slow cooker goes, you can use any one, but definitely read the manual to find out what temperatures your settings are. I made one batch of this with my simmer setting on and it ended up burned. I learned that the Warm setting was perfect for my model.

Ideally, you want the cream to never go above 180 degrees F. and generally stay between 165-180 degrees F. Depending on your model that might mean low, or just warm. Read up before you waste a quart of delicious cream.

Pour the cream in your slow cooker, cover it, and let it warm for about 8 hours. My slow cooker is large so the layer of cream was pretty shallow. If you have a tall slow cooker, you might need to cook it for 10-12 hours. Its pretty flexible and as long as your temp range is right, its pretty hard to overcook it.

I set mine, went to bed, and woke up to this.

There will be a thick layer of film on top of your cream. Think of it like an enormous version of the skin that forms on puddings. Believe it or not, you want it.

After chilling, the top layer will be pretty thick.

I just used a mason jar.

Uses are many.

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