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Why Small Batch Preserving

How to Make Berry Jam in an Instant Pot | Pip and Ebby

We are total converts to small batch preserves I went preserving mad about 10 years ago; it is SO addictive, and made enough to last us for a decade!

  • Small batch means you need no special equipment to make jams and jellies
  • Small batch means you use fewer ingredients so can experiment more with techniques, ingredients and flavours without wasting too much when it goes wrong
  • Small batch preserves come to setting point faster so that are quicker to make you can easily make a few jars in less than an hour
  • The more batches you make the better you become at making jams and jellies so the more you will make.; preserving is addictive!

How To Make Peach Jam In The Instant Pot

  • Start with fresh, pitted peaches. You dont have to peel the peaches for this recipe! That makes this peach jam so easy.
  • Add the peaches, lemon juice, and honey to the inner liner of your electric pressure cooker and cook on manual for 1 minute allowing the pressure to release naturally.
  • Once the pressure is released, put the pressure cooker on saute mode. Cook the peaches down to thicken to a jam-like consistency.
  • Turn off the Instant Pot and add in the vanilla extract. Let it cool and store in jars in the refrigerator.

I will admit that my first pass took a little longer than I expected. But that may be due to the fact that I was afraid to open it and spent several minutes googling how to open the Instant Pot for fear of injury.

Notice that I did not remove the skins. I like the extra body and rosy color they give the jam. And they literally melt right in. Plus that speeds up the prep process and adds a little extra fiber to the mix!

See how the skins just melt right in? Its really like magic!

If youre wondering about the definition of jams and jelly versus preserves, because I was too, check out this piece from Cooking Light.

Dont know about the Instant Pot yet? Bless your heart for getting this far in the post! But its basically a multicooker with claims to cook rice, make yogurt, saute, slow cook and pressure cook among other tasks.

Since this post has been live, Ive received a few questions so I wanted to take a few beats to answer those.

Canning Essentials That Are Handy

If you are looking for essentials in canning, here are some great ideas for you below. I used all of these and found them pretty handy when canning our jelly.

  • Magnet Wand | This is great for pulling the seals and lids from the water on the pot. It just attaches easily, shakes off excess water and attach to jar.
  • Wide Mouth Canning Funnel | My mother in law gave me her canning funnel as well to use, and it fit perfectly in these jars as I filled them up. No mess which was nice.
  • Canning Jar Lifter | Here is one essential tool to have. It lifts the jars in and out of the water, to protect yourself from getting burned.
  • Immersion Blender | A hand blender worked great in mashing up the cooked jalapenos in this recipe. Now you could use a potato masher or even a regular blender if you have those.

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Should You Peel Plums To Make Plum Jam

Plum skins are very delicate and you do not need to peel the skin of plums unless your preference is to peel the plums before you make the jam.

In this plum jam recipe, I cooked the plums for about 15 minutes, and then simmered the fruits for another 15 minutes which helped the peels dissolve into the jam and you really cant feel it in the jam once its done.

However, if you are not sure if you would like the texture, you can go ahead and peel the plums before making the jam, though this is not necessary in my opinion as I never do that.

How Long Does Refrigerator Jam Last

Instant Pot Apple Jelly Recipe

When stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator, this jam will last about one week. You can freeze this jam for much longer. And I prefer that method.

Make a huge batch of jam and freeze into small individual jars. Thaw one jar in the fridge the night before you want to eat it. And yes. You can freeze jam in glass jars. Just make sure to leave some space at the top as the jam will expand as it freezes.

Ready to cook some jam? Grab the easy recipe below!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you make this recipe. And be sure to check out other healthy summer slow cooker recipes here.

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How To Make Fruit Jam In Instant Pot

You can make use of small batch leftover ripe fruits to make the jams so if there are fruits that are going to be spoiled, make use of them by making jam in the instant pot.

You can use flavors like vanilla or cinnamon to flavor your jams, just like I have used the vanilla flavor in the strawberry and blueberry jam recipes listed here.

In the recipes featured here, all the instant pot jams are made without using pectin.

Instead we use lemon juice and sugar to thicken the jam.

Once you cook in the fruits in the instant pot, its easy to thicken the jam by simmering the contents for another few minutes unlike you make them in the saucepan over stovetop which requires continuous simmering and stirring for much longer time.

In some recipes, it helps to add a little cornstarch mixture to thicken the jam even more faster.

Since we do not intend to do the canning, its fine to use the cornstarch to thicken the jam.

However if you do have pectin with you, maybe you can also try using the pectin to thicken the fruit jam.

If you do that, please let me know in the comments, I like to hear from you!

So far I have used mangoes to make delicious mango jam, ripe peaches to prepare peach jam, red plums for plum jam, blueberries for blueberry jam and strawberries for strawberry honey jam.

Also I have made watermelon jam from watermelon, which is a great recipe to use if you have leftover watermelons from summer!

