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Instant Pot Chicken Mole
  • Chop 2 small white onions.
  • Shave 4 oz. bittersweet chocolate.
  • To each gallon-size plastic freezer baggie, add the following ingredients:

    • 8 boneless chicken thighs
    • Half of the chopped onion
    • 1 – 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
    • Half of the shaved chocolate
    • 1 Tbsp ground cumin
    • 1 tsp chipotle chili powder
    • 1 tsp garlic powder

    Remove as much air as possible and seal. Add label to baggie and freeze.

    Making Chicken Mole Tacos

    Now its time to assemble these Instant Pot chicken tacos! Youll need:

    • Corn tortillas

    First, toast the tortillas on both sides. You can do this directly over the burner for a more charred flavor, or toss them in a skillet just to give them some texture.

    Then, add some chicken and sauce to the tortillas. Sprinkle some cheese and cilantro over the top and serve with lime wedges.


    • If you cant find chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, you can make your own version at home. Here are my recipes for dried chipotle peppers and homemade adobo sauce.
    • Flour or gluten-free tortillas can be used in place of the corn, depending on your preferences or dietary needs.
    • Reserve leftover mole sauce to use in enchiladas, drizzled over eggs, or added to soups and chilis.


    Easy Mole Chicken Recipes That Are Less Authentic Just As Delicious

    Lets be clear: this is a cheat, lean, and easy chicken mole recipe. It may not be 100% approved by traditionalistsor even 80%but its undoubtedly delicious and retains the slightly sweet, smoky, tantalizing taste of the original chicken mole.

    Two of my short-cut secrets: the Instant Pot and a list of just essential ingredients.

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    An Easy Chicken Mole Recipe

    Chicken mole is one of those dishes you order at a Mexican restaurant when you want to treat yourself to a comforting dish full of warm, cozy flavors. This Instant Pot recipe is an easy and convenient way to make delicious chicken mole at home! Everything cooks in no time inside your pressure cooker.

    Tender shredded chicken is simmered in a fiery sauce made with garlic, chipotle pepper, chocolate, tomatoes, and more! You wont believe how amazingly all the flavors come together. Next time youre looking for a satisfying dinner that you dont have to spend all day on, make this chicken mole.

    Why Make Mole In The Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Chicken Mole

    Making chicken mole in your Instant Pot will help you brown your chicken and sauté your sauce with ease. It makes for easy cleanup since everything is cooked in the same pot. Its also an amazing way to get tender and juicy chicken thats easy to shred. Using an Instant Pot significantly reduces the cook time for this recipe.

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    Topping Ideas & Serving Suggestions

    There are plenty of simple ways to serve chicken mole, whether you want to add a quick topping, serve it inside a cheesy quesadilla, or enjoy it as is.

    • Make Tacos: Chicken mole tacos have a special place in my heart. Your mole will taste great as a nacho topping, too! Dont forget the crumbled queso fresco.
    • Serve Over Rice: Turn plain rice into a delicacy by topping it with your spicy chicken mole. I also love Coconut Lime Cauliflower Rice with this dish.
    • Add Avocado: For a creamy and cool ingredient to offset the spiciness of this dish, top your chicken mole with fresh avocado slices.
    • Serve with Sour Cream: Add a dollop of sour cream overtop the chicken mole.

    The Best Way To Store Spices

    For maximum health benefits and flavor, store spices away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. That means out of the window, away from the stove, dishwasher and sink. When you open the jar you should get a strong scent of whats in the jar. If the taste isnt obvious, its time to replace.

    Dried ground spices typically last 2-3 years, whole spices may last 4 years and dried herbs from 1 to 3 years.

    A few more Instant Pot recipes to get your going:

  • Instant Pot Curry Egg Salad
  • Make it your way

    Short on time? Dont have chicken pieces and parts on hand? Make the sauce and stir in some cooked, shredded chicken. Or serve with a pork loin or pulled pork. Its also great with firm tofu or beans and rice. Oh, and on a taco. However you eat it, mole is a delicious celebration of Mexican culture.

