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Knowing how to choose an instant pot depends on identifying your needs and cooking prowess first. Are you a first-time home cook, looking for a dependable multicooker? Have you used a pressure cooker in the past? If so, then the traditional instant pot Duo is a good choice for you.

The Duo also has a pleasant, simple interface which many will appreciate. At the same time, it is an excellent pick for those whove used multicookers in the past and want the ultimate one.

But do you need to cook larger portions for meals often? Are you intimidated by manual pressure cookers? In that case, Duo Nova is the better option.

Many find the backlit display easier to navigate through. At the same time, this model has an upgraded lid which is safer and more convenient for inexperienced home cooks.

If an instant pot compare models chart isnt doing it for you, you can always reach out to the instant pot community online and ask for help. There will always be an instant pot enthusiast willing to point you in the right direction!

What You Need To Know Before Buying The Instant Pot Duo Nova

Unlike the Duo Plus, the Duo Nova does not have a sous vide setting. If youre interested in using the sous vide, youll want to buy a different version that does include this button.

Most recipes are written for 6-quart pressure cookers, so the larger 8-quart and 10-quart sizes will definitely need recipe modifications in order to come to pressure. As a general rule, youll want to use at least 2 cups of water when cooking in the 10-quart Instant Pot.

Larger pressure cookers also take longer to come to pressure, so be sure to account for this additional time when preparing your meal.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is available in three sizes: the 3-quart model is $69, the 6-quart model costs $89, the 8-quart model is $99, and the 10-quart model costs $221. Its widely available at online retailers and often on sale below the list price, though the 10-quart model is generally harder to find.

Overall, this model is considered the cheapest Instant Pot on the market for those on a budget or who simply need the basic requirements.

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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Nova: Which One Is Better

Although neither the Duo nor the Duo Nova has the most recent and greatest features, both models still provide all the convenience and quality you would expect from a reliable pressure cooker.

The Duo Nova is an upgraded version, so it has some new features that will allow users to enjoy better cooking.

Duo Nova is a popular Instant Pot that features a tighter lid, steam autoseal feature and a digital display with indicator icons. Its also incredibly easy to use for anyone new to pressure cooking. Although it functions the same as all Instant Pots it is clearly a better cooker for creative chefs than any of its predecessors.

The basic Duo is around 10% less expensive than the Instant Pots, but its not a fancy pressure cooker. Its still a great addition for the companys most cherished line.

It combines many of the best features of Instant Pot and offers a variety of functions to suit your various cooking styles. This multi-cooker is for you if you are looking for basic functions.

What Are The Specs For The Duo Nova

Duo Nova 8 Qt

All sizes of the Instant Pot Duo Nova use a sensor to toggle between 10.2 and 11.6psi on High pressure and between 5.8 and 7.2psi on the Low pressure setting.

  • Instant Pot Duo Nova Mini is the 3-quart pressure cooker model. It is 700 watts, almost 9 pounds, and 11.5 long × 10.2 wide × 11 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 60 is the 6-quart pressure cooker. It is 1000 watts, almost 12 pounds, and 13.2 long × 12.2 wide × 12.5 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 80 is the 8-quart pressure cooker. It is 1200 watts, 15.6 pounds, and 14.8 long × 13.6 wide × 14 tall.
  • Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 is Instant Pots first-ever 10-quart pressure cooker. It is 1440 watts, almost 21 pounds, and 14.8 long × 15.5 wide × 14.7 tall.

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What Is An Instant Pot Duo Nova

Cook your favorite meals using the Instant Pot Duo Nova cooker. The six-quart capacity allows you to cook food for up to twelve people, while the 14 one-touch digital programs eliminate the guessing factor from a variety of cooking processes. The Instant Pot Duo Nova also features ten built-in safety devices, such as a pressure release valve and a timer, along with overheat protection. The stoneware pot can be easily cleaned by using a disinfecting spray.

What is an Instant Pot Duo Nova? The most obvious difference between the Instant Pot Duo Nova and the other models is the size. The other differences are in the power source, electric pressure and steaming cycles, and the sealing rings. Lets look at these four differences and discover which is best for you.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, safety is an important consideration. The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a good option, especially if you have small children or you are a college student who needs a small kitchen appliance for dorm room chores. These kitchen appliances can be quite heavy, but they are also made of high-quality materials, making them suitable for a number of applications. However, one aspect about them that may appeal to you is the fact that they do not use the traditional rubber sealing ring as some other types of pressure cookers do. In this case, they are better suited to people who enjoy making independent decisions, who like to be in control, and who like to do things their own way.

