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I bought the Instant Pot months after it came on the market, when there were NO recipes out there. People were still afraid to use it. SO, I started figuring it out and used it every day for months. Now I have 101+ Instant Pot recipes to show for it.

  • Even though it says Instant Pot you can use all of these in the Ninja Foodi using the pressure cooker function.
  • AND you can use all of our easy air fryer recipes for it as well, that means two for the price of one.

Principle Three: How A Pressure Cooker Cooks Food

The most important concept to understand when pressure cooking is that you are cooking food in a wet environment. The pressure cooker is either boiling, braising, or steaming your food. That is why certain foods do very well in a pressure cooker and others might not fare so well.

Here is where all that mumbo jumbo about the boiling point of water come into play. I promise it is all about to make sense. So, remember how at sea level water boiled at 212 because there were 212 balls pressing down on the water surface. Well the pressure cooker increases those balls significantly. Remember when I talked about sea level being 14.7 psi and at sea level water boils at 212° F because it is at this point that vapor pressure of the water is equal to the atmospheric pressure? I know… I know… get to the point already. I promise I am.

The Ninja Foodi has 2 pressure settings. High and low. High pressure is a psi of 11.6 and low pressure is a psi of 7.2. Wait a minute! That makes no sense, does it? We already know that a psi of 11.6 will cause water to boil at around 198° F, so that would increase the cooking time, right? Nope, because we also have to factor in the psi at your altitude.

If you want to see what the boiling point of water is at your elevation and atmospheric pressure, you can use this calculator from Thermoworks.

Pressure Cooker Function Of Ninja Foodi

I was very eager to test this out first because if I got rid of my Instant Pot, I would need the next pressure cooker to perform like the Instant Pot.

Im happy to report it worked just as well. I did have an issue with the seal/vent valve but it only happened once so it mightve been a fluke/user error.

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Which Is Better: Ninja Foodi Vs The Instant Pot

The complicated answer to the Ninja Foodi vs. Instant Pot debate changes every time either brand launches a new iteration of its device. New releases happen much more often than you’d expect for the humble countertop cooker.

The blind spots each had a few years ago have mostly been covered at this point.

Both have LCD screens, multiple pressure settings, inserts that are dishwasher safe, and the rest of those expected specs. Which cooker you should get depends on the appliance features that you want to pay for and which one you think would look better on your counter, honestly.

Prices for the Foodi start at $169.99 and max out at a $279.99, with about four models in between. Prices for the Instant Pot start at $89 and max out at $249.99, with a few more models in between to ensure your perfect price point. The newest Instant Pot Pro Plus debuted at $169.99, comparing to the price of the oldest Ninja Foodi model that’s all but discontinued.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into where each device wins and loses, based off the models available in November 2021.

How Do I Know How Much Liquid To Add When Pressure Cooking

Ninja Instant, 1000

This is something I put a lot of thought into when developing a recipe and there are many variables to determining the right amount of liquid. I am going to go over as many as I can think of, but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment at the end and I will definitely get back to you.

The basic rule of thumb I use is to use the least amount of liquid needed to come to pressure and meet the requirements of the food I am cooking. The Ninja Foodi recommends at least ½ cup of liquid in the 6.5 quart and the 8.5 quart. .

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What You Need To Know Before Buying

  • The Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp Pressure Cooker is a big and heavy machine, so youll need to have a big space available to use it.
  • The crisping lid is hinged and not removable. You need room for the crisping lid to be open while using the pressure cooking lid. The attached air fryer lid means you cant cook with the Foodi on a counter under your cabinets.
  • The Foodi electrical cord is only 33 inches in length, so youll need to be close to an outlet to use it.
  • The pressure release valve on the Foodi is short and a little more difficult than the Instant Pot to maneuver without bringing your skin into contact with the steam.
  • Hot air comes out from the back of the unit as its air frying, so youll need to place it away from walls and cabinets.
  • Many accessories that fit in most 6-quart pressure cookers will be too tall to use in the Foodi.
  • The beep at the end when your time is up is not very loud and not adjustable.

Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker Review 2021

The Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp Multi Cooker is different from the others – let’s look at it!As just about every buyer of kitchen appliances knows these days, its always a good idea to consider getting a multicooker. This is an appliance that can do the work of several machines. Its not a new idea, but the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp is certainly a new model. Its new enough that there arent all that many customer reviews yet, what the early reviews are unanimous in giving it perfect scores. Perhaps thats because of the quality, and also because of the interesting features.

