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25 of the BEST things to make in the Instant Pot – What I make over and over!

Since each Instant Pot model is a little different, its important to read the manual and learn about the various features and settings of your Instant Pot. Generally, every model will include an outer body with a display panel and buttons, a lid, a pressure valve, a steam release valve, a plastic collector cup to catch any condensation released during slow cooking, a stainless-steel or nonstick inner pot, a sealing ring that surrounds the lid and helps absorb odors, and a steamer rack or basket that sits in the inner pot and keeps food raised.

Any accessories you may choose to buy to bulk up your Instant Pots functionality are just a bonus. Depending on what you plan to make with your Instant Pot, extras range from practical and essential to plain old fun. Some people buy extra sealing rings so they can use one for meat and one for baked goods. Some invest in egg trivets if they cook a lot of hard-boiled eggs. Some look into springform pans to make cheesecake and quiche. Theres even a special air fryer lid that is compatible with 6-quart Instant Pots that allows you to air-fry straight from your pressure cooker if you dont have a model that already features that program.

Is your mind still scrambled by all the choices? The buying guide below will help you compare Instant Pot models and figure out the best Instant Pot for you.

Out Of Stock: Instant Pot Ultra 10

The Instant Pot Ultra is also a 10-in-1 product. It has updates such as altitude adjustment and a steam-release reset button.

This isn’t a cheap device — it is called the Ultra, after all. But it’s a lot cheaper on Cyber Monday, at least at Kohl’s. You can pick one up there at half price, though the deal is marked “clearance,” so we don’t expect it to last long.

“Even if you don’t cook a lot or have a wide range of cooking skills, the LCD panel really takes the mystery out of the pressure cooking cycle which is not available on the Duo or Lux models,” . “Maybe the extra settings will entice novice cooks to try new things.”

Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

When deciding on what to eat for dinner at my house, you will often hear the same conversation over and over again.

Me: What do you want for dinner?

My husband: Pizza? Pork Chops?

Me: How about an arugula salad and eggs with toast? LOL.

We will both eat anything, but we definitely have our favorites. Cole would eat anything pork and dill pickles every day and the poor guy really only pulls out a win 10% of the time when it comes to our dinner battles. Luckily, I had to test this pork roast recipe multiple times. He was one happy camper.

About Linley Richter

Linley is a 5 nothing spitball of positive energy who joined Team Fit Foodie in the Spring of 2014. Linley has worked on the digital side of small businesses and nonprofits since 2011, where she specialized in social media community management. Lin has a passion for food and an incredible palate. She is FFFs chief recipe developer, so you can thank her for these incredible recipes!

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Are Instant Pots Really Instant

Although referred to as an instant pot, the kitchen device doesn’t cook foods in a flash like a microwave would. Multi-cookers do significantly reduce cooking time when you choose the pressure-cook setting but still often require at least 20 minutes of cook time or longer.

When working with a recipe that calls for the multi-cooker to cook something for 15 minutes, for example, you’ll need to add time for the pot to heat up and build pressure. Most multi-cookers take five to ten minutes from the time you switch them on to preheat and start cooking. Therefore, adjust the recipe cook time to include the time the pot takes to build pressure.

How To Use An Instant Pot Or Modern Pressure Cooker

The Best Instant Pots to Buy 2019

Instant Pots can help you save time once you know how they work. This guide will help you overcome the learning curve.

| Topic: Kitchen & Household

The Instant Pot has become the latest kitchen must-have. You’ll likely find a variety of sizes and styles that can do everything from steam, roast and even air fry. Most Instant Pot or multi-cooker users swear by the ease and speed at which recipes cook. However, there are just as many stories of fails as there are successes. The key is to understand how the Instant Pot works.

This guide will walk you through what you need to know about your new Instant Pot and how to use it to create healthy, delicious dishes.

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Can You Buy An Instant Pot With An Air Fryer

Yes. Instant Pot came out with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer, which has all of the features of a regular Instant Pot, and it air fries, too. Instant Pot also came out with an air fryer lid you can add to compatible Instant Pot models. The lid is an add-on accessory you can place on your Instant Pot, and it basically turns your regular Instant Pot into an air fryer. These Instant Pot models are compatible with the air frying lid: Duo 60, Duo Plus 60, Lux 60, Ultra 60, Viva 60, Nova Plus 60, Duo Nova 60.

Average Price For An Instant Pot

The price of an Instant Pot depends mainly on the model. Since all Instant Pots come in 6-quart sizes , we’ll use this size for comparison.

  • A 5.7-litre Instant Pot Lux costs around $80.

  • A 5.7-litre Instant Pot Duo costs around $100.