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    Ingredients For Single Meal

    • 1 – 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
    • 2 – oz. bittersweet chocolate
    • 1 – tsp chipotle chili powder
    • 1 – tsp garlic powder
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    Is This Easy Instant Pot Mole Sauce Spicy


    Well, that really depends on your chiles. Every time I make this the heat level is a little different. I will say that made as is , my kids can usually eat it, and they cant handle spicy foods. If you want yours spicier, you can add some cayenne as I mentioned, or a little chipotle in adobo would be great, too!

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    How To Use Instant Pot Chicken Breast

    Congratulations! You’ve got tender, juicy chicken breast that’s ready to use in this week’s meals. Rub a little butter and salt on your whole chicken breasts and reheat for an easy weeknight meal . Use cubed chicken in Chef John’s top-rated Spicy Chicken Noodles. Shredded chicken makes Mexican night a breeze when used in this Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup or Baked Chicken and Rice Chimichanga. Browse our entire collection of chicken recipes for more inspiration.


    How To Make Easy Chicken Mole

    • Arrange the chicken in the Instant Pot.
    • Place the sauce ingredients into a blender, process until smooth, then pour the whole shebang right over the chicken. Note: It will smell amazing.
    • Cook the chicken for a short and sweet 8 minutes of pressure. It will be incredibly moist and tender and soak up the wonderful flavors of the sauce. Remove the chicken and set it aside.
    • Reduce the sauce right in the Instant Pot on the saute setting. Shred the chicken.
    • Add the chicken back into the sauce, stir, and ta-da! Seriously legit-tasting shredded chicken mole you can use any way you like.

    If youd like to make chicken mole in the slow cooker, this isnt something Ive tried myself, but I did add suggestions to the recipe notes. If anyone does make slow cooker chicken mole, please let me know how it goes.

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    Pressure Cooker Shredded Chicken In Black Mole Sauce

    Published: by Mike Vrobel · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    Real deal mole is amazing, but I cheat on weeknights, and buy buy pre-made mole paste at my local Mexican mercado. But it is Authentic Cheating – home cooks in Mexico also buy pre-made mole paste at their local market.

    Black Mole Paste from my local Mexican market

    My other weeknight cheat is boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead of the whole bird. Quick mole for a weeknight, thanks to the pressure cooker.

    An Easy Recipe For Restaurant

    Incredible Instant Pot Mole Chicken &  Vegetables

    Hole-Mole! What’s for dinner? Oaxaca Style Mexican Chicken Mole Coloradito made easy and home cooking approved with this 30 minutes, easy Instant Pot Chicken Mole recipe.

    My Chicken Mole recipe is special. It is loaded with flavor, is easy to prepare and above all don’t need perching on stove or blending/straining the sauce. All is done in Instant Pot, needs no blending and only 15 minutes of prep.

    Chicken Mole stays good in refrigerator up-to 4-5 days, and freeze up-to 6 months. Make-ahead over the weekend and enjoy multiple times in week. It is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Nuts Free.

    If you don’t have an Instant Pot. I highly recommend investing in one. It is a good kitchen appliance and saves lot of time in quickly making recipes which otherwise will need lot of effort. But no worries, if you don’t have IP yet. I have included instruction to make Chicken Mole on stove top.

    So, why wait? Let’s cook Chicken Mole for dinner tonight!


    Mole or Mole Sauce is Mexican sauce preparation. Mole sauce is made from dry chilies, nuts, spices, vegetables, chocolate and seasonings. It takes a great deal of time to prepare traditional mole. It is served on special occasions and holidays in Mexico. Mole Sauce has many variations. The recipes very from state to state and use variety of different ingredients and chilies such as Poblano, Chipotle, or Ancho chilies.


    Happy Cooking!


