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How To Make Creamy Potato Soup:

EASY Instant Pot Crack Chicken Recipe
  • Place potatoes in a pot, cover with water, season with salt and cook until tender then drain.
  • In a separate dutch oven, saute bacon until crispy, remove and set aside, reserving 1 Tbsp bacon grease.
  • Add onions and butter and sautee until soft. Add garlic, cooking until fragrant.
  • Whisk in flour, milk and broth until smooth.
  • Add drained potatoes, season with salt and pepper and bring to a soft boil.
  • Stir in sour cream, cheese and bacon. Bring to a boil then remove from heat.
  • Serve the creamy potato soup with your favorite toppings!

    How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Stock And Bone Broth

    • If using a metal strainer insert , place inside instant pot.
    • Place bones of leftover roasted chicken in Instant Pot or strainer.
    • Place scraps of carrots, celery, onions, or full vegetables in Instant Pot or strainer.
    • Season with salt and herbs.
    • Cover with water. Be careful NOT to overfill Instant Pot. You do not want to fill your instant pot more than two-thirds of the way full. It is okay if the bones and stock are not fully covered.
    • Place lid on pressure cooker and be sure vent knob is pointed towards sealed.
    • Cook on High Pressure for 45 minutes for chicken stock and 120 minutes on high pressure for bone broth.
    • Allow Instant Pot to release pressure naturally for AT LEAST 30 minutes, before releasing pressure manually.
    • Strain chicken stock using strainer insert or over a large bowl using a strainer.
    • Cool before transferring to storage containers.
    • Once cooled, refrigerate until fully cooled.
    • If desired, skim off any fat with a spoon and discard.
    • Store in the fridge for 7 days or freeze for up to 3 months.

    Cooking Spaghetti Fettuccini Or Linguini In The Instant Pot

    Long, straight pasta like spaghetti, fettuccini, and linguini can be a bit finicky to cook in the Instant Pot. The method for cooking these is slightly different than other shapes, though the cook time remains the same.

  • Break the pasta strands in half before adding them to the Instant Pot so that they can easily be submerged in water.
  • Pour water into the Instant Pot to completely cover the pasta .
  • Do not stir before cooking. Resist the urge to stir the pasta.
  • Pressure cook pasta according to the time on the chart.
  • Leave pasta on natural release for 5 minutes and then release any remaining pressure.
  • After cooking, stir the pasta well to insure the strands are not stuck together.
  • Drain well.
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    Learn How To Keep The Vegetables Firm In This Simple Beef Stew

    I pressure cook my stew twice. If you cook the meat and the vegetables all in one single step you will tender meat and mushy vegetables. The best stew should have tender meat and firm vegetables. The first cooking is the meat, stock, and spices. The second cooking is where we add the vegetables. Cooking the vegetables for less time means they stay firm and distinct.

    How To Make Minestrone Soup In The Instant Pot

    Swanson® Chicken Broth, 14.5 oz. Can

    Olive Oil

    Celery, Carrots, Onion, Zucchini – Be sure and cut all the veggies about the same size. To save some time buy some pre-chopped vegetables in the produce area of the grocery store. I prefer to chop my own. I also use baby carrots in this recipe which work perfectly because there is no need to peel them, and they are already small in size so all you have to do is slice them thin.


    Garlic – Use fresh garlic cloves that have been minced or pressed. Use chopped garlic from a jar or use garlic paste from the tube. Any type of garlic will work just fine.

    Vegetable Broth

    Great Northern Beans

    Light Red Kidney Beans – Dark Red Kidney beans will also work too.

    Small Shell Pasta – I prefer the shell pasta but you can use any small shaped pasta. Like ditalini or even elbow would work.

    Basil, Parsley, Oregano – These are all dried spices. No need to buy fresh herbs that cost a fortune.

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    Instant Pot Pasta E Fagioli

    Published: April 21, 2020· Updated: March 12, 2021 by Kari · · This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

    Instant Pot Pasta e Fagioli is a quick and easy way to make my mom’s pasta and beans recipe. Beans, tomatoes, and Italian sausage cook together in the Instant Pot for easy cleanup and tons of flavor.

    This recipe is similar to Olive Garden’s Pasta e Fagioli, but is a little more of a classic, family recipe. I like this recipe a lot better – maybe because it reminds me of my childhood, but also because it is delicious. The best part is, it is using ingredients that we always have on hand.

    • diced bacon or diced pancetta
    • diced celery
    • canned diced tomatoes with their juice
    • chicken broth
    • ditalini pasta
    • canned Cannellini or White Kidney beans – I have also used Great White Northern beans in my pasta e fagioli and they are great!
    • optional but delicious: a parmesan cheese rind

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    The best, easiest, and quickest homemade chicken noodle soup you will ever make in your pressure cooker! Tastes just like moms cozy, flu-fighting, homestyle soup!

    I know.