  • A 5.7-litre Instant Pot Duo Plus costs around $120.

  • A 5.7-litre Instant Pot Ultra costs around $150.

  • A 5.7-litre Instant Pot Smart costs around $160.

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What Is Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. It was created as an online response to Black Friday as Internet retailers started to grab a larger portion of the holiday shopping market share. While Cyber Monday was once exclusive for online deals, today, brick-and-mortar establishments are getting in on the sales extravaganza.

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In An Instant Pot

Instant Pot Roast (Best Ever – Literally)

Yes. There are a number of recipes devoted to cooking all kinds of foods from their frozen state in an Instant Pot. For some recipes, a little extra time is required to fully cook the meat, but in other cases the extra time required to come up to pressure is enough extra time to completely cook the food.

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Best Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Runner

Pressure cookers and air fryers revolutionized easy and speedy cooking. Ninjas 10-in-1 Foodi does both jobs as good as the dedicated appliances themselves. And its air fryer components provide features such as roasting, broiling and more conventional baking capabilities.

At 6.5 quarts, its slightly bigger than the average pressure cooker or air fryer. Its also designed wider instead of deeper to allow more comfortable one-layer placement, especially when using the air fryer configuration.

This mix allows for a more complete cooking experience and a widened recipe book out of just one device. You can sear or sauté before pressure cooking, or look for that golden finish right after. It also makes cleaning easier and more streamlined, since all the juices and grease from air frying fall from the rack onto the removable pressure cooking pot.

Its worth noting, too, that the Foodis pot is ceramic coated, which is rare for pressure cookers. This makes it very easy to clean as food doesnt stick like on bare metal surfaces, and it doesnt have the health concerns of Teflon.

The Foodi comes with two lids, one for pressure cooking and one for air frying. However, the air frying lid is permanently attached you just move it out of the way to place the other one. This could be annoying for some, but it also means you dont have to worry about losing it or dropping it.

How Is An Instant Pot Different From A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker can either be an electric device you plug into the wall, or it can be a stovetop cooker that uses the heat of your cooktop. A pressure cooker builds up steam pressure inside of an airtight pot to quickly cook foods.

An Instant Pot is a multifunctional pressure cooker, meaning it has additional cooking functions outside of pressure cooking. Instant Pots also are slow cookers, sauté pots, warmers, steamers, and more .

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What Is An Instant Pot And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It

Imagine having a slow cooker that also functions as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a yogurt maker. Thats the Instant Pot. Its simply an electric pot that lets you cook fast or slow. People love it because its a convenient, time-saving device that lets you quickly cook dinner without keeping an eye on the stove.

What Does An Instant Pot Do

Best Instant Pots (2018): Which Instant Pot Should You Buy ...

Yeah, why can’t you just get a regular slow cooker? At their core, Instant Pots are electric pressure cookers. The proprietary locking lid creates a seal that heats any water inside far past its boiling point, turning it to steam. When that steam has nowhere else to go, it creates pressure thus cooking food 2-10 times faster than what an oven or slow cooker could do.

The Instant Pot’s heart is a microprocessor aided by built-in temperature sensors that give Instant Pots the ability to 1. Mimic the cooking functions of multiple different appliances and 2. Switch between those functions at the press of a button. This collection of programs can be tweaked and tailored to perform super specific tasks that you may have struggled with pre-Instant Pot . They get down to the nitty-gritty of heat intensity, pressure, and cooking duration to achieve more precise results in the kitchen. Some of the more advanced models even offer personalized programming and will remember your settings for the next time.

Instant Pots rock because models ladder up in skill and price: Each model gains a new cooking method, so you aren’t paying for functions you won’t use.

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Here Are The Main Attributes We Looked For And How We Tested Them:

Setup: I timed how quickly I was able to get the cooker set up and building pressure from the moment I opened the box. I also noted whether I was able to do this without looking at the instructions or if the controls were confusing. Most units took five minutes or less to set up.

Pressurizing: Many pressure cooker recipes look like they won’t take long, but few factor in the time it takes for the unit to build pressure. A cooker that builds pressure quickly is a real timesaver. I tested how long it took each model to get up to pressure with just four cups of water inside. I also tracked how long the pressure build took during all of the cooking tests. I gave more favorable scores to cookers that built pressure quickly.

Performance: I put each multicooker through five cooking tests:

Additional functions: Three of the units I tested featured sous vide cooking, and two had air frying capabilities. To test the sous vide, I cooked a NY Strip at 129 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours and assessed how tender and flavorful it was. All sous vide cookers performed well. For air frying, I cooked a pound of Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food French Fries at 400 degrees for eight minutes shaking the basket halfway through and judged the doneness.

