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Optional Brown Ground Beef In Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pasta Recipe – How To Cook Pasta In The Instant Pot – So Easy!

*For Dump-and-Go Meal: skip the browning, sauteing, and deglazing steps below. Make sure to break the ground beef into smaller chunks, then layer the seasoned ground beef chunks, onions, garlic, dried herbs at the bottom of the pot.

*Pro Tip: This is an optional flavor-boosting step. If you have time, this step will greatly enhance the flavors of the Instant Pot Spaghetti.

First, heat up Instant Pot Pressure Cooker using Sauté More function.

*Tip: For older versions press Saute button, then Adjust button. For newer versions press Saute button twice.

Wait until it says HOT . This prevents the ground beef from sticking to the pot.

Add 1 tbsp olive oil in Instant Pot. Then, swirl your pot around to make sure the oil is coated over the whole bottom of the pot.

Now, add 1lb ground beef in Instant Pot, then season generously with salt & black pepper.

*Note: The ground beef will start to release moisture. At the 5-minute mark, discard the ground beef juice.

You just have to let the ground beef brown in Instant Pot. Simply stir them once in a while until theyre slightly crisped and browned .

Finally, taste the ground beef, then adjust the seasoning with more kosher salt and ground black pepper.

Releasing Pressure After Cooking

Once the cook time is complete, you have a couple of different options for releasing the pressure. I generally dont recommend using a natural release in this instance, because the pasta will continue to cook and soften even more, potentially becoming mushy.

You can allow a natural release for about 5 minutes, followed by a quick release .

Or, you can perform an intermittent release of pressure. To do this, youll quickly open the vent to release some steam. If starchy water or large drops of water come out , close the vent again and wait about 30 seconds.

Then, follow the same steps until only steam is coming out , at which point you can allow the pressure to fully release.

Usually, it only takes one or two times of switching the vent back and forth to accomplish this.

Instead of an intermittent release, you can also do a slow release. In this case, you only open the vent ever so slightly, so the pressure is releasing more slowly.

After the pressure has released and the valve has dropped, carefully open the lid and drain the pasta.

How To Stop Starch From Shooting Out

As we mentioned above, our primary goal with this method fo cooking pasta in the Instant Pot is to prevent starch from escaping during the release, and spraying starchy liquid all over your kitchen. In fact, it was one of the first times I cooked gluten-free pasta in the Instant Pot when I did not know how to react when the starch started spewing everywhere in my kitchen. Everything in the vicinity of my IP was covered in a starchy slime, and I feared that my Instant Pot was ruined since so much had come out from the release valve. Luckily, a few cycles through the dishwasher and taking apart the valve to clean it saved it.

But how to prevent the starch from escaping in the future? The first step was coming up with this method for cooking it which reduces the amount of starch that escapes to begin with. It truly makes a difference. But the next step was stopping the starch from coming out, without overcooking the pasta, if it does occur.

If a lot of starch starts to spew out of the pressure release valve, using a towel, carefully shut the valve, and let it stay closed for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds have passed, you can release the valve again. You can repeat this process as necessary until all the pressure has released. This helps control the temperature and rapid boiling with the Instant Pot, which reduces the starch from escaping.

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How To Cook Perfect Pasta In Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Pasta recipes are my favorites! Its a super easy and hands-free way to cook simple, yet flavorful pasta. Finish with flavorful sauces, like aromatic pesto, or simple butter and parmesan cheese to make a nice side dish, or meatless dinner for a busy night.

One of my favorite things to cook in Instant Pot is pasta!

When I bought my first Instant Pot back in 2015, I thought Id cook mostly meat in it. You know, those melt-in-your-mouth tender roasts, pulled pork, etc. But nope, I cook pasta way more often than those meats. Who knew!

But theres a good reason for that!

Actually, therere more than one benefit to cooking pasta in an Instant Pot:

  • No need to wait for a big pot of water to boil.
  • Completely hands-off cooking, because you dont need to stir frequently and watch for boil-over.
  • Pasta cooked in an Instant Pot comes out way more flavorful
  • And you can keep the pasta warm a little longer while preparing other dishes for your dinner.

Which Instant Pot Is Best

Easy Instant Pot Spaghetti (Noodles Only

I own the 6-quart and 8-quart Duo, and I love them both! I like that the Duo model has the yogurt function and how it comes with a trivet, which I use often for making things like an Instant Pot Fritatta and Brownies.

Keep in mind that you can use practically any pressure cooker to use this recipe, but I developed this one for my 6-quart Instant Pot and the pressurization for an electric pressure cooker is different from a stove-top pressure cooker. Feel free to experiment if you have a stove-top model to see if the timing is similar.

