How Long To Cook Chicken Legs In Instant Pot

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How To Cook Frozen Chicken Thighs In An Instant Pot

How to Cook Chicken Legs in the Instant Pot~Easy Cooking

To cook frozen chicken thighs in your Instant Pot, first make sure that the chicken thigh pieces are separate and not frozen together. This will ensure that the chicken cooks evenly.

Skip the step of browning the chicken on sauté mode. Add 1 cup of water to the inner pot and place the metal trivet in the inner pot. Put the chicken thighs on top of the trivet.

Since the spice rub wont stick well to frozen chicken, I recommend sprinkling half of it on the top of the chicken thighs after you place them on the trivet. After cooking you can add a little more seasoning and then brown the meat if you wish.

Cook frozen chicken thighs on high pressure for 15 minutes and then do 5 minutes of natural pressure release. You may want to brown the cooked chicken thighs under the broiler in the oven for a few minutes. Or, you can pour the water out of the Instant Pot and brown the cooked chicken thighs on sauté mode for a few minutes.

How To Make Low Carb Bbq Chicken In An Instant Pot

Cris here.

I just LOVE this recipe. We have made the crock pot version for years and it is one of our most popular recipes.

So, when readers have asked me to start converting our crock pot recipes into instant pot recipes , this was a natural choice. Truth be told, I would have converted it earlier, but my family has been eating primarily a low carb lifestyle, and I couldnt find a low sugar BBQ sauce that I liked so I was waiting until I did

Easy Instant Pot Drumsticks Recipe

This is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you can make in your instant pot. It is a budget-friendly dinner, that you can dump and cook. Also, you can prep it ahead of time and freeze it.

I make the sauce and add everything to a freezer-friendly zip-lock bag and when I know I want to make it for dinner, I transfer the bag from the freezer to the fridge in the morning to thaw.

Mongolian chicken drumsticks are the perfect electric pressure cooker recipe to make during a busy weeknight. It is so good that the whole family will love it. Bonus points for being kid-approved.

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Precautions During Making Instant Pot Fried Chicken

  • Make the all-purpose flour and cornflour coating perfectly on all sides of the chicken and remove extra dry crust by shaking them.
  • Before dip, the chicken pieces in the hot oil, check the temperature by food thermometer or dip a small portion of dough in the oil. Try to maintain the temperature at approximately 350°F.

I hope, now you can make this healthy insta pot pressure fried chicken recipe in your kitchen easily. Please let us know, after making this dish, how was your cooking experience?

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How Much Liquid Do I Put In My Pressure Cooker

Incredible Instant Pot Ginger Garlic Drumsticks

When you use a pressure cooker, you need to have enough liquid in the pot for it to come up to pressure and cook the food properly. The rule of liquids in pressure cooking is to always add at least 1 cup of liquid unless the recipe states otherwise. The liquid will help create enough steam to cook the meal.

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How Long Does It Take To Cook Drumsticks In The Instant Pot

Chicken drumsticks cook in the Instant Pot for 10 minutes on high pressure with a quick release for fresh and 12 minutes with a quick release for frozen chicken.

I made some yesterday that I had thawed out for about a day and were still semi-frozen. I did them for 11 minutes and they turned out perfectly. A quick release doesnt dry these out, in my experience.

Instant Pot Chicken Breast

Holy cow or maybe I should say holy chicken this was the one that gave me the biggest headache. So first I tested three 10-oz breasts at 4 minutes, 5 minutes and 6 minutes. After 4 and 5 minutes, it didnt make it to 165F in the resting period but the 6 minutes one was at 155F after opening and within 4 minutes resting time made it to 165F internal temperature.

My conclusion then was approx. 2 minutes per 3.5 oz , right? WRONG! If you cook a 3.5 oz tiny chicken breast for 2 minutes its totally overcooked . Also, Ive cooked two same weight but different thickness breasts at the same time but they had different internal temperatures after cooking.

Naturally, the next experiment was the thickness. A 1.2-inch thick breast cooked to 165F in 4 minutes.

My conclusion then was 50 seconds for every 1/4 inch OR 1 minute for every 3/4cm, right? WRONG! Because a 1/2-inch chicken escalope was completely overcooked after 2 minutes .

It doesnt make much sense to me BUT Ive got a table for you and we can all just not care about the formula, I would probably have to include surface and distance to heat source and all kinds of complicated things nobody would want to calculate each time they made a breast anyway, so here is a handy bullet list instead:

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Easy Instant Pot Chicken Thighs

See my guide on how to use an Instant Pot.

Easy Instant Pot Chicken Thighs Recipe. How to cook perfectly moist and juicy chicken thighs in your Instant Pot pressure cooker. With tips on how to cook from fresh or frozen.

In an effort to bring you more quick and easy dinner ideas and also more easy Instant Pot recipes, Im excited to share this Instant Pot chicken thighs recipe with you! Judging by the popularity of my baked chicken thighs and grilled chicken thighs, many of you love flavorful chicken thighs as much as I do.

You can cook these perfect juicy, seasoned chicken thighs in your Instant Pot in just 30 minutes, start to finish. Cooking chicken in your Instant Pot frees up all of your oven space so you can roast a pan of veggies to serve alongside the chicken. If you prefer a crockpot recipe, try my Tuscan Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs. Air Fryer Chicken Thighs are also deliciously crispy.

The spice rub on these chicken thighs is similar to the rub that I use on my baked chicken thighs, and it is so good! It adds so much flavor to the meat.

When you make these pressure cooker chicken thighs youll use the sauté function on your Instant Pot to first brown the chicken on both sides. This step adds flavor and is a real benefit to using the Instant Pot. The convenience of sautéing and pressure cooking all in one pot is a busy cooks dream!

Instant Pot Chicken Wings

Instant Pot Chicken Legs Drumsticks Recipe | Path To Debt Freedom

Almost all recipes I found online all suggested 5 minutes HP + different times natural pressure release. The 5 minutes did get them to the safe 165F after the resting period BUT they were far from fall-off the bone.

Just like for the whole legs or just thighs and drumsticks longer cooking equals more tender and fall-off the bone meat.

Chicken breasts and bone-in dark chicken really cook completely different.

Anyhow, after a 10-minute high pressure cooking time + 5 minutes or more natural pressure release I noticed they become nice and tender. The wings of the big whole chicken that cooked for 25 minutes had perfect wings, too. So I guess 25 minutes is still fine.

10-25 minutes High Pressure + 5 or more minutes Natural Pressure Release

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I Love My Instant Pot Paleo Recipe Book

The I Love My Instant Pot Paleo Recipe Book covers breakfast to dessert with all courses in between.

I pored over all the recipes searching for the perfect thing to share at this busy time of year and found so many things I want to make: Quick Lime Marmalade , Homemade Chai Latte , Bison Sloppy Joes , Tom Kha Goong .

As one would expect with the speed and ease of Instant Pot cooking, the recipes are simple, straight forward and easy to follow. There are no fussy cooking techniques and recipes that will keep your breakfast, lunch and dinner table hopping with effortless interesting food.

There is an easy primer in the beginning of the book on using your Instant Pot, as well as accessories the author suggests.

I found the format easier to absorb than the Instant Pot manual. I also love that there is a list in the back of the book of Paleo Yes and No Foods to help if one is following a paleo regime. Youll love the recipes whether you are eating Paleo or not.

From the first thumbing through this cookbook these Instant Pot Smoked Paprika & Garlic Chicken Legs jumped off the page.

Smoked Paprika is one of my favorite spices with a deep, earthy flavor and gorgeous burnt red color.

Despite having only 4 ingredients this recipes is flavor-full and with a quick broil at the end the chicken legs are perfectly seared with juicy meat and crispy skin.

Ready in less than 30 minutes with little active cooking time.

Can You Put Raw Meat In A Pressure Cooker

Cover bottom of pot with 1 cup cold water for a 6 quart instant pot and 1.5 cups of cold water for an 8 quart instant pot. Add in trivet and place frozen or fresh ground meat directly on trivet. Put the lid on the Pressure Cooker and turn valve to seal. Set to High Pressure for 20 minutes if frozen, 6 minutes if fresh.

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The Advantage Of Cooking Chicken In A Pressure Cooker Or Instant Pot

When we cook or fry chicken in an open frying pan, sometimes it does not cook inside properly. But in the case of instant pot, it is cooked outside as well as inside properly within a short time. This is the main difference between usual deep-fried chicken and instant pot fried chicken. By this cooking method, the inner side of the chicken is made more mild and juicy and outside crispy.

Key Ingredients For Instant Pot Chicken Legs

Instant Pot

Chicken Legs Head to the grocery store or local butcher shop and pick up the meatiest chicken legs you can find. In this recipe we specifically use chicken drumsticks, which are often referred to as chicken legs. When placing the chicken legs in the pot, be sure to stand them upright on a trivet. The meaty part of the leg should be facing down. Cooking them this way will ensure that the thickest part of the chicken leg is cooked all the way through. You can also use frozen chicken legs in this recipe follow instructions as normal, then increase the cook time to 12 minutes.

Chicken Broth This recipe requires liquid at the bottom of the Instant Pot to create steam which then cooks the chicken. You have the option of using one cup of water here. However, I recommend chicken broth as it packs in so much more flavor.

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Leave Skin On Or Remove When Making Instant Pot Chicken

Im a big advocate of always leaving the skin on, at least if youre cooking only the chicken. If youre cooking it on top of rice for example, the dripping fat WILL mix into the rice. Youll have to decide if youre ok with that depending on how fatty your other meals were during the day.

When youre cooking only chicken on the rack with water in the bottom, the fat will drip into the water but the skin will keep the meat moist.