A Quick Overview Of The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

If you heard about the chatter and wondering what an Instant Pot is, lets start with a quick introduction.

Instant Pots are smart multi-use electric pressure cookers designed to be dependable, convenient, and most importantly safe kitchen appliances. You prepare your meals faster while using less energy. Not only are you saving counter space, but youre also spending less money on electricity too.

And in the summer, you dont have to worry about adding more heat to your already hot kitchen.

Typically Instant Pot releases one or two new models each year. In 2019 the company added several new models including the Duo Nova.

If you are shopping for your first or thinking about adding another one to your kitchen, a side-by-side comparison of the Instant Pot Duo vs Duo Nova will help you figure out which one is better for you

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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Nova: Which Is Better

08/10/2021 by Richmond Howard

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If we told you there was a device out there that could replace your slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, and more, youd probably want to know about it! Luckily for you, Instant Pot has a range of products that do exactly this.

In this article, were going to compare two of the brands most popular models. The Instant Pot Duo vs Duo Nova match-up is sure to be an exciting battle, so make sure to stick around to find out who wins.

Instant Pot Duo Nova Price And Availability

Instant Pot Duo Nova Review and Demo Recipes
  • List price: $99.99/ £119.99/ AUS $269

The Instant Pot Duo Nova will set you back $119.99/ £119.99/ AUS $299 and is available on Amazon in the US and the UK. In Australia, it can be purchased through Corelle Brands.

This is the price for the 8-quart / 7.6-liter version. It’s also available in a 6-quart/ 5.7-liter capacity for $89.99 / £99.99 / AU$269, while in the US and Australia you can pick up a 3-quart / 2.8-liter version for $79.99 / AUS189

Depending on which size you buy, the Instant Pot Duo Nova is one of the most affordable Instant Pot available, aside from the Instant Pot Duo, but it still has all the main functions weve come to expect from an Instant Pot.

  • 15 smart one touch programs
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Quick release steam button

With a familiar design, the Duo Nova is instantly recognizable as an Instant Pot and as weve said in previous reviews, multi-cookers are not the most attractive of the kitchen counter appliances. Having said that, the stainless-steel finish gives it a reassuringly robust look.

We reviewed the 8-quart/ 7.6-liter model which measures 14.5 x 13.5 x 14.8 inches/ 36.8 x 34.3 x 37.6cm and is a similar size to other large capacity multi-cookers weve reviewed, but as we’ve already mentioned its also available as a 6-quart/ 5.7-liter option, and in the US and Australia, theres a smaller 3-quart/ 3-liter version available if you have a small family or youre short on space.

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The Pros And Cons Of An Instant Pot Duo

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, tea and hot chocolate, then why not try the instant pot duo! There are many advantages associated with them over the other options that are available. And if you are thinking of giving the gift of instant coffee or tea to someone special, it is worth considering the pros of an instant pot duo.

There is no need to use boiling water, as the pod models do it all for you. And you dont have to worry about spilling your drink in a porcelain pot or the sink! Simply transfer the coffee pod to the coffeemaker and get ready to make that perfect cup of coffee or tea. There is also no need to worry about kids messing up the kettle, you can go in the kitchen and get your coffee ready without opening the door to the mess that is sure to follow. The fact that they fit into a cup means you do not need to keep several different pots handy either.

Instant coffee has a number of advantages over regular coffee that is prepared using stove oil or a drip machine. First, it is a lot healthier than brewing your own coffee because it uses natural ingredients. It is also tastier and has more aroma than traditionally brewed coffee. You will also find that it contains less caffeine than regular coffee. The amount of caffeine is typically found in the amount of sugar added to the pot.

What Is An Instant Pot Duo

If you love to cook as much as I do, then youve probably heard of what is an instant pot. I mean sure, I have seen them advertised on television and in magazines as well, but never really knew what they were all about. When I finally decided to take a chance and try one out, I was surprised to find that they are not as difficult to use as I had expected. Now, if you are anything like me when it comes to figuring out complicated things, you will be relieved to know that this pot is extremely easy to use and doesnt take up much of your time. This is because it uses the exact instant pot system that is a system that allows you to not only put in what you want it to cook, but then also cook it all in one stop. Now, you may be wondering what is the difference between an Instant Pot and other types of pots or pans that you can purchase at the store, right?

