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Why Should You Sterilize Your Jar

How to Sterilize in Your Instant Pot

Expert chefs and scientists have always advised people to sterilize canning jars before using them. So, why is there such a need to do so?

First, you should understand the microorganisms living in the environment. At normal room temperature, there are always many viruses, bacterias, and germs coexisting with us.

Though we cant see them, they are still there, which doesnt mean the microorganisms arent harmful.

However, there are some cases that you dont need to clean jars. For instance, if you intend to do pressure canning the jars later, you dont need to sterilize because when using a pressure canner for the jams, you will steam or cook in the oven, right?

There are many different equipment available to sterilize the glass jars. Oven, steamer, saucepan, instant pot, etc., anything that provides heat and steam in a closed, air dry environment can work well to kill all bacterias and germs.

But the pressure cooker is considered the most preferred equipment because it is easy to conduct, quick to boil, simple to prepare, and super effective.

Steam Water Bath Canning In Your Instant Pot: Part Two Strawberry Jam

Instant PotInstant PotSteam Canning and test your Instant Pot using water and a thermometer.WATER STEAM CANNING TESTApple Butter,Strawberry JamBall FreshTec Automatic Jam/Jelly makerBall Blue Book for Canning & Preserving.1.Wash & InspectInspect clean jarsHOTOPTIONAL:;Use your IP to sanitize;your jars.Trivet, 1 cup of water, put clean jars in IP, close, lock, set valve to Sealing, set time for 1 minute. Keep jars in IP till ready to use.;2. Make your Jam.;find the recipe hereBall Blue Book of Canning3.Fillyour jars.;HOTcanning funnelHOT1/4″ from the top of the jar.4. Wipe Rimsclean, damp paper towel5. Lid & Ring.;NEW**Finger – tip tight STOPdid you know that you do not need to heat your lids?6.Put Jars in the Instant Pot7.Check Seal, Close/Lock Lid.Make sure the pressure valve is set to VENTING.8. Process the Jars.STEAMWatch your pressure cooker.float valve comes up ANDstream of steamstartStrawberry Jam is 10 minutesI need to add 10 minutes 20 minutes.;9.Turn off the IP.Press Cancel/Keep WarmIP OFF10. Cool the jars.;wire cooling rack.;Do not disturb the jars for at least 12-24 hours.JOYFULthe jar on the right has sealedNOTReasons for jars that don’t sealApplesauceStrawberry JamStrawberry Lemonade ConcentrateStrawberry Lemon Curd.;

Instant Pot Canning Recipes

Steam canning is a method in home canning in which filled jars are processed in an enclosed pot using the heat of steam to do the processing. The pure steam environment gets to 100 C , thus having the same sterilizing heat as boiling water.

I am going to try canning, and have a large pot to use, but I dont have a rack for the bottom. Is there anything else I can use as a sub for that rack. I dont want to have to buy the pot if I dont continue to can. ~ Christina TN. Christina, Here are some options. Any kind of rack will do.

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How To Sterilize Jars In Instant Pot Cleaning Tips For You

In typical, middle-class households, an instant pot max or pressurized rice cooker is a must-have product for cooking and boiling food.

With the compact size, high efficiency, and versatility, a pressure cooker is preferred in all situations, from boiling, steaming to frying and sauteing.

However, many people still dont know that the instant pot can clean kitchen appliances like baby bottles, canning jars, etc. Well, for instance, you can pasteurize the canning jars after cooking by using instant pots.

Thus, in this article, lets dive deep into the proper way of how to sterilize jars in instant pot. No need to wait any longer; lets jump right in!

How To Sterilize Bottles & Jars Using An Instant Pot

Frieda Loves Bread: Steam Water Bath Canning in Your ...

Being able to sterilise kitchen equipment and household items is an essential task to keep your kitchen safe and clean. Instant Pots make the task of sterilising jam jars, metal utensils and even baby bottles a quick and easy job with minimal mess and time.;

Washing containers before and after use in hot soapy water is a good way of cleaning. However, sometimes you do need to go that step further and sterilise jars and containers under a significantly higher temperature.;

Instant Pots are equipped to sterilise any household glass, silicone, and dishwasher safe plastics. You can either use the sterilise function available on newer models of the Instant Pot or pressure cook/steam for a short period of time on those without.

Do not use this method of sterilisation for any medical or industrial equipment.;

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How To Sterilize Jars In A Canner

Start the process by placing the jars in the canner. Pour warm water over the jars until theyre fully submerged and have an inch of water over the top of each jar.

Turn your stove on high and bring the water to a boil. Allow the jars to boil in the water for 10-16 minutes. The time will depend upon your elevation level. ;When the time is up, turn the stove off, and allow the jars to sit in the water until youre ready to fill them.

Be sure to remove them using jar grabbers because theyll be extremely hot to the touch.

Hawkins Big Boy Aluminum Pressure Cooker

See more about the Hawkins Big Boy Aluminum Pressure Cooker click the image

Made from pure virgin aluminum, this pressure cooker does have one downside that you can only use it on a gas stove. If you dont have a gas stove, dont buy it. To ensure that this meets your needs, first, check to see that you have the right size. This pressure cooker can serve between 22 to 30 people, which means that you can sterilize a lot of substrates in it. Think of purpose.