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Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Cleaning

You can place the cooking pots from Ninja Foodi machines and Instant Pots in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Ninja Foodi models have non-stick cooking pots so you shouldnt end up with dried-on bits of food that are hard to get rid of, whereas Instant Pots have stainless steel pots.

As Ninja Foodi machines feature a cooking pot with a non-stick coating, youll have to avoid using any metal utensils with it in case you scratch off this coating.

Frozen Food In Ninja Foodi

ONE POT SPAGHETTI INSTANT POT | NINJA FOODI pressure cooker pasta ~ the Spaghetti Deddy

You totally can cook from frozen to tender in this thing. There are a ton of options listed in this post but our Ninja Foodi frozen chicken legs are probably the easiest. If you want fish from hard to tender, try Ninja foodi frozen tilapia too.

Looking for a healthier way to fry your favorite appetizers? Try Ninja Foodi crab cakes with just a spritz of oil and not submerged. If you have leftovers, roll them up into air fryer mashed potato cakes

If you want some comfort food in a bowl, go for some Ninja Foodi chicken rice soup or chicken crack soup with some bread. For a heartier meal you can make meat and noodles together with this Ninja Foodi chicken alfredo recipe.

High protein, keto and low carb choices are here too with our Ninja Foodi beef recipes roundup post. Pair with some frozen okra in air fryer for a healthy meal this week.

Air fryer chicken thighs with air fryer asparagus is a cheap meal. And air fryer turkey breast is great during the holidays.

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Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Verdict

Spec-wise the Ninja Foodi and the Instant Pot are pretty much level pegging. As both offer 11 functions in one machine, you wont be missing out on either option.

If you need all the cooking space you can find, the Instant Pot will be your champion here as it has a bigger capacity than the Ninja Foodi. Of course, how much you pay might be the biggest deciding factor of all and if thats the case, the Instant Pot is the cheaper option.

The short answer is that there arent masses of differences between these two popular brands so if youre struggling to decide which is best for you, consider how much space you have to store a multicooker, how much youd like to spend, and what size capacity suits your needs.

How Does A Ninja Pressure Cooker Work

Putting it simply: airtight container + water + heat + food = fully cooked meal. But how that actually works is pretty cool. Usually, water/liquid can only boil at 100 degrees celsius, because most pots are not airtight, so steam escapes. This means that food can only get up to that temperature, increasing cooking times considerably. Ninja pressure cookers create a situation where steam and heat cannot escape, increasing the boiling heat of liquid and food to 120 degrees celsius . Essentially, your food is cooking considerably faster at higher degrees.

But what does it do about heat regulation? Instant pots dont let your food burn because they have a pressure sensor inside the outer pot. The inner pot will deform slightly at such high temperatures, and touch a pressure plate. When this happens the pressure cooker turns off the heating element. This allows the heat to cycle so your food cooks evenly, and shouldnt burn. Interestingly, ovens work a similar way. Theyll shut off the heat to maintain the temperature inside.

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How To Make Popcorn In An Electric Pressure Cooker

Cris here. One of my favorite treats is Movie Theater Popcorn. I stick to a pretty solid low carb lifestyle with two exceptions. The occasional pizzeria pizza and popcorn when we go to the movie theater.

Now that my family is doing a lot of movie nights at home, I got to thinking about how to make movie popcorn for our family to enjoy as a treat and I remembered that Mikeys dad once told me that the key to amazing homemade popcorn is lard. So I started testing making homemade popcorn in my Ninja Foodi and Instant Pot and I was FLAT OUT SHOCKED how easy it was. I have vowed never again to make microwave popcorn. This recipe is just as easy, less likely to burn and tastes SO MUCH better!

Our Picks For Best Ninja Pressure Cooker 2022

Ninja Instant Pressure Cooker

There are so many different models from Ninja present in the modern-day market that it gets hard to pick 5. Especially, considering the high-quality manufacturing and attention to detail that the company puts in making its products useful, things get a bit tough. However, we have selected 5 of the best models in the market that, according to us, can address the varying needs of individuals from different user groups. So, whether you are an intense user or an occasional chef, here are the best ninja pressure cooker 2022 that you can buy.

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Using Your Ninja Instant Cooker

FAMILIARIZING YOURSELF WITH PRESSURE COOKINGIn order to familiarize yourself with the Pressure Cook function and start cooking, it is highly recommended for first-time users to do an initial run.