    Im sorry guys. I am so late to the Instant Pot game here. I am clearly not an early adopter.

    But! I tried the IP. And I LOVE IT. So can I join the IP cult now? Because I have used my IP for a month now.

    And I just. cannot. stop. Mainly because Ben gets sick every other week.

    So I have made this homestyle chicken noodle soup four times in the last month.

    And its absolutely perfection.

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    Instapot Beef Stew Ingredients

    What one secret ingredient is in this recipe? Chicken stock. I use chicken stock as the stew base. I think the flavor of the chicken stock adds a richness and nice flavor profile that beef broth does not have.

    People always ask, did you just say chicken stock?. Yes. If you prefer beef stock or beef broth, please use it. I urge you to try your beef stew with chicken stock just once.

    Heres a list of what you need:

    • Beef Chuck Roast this is a good beef stew meat, is has so much flavor due to the marbling of the beef.
    • Vegetable oil you can use olive oil
    • Kosher salt
    • Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon adds a nice touch

    This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Tips On Oven Roasted Homemade Rotisserie Chicken

    3 EASY Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners!

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    Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

    • Instant Pot Mac and Cheese – This method of cooking pasta in the Instant Pot works so well with Mac and Cheese. Because the starches in the pasta thicken the cheesy sauce, you get an extra creamy mac without needing a ton of cheese or butter.
    • Instant Pot Chicken Spaghetti – Classic and comforting, this one pot meal is a family favorite around here. Check out that post .
    • Instant Pot Italian Pasta Salad – This pasta salad uses a different method than the one described here. For Instant Pot pasta salad you boil the pasta above the other ingredients using the pot-in-pot method. But it’s such a fun Instant Pot trick, it deserved a mention here.

    To Add Richness And Flavor To Instant Pot Stew

    • Brown the meatfirst in vegetable oil or olive oil.
    • Do not use water, use a meat stock
    • Use meat with some fat like a chuck roast, you will get the flavor from the fat, and the gelatin will give you a nice texture.
    • When you brown the meat deglazewith a bit of red wine if you desire, be sure to scrape the browned bits on the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon to pick up all of that rich flavor.
    • If you want to you can add a bay leaf or two when you cook the meat for flavor.
    • Do not put flour in your Instant Pot, it will clog the pressure valve.
    • If you think the stew is too thin, consider adding a cornstarch slurry to the final result.

    How to thicken Instant Pot Beef Stew with a Cornstarch slurry.

    Combine 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of water. Stir to blend well. Add to hot stew after it has finished cooking. Stir until stew thickens. The residual heat of the stew is sufficient to thicken the cornstarch slurry mixture in the stew.

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    Whole Wheat / Alternative Pasta

    There is no need to make any adjustment to the formula if using whole wheat or alternative pasta. Because this method of cooking pasta is based on the recommended cook time on the package, any type of pasta can be cooked this way.

    We tested this method with several varieties of whole wheat pasta and with several varieties of alternative pasta .

    Beef Stew In An Instant Pot

    Swanson® Natural Goodness Chicken Broth, 14.5 oz.

    Beef stew is one of those all-time comfort foods, when served with some crusty bread you really cant ask for a better dinner. This one-pot meal can be made quickly and it tastes like your favorite traditional beef stew recipe. Best of all this cooks in under 90 minutes, so you dont have to wait for hours while your beef stew cooks.

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    Various Vegetables = Maximum Nutrition

    One of the best parts about this chicken and vegetable soup is how LOADED with vegetables it is. Here are just a few of the health benefits you will receive when eating a bowl of this soup:

    • Carrots A great source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, and potassium.
    • Zucchini and squash These vegetables have almost no fat and are full of vitamins B6, C, K, riboflavin, and folate.
    • Red potatoes These potatoes also have no fat or cholesterol and have almost half of your recommended amount of Vitamin C.

    How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

    This is one of those throw-it-all-in-and-press-a-button recipes that is totally hands off. My favorite kind of recipe! Also known as dump recipes.

    Add the chicken stock, tomatoes, onion and garlic to the pot. Place the chicken breasts on top, and sprinkled the spices on top of that.

    Last, add the black beans and corn on top, and do not stir.

    Place the lid on, lock it, and cook the mixture on manual high pressure for 5 minutes.

    Let the pressure release naturally for about 10 minutes . Then quick release the rest, using the release lever.

    When the pot has depressurized, remove the chicken and shred it with two forks.

    Keep shredding until you break down all bits of the chicken. This takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

    Return the chicken to the pot, and add lime juice and cilantro for additional flavor.

    A cook time note about those chicken breasts: You may need to adjust cook time if the size of your chicken breasts is significantly bigger or smaller than the ones I used. Mine were around 7 to 8 ounces each, FYI.

    I have not tested this recipe with frozen chicken breasts. But if I do, I will come back and update this!