They have tested each pressure cooker to make sure that it is leakproof. This pressure cooker also reached up to 15 PSI, making it a good choice. For extra convenience, they have made the plastic handles from sturdy and reinforced fiberglass. Especially for someone who may want to sell their mushroom products later, this offers you a good choice. They designed this pressure cooker to work in commercial settings like colleges, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

Can hold a large capacity of between 22 to 30 people This pressure cooker costs a lot
Made from pure virgin aluminum Only suitable for gas stoves, which severely limits it
Each holder tested for being leak-proof
Reaches up to 15 PSI
Plastic handles and reinforced fiberglass

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Advantages Of Sterilizing Canning Jars In The Oven

  • Jars come out totally sterile and dry.; Heat of 220 degrees F kills bacteria and sterilizes the jars.; Use a dishtowel or air dry the jars completely to make sure all moisture left on the glass is absorbed.
  • Using the oven frees the burners on the top of the stove for boiling the lids and preparing your food.;
  • Can I Put Mason Jars In Instant Pot

    Instant Pot to Sterilize Mushroom Grain Spawn Jars? PART 1

    4.9/5Instant Potpressure cookercanMason jarcookingcookwillMason jarsjars canInstant Pot

    Place a short rack on the bottom of the pressure cooker and pour 1 cup of water inside and place 3 pint size jars inside the pressure cooker. If the rack is too tall, the jars will not fit inside with the pressure cooker lid on, but you certainly do not want to place the jars directly on the pot.

    Also, can glass go in instant pot? Anytime you use glass, pyrex, ceramic or any other heat absorbent material for “pot in pot” cooking, add ~5 minutes to the time under pressure. Anything that is safe to use in the oven is safe to use in the Instant Pot.

    Also asked, are mason jars safe for instant pot?

    Jars that are not made specifically for canning are not safe in a pressure cooker. There are several manufacturers – “Mason” has become a generic term. If you are preserving, you need a special lid with the rubber rim to correctly seal the jar. Do not reuse jars from food bought at the store.

    Can I use a glass bowl in a pressure cooker?

    Oven-tempered glass and metal bowls or pans can be used in a pressure cooker. Beautiful desserts and side dishes can be prepared in a pressure cooker by using individual molds, glass custard cups, metal bowls, pans, soufflé dishes, and springform pans, all of which must be oven safe.

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    How Long Do You Need To Sterilize

    How long do you need to sterilize substrates? The sterilization timedepends on the substrate used. Agar and grain require a pressure of 15 PSI. Having this much PSI kills off the contamination and reduces the risk that you will waste your time. Heres a general list calculated at 15 PSI for the sterilization times, depending on the substrate:

    Large 5-pound sawdust 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Keep in mind, this serves as a general guide because the sterilization time depends on the size of your pressure cooker and how you stacked the bags. You dont start the timer until the pressure cooker reaches fullness. Wait until the pressure cooker reaches 15 PSI before you begin the timer.

    Some people have talked about using an autoclave, but an autoclave is basically an expensive pressure cooker used for sterilizing substrates.

    How To Sterilise Jars In An Instant Pot

    Storing food in glass is a great way to ensure that the food is properly covered, sealed, unexposed to air and therefore protected from contaminating germs. This will be even more effective if you sterilise the jars before using.;

    Things like homemade jam or sauces need to be stored in clean sterilised containers otherwise there is a risk that they will quickly start to go mouldy. Also sterilizing jars for storing dry food such as rice, lentils or cereals also prevents them from being contaminated and will ensure they last much much longer.;

    Here is the method for sterilizing jars in an Instant Pot.

    First add some water to the bottom of your Instant Pot. This will vary depending on the size of your unit:

    • 1 cup for a 3qt pot
    • 2 cups for a 6qt pot
    • 3 cups for a 8qt pot

    Then insert the steam rack. This is very important because you dont want the jars to touch the base of the bowl. This may cause your Instant Pot to stop functioning and display errors.

    Place your jars upside down on top of the steam rack. You can also add in the metal lids if needed. Once everything is in, secure the lid.

    The settings you have available will depend on the Instant Pot model you have. The latest models have a specific Sterilise button, but with other models, you can simply select the Pressure Cook or Steam functions. Choose your available function, set the time for 15 mins and set the pressure to high. Press start and leave the Instant Pot to do its thing.

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    How Much Time Does It Take To Make Homemade Yogurt

    For the yogurt to incubate and set, it can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Since theres so much variability the first time you do it, I recommend starting your initial batch in the morning on a day when youll be around the house most of the time. Once you have a good routine going, you can leave the house while your yogurt incubates or make it overnight.

    This variability is because there are so many factors are at work with fermentation. The fresher and more active your starter is, the less time it takes . The first time you use a dry heirloom starter, it often takes longer.

    From milk carton to breakfast bowl, it technically takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. This includes chilling your finished yogurt and then draining it, if you like. If it seems excessive, remember: this process is 99% hands-off.