So, what is an instant pot Duo? It is simply an electric Instant Pot that has two heat controls, allowing you to cook two different recipes at the same time. Now, if you are looking for a great new way to utilize your slow cooker, or if you want to try cooking an entirely new recipe, then these two pots will give you everything you need to make it possible. Not only that, but they are very affordable, so you wont have any problems finding one to meet your needs!

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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Nova: Whats The Difference

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is similar in its versatility, but safer to use. It has more advanced features that will provide a better cooking experience.

This version is more suited for everyday use due to the slight changes in design and functionality. The Instant Pot Duo is still a great electric pressure cooker and offers many benefits.

This page contains all you need to understand the functions of these models and other details.

Capacity and size

Duo Nova and Instant Pot Duo are available in three sizes: 3-, 6-, and 8-quart. The newer model comes with an additional option , which allows you to accommodate a wider range of cooking styles.

Your cookers size often affects the speed at which it can reach full pressure. It also determines how much heat is produced per hour. Because they have more space, larger pots take longer to build pressure and release it.

While different Instant Pot sizes can cook differently, most online instructions work best for 6-quart models. If you decide to use a different size, you will need to scale the recipe accordingly.

The size of your Instant Pot will depend on your familys needs and how many meals you plan to cook. The 3-quart Instant Pot is a good choice for small families who dont want to cook a lot. This model is lightweight, portable, and compact. Its also great for people with limited space.

Prices and features


The best pressure cooker is one that suits your lifestyle and finances.


Steam Release Valve Is Manual

Duo Nova 6 Quart

One of the biggest upgrades on the Instant Pot Duo Nova over the Duo is the inclusion of an automatic seal and steam release valve. The Instant Pot Duo does not have these features and instead relies on more traditional, manual seals.

An automatic seal makes an Instant Pot even easier to use and is considered to be the safer option when pressure cooking. As a result, its fair to say that the manual seals on the Instant Pot Duo are a bit of a drawback.

That said, the Instant Pot Duo is still completely safe to use you just have to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully, especially when releasing the chamber after pressure cooking.

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Brilliant All In One Cooker

Our slow cooker did not have a saute function & I was not overly confident in using my stove top pressure cooker. Hence the reason for choosing an all in one cooker.

The instant pot combines 7 appliances in 1. It allows meals to be cooked easily in less time. It has multiple safety functions & preset functions. Has a small footprint & is easily stored.

The inner bowl is stainless steel making it more durable than some of the other all in one cookers & can be placed into the dishwasher.

There are 1000 plus recipes available through either Apple store or google play apps. There are a number of Facebook groups.

I find it intuitive to use, there are 12 preset functions with adjustable pressure settings & a delay timer….

What a great product! It made pulled pork in 20′!Again I was skeptical about do-it-all electrical appliance. I was so wrong about the wonderful instant pot. It made slow cook meals even tastier than the traditional method of cooking them.I’m used to cooking soup bones and meat stew for hours on gas stove tops. I was also worry about the electricity bill after a month of using instant pot every 2nd day. To my surprise, it did not cost much at all. Especially when compared to my reduced gas bill.The silver lining is it’s supper mess-free and easy to clean.


What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Pressure Cooker

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker? What does it do? How does it work? What can I do to make it even better? These are questions that most people would like to know the answers to when they are considering buying one. There are a number of ways to answer them, but we will focus on one very important one.

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker? These are some of the things that you should know right away. The first benefit is that it is something that can be done from the comfort of your own home. You dont have to go out in cold weather and deal with the outdoor grime or outdoor heat. You can simply sit down at home in warm temperatures and get cooking.

Another one of the many benefits is that you can control what you are cooking. This is also true when you use a stove top or a microwave. You really have to learn a lot more about cooking to really master doing it all by yourself. There is just too much involved when you are cooking food at home.

What are the benefits of using an electric pressure cooker though? This is something else that you will want to think about. You can cook just about anything in one of these cookers. You can cook a roast for dinner, a stew to serve at a tailgate party, a lasagna dish, or even a simple meal or breakfast for your family. It really depends on how much time you want to spend cooking as well as what you are trying to cook.

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Instant Pot Duo Nova Review

Its like the Instant Pot Duos cooler older sister

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is an upgraded version of that oh-so-loved 7-in-1 Instant Pot Duo. In this guide, find out everything you need to know in order to confidently decide whether the Instant Pot Duo Nova is right for you.

But before we dive into the review, here’s a quick overview video about the Duo Nova from Instant Pot:

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