If you have an 8-quart Instant Pot, try using 1 minute less on the timing since the pot takes longer to come to pressure. In my experience, the 8-quart Duo is more prone to giving you a burn error when cooking pasta and tomato products so be sure to follow the directions closely, so that you layer the ingredients in the correct order. You dont want tomato products touching the bottom of the pot, or they may burn.

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The Most Important Step Add Liquid

No matter what youre using the pot-in-pot method for, dont forget to add liquid to the bottom of the pot. If youre cooking a saucy dish in the bottom at the same time, this should already be covered. If you are only cooking something in the elevated pot, be sure that you add water to the pot first. Otherwise, you will get the burn message as the pot heats up.

Quick And Easy Spaghetti Ingredients

Jarred marinara sauce makes this super easy, its a great short cut, especially on busy nights. You can make your own spaghetti sauce, like this favorite, which is made in the instant pot first. Then add the noodles. Or keep it quick and simple.

  • Olive Oil: To help the beef from sticking to the pot.
  • Ground Beef: Use lean ground beef.
  • Italian Seasoning: Helps to season the beef for an extra flavor.
  • Garlic Powder: Because you can never have enough garlic in Italian food.
  • Salt and Pepper: Add more or less to taste.
  • Spaghetti Noodles: It is best to break the noodles beforehand then criss-crossing them in the pot for best cooking.
  • Two Jars of your favorite or this homemade equivalent sauce is even better.
  • Water: You need this extra fluid for the noodles to cook in.

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Which Type Of Pasta Can I Cook In An Instant Pot

Quite honestly, I prefer to cook shorter pasta, like penne, rigatoni, ziti, but you can cook any type of pasta in an Instant Pot.

Theres one caveat when cooking long noodles, like spaghetti. First, you need to break the noodles in half to fit in your pot and then layer them in a criss cross pattern to prevent them from clumping together. Basically, just throw the long noodles in a messy pattern and you should be good to go.

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How Long To Pressure Cook Pasta

How to Cook Pasta in the Instant Pot (Regular & Gluten-Free!)

The general rule of thumb for Instant Pot pasta is to cook it for half the time recommended on the box. I usually cook most pastas for 4 minutes or 5 minutes if I want the pasta a little softer.

When the pasta is done, you may still have some water in the bottom. Just stir it well, and the pasta should absorb the water.

If there is still some water remaining, drain the pasta before serving.

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Instant Pot Pasta Formula

Since different pasta shapes require different cook times, here is what works for me:

Look for the suggested cook time on the box. Now, take the lower number and divide it in half. If an odd number is listed, divide that and round down. For example, if it says 7 minutes, divide that in half, which is 3.5 and round it down to 3.

This produces pasta that is well cooked and just right for my family. For an al dente pasta, or firm to the tooth, subtract one minute from that. For a softer and more tender pasta, simply add another minute to that cook time.

Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free Pasta: The cooking-time formula holds true for whole wheat and gluten-free pasta varieties, too. Simply refer to the cooking time on the package and follow the calculation above.

Instant Pot Pasta Cooked With Ground Beef

1)Prep the ingredients. Put on instant pot and set to saute mode.

2) Add oil in the pot then add in onions and garlic. Saute for few minutes then add the minced meat /ground beef.

3) Brown the beef then add in paprika, cayenne pepper, Italian seasoning and salt then stir.

4) Add 1 cup broth in the pot and deglaze the instant pot by scraping any brown bits off the bottom of the pot.

This is to avoid getting burn error during pressure cooking.

5) Switch off saute mode then pour pasta in the pot on top of the minced meat.

6) Add the remaining broth then tomato sauce. Dont stir.

7) Cover the instant pot with its lid and turn the knob into sealing. Set to manual pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes of pressure cooking, do a quick release.

8) Open the instant pot and stir till fusili, sauce and ground beef are well mixed.

Serve and enjoy.

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Water To Noodle Ratio

The amount of water used when cooking Instant Pot noodles can vary, depending on the recipe. But as a general rule, use 2 cups water for every 8 ounces of noodles.

This won’t be enough water to completely cover the noodles. That’s okay! You don’t want too much water in the pot – it defeats the whole purpose of using a pressure cooker for pasta.

The purpose of a pressure cooker is that it helps pasta absorb the salty, starchy water that it cooks in. This gives the pasta flavor and also help sauce cling to the noodles.

Best Types Of Pasta For The Pressure Cooker

  • Short cut pasta is ideal. Examples are elbow macaroni, penne, cavatappi, small to medium seashell, rotini, rigatoni, ziti, wheels, farfalle , and cavatappi
  • Small, delicate pasta like alphabet pasta will overcook too easily
  • Gnocchi, stuffed pasta, and homemade pasta will fall apart. Add these varieties after pressure cooking is complete, then use saute to simmer for a few extra minutes to cook the pasta
  • Long strand pasta like fettuccine and spaghetti work okay, but you need to break them in half, scatter them unevenly into the liquid so they’re not in one big clump, and know there is a risk that they might stick together a bit

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How To Make Spaghetti In An Instant Pot

Cooking the noodles at the same time as the sauce make this recipe super fast and easy. All the work in one pot means less mess. More time to do the things you love and still put a hearty meal on the table.