Instant Pot Small Batch Fruit Jam Recipes Without Pectin

Canning In An Instant Pot

If you love to can veggies or other foods, and you own an Instant Pot, you may be wondering if you can do canning in an Instant Pot.

The answer is you can, but it is limited, and not all types of canning processes can be done in an Instant Pot.

There are two ways to can foods. One is called water bath canning, and the other is called pressure canning.

The pressure canning is the type used most often for foods with low acid levels, and water bath canning works the best with food that has a high acid level.

Thats because high acid foods will be able to kill any bacteria so you wont get food poisoning. Meanwhile, low acid foods cant do that unless you mix the two types of food together. That can be done by adding in things like vinegar or lemon juice.

So, how can these methods be modified to be safe if you want to can using your Instant Pot? Here are some ways to do that:

Water Bath Canning

Firstly, you have to make sure your canning jars are sterilized, which can be done in an Instant Pot.

Put some water and vinegar into your Instant Pot, then put the number of jars that will fit onto a rack and put it inside the Instant Pot and close the lid. Then run the Instant Pot steam cycle for at least a full minute.

Next, pour in more water and vinegar into the Instant Pot, then pour the food into the hot jars and be sure to leave at least a quarter-inch of headspace in the jars.

Pressure Canning

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Steam Water Bath Canning In Your Instant Pot: Part Two Strawberry Jam

Instant PotInstant PotSteam Canning and test your Instant Pot using water and a thermometer.WATER STEAM CANNING TESTApple Butter,Strawberry JamBall FreshTec Automatic Jam/Jelly makerBall Blue Book for Canning & Preserving.1.Wash & InspectInspect clean jarsHOTOPTIONAL:;Use your IP to sanitize;your jars.Trivet, 1 cup of water, put clean jars in IP, close, lock, set valve to Sealing, set time for 1 minute. Keep jars in IP till ready to use.;2. Make your Jam.;find the recipe hereBall Blue Book of Canning3.Fillyour jars.;HOTcanning funnelHOT1/4″ from the top of the jar.4. Wipe Rimsclean, damp paper towel5. Lid & Ring.;NEW**Finger – tip tight STOPdid you know that you do not need to heat your lids?6.Put Jars in the Instant Pot7.Check Seal, Close/Lock Lid.Make sure the pressure valve is set to VENTING.8. Process the Jars.STEAMWatch your pressure cooker.float valve comes up ANDstream of steamstartStrawberry Jam is 10 minutesI need to add 10 minutes 20 minutes.;9.Turn off the IP.Press Cancel/Keep WarmIP OFF10. Cool the jars.;wire cooling rack.;Do not disturb the jars for at least 12-24 hours.JOYFULthe jar on the right has sealedNOTReasons for jars that don’t sealApplesauceStrawberry JamStrawberry Lemonade ConcentrateStrawberry Lemon Curd.;

How To Make An Apple Pepper Jelly In The Instant Pot

Instant Pot Steam Canning: Part One

Mix the red pepper, green pepper, and jalapeños with sugar in the instant pot.

Let them sit for 30 minutes.Add the Apple cider.

Close instant pot and press pressure valve to the sealed position.Set on manual for 1 minute.Release pressure naturally for at 15 minutes.Carefully release the pressure valve and remove the top.Using a hand blender or a potato masher, blend/mash mixture until desired consistency.Turn Instant Pot to saute function and allow the pepper jam to come to a simmer/boil.Add your pectin.Simmer for 2-3 minutes or until slightly thickened.Turn pot off.Allow mixture to cool and then pour into jars.ENJOY

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What If My Seal Doesnt Pop Down

You will want your seal to not bend and make a popping noise when you push down on it, once you have allowed your jars to cool down after coming out of the canning water.

If your seal still flexes, you have up to 24 hours to try again on canning and see if you get your jar to seal. If it does you can then store as normal.

Otherwise just place jam in the fridge, and then eat it within 1-2 weeks.

Tried this recipe? Make sure to rate; and leave a comment to let me know how you like it! Plus get more;Instant Pot Recipes or Home Cooked Recipes Facebook Page;on my; Stay up to date and Follow Me On;!

  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

Equipment To Make Grape Juice In An Instant Pot

The first thing youll need to make this fresh grape juice recipe is an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker. The instructions in this recipe are for an Instant Pot only.

Please note that Instant Pot is NOT a canner. You will not be able to can your grape juice in the Instant Pot. These directions are for making our grape juice recipe only.

If you want to preserve your grape juice, please follow the canning instructions from Grow a Good Life who can teach you to can Homemade Grape Juice.

Other Equipment Youll Need:
  • Kitchen tongs, 2
  • , or some other apparatus to elevate the steamer basket*
Alternative to a Trivet;

I use three Oui Yoplait brand yogurt jars to elevate my steamer basket because I dont own an Instant Pot trivet. The little jars elevate my steamer basket to a great height for juicing. You dont want your grapes swimming in the juice at the bottom of the pot, if you can help it.

