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Is The Instant Pot Good As A Slow Cooker??

What sets different models of Instant Pots apart from each other is the different features that they offer. While some Instant Pots just offer basic pressure cooker and saute functionality, others have modes for making specific foods or various cooking options, such as steaming. Other features include delayed cooking, keep warm settings, temperature controls, Alexa compatibility, remote cooking capabilities, high-altitude adjustments, sterilize features, air frying, and sous vide.

Clearly, there is no shortage of special features that this appliance can offer, so definitely prioritize which features are important to you and look for a model that offers them. Theres no need to buy an appliance that offers a laundry list of features if youre only looking to do basic pressure and slow cooking.

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In An Instant Pot

Yes. There are a number of recipes devoted to cooking all kinds of foods from their frozen state in an Instant Pot. For some recipes, a little extra time is required to fully cook the meat, but in other cases the extra time required to come up to pressure is enough extra time to completely cook the food.

Its Helpful When Sharing A Kitchen With Roommates

It’s easy to cook a soup in another room while my roommates are in the kitchen thanks to the Instant Pot.

As a single person who cannot afford to live alone, I live with two other lovely ladieswhich also means I have to share a cramped kitchen. This can cause some chaos when multiple people want to use several burners or the oven. More often than not, someone is left waiting to cook their dinner and ends up very hangry.

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Too Full = Sputtering Bean Liquid Everywhere

I sprouted about 4 cups of chickpeas to make my Sprouted Kale Hummus. Of course, I wanted to cook all the beans at once, so I figured it could do it quicker in the Instant Pot.

Unfortunately, 4 cups of swollen beans + the water needed to cover were just too much inside the pot. Bean liquid was dripping out of the catch on the back and sputtering out of the pressure valve. It made a HUGE mess.

Granted, I was using a 6-quart Instant Pot. I am fairly confident the 8-quart Instant Pot would handle larger amounts of foods much more cleanly.

What Are The Best Things To Cook In An Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is all the rage these days, but what ...

The options are endless! You can use an Instant Pot to make rice, cook hard-boiled eggs, and more. Plus, they’re great for large families or anyone who meal preps. I’m not even a good cook, but I love making a huge batch of rice in it, then using the same pot to sauté veggies and simmer with my favorite tikka masala sauce. Whenever I make that meal, my coworkers often say that my lunch smells great and I always tell them how easy it was to make in my Instant Pot!

Pro tip: Your Instant Pot takes time to come to pressure first before the actual cooking process begins. Expect meals with less liquid to come to pressure and start cooking much quicker than recipes that are mostly liquid , which can take a while to come to pressure first.

You may have thought making pasta was already easy, but wait until you realize how simple it is to make in an Instant Pot. There’s no need to wait around for the water to boil, and you don’t even have to drain it after cooking the little bit of starchy water that’s left over helps the sauce stick to the pasta.

Our Kitchen Appliance experts love cooking soup, stock, and chili in their Instant Pots. If you’re a fan of steel-cut oats, then you know how long they take to make on the stove but in an Instant Pot, they only take eight minutes! If you’re cooking meat, be sure to cut large chunks into smaller pieces so it cooks faster.

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It’s Not Just A Pressure Cooker

First off, an Instant Pot isn’t just an electric pressure cooker. As a true multicooker, it sears, browns and sautes food like a stove-top skillet. It also steams delicate items such as fish, eggs and vegetables. Instant Pots double as standalone electric rice cookers as well.

You can use them to bake bread, cakes and other sweets like custards, flan, even cheesecakes. Many Instant Pot models come with special yogurt modes. And yes, they function as slow cookers, too.

Instant Pots can gently steam delicate items like eggs, too.

Magical Ways To Use Your Instant Pot

20 Magical Ways to Use Your Instant Pot! From soups, to yogurt, to snacks, to drinks: it does it all! One of our favorite all-purpose kitchen gadgets.

This post was originally published a few years back, but guess what!? We added four more ways to use our favorite kitchen appliance texture-perfect applesauce, a big pot of spaghetti, comforting risotto, and our favorite pot roast. Let us know in the comments how else you like to use this magical machine.


Lets talk about the Instant Pot. Hands up if youre part of the club?

For a first-timer, it can feel like some sort of mysterious potential-to-explode gadget that ends up sitting in the back of your kitchen cabinet for years out of fear. Or, its only lugged out to make that pot of brown rice or mysterious batch of dry beans .

But weve been around the Instant Pot block a few times. And were here to tell you that this little beauty basically lives on our countertop at this point. Its our rice cooker, soup maker, freezer meal magician, last-minute dinner miracle all in one. And we just cant stop.