To keep waste to a minimum, I donated most of the pulled pork my family didn’t eat to a local restaurant. And, extra rice and beans went to feed the pigs at a local farm.

Best Value Instant Pot: Instant Pot Duo Nova 6

Why we picked the Instant Pot Duo Nova:

The Duo Nova, one of the newer models in the Instant Pot lineup, sells for around $70 to $100 for the 6-quart size. You can find the device on sale for cheaper during events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Theres a 10-quart version of the Duo Nova for when youre hosting a large group of people or when you want to cook an exceptionally large meal. Like the Duo, it combines seven appliances in one. Its a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and warmer. It has 14 different programs, so you can cook anything from soup to a whole chicken to dessert.

One great feature of the Duo Nova is the lid. It automatically sets to seal in pressure when you close it, so you dont have to worry about forgetting to set the sealing valve in place. The lid also includes a steam release button, which makes it much easier to perform a manual pressure release . All in all, the Duo Nova offers a whole lot of features for only a little bit of cash.

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What About Other Multi

Since the popularity of the Instant Pot Canada, there have been other companies to come out with similar small appliances for your kitchen. In fact, shortly after we purchased an Instant Pot, I saw one of these imitations at Costco.

It was much cheaper, and I was about to get all worked up about it until I noticed the internal pot wasnt stainless steel it was non-stick coated aluminum.

That still seems to be the case the Instant Pots all have the stainless steel inner pot and other brands dont.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi 8

Which Instant Pot Should I Buy? | Cool Products | Kitchn

Another smart move that Instant Pot made is the introduction of the smart pot with WIFI available in it. It can be operated using Amazons Alexa and with a simple add-in download on your Alexa device. Unlike the previous ones we have discussed, this is an 8 in one product with the addition of cake maker in it. Like the previous ones, it is designed to cook faster and save some good amount of time. In turn, it also saves energy due to pressure-cooking capability. It has 13 one-touch program buttons that will cook your favorite dish faster and better.

Not just can you control the device through the Alexa device it is also preprogrammed to cook 1000+ dishes. You can also receive the alerts on your mobile phone as per the settings you have used on the app. It is also accompanied by some accessories that are important while cooking. It has a stainless-steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, measuring cup, soup spoon, and a condensation collector. 10+ safety measures have been implemented in the pot to make it the safest and reliable pot. Some of those features overheat protection and safety automatic lock.

The inner pot is also made of stainless steel to make the food healthier and safe. The control panel on the side of the pot is installed with an LED display that makes the control status easy to view. The pot is designed to save 70% of energy and cook food much faster than conventional ways.



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What Should You Not Cook In An Instant Pot

However, keep in mind that instant pots may not be ideal for every type of dish.

For example, certain forms of meat, including burgers or steak, may not achieve the same caramelized texture or outside sear in an instant pot.

Theyre also not ideal for baking pies, cookies, or bread, as the final texture will likely be altered.

Additionally, its best to avoid cream-based sauces made with dairy, as the high temperatures can cause milk to curdle or separate. Therefore, if youre adding milk or cheese to a recipe, only add it after the pressure cooking cycle is complete.

Are Instant Pots Worth It

Absolutely. They make cooking weeknight meals a breeze, allowing you to produce a delicious dinner just by throwing a few ingredients into the pot. Instant Pots can steam vegetables, sauté food, function as a slow cooker, and even produce a flawless cheesecake.

Stay up to date on the best Instant Pot deals by checking out our curated deals page.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Save $50 On The Instant Pot Pro

The six-quart Instant Pot Pro is down from $130 to $80 this Cyber Weekend. It has all the features of a regular Instant Pot, plus additional abilities that make it especially appealing to serious foodies. You can use it to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sous vide, sauté, make yogurt and even bake a cake . With 28 customizable cooking presets plus five programmable settings , it’s a dream come true. Super-smart, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of sophisticated dishes.

I waited a long time to finally get an Instant Pot, and I really like the Pro model, said . I’ve used pressure cookers for many years and the Instant Pot takes a lot of the work out of using the old style pressure cookers. You don’t need to use a higher heat to get up to pressure and then turn down the burner that’s all done in the Instant Pot heat stage. Nor do you have to set a timer for when to stop cooking, that’s done in the Instant Pot setup for “pressure”. Being able to do a quick pressure release is very easy, not possible in the old style pressure cooker. Basically, you just fill the inner pot, set up the menu, and walk away until it’s done.

Another shopper calls the Instant Pot Pro“a beautiful upgrade.” Sound like the one for you? Treat yourself, for just 80 dollars.

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