Oui Jars

However, I cant officially recommend you use the Oui jars because of concern over their ability to withstand the heat. I sent an email to their customer service to ask if their jars were safe for canning and this was their response:

No, we would not recommend using the glass pot for preserving. Only glass containers that have been designed and tested for thermal shock applications should be used for heating applications. The Oui pot was not designed for heating applications. This glass is not a thermally resistant grade of glass, like Pyrex for example.

Squat Half Pint Jars;

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How To Store Plum Jam

This is a small batch plum jam recipe and it is not meant for canning.

You can store this small batch plum jam without pectin in air tight glass jars or containers and refrigerate for a couple of weeks and some more time in the freezer.

If you want to look into a stove top plum jam recipe for canning, try this recipe.

Or you can also follow the instructions for preserving plum jam here if you want to do the canning .

You can also find more information on canning jams and jellies here.

So here is the detailed instant pot plum jam recipe below.

Ways To Use Pepper Jelly

Instant Pot Easy, Low Mess Grape Juice

If you have never had pepper jelly you might be wondering how you even use pepper jelly. That is the first reaction for many people. But once you have had your first taste, you are going to want to try it in many different ways. Here are just a few ideas how to use pepper jelly.

  • Use it as a Glaze: When making pork chops or chicken, especially over wings, use this jelly to make a glaze. It will add amazing flavor to the meat.
  • Cream Cheese or Brie Appetizer: This jelly can be used to make a tasty appetizer for get-togethers or parties. It can also be used just as a snack. Using brie or cream cheese, you can add the apple pepper jelly and mix it together or for a stunning presentation, pour the jelly over the top and let it run down the sides.
  • Add it a Sandwich: This jelly will go great on any type of sandwich. Use it on grilled cheese to give it a punch or use it on an egg sandwich. You can even use this jelly alone on a sandwich. Mix it together with mayo or aioli.
  • Use in stir fry: When making your favorite Asian recipes, stir in a bit of this apple pepper jelly with soy sauce to create a flavorful sauce.

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How To Make Peach Jam

I made this easy peach Jam recipe in an Instant pot but It can be made on stove top too.

So here is a brief idea how you can make Instant Pot peach Jam recipe.

  • First pit and chop the peaches, then put them in instant pot with brown sugar and lemon juice. Those 3 are all of the ingredients!!
  • Once its in your instant pot, mix all 3 ingredients and let it rest for 10 minutes. Next, close the lid and cook on manual mode on high pressure for 6 minutes. Yes, 6 minutes. some recipes cook it for 1 minute on high and then they sauté for 15 minutes. I prefer cooking more time on high pressure and then sauté 3 to 4 minutes if needed.
  • After that, release the pressure quickly, grind it a little bit with a hand blender and turn on the switch to the sauté mode. Saute for about 3 to 5 minutes until the majority of the liquid has evaporated, stirring continuously. Tadaaaaa. peach Jam recipe in instant pot is ready.
  • If you want to make Peach Jam recipe low sugar or No sugar, simply reduce the quantity of brown sugar or skip sugar to make no sugar jam recipe.
  • Do you like Ginger Flavor in your Jams? If yes, then go for it. Add two-inch ginger in this recipe to make Peach Ginger jam.

Making Homemade jam is super fun and rewarding. It is great gifts to share with friends and family for any occasions.

How To Make Simple Instant Pot Strawberry Jam Recipe:

Begin by rinsing the strawberries and removing their green tops.

Then slice the strawberries up into little pieces and place them into the bottom of the Instant Pot.

After all of the strawberries are in the Instant Pot, sprinkle the little bit of sugar on top of the strawberries. Let the sugared strawberries sit there for about 10 minutes to allow the sugar to soak in a bit.

The sugar releases the juices from the strawberries that is necessary for the Instant Pot method to work properly, so this step is crucial. Let the strawberries sit for at least 10 minutes!

Now, using a reamer or a juicer, juice the orange and then pour the orange juice over top of the strawberries and sugar.

Once all of that is done, place the lid on the Instant Pot, lock the lid into place and be sure to turn the valve to the SEALING position.

To start the Instant Pot press the MANUAL or HIGH PRESSURE button and set the timer for 1 minute.

After the timer runs out, let the Instant Pot naturally release the built-up pressure for another 15 minutes. During this time the Instant Pot will continue to cook the strawberries.

Once 15 minutes is up, turn the valve to the VENTING position and remove the lid one all of the pressure has been released.

The strawberries will have cooked down into a thicker looking sauce. Using a potato smasher smash the strawberries until you get your desired jam consistency.

PRO TIP: You can also blend up the strawberries with a hand or stand mixer as well.;

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