Now, be aware that the skin will NOT crisp up when cooked in the instant pot. It will be rubbery and yucky. You have two options after your chicken is cooked through. Either remove the skin and discard OR put under the broiler for a couple minutes for it to crips up.

How To Cook Chicken Legs In The Instant Pot

Youll need the trivet that came with the Instant Pot. If you dont have one, you can set the chicken directly in the pot. I like the texture of the chicken more when its on the trivet. Its more tender and less water-logged, for lack of a better descriptor.

Seasoning the chicken legs before cooking adds a ton of flavor. I season almost everything with my homemade dry rub. You can find the recipe at that link. Its fine to season with seasoning salt or just salt and pepper.

Pour a cup of hot chicken broth into the base of the pot. Add the trivet. Then place the legs evenly on the trivet. This recipe is for just 2 servings, but you can make as many chicken legs as you need, just stack them up.

Close the lid and seal the vent. Press the pressure cook button and set the time to 10 minutes. After this, allow natural pressure release for 5 minutes, then manually release the remaining pressure.

You can cook frozen chicken legs in the Instant Pot, if youve forgotten or havent had time to thaw in advance. If youre cooking these chicken legs from frozen, youll need to give them 14 minutes of cook time, and I also sometimes extend the pressure release to 8 minutes.

Be sure to visit our Instant Pot Guide for more tips and great recipes!

At this point, you can serve the chicken legs as is. They are nicely seasoned and tasty. Or you can brush them with BBQ sauce , buffalo sauce, or a glaze, like this delicious honey sriracha sauce.

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How To Thicken Sauce In The Instant Pot

Most of the time when thickening any kind of sauce, you need a thickening agent such as cornstarch. This is exactly what we used in this recipe.

The easiest way to thicken a sauce in the Instant Pot is to use the handy dandy saute feature. You can either sprinkle the cornstarch right into the sauce in your Instant Pot and whisk it until thick OR create a cornstarch slurry.

Can You Reheat Cooked Chicken Legs

Instant Pot Tandoori Chicken Legs / Drumsticks Easy Fast Method

Of course. I suggest you throw them into your air fryer for a few minutes at 380 degrees F. If you dont have that you can microwave for about 45 seconds 1 minute. You can also just remove the meat right out of the fridge and throw it into something like our Instant Pot chicken and rice dish.

You can find a lot of other cheap Instant Pot recipes to make next. I mean who doesnt love to find a new one pot meal that feeds all of you for under 20 bucks??!! Our air fryer frozen salmon is great too if you have that machine.

Feel free to print out the instructions below or just come back when you need them again. We love seeing you over and over again for sure.

Want to see a few of my favorite things you might want to write on your Christmas list this year??!! Take a peek and see how many you might already havetwinsies!

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How To Use Instant Pot Chicken Thighs

Now that you’ve got the basic technique down, get inspired with all different kinds of Instant Pot chicken thigh recipes. A little teriyaki sauce goes a long way in this Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Thighs recipe. Experiment with flavors like barbeque or bacon-ranch. Keep things simple with this Instant Pot Pepper Chicken Recipe. Or for a dish that will really impress, chicken cacciatore is made easier with the Instant Pot. Browse our best Instant Pot chicken recipes today.


Make Homemade Bbq Sauce:

You can certainly use store bought BBQ sauce but it is very simple to learn how to make homemade barbecue sauce with very little effort! If you like more of a sweet barbecue sauce, add a little brown sugar to the slow cooker chicken.

Chicken drumstick recipes can be prepared so easily and without much work. We love this meal and have fun trying different variations. We have even cut up chicken breast or used regular chicken legs with this recipe. Chicken thighs are also delicious.

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How Do You Make Instant Pot Chicken Drumsticks

  • In a small bowl combine the paprika, cumin, and garlic salt.
  • Next, sprinkle the seasoning over the drum sticks. You want to rub it all over each piece of chicken.
  • Add the water to the instant pot. You dont want the drumsticks touching the bottom so use the rack that came with the instant pot.
  • Place the lid on top and set the valve to pressure to begin cooking the chicken.
  • Set the pressure to 15 minutes to cook the chicken drumsticks. Do a quick release to natural pressure release. In just minutes, you will have the best chicken!
  • Once they are finished cooking, place on a baking sheet lined with foil.
  • Brush with BBQ sauce and broil in the oven for that nice crispy outside. It will take about 1-5 minutes. Cooking time will vary.
  • Remove from oven, flip the drumsticks. Brush with remaining BBQ sauce.
  • Broil another 1-5 minutes until brown.
  • These drumsticks are perfect when served warm.

Instant Pot Chicken Drumsticks Ingredients

Frozen Chicken Legs Instant Pot

The ingredients for this well seasoned easy instant pot chicken drumsticks or pressure cooker chicken drumsticks are simple . You will need:

Chicken – You can use fresh or frozen. The cooking time varies but i have noted the cooking times for both in this post.


Oil – Vegetable, sunflower, coconut or olive oil.

Barbeque sauce or buffalo sauce – Optional

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