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First What Is An Instant Pot

Most people think the Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, which is true. But the Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that is ALSO capable of performing the functions of a:

  • slow cooker
  • steamer
  • warmer

Basically, its a multi-cooker a kitchen appliance that can replace MANY of your other kitchen cooking appliances by being 7 tools in one.

How To Make Instant Pot Fried Rice

Instant Pot Teriyaki Beef Sirloin Flap – Why Is Sirloin Flap So Good?

Rinse the rice well under cold water until the water is clear. Add the rinsed rice, chicken broth, and onion to the Instant Pot and secure the lid.

Press the pressure cook button and set the time to 3 minutes. When done, allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes.

Open the lid and fluff the rice. Add the soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, then add the peas and carrots and chicken. Stir well to combine. Place the lid on top and allow it to sit on Keep Warm for 3 minutes. Doing this will gently warm the carrots and peas without burning the other ingredients.

Turn on Saute mode. Set it to low heat if your Instant Pot has this function. On high heat, the pot will become very hot and can quickly burn the contents on the bottom. If you only have high heat, be sure to act quickly to avoid burning.

Push aside the rice to make a well. Add butter to the well and when its melted, pour the beaten eggs into the well. Cook, stirring constantly, until the egg is cooked. Then fold the egg into the rice mixture. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Serve with sliced green onion and sesame seeds.

I only buy pasture raised chicken and meats. I love Farm Foods Market online. They deliver hormone-free, non-GMO, antibiotic free chicken, plus all other types of meat, right to your door. You can order whatever you want, whenever you want no membership or pre-selected box.

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Consider It A Healthy Life

The Instant Pot also rose to dominance at the same time that people started to get more interested in healthy eating. Sales of organic food in the U.S. totaled nearly $50 billion in 2017, alternative eating plans like Paleo, keto, and vegan diets are quickly becoming more mainstream, and millennials in particular are even willing to pay more for foods they think are healthy . While people in the past may have been more willing to microwave a TV dinner or order takeout when the post-work hunger pangs struck, customers now are more conscious of what’s in their food, and cooking things yourself gives you total control over ingredients, portion size, and nutrition.

But honestly, it’s exhausting to DIY healthy foods. Do you know how long it takes to strip kale, chop it, and massage it before you can even eat it? Have you ever tried to peel a butternut squash by yourself? And the whole meal-prepping thing can be a major time-suck.

Which leads into the other key to Instant Pot’s success: FOMO. “We also live in this time of viral craziness and ‘life hack’ culture,” Nielsen says. “People always want to know the latest hack.”

Instant Pot has played on that love of insider-y hacks from the beginning. According to the New York Times, the Canadian company initially sent 200 devices to key food influencers in order to jumpstart their American sales. Reviews started coming out online, people began posting recipes, and boomâa star was born.

You Can’t Tinker With Recipes

While I definitely use recipes for my cooking, I tend to see them more as suggestions. I’m more of a sprinkle, dash, pat, and glug kinda cook than a 1/8 teaspoon and 2 oz of liquid one. I like to taste my food as I go, adjusting seasonings as I see fit.

With the Instant Pot, this isn’t really an option.

With it, you assemble your meal, literally barricade it inside the pot with a lid that reminds me of the door to a bank vault, and hope for the best.

When your meal is done, that’s what you’ve got. If it’s too watery, too bad. Too bland? Well, you can try and fix it, but generally, what comes out of the pot is what you get. While this might be great for novice cooks or those who don’t like to stray from recipes, I find it difficult to work with.

Even worse, you can’t check whether something is done or not because the lid is fastened shut until the end of the pressure cooking/rice making/sautéeing cycle. So when you put chicken or something in there, you better hope you got the timing right.

Which brings me to my next point.

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Blogs And Google Searches

If youre looking for something specific, doing a quick Google search is always a great idea. Youll be able to find just about any type of Instant Pot recipe through a Google search.

Along the way, youll likely come across all sorts of different blogs where fellow Instant Pot users share their experiences and recipes. Bookmark them, or simply browse around when you come across them for plenty of fresh recipe ideas. Try the recipes as is, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own take on a dish.

What A Retailer’s Instant Pot Descriptions Won’t Tell You

Why I Gave Up My Slow Cooker for the Instant Pot

The “manual” button on some entry-level models is the source of so much confusion on otherwise simple, straightforward panels. Most people only know this from watching tutorials or bugging the shit out of people on Instant Pot Reddit: The manual button is the pressure cooking button. Why it’s not labeled as such, we can’t be sure. Think of it as manually inputting how long you want something to pressure cook. Telling your pot to begin pressurizing is as simple as hitting manual, then the arrows. This is the setting to use if you want to defrost something fast, and most foods don’t take longer than a few minutes at this setting.

