How To Make Chicken Breast In Instant Pot

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How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Breast

EASIEST Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipe
  • Place chicken breasts in the inner pot of the instant pot and season with salt and pepper.
  • Add in 1 cup pineapple juice or chicken stock and season with minced garlic or garlic powder.
  • Place lid on instant pot and be sure vent knob is pointed towards sealed.
  • Set pressure cooker to the cooking time based on the size of chicken breasts. NOT how many chicken breasts you are cooking.
  • Once the cooking time has elapsed, let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before doing a quick release of pressure. This is key to keeping your chicken breasts tender–don’t be tempted to do a quick release of pressure.
  • Remove the chicken breasts from the liquid and let rest for 5-10 minutes before serving or shredding.

How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

The steps are simple and there arent many, so follow along.

  • Season Chicken Breasts ~ I prefer to Salt, Pepper and Garlic my chicken. You can also add Season Salt, herbs, or marinades.
  • Add 1 Cup of water or broth to the bottom of the Instant Pot
  • Place Chicken in pot and set time
  • Allow Natural Release ~ Natural Release allows the the moisture stay inside the chicken breast

Knowing how to cook Chicken Breasts in an Instant Pot is a great asset. Its something that keeps on giving much like the teach a man to fish analogy. Once you know how to cook chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, your possibilities are endless.

With meal planning and meal prepping taking so much time every week, you can cut out a lot of that time. By simply cooking your chicken breasts for the week in the Instant Pot or Electric Pressure Cooker. Just use the cooked chicken for a variety of recipes.

Many recipes could be made in advance and placed in the fridge or freezer for a simple cooked meal. Now wouldnt that be great? Im forever grateful when Ive planned ahead to make another day easier.

How Do I Cook Frozen Chicken Breast In The Instant Pot

If you have a super busy day, and its one where you completely forgot to prep dinner, the Instant Pot can come to your rescue!

Cooking frozen chicken breast in an Instant Pot is pretty easy.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you want to season the meat, you will first need to thaw the chicken, at least partially. If you fail to do this, the seasoning will not stick to the chicken very well.

To thaw average-size, skinless boneless frozen chicken breasts in an Instant Pot, place 1/2 cup water in the bottom of the pot. Place the chicken on a trivet and cook on high pressure for 3 minutes. Do a quick release and you can season and cook the chicken per your desired recipe.

If youre using frozen chicken to make a recipe like chicken soup, where it isnt necessary to season the chicken beforehand, just add 2-3 minutes of cook time to the recipe.

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How To Store Instant Pot Chicken

  • Leftover cooked, shredded, or diced Instant Pot chicken can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 4 days or frozen for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight.
  • Shredded Instant Pot Chicken is IDEAL for meal prep. Make a big batch at the beginning of the week, divide into individual containers, then use it all week long.

Tips For Making Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

Instant Pot Chicken Breasts (+Gravy)

Like any pressure cooker recipe, allow extra time for the pressure cooker to come up to temperature. This typically takes about 5 to 7 minutes, but depending on the thickness of your chicken breasts and how many you stack in the insert, it could take longer. I dont have the exact time for this since each of you are different, so you will have to play with it.

With this Instant Pot chicken breast recipe using 3 boneless chicken breasts, theres no need for any additional time needed for the instant pot to natural release the steam.

Also note that you can make chicken stock in an Instant Pot as well.

Stock from chicken cooked in the Instant Pot is incredibly delicious, especially when using bone-in chicken breasts for all that rich flavor that comes from bones. If youre interested in making homemade chicken broth in an Instant Pot instead of just chicken breasts, follow the directions in my recipe for;the Best Chicken Stock ever.

Use the stock to make gravy or use as a soup base, by adding these additional ingredients:

  • chicken boullion cubes
  • root vegetables such as parsnip or turnips
  • garni of herbs like parsley, thyme, bay leaves
  • 5-6whole peppercorns

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Will I Adjust Cooking Time For A Lot Of Chicken Being Cooked At Once

You will find that no matter if you do a little or a lot of chicken, the cook time will remain the same on your Instant Pot.

Now, with extra chicken, you will find your Instant Pot takes longer to come to pressure. This is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about. Same if you are frozen chicken.

How To Make Shredded Chicken In The Instant Pot:

To make this Instant Pot chicken recipe, simply

  • Combine the ingredients in the Instant Pot. Add the chicken breasts, seasoning and chicken stock. Then briefly toss to combine, being sure to arrange the chicken breasts in an even layer.
  • Pressure cook. Cover with the lid and pressure cook on high for 10 minutes, followed by a 5 minute natural release, followed by a quick release with whatever pressure remains.
  • Shred. Remove the lid and use two forks to shred the chicken. Give it a thorough toss with the remaining juices in the Instant Pot.
  • Serve or store. Then serve the chicken while its nice and warm. Or transfer it to a sealed container and refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months.
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    What If The Chicken Is Not Cooked

    Chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before safe to consume.

    Once your cook time has elapsed and pressure has been released, check the internal temperature of your chicken breast. If less than 160 degrees, place the lid back on the pressure cooker and cook for an additional 2-5 minutes on high pressure.

    If the chicken has reached 160 degrees, it will reach 165 degrees as it rests.

    How To Shred Chicken:

    Instant Pot: How to Make the Perfect Chicken Breast

    There are a couple ways to shred the chicken once it is cooked. Chicken breasts coming out of your pressure cooker are pretty much falling apart without you having to do anything, so you dont need to get fancy.

    I prefer to use two forks, because Im lazy and Im not into extra dishes. They do a fine job!

    A lot of people will use a hand mixer or stand mixer to shred chicken, but I think its overkill. Who wants a huge stand mixer bowl to wash just for a few chicken breasts? Maybe if youre doing a few pounds at once, it would be worth it.

    Be sure to shred the chicken breast in the liquid as it the chicken will reabsorb some of the broth and seasoning as you are pulling it, and it will give you the best results by far!

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    Why This Chicken And Rice Is So Good

    • Thick and creamy with melty Parmesan, a tang of lemon juice, and perfectly cooked chicken and rice, this recipe is the ultimate comfort food.
    • This chicