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Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot – Which is Better? | Product Reviews | Well Done

Instant Pot has released many new models of electric pressure cookers since we first started testing them, and it can be tricky to figure out exactly what youre giving up or getting from one to the next.

In general, if you can find another model on sale for a better deal than whichever of our picks is nearest in price, we think most of them will serve you well. The only versions with significant downsides other than price are the Lux, which lacks a low pressure setting and a handle on the lid, and the Duo Crisp, which comes with an additional air-fryer lid that takes up a lot of extra space without adding a lot of extra functionality. .

You can find more details about each of the models weve tested below, in the Competition section. Weve also created a handy table that lists more models side by side.

Which One Should I Buy

While reviewing these two multicookers, it dawned on me just how amazing they are. Both make life in the kitchen easier and let you enjoy high-end foods with the receiving the dreaded check at the end. However, they do look and feel different, so heres my conclusion:

Choose Instant Pot If

  • You want one of the most popular pressure cookers on the market
  • You dont want to spend too much on fancy features
  • You want a yogurt maker
  • You like the idea of pre-set dishes
  • You dont have too much space in your kitchen
  • You want the slow cooking functionality

Choose Ninja Foodi If

  • The air frying feature is important to you
  • You like to cook crispy and healthy foods at home
  • You have space in the kitchen for a bigger device
  • The dehydration function sounds appealing
  • Your budget allows a more expensive purchase

So, if you want to enjoy crispy foods without worrying about the extra fat and its effects on your health, the Ninja Foodi pot is a wonderful choice. On the other hand, if youre more interested in cooking stews, rice, and making yogurt, the Instant Pot DUO series is more down your alley.

While they both have great features, if the price is an important decision factor, then the IP-DUO is the best multicooker for you.

What Is The Ninja Foodi

The Ninja Foodi also makes an all-in-one cooking appliance pot, almost the same as the Instant Pot. There are slight differences in the design and functionality, however.

The Ninja Foodi is also a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, and steamer. However, it does not have a rice cooker or multi-grain cooker option, and unlike the Instant Pot, it also has the capability of baking/roasting and air frying/air crisping with its crispy lid.

For the Instant Pot to get these features, you have to purchase the air fryer lid separately. The Ninja Foodi has the air fryer lid built onto the device and the pressure-cooking lid separate.

The main differences between the Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi are these features and design differences. However, you can manually set and cook with the Ninja Foodi making rice and multi-grain dishes without the one-touch options.

The Ninja Foodi also comes in a stylish design with one-touch functionality and an LCD screen. It basically has all the features, functions, and safety features of the Instant Pot.

The one thing to note about the Ninja Foodi is that because the crispy lid is built onto the appliance, it needs room when the lid is lifted, and you are using the pressure cooker or just the Pot.

Watch Vivian Tries do a review on the Ninja Foodi

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Air Fryer Vs Instant Pot: Which Is Healthier

It all depends on what youre cooking and the ingredients you put inside of them.

Say youre cooking a cheesy bacon casserole in the Instant Pot and chicken or chickpeas in the air fryer, says Maguire. Then the air fryer would win this challenge. On the other hand, if the bacon is going in the air fryer and youre making a veggie soup in the Instant Pot, then the healthy meter goes in the other direction.

Why Did You Get The Ninja Foodi


I got the Ninja Foodi because I have wanted an air fryer but I really didnt want to buy another small appliance so Im hoping that the Ninja Foodi can take place of my Instant Pot.

I have too many as it is and while I have the room for it, I just didnt want to use up that space for a machine that I may or may not use often.

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Can You Air Fry In An Instant Pot

You sure can. Where the Ninja Foodi’s crisping lid once had a leg up is no longer Instant Pot’s blind spot. The fall 2019 collection brought the Instant Pot Duo Crisp .

For folks who already have an Instant Pot and don’t want to replace it just to buy the Duo Crisp, Instant Pot released a standalone air fryer lid that attaches to regular Instant Pots and turns them into an air fryer. This lid works on all existing models with the exception of the Instant Pot Smart WiFi, the now- discontinued Duo Evo Plus, Duo SV, or Max.

If you’re still confused about what air frying even is, read up about the best air fryers here.

Air Fryer Vs Instant Pot: Which Is The Better Choice For You

Smart kitchen tools can feel like a godsend. They make cooking faster, easier, and less stressful, and they can also make your favorite meals healthier.

Air fryers and Instant Pots are two kitchen gadgets in particular that can transform meals and make meal prepping as easy as hitting a button.

But do you need both? For all your air fryer vs. Instant Pot questions, weve got you covered!

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The Winner: Ninja Foodi

When it comes to the Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot, I prefer the Ninja Foodi. In fact, whenever someone asks me what they should buy, my answer has been the Ninja Foodi hands down for the past 3 years.