  • Place the pot in the cooker base and add 3 cups room-temperature water to the pot.
  • Assemble the lid by aligning the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the front of the unit. Then turn the lid clockwise until it locks into place.
  • Make sure the pressure release valve on the lid is in the SEAL position.
  • Press the PRESSURE button. The unit will default to high pressure and a time setting of 2 minutes. Press the START/STOP button to begin.
  • The unit will begin to build pressure, indicated by the rotating lights. The unit will begin counting down when it is fully pressurized.
  • When the countdown is finished, the unit will beep, automatically switch to the Keep Warm mode, and begin counting up.
  • Turn the pressure release valve to the VENT position to quick release the pressurized steam. A quick burst of steam will spurt out of the pressure release valve. When steam is completely released, the unit will be ready to open.
  • Quick Pressure Release: Use this function only when specified by your recipe. When pressure cooking is complete and the KEEP WARM light is on, turn the pressure release valve to the VENT position to instantly release steam through the valve. Keep face and hands away from unit as steam is being released.


    Pressure Cook



    Ninja Foodi Breakfast Recipes

    If you love frittatas you can make one like a crustless Ninja Foodi quiche here. Instead of tacos on Tuesdays you can make Ninja Foodi tamales some time.

    Many mornings we will make a small batch of air fryer muffins. From a box or homemade, theyre a great way to start the mornin. During the Fall, Ninja Foodi pumpkin bread is a great dessert or Ninja foodi snack.

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    Features Of The Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp

    Multicookers arent all that unique, but the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp isnt your run of the mill multicooker. Thats because it can also function as an air fryer, and thats not a function you can usually find in another brand of multicooker. Air frying, if youre not familiar with the concept, is the cooking method that seeks to mimic deep frying by using hot air instead. Since you dont use oil to fry, its a healthier method.

    Obviously, the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp doesnt just air fry. A quick glance at the controls offer a menu of the following functions: pressure cooking, steam, slow cook, and sear/sauté. The TenderCrisp technology in particular offers options such as air crisp, bake/roast, and broil. In a way, it can do just about everything.

    Basically, what this does is to let you cook very quickly, since you can pressure cook frozen food and cook it from the inside out. You dont even have to use time up for thawing, and also you get to evenly cook your food. After pressure cooking to lock in the juices of your meat, you can then top everything off with the crisping method of your choice.

    You get these results in the new modern way of gourmet cookingyou just press a button and youre good to go. Of course, you have to have an idea of the right settings for cooking temperature and cooking time. You have buttons here that let you adjust these settings. The other button here is for the Keep Warm function, so the food wont get cold.

    Things To Consider When Choosing The Amount Of Liquid To Use

    Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot – Which is Better? | Product Reviews | Well Done

    Do I want my food to be submerged in liquid for cooking? There are a few instances where you might want to submerge your food, like to boil a chicken. Or perhaps you want to boil corned beef. In these instances, place your food in the inner pot and fill with liquid until the food is covered. Just make sure you do not go over the max fill line that is marked on the inside of the inner pot and sometimes it is best to stay a few cups under that line .

    Another thing to consider is how much liquid will the food give off during the pressure cooking process. I recently made the mistake of not taking that into consideration when making bone broth. Even though most of the meat was removed from the previously cooked chicken, there still was skin and cartilage that broke down during the pressure cooking process and created extra liquid. My pot was so full at the end of the pressure cooking time, I am surprised it didn’t overflow.

    Do I want to have a concentrated liquid at the end of pressure cooking in order to make a sauce? Let’s use a chuck roast as an example. Is your goal to have a rich concentrated sauce with which to make gravy? If that is the case, I would not add more than one cup of liquid . The chuck roast will give off its own liquid as the fat breaks down during pressure cooking and you will end up with 2-3 cups of liquid with which to make gravy.

    Now, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions about pressure cooking.

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    Testing The Ninja Foodi

    When I received the first Foodi, Id never used an air fryer before, so I also sent a Foodi to my good friend and one of the moderators of my , Genene, to test. Genene loves cooking with her electric pressure cookers and she has a couple of air fryers that she uses on a regular basis in conjunction with her pressure cookers, so I knew shed be able to tell me how the Foodi stacks up.

    We both agree that its nice having only one appliance that can do two things, but there are drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback is that the air frying lid / crisping lid is not removable. The crisping lid stays in the open position while youre pressure cooking. Genene felt the crisping lid was in the way when she was using the saute feature to saute vegetables before pressure cooking.

    The pressure cooking lid is a separate, detachable lid, so youll need room in your pantry or kitchen to store it.

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