Even if your recipe only calls for one minute of cook time, you are not about to go from frozen chicken breasts to a perfect roast with a well-done center. The act of sealing and coming to pressure feels like it takes forever , and yes, it’s fine if your Instant Pot blows steam in the process. It will automatically switch to pressure cooking when pressurization is complete and will automatically switch to warming when the timer is up.

There are also some general categorization rules that could aid in your purchase decision:

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An Honest Review Of The Instant Pot: First Impressions

It was bigger than I imagined. My first thought was, Where am I going to store this thing?!? And indeed, that was before we remodeled our kitchen, so storage WAS a challenge. A crockpot got booted out of the cabinet to make room for my new appliance.

Then I took out the instruction manual. I was immediately confused. It was like reading Chinese.

Oh. It was Chinese .

The manual has several different languages printed. Once I found the English section, things were slightly better although, it did take reading over several sections a few times to really understand how all the parts and buttons worked.

I knew the only way through that manual was to actually plug my new Instant Pot in and use it!

Maybe wild rice was a safe choice. Sure enough, it worked and cut down the cooking time!

I understood making bone broth. That was simple enough. And I definitely loved not having my crockpot tied up for 3 or 4 or 5 days while my broth simmered. Yet, I couldnt seem to get past bone broth and wild rice.

The Target Person Is Anybody

If you’re not one of the millions with an Instant Pot in your kitchen and aren’t sure exactly what it even is, here’s a run-down: Basically, it’s an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, and yogurt maker, all in one. IP enthusiasts use it to do everything from boil eggs, cook meat, and even make cheesecake.

Yes, it’s a multi-purpose dream, but that’s not its main selling point. “The main reason why people love Instant Pots so much is because it cooks food fast,” says Kara Nielsen, the vice president of trends and marketing at CCD Helmsman. Thanks to the technology of pressure cookingâwhich uses pressurized steam heat to cook food really quickly without drying it outâyou can make pretty much everything that you could in a slow cooker in a fraction of the time.

And while it has many similar functionalities to a traditional slow cooker, the Instant Pot is designed for a very different generation. In the ’70s, the Crock-Pot gave a new class of working women a way to feed their families a home-cooked meal while still being in the office for a full day, according to the Washington Post . That’s similar in some ways to how we live now, where everyone still works and yet still wants something homemade. But the big difference is that no one has time to prep food in the morning to eat after work several hours later.

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Instant Pot Started When Wang Lost His Job

Today, Ottawa, Ontario-based Instant Brands has nearly 90 employees and there seems to be no end in sight to its record-setting sales.

But it all started after Wang lost his job in 2008.

Wang had been the chief scientist at a mobile messaging company he’d co-founded in 2000, but the company’s CEO shut down Wang’s division, putting Wang out of the job . Despite having spent 14 years working on telecommunications technology, Wang decided to turn his attention toward solving a personal problem he had been pondering.

Wang and his wife, Tracy, both worked full time in the tech industry , which left them with a very relatable problem: They had little time to cook fast, tasty and healthy meals for their two young children, who were then 4 and 8, he tells CNBC Make It.

“We did a lot of takeout, fast food. Kids really love fast food,” Wang says. “But my wife and myself don’t think that’s the way to raise our kids. So, at that point, I was dreaming about an automated cooking machine, which will help me cook healthy dinner after work.”

What’s more, Wang knew he was far from alone. “I believed that people share the same issue I have, which is putting dinner on the table after a busy day,” he says.

“But we all know that, when we leave for work in the morning it’s hectic,” Wang says. “You don’t have much time, and also you’re eating your breakfast, you’re thinking about your dinner.”

That’s where Wang saw an opportunity to make things even easier with an all-in-one cooking product.

There Are So Many Recipes

9 Reasons Why You NEED An Instant Pot! Is the Instant Pot Worth It?

The internet has gone wild for the Instant Pot, with countless personal blogs, cooking websites and Facebook groups devoted to it. Together they also generate a copious and steady supply of recipes. From tacos to Italian beef sandwiches to Korean-style ribs and popcorn, chances are someone has tried it. There’s even a recipe for making wine in your Instant Pot.

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It’s One Appliance That Does The Job Of 10+ Appliances

“I love my Instant Pot. I got it this summer and use it for most meals. You can use it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker and yogurt maker. I make chili, soups, stews, hard-boiled eggs, pulled chicken, etc. in it. Your Curried Chicken Crock Pot Stew is amazing in it, and when I freeze a batch, I can reheat it quickly using the Instant Pot too.” – Jill

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