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    Here’s How To Make It:

  • Simply combine the chicken thighs and the mole sauce in your pressure cooker. I just bought a jar of mole sauce at the store. Close the lid, lock it, and cook on high pressure for 8 minutes.
  • When it’s done, release the pressure. Use a couple forks to shred the chicken while it’s still in the pot.
  • Add the zucchini, spinach, brown rice and quinoa. Stir and serve!
  • Of course, you can serve these mole chicken bowls simply by layering the ingredients in a bowl, but I much prefer to mix it all together, even though it’s not as pretty.
  • Scoop it into four bowls and you have a piping hot, perfectly spicy and delicious healthy dinner in 10 minutes flat!

    How To Store And Reheat Leftovers

    • Store leftover chicken mole in an airtight container in the fridge. Your leftovers will stay good for up to 5 days. If you have a lot of extra mole sauce, you can freeze some in a mason jar for later use! Its a great add-in for tacos, enchiladas and much more.
    • To reheat your chicken mole, its best to heat up the sauce and the chicken in separate skillets. Reheat them on the stove for 8-10 minutes each, pour the sauce over the chicken and enjoy!

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    How To Make An Easy Chicken Mole

    • Arrange the chicken in the Instant Pot.
    • Place the sauce ingredients in a blender, process until smooth, then pour the entire shebang just over the chicken. Note: The smell will be amazing.
    • Cook the chicken on short, sweet pressure for 8 minutes. It will be very moist and tender and absorb the great flavor of the sauce. Remove the chicken and set aside.
    • Reduce the sauce right in the Instant Pot on the stir fry setting. Broken chicken.
    • Add the chicken back into the sauce, stir, and ta-da! Really legit shredded chicken mole that you can use any way you like.

    If youre looking to make chicken moles in the slow cooker, this isnt something Ive tried myself, but I did add a suggestion to the recipe notes. If anyone made a slow cooker chicken mole, please let me know how it turned out.

    Tips For The Best Chicken Mole

    EASY Chicken Molé Recipe | Doña Maria Mole Sauce
    • Brown Chicken in Batches: Dont try to shove all of your chicken breasts in the Instant Pot at once when youre browning the chicken. Do it in batches to ensure everything cooks evenly. Also? You dont have to brown the chicken at all its an extra step that adds flavor and texture to the chicken breasts, but you can skip it.
    • Release Steam After Pressure Cooking: Dont forget to do a quick release of the steam in your Instant Pot before removing the cover.
    • Check Internal Temperature: To make sure your chicken is cooked to perfection, check its internal temperature with an instant read meat thermometer. The thickest area of your chicken should register at 165°F.
    • Simmer Sauce Until Thickened: Wait until your mole sauce has thickened before you stir in your shredded chicken. The thickened sauce will coat the chicken effortlessly!

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    How To Make Mole In A Pressure Cooker

    Planning the menu for your Cinco de Mayo party? What better way to celebrate Mexican culture than withmole poblano, a dish that melds Old World spices and New World chocolate and chilis into a rich, complex, and uniquely Mexican stew? Theres only one downside: developing those complex flavors takes time. And when youve got a party to plan, time is in short supply.

    Enter thepressure cooker. Waitno need to duck! Were not talking about the ticking time bomb that menaced you from atop Grandmas paisley burner cover. Todays pressure cookers are far safer, and theyre still the best way to cut cooking time without sacrificing flavor. Its no wonder theyre popping up everywhere these days, from the Top Chef set to your friends kitchen. Want to get in on this trend? Youve come to the right place. Learning to use a pressure cooker will pay off in spadesor at least in delicious, delicious mole.

    Pressure Cooker Basics

    Got all that? Great! Now lets make some mole.