    How To Can In An Instant Pot

    Tomato sauce in an Instant Pot  Food Science Institute

    The first thing you need to do is make sure that there are no cracks on the jars that you are using for canning. Next up you can sterilize your jars in the Instant Pot.

    Put a bit of water and vinegar and then load your jars on the trivet. Close the Instant Pot and set the vent to seal. Start the steam cycle and run it for 1 minute.

    Now for the steaming process, pour your water and a bit of vinegar into the Instant Pot. Next up, pour your food into the hot jar leaving a ¼ inch headspace.

    Clean the rim of the jar. This ensures that you get a tight seal each time. Put the lid on and make it fingertip tight. His means that the moment you start to feel any resistance, you stop.

    Repeat this process with all your jars then load them into your Instant Pot. Put on the lid then set to venting and not sealing.

    This is very important to remember. Set to steam and wait for the float valve to come up. Once the float valve has come up, you can now start timing your processing.

    Once you have reached the recommended processing time for that food type, switch the Instant Pot off then allow the pressure to come down.

    This takes roughly about 2 minutes. Once the float valve comes down again, carefully open the Instant pot and take out the jars and put onto a cooling rack and leave them undisturbed for about 12 hours.

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    What Can Go Wrong When Making Yogurt

    1. The yogurt does not set and is runny.

    • You perhaps added too much starter, which crowds the bacteria. In the case of starter, more is not better. Two tablespoons is enough to culture half a gallon of milk.
    • You may not have incubated the yogurt long enough. Keep at it, checking every hour or so.

    You may have added the starter before allowing the just-boiled milk to correctly cool. Very hot milk can kill the cultures youre depending on. Let it come down to under 120°F and above 116°F.

    2. The finished yogurt is gritty or chunky.

    This can happen when you incubate the yogurt too long. Next time, check your yogurt every hour or so after the first 4 hours of incubation.

    How Pressure Cookers Help With Canning

    There are two different ways that a pressure cooker can help with canning a particular food item. The first deals with the temperature. Some items must be cooked at a high temperature to ward off bacteria. This is necessary because the food being canned does not contain enough acid to kill off harmful bacteria.

    The second reason that an instant pot pressure cooker is helpful is because it helps cook the food product faster as the pressure can be controlled. This helps preserve the natural flavor of some food items.

    But what can you actually preserve in an Instant Pot?

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    Can Instant Pot Be Used For Canning

    Why Make Jam in the Instant Pot. Ever since I got my Instant Pot, I prefer to cook jams and chutneys in that instead of the stove. Here’s why: Pressure cooking the fruit and sugar gives me a head start on the cooking process.

    Glass canning jars are designed for pressure canning. Unless you have the Instant Pot Max model, you wont be using these jars to can in your Instant Pot. Many Instant Pot owners use canning jars to pressure cook successfully. They are glass, so they can break but they are created to withstand the pressure during canning.

    Clearly, the reason you want to use an instant pot pressure cooker to help can products is because it can help kill harmful bacteria and maintain the foods flavor. Is Instant Pot Water Bath Canning a Good Idea. As for high acid water bath canning this is going to be perfectly fine if you have a larger model Instant Pot.

    This Easy Instant Pot Tomato Sauce is the best of both worlds. This instant pot pasta sauce is almost as fast an easy as jarred saucealmost. And its infinitely more delicious, with a flavor that says cooked from scratch and simmered for hours. Its amazing in recipes like my Easiest Vegan Eggplant Parmesan, for example.

    I use three Oui Yoplait brand yogurt jars to elevate my steamer basket because I dont own an Instant Pot trivet. The little jars elevate my steamer basket to a great height for juicing. You dont want your grapes swimming in the juice at the bottom of the pot, if you can help it.

    Sterilizing The Canning Jars

    Instant Pot to Sterilize Grain Spawn Jars PART 4
  • Place your jar rack in the hot water bath canner. Position the jars you will be using in the rack.
  • Fill the canner with hot water. There should be enough water to come at least one inch above the tops of the jars.
  • Bring the water to a boil Once it starts boiling, set your timer for 10 minutes. If you live at an elevation higher than 1,00 ft, add an additional minute for each additional 1,000 ft of elevation.
  • After the jars have boiled for 10 minutes, they are sterile, hot and ready for canning.
  • Carefully lift the jar rack from the water and hook it on the edge of the canner. Keep the water in the canner, and use it for the canning process. Fill the jars for canning within an hour. If you wait longer, then the jars will need to be re-sterilized.

    To fill your jars, use your jar tongs to lift a jar, pour out the water, and place the jar on your work surface. Always work on a surface that is lined with a folded towel. This will insulate the jar from the counter. If your counter is cold, placing the hot jar on the counter can cause a sudden temperature shock and the jar could break. For the record, Ive never had a jar break in any stages of canning.

    Please know, that there are many articles out there that say your dishwasher will sterilize the jars. According to the USDA, this information is not accurate. It really isnt hard to sterilize your jars, so just take the few minutes to do it.

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