  • Sauté: Set a 6 quart instant pot to sauté. Add the olive oil, ground beef, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cook and crumble until no longer pink.
  • Add: Break the noodles in half. Layer them in a criss-cross pattern so they do not stick as it cooks.
  • Pour: Pour the marinara and water on top of the noodles.
  • Cook: Cook on high pressure for 5-7 minutes. Use the quick release and wait for cycle to complete before unlocking. Stir together and serve with parmesan and chopped basil.
  • Serving Instant Pot Pasta

    After eight minutes on high pressure, release the pressure valve to do a quick release of pressure, carefully open the pot, and give the whole thing a swift stir. The pasta will be too hot to eat and will continue to cook as you remove the pot from your pressure cooker and get your bowls ready. A few minutes of cooling and a flurry of Parmesan cheese will make this the perfect weeknight dinner.

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    Can You Cook Pasta In An Instant Pot

    Ive been an Instant Pot owner for 4+ years at this point, but it occurred to me recently that I havent really been utilizing it to its fullest potential. So Ive decided that 2021 is going to be the Year of the Instant Pot

    Ill be exploring a variety of different Instant Pot basics and the ways they can be used to create quick and easy recipes that help get dinner on the table fast starting with PASTA!!

    Honestly, I cant believe that it took me so long to try cooking pasta in the Instant Pot. Yes, it totally works, AND its a total weeknight gamechanger. I know, I know, youre probably thinking: But its already so easy to just boil a pot of water on the stovetop

    But seriously, pasta in the Instant Pot:

    shaves precious minutes off of meal prep dirties just ONE pot because theres no need to drain the pasta when its done is totally hands free, no stirring or worrying about it boiling over produces foolproof perfectly cooked al dente pasta just set it and forget it!

    Whos ready to make some Instant Pot pasta with me?! Lets get started


    How Long Should I Cook Pasta In An Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Pasta! You Will NEVER Cook It On The Stove AGAIN!

    The rule of thumb for pasta cooking time is half the cook time specified on box directions minus 1 minute. For example, if the box directions say cook for 12 minute for al dante, then you need to set the Instant Pot for 5 minutes .

    However, if your pasta is on a thicker side, like rigatoni, or manicotti, then I suggest simply half the cook time on the box direction.

    And always do a quick pressure release, when cooking pasta in Instant Pot. Because if you let Instant Pot release pressure naturally, itll continue to cook the pasta and youll end up with a mush.

    NOTE: Ive seen some people experience with too much foam spitting out during quick pressure release. But Ive heard that it also depends on brand of pasta.

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    To Drain Or Not To Drain

    And here is where the magic lies with Instant Pot pasta: you dont always have to drain the pasta! Using this method for cooking pasta results in most of the water being absorbed into the pasta. When its finished there will be just a little bit of water leftover. You can then toss your pasta with your sauce, or make one directly in the Instant Pot such as Mac and Cheese.

    However, you can drain the pasta too. And you should if your recipe calls for it, such as a Macaroni Salad.

    One word of caution about cooking pasta made from different grains, such as a brown rice flour: When you are making non-traditional pasta, the leftover water might be too starchy and sticky to leave in a recipe. In that case, rinsing and draining the pasta will do the trick of eliminating that less-than-desirable starchiness.

    How To Reduce Foam When Making Pasta In The Instant Pot

    You know how when youre boiling pasta on the stove top, youll see a foamy bunch of bubbles forming at the top of your pot? Often this is what bubbles over and makes a mess.

    Well, the same thing happens even when youre cooking pasta in the Instant Pot. This is because starchy foods tend to foam when theyre cooking.

    Ordinarily, when youre pressure cooking starchy foods, I recommend doing a natural release of pressure to allow the foam to subside. But because pasta can so easily become overcooked, the natural release isnt the best choice.

    This is why I tend to recommend using the intermittent release or slow release in many cases.

    However, you can also add a little bit of fat to the water before cooking, which helps to decrease the foaming. Adding a pat of butter or a bit of oil can be useful in this instance.

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    Whole Wheat / Alternative Pasta

    There is no need to make any adjustment to the formula if using whole wheat or alternative pasta. Because this method of cooking pasta is based on the recommended cook time on the package, any type of pasta can be cooked this way.

    We tested this method with several varieties of whole wheat pasta and with several varieties of alternative pasta .

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