    • 1 kg water
    • 225 g butter
    • 150 g sweet onion, diced
    • 75 g peanuts, shelled
    • 50 g dark chocolate
    • 50 g tomato paste
    • 15 g ancho chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 15 g pasilla chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 15 g mulato chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 15 g guajillo chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 15 g chipotle meco chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 15 g chipotle morita chili, dried, seeds removed
    • 10 g sesame seeds
    • 2.5 g caraway seed

    Why Use An Instant Pot For Chicken Mole

    Ever since I started cooking these Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Tacos, the pressure cooker has become my favorite way to make shredded chicken , along with other favorite Mexican recipes like this Instant Pot Mexican Casserole.

    The chicken comes out perfectly tender and juicy, its easy to shred on the spot, and you only have one pot to wash in the end.

    The nature of mole sauce itself also makes it a prime pressure cooker candidate. The Instant Pot concentrates the sauces flavors more rapidly, speeding up the cooking process. The fact that the chicken cooks in the Instant Pot at the same time as the sauce saves an extra step too!

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    How To Serve This Instant Pot Chicken Mole

    • The majority of the time, we use the Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Mole to make always-satisfying mole chicken tacos. My favorite toppings are feta or queso fresco and cilantro.
    • It would be equally tasty as a filling for enchiladas or quesadillas.
    • Mix with brown rice and black beans to create your own mole chicken bowl.
    • Sprinkle it over tortilla chips, add cheese, chopped red onion, or any of your other favorite fixins, then pop it into the oven for a few minutes for mole chicken nachos.
    • Devour directly out of the Instant Pot .

    If you are into Mexican food, bold flavors, and any excuse to open a bag of chips, this easy Instant Pot Chicken Mole will be a sure hit in your house! If you decide to try it, be sure to leave a comment. It makes me so happy to hear from you.

    Cooking Directions For Single Meal

    Instant Pot Chicken Mole
  • Chop the white onion.
  • Shave the bittersweet chocolate.
  • Place the chicken thighs into the base of the Instant Pot insert and add the chopped onion, crushed tomatoes, shaved chocolate, ground cumin, cinnamon, chipotle chili powder and garlic powder. Stir the sauce gently. set the slow cooker on low and cook for 8 hours. Once finished cooking, shred the chicken with 2 forks and mix into the mole sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Steam valve: Sealing.
  • Cook on: Manual/High for 22 to 25 minutes.
  • Release: 10-minute Natural or Natural release.
  • Prepare veggies.
  • Spoon the shredded chicken into tortillas to make tacos. Top with chopped cilantro as garnish.
  • Serve Slow Cooker Chicken Mole as tacos with side of veggies. Or you can serve shredded chicken over rice for gluten-free option.
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    How To Make Chicken Mole Faster

    The beauty of this recipes is that its one pot. A little extra time for the onion and spices, then you fill the Instant Pot then let it do its thing.

    I use chicken legs and thighs in this recipe because they are more forgiving than the lean breast. The dark meat wont get dry and tough if your cooking time runs a little long. Because of that, these dark pieces are good in a slow cooker or braised dish.

    With the Instant Pot, if you find the chicken is undercooked because you stopped cooking a little too soon, you can repressurize the pot and add time, or cook on Saute with the lid off. The chicken is done when a food thermometer reaches 165°F.

    Instant Pot Chicken Mole

    I recently began to do some chicken mole research. It appears that chicken mole takes about 382 days to make, with 7,214 ingredients. No, not really, but it does look difficult and time consuming. So, with difficult, time consuming dishes, the move is to make then in an Instant Pot. I took lists of authentic chicken mole ingredients and combined things here and there until I created something that I thought was tasty.

    A little disclaimer given that I have never eaten authentic chicken mole, I have no idea how this Instant Pot Chicken Mole compares to the authentic version. However, I can tell you that this dish is delicious. Its quick and easy to make, and has a fabulous depth of flavor. So, maybe it doesnt contain raisins or pepitas, and maybe it should actually be called Delicious Chicken with a Mole-Like Sauce, but regardless, you should give this Instant Pot Chicken Mole a try, because it is real good.

    This chicken goes well with tacos, on its own, or over Cilantro Lime Rice. The later is how we eat it in my house!

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