I even sold my Instant Pot.

Yes, its bulkier but to me, thats the only deterrent. I havent had an issue in the 3 years Ive owned it and I can easily use all the Instant Pot recipes in the Ninja Foodi. Whats awesome is I dont find I have to convert anything to make it complicated. I feel its the best pressure cooker to buy for busy working moms.

If I had to buy a new one, I would go with the Ninja Foodi Pro, it seems to do it all.

That being said, if youre brand loyal to Instant Pot the newer options of the Instant Pot Max or the Instant Pot Duo Crisp has the same options.

Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi Recipes

Which Ninja Foodi Should You Buy Or Should You Get The Instant Pot Duo Crisp

BATTLE OF THE COOKERS – Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi

I recommend getting either one of the 8 quart Ninja Foodi products or the Instant Pot Duo Crisp. While the 6.5 quart Ninja Foodi is a more manageable size for counter space, it isnt very big for air frying. I have found through my Instant Pot Duo Crisp that I would not want something smaller for air frying functions. You can fit a pretty big chicken in an 8 Qt!

Between the Ninja Foodi products, the 8 Qt OP401 is the best value. Then, at any given time, the Instant Pot Duo Crip might be cheaper. The products are so similar and both get good reviews, so I recommend checking the prices and getting the best bargain that you can find.

I happen to own the Duo Crisp, because I am a huge Instant Pot fan. That seems pretty obvious given the topi of this site right!?! But the Foodi is a great product too.

If you want to make yogurt without trying to figure out how to do it on a slow cook setting, then get the Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL. It is the only one that adds that as a preset. If you really want the Sous Vide function then the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is for you. In all honesty though, I recommend using a true sous vide product over doing it in the Instant Pot. Reports are that the Instant Pot does not maintain proper water temperature well for it. I still need to test that.

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Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi: Which One Is The Best

Whenever I share one of my pressure cooker recipes on Instagram, I always get a message in regards to the Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi and what one is better. So today, Im diving into it and sharing my opinion on what works for the busy working mom who needs dinner to be quick and easy.

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Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Price

Since Ninja and Instant Pot make so many different appliances, well compare the Instant Pot Duo Crisp which has 11 functions in one, and the Ninja Foodi 11-in-1 Pro Pressure Cooker. The Ninja is more expensive at nearly $200/ £143/ AU$257 while the Instant Pot is just under $180 / £129/ AU$231.

In fact, Ninja Foodi machines are often more expensive than most Instant Pot cookers – and youll likely find Instant Pots on sale. You can pick up an Instant Pot – the Instant Pot Duo for around $89 / £64 / AU$114 as this model has been around for a while now.

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Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi: Which Kitchen Appliance Wins

October 23, 2021 by Jackson

A multifunctional cooker is a space-efficient addition to any kitchen. It is a compact and affordable replacement for many appliances while also simplifying cooking. Depending on the specific model, it can work as an air fryer, pressure cooker, and steamer, among others.

If you are looking for one equipment that can do several things, read this quick comparison of Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi. Well look at two of the best options that are worth considering and help you decide which one is the better choice.

See Also:

  • #6. Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
  • What Makes These Multi

    #1 Best Multi

    Unlike traditional multi-cookers and front-loading air fryers, you get both of those popular styles in one device. Yet, if you only need one or the other, these two are still among the best choices to fit your needs. On top of that, they both can hold up to 8 quarts, so larger families can still enjoy their many benefits.

    • Dishwasher safe stainless-steel inner pot and accessories

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    Pressure Cooker Function Of Ninja Foodi

    I was very eager to test this out first because if I got rid of my Instant Pot, I would need the next pressure cooker to perform like the Instant Pot.

    Im happy to report it worked just as well. I did have an issue with the seal/vent valve but it only happened once so it mightve been a fluke/user error.

    What Can You Cook With An Instant Pot

    Instant pots utilize water or broth to provide steam and build up pressure within the cooking pot. Then, the hot steam is forced into the foods to cook at high speeds while preserving the nutrients.

    Usually, newbies begin with the pre-set meals written on their pot. Once they learn some cooking skills, they begin trying customized recipes such as bread, chicken, beef, beans, soups, and veggies.

    Its also great for noodles, rice, eggs, yogurt, porridge, baked goods, and multigrain. The list looks short. However, the variety within these groups is extensive since they include common ingredients.

    Depending on the type of instant pot you own, there are additional features for making sous vide, boiled eggs, and more. The saute function of instant pots can help you to stir fry foods with less oil.

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    Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Compare The Popular Pressure Cookers

    The Instant Pot quickly became a kitchen staple for busy families, workaholics, and even college students from its introduction in 2010. Theyre beloved for their convenience and skill in preparing almost any kind of food. Plus, the results are always delicious meals that take half the time of traditional cooking techniques.