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    For A Quick Soup Thats Rich & Flavorful Start With The Best Ingredients

    While some soups rely on slow simmering for great flavor, we dont all have that kind of time. So instead, start with ingredients that are already packed with that homemade richness, like Swanson® Chicken Broth. Its carefully crafted with real chicken meat and bones that are slow-simmered for 12 hours and then uniquely clarified, creating a premium double stock with deeper and richer flavor. By starting with a stock thats so packed with goodness, youre just minutes away from a delicious soup instead of hours.

    How To Store It

    4 Pot-in-Pot Instant Pot Recipes! Perfect for Beginners

    Store leftovers covered in the fridge for up to 4 days. This soup taste even better the next day! Reheat on the stovetop or in the microwave.

    Freeze leftovers in a freezer-safe container for 4 to 6 months. The cornstarch will cause the liquid to separate on thawing so if you’re making a batch specifically to freeze, omit the cornstarch until you are ready to reheat.

    See more guidelines at USDA.gov.

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    How To Thicken Up Soup

    In order to keep this Instant Pot chicken soup extra healthy, it is gluten-free, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant. But how do we thicken it up without adding a bunch of heavy cream?

    A simple solution of warm almond milk and a couple of tablespoons of starch get whisked together to form an incredible thickening agent. Simply add it to the soup when it is done cooking in your Instant Pot and voila! A super thick and creamy, comforting soup without the heavy cream.

    Why Is Homemade Better

    • More Flavorful. The instant pot really develops the flavors in stock, making it much richer than store-bought stock.
    • Economical. Using my frugal tip for using vegetable scraps to make this stock, it can be made essentially for free! Quality stock, it is at least $2.50 for 4 cups. Considering I use stock several times a week if I purchased stock from solely from the store, I would quickly spend a small fortune.
    • Quality Control. By making stock or bone broth at home, you know exactly what goes into your stock! No yeast extract, no msg, no caramel color, no gluten. Plus you can control the amount of sodium.

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    Instant Pot Stew Inspired By My Grandmothers Recipe

    I wanted something to remind me of my Grandmothers beef stew. She cooked plainly, letting foods natural flavors come through. Her homemade beef stew was one of my favorite recipes, and the best thing about this recipe was when you enjoyed it the next day because it tasted even better.

    This easy instant pot beef stew is made with beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, a little garlic powder, salt, tomato sauce, chicken broth, and smoked paprika. You really can make delicious stew in an electric pressure cooker.

    Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

    Swanson® 50% Less Sodium Beef Broth, 14.5 oz. Can
    • prep time:10min
    • total time:30min
    • serves:4people

    Our recipe for Instant Pot® Chicken Noodle Soup makes preparing a delicious, homey soup even easier than picking up take-out. You just need 5 ingredients and this warm, comforting soup is ready in about 30 minutes. Chicken, veggies and noodles cook together in the flavorful chicken broth in the Instant Pot®. Now you can have comfort food in no time with this easy chicken soup recipe!

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    How To Sub Chicken Thighs In This Recipe

    My preferred cut of chicken for the Instant Pot is usually the chicken thigh. Why? Because it is least likely to dry out.

    But! I wanted to do a chicken breast recipe for yall because so many of yall have been asking about recipe adaptions for chicken breasts. So this fits the bill. And it turned out great, yall! The chicken was so tender and juicy.

    That being said, you can make this Instant Pot chicken tortilla soup recipe as written with chicken breasts. Or you can opt to make it with chicken thighs instead, if you just adjust the cooking time to about 13 minutes.

    Quick release for fresh chicken thighs, or add ten minutes of natural release for frozen thighs. .

    Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

    Slow cooker turkey breast is the easiest way to cook a turkey breast. It only takes a few minutes to get it going in the crock-pot and the result is the most tender and juicy turkey breast you’ll ever eat!

    Let the slow cooker do all the work and free up valuable oven space during busy holiday gatherings!

    Are you looking for a great holiday recipe that you can “set and forget”? When you cook turkey breast in the slow cooker, you are able to do just that!

    This is one of the easiest recipes for turkey breast without brining you’ll find. You won’t have to worry about dry turkey meat because the garlic herb butter along with the juices from the turkey will keep the meat tender and moist.

    A slow cooker boneless turkey breast is perfect for a party of up to 8 people and it goes great with all of your holiday side dishes like scalloped potatoes, green chili corn casserole and sweet potato casserole. If you have leftovers, use them to make a big pot of turkey gumbo.

    If you love using a crock-pot for the holidays check out our easy slow cooker ham with brown sugar and honey glaze. And don’t forget pecan pie and pumpkin pie for dessert!

    • pepper
    • garlic powder
    • For the Gravybutter, flour, chicken broth and the drippings from the turkey breast are used to make the gravy. Some turkey breasts come with a gravy packet that can be used instead of the homemade gravy.

    Here are a few ways to modify this recipe if needed.

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