    Its no surprise that other brands began releasing their own versions of the Instant Pot to capitalize on its popularity. Traditionally, Ninja is a top brand in personal blenders, but recently they expanded with a pressure cooker of their own. Their Ninja Foodi blends pressure-cooking functions with air frying for a truly unique and versatile appliance.

    So, whats the difference between these devices? Heres an in-depth comparison of the Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot to help shoppers pick the best one for them.

    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    Instant Pot VS Ninja Foodi | For RVers

    A few of the Instant Pots parts require extra effort to cleanthis goes for every Instant Pot model, not just the Duo. The depression around the rim of the outer pot traps salt, crumbs, and gunk, but we clear it out with canned air and a damp rag. The lids silicone sealing ring can also retain smells, but you can deodorize it or buy extras .

    None of the pressure cookers we tested, including the Duo, cook rice as well as the Cuckoo CRP-G1015F electric pressure rice cooker . But the Duo is more all-purpose than a dedicated rice cooker and it still makes fine rice that wed be happy to eat.

    Weve never experienced an accident with hot steam on the Duo but recommend keeping your face away from the lid and using a dish towel to flip the valve to venting.

    The electric heating element in the Instant Pot cant sear meat as well as it can be done on a stove . For intense browning, sear meat in a separate pan on the stove, deglaze, and add meat and drippings to the electric cooker. This process may kill your one-pot-dinner fantasies, but sometimes life is a compromise. If youre looking for more versatility, our upgrade picks inner pot is designed to work on most cooktops.

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    Nice Rack And Custom Controls

    While both multi-cookers come with a steel rack, the Ninja Foodi’s is a sturdy reversible version that means you can steam or pressure cook vegetables and potatoes in the lower position, or flip it to cook meat in a higher position.

    The Ninja Foodi boasts dual pressure levels high and low five stovetop temperature settings and customizable programming. It also offers the ability for your food to stay warm up to 12 hours automatically. The Instant Pot Max has a touchscreen control panel from which you can set time, temperature, pressure level, delay start, and warm. The Instant Pot beats the Ninja Foodi with three pressure levels low, high, and max.

    Ninja Foodi
    1 year

    Which Is Worth Buying Ninja Food Vs Instant Pot

    You would assume that since the ninja foodi has an additional feature, it should be better. The ninja foodie has an air fryer, but the instant pot does not.

    Where is the instant pot VS ninja debate coming from then? There are multiple other advantages and disadvantages both the appliances offer. Lets dive into them.

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    Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi: Which One Is Better For Working Moms

    Im basing my opinion on this blog post on my experience as a busy working mom.

    I work from home, but you guys, I still forget to throw things in the food. Or I get so busy behind the computer that all of a sudden I check the time and its 4 pm and I have to get dinner ready fast.

    So Im sharing what has worked for me with both of these pressure cookers.

    Ill be chatting about the pros, cons, and all the settings on both devices. What works best, what doesnt.

    I purchased both of these at some point during the years, and this was not sponsored.

    So lets dive into the Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi debate, shall we?

    Instant Pot Or Ninja Foodi

    Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi

    I have been testing out the Ninja Foodi because Im trying to decide whether or not to get rid of my Instant Pot.

    UPDATE 12/26/2019: Instant Pot came out with its own air fryer lid for their 6 quart machines!

    This is such great news for those of you who dont want to buy yet another small appliance for another task. What a great option for just being able to attach it to a machine you already have!

    I cant wait to test it out and will be sure to give a review, but for now, the Ninja Foodi and Instant Pot review below!

    I tested the Ninja Foodi out for a full week and made all our meals in it.

    Ive put together an informative pro and con list for each and my final decision below.

    Perhaps this will help those of you who are still wondering whether or not you should get an Instant Pot.

    There is definitely more and more options out there starting with this Ninja Foodi!

    Oh, this is not sponsored. I bought both machines myself so you can trust that this review is 100% unbiased.

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    Ninja Foodi Vs Instant Pot: Benefits To You

    Both Instant Pot and Ninja Foodis multi-cookers would appeal to both chefs who want to use the top-of-the-range cooking devices to try out new recipes and cooking techniques.These multi-cookers would also appeal to those who like batch cooking or food lovers who want to experiment in the kitchen, because you get at least six different kitchen appliances in one machine.

    Both multi-cookers offer you the ability to mix up your cooking. You can air-fry one day, warm up food the next day and cook a big pot of rice the following. Plus, these handy kitchen gadgets can save you time.

    They can cut down on the amount of minutes you spend cooking, as you just have to put all your ingredients in one pot and they can cut down on the amount of time spent washing up as theres just one dish to clean.Winner: It’s a tie! Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi offer umpteen benefits to people looking to simplify their cooking, or cut down on the amount of pots, pans and utensils they need to make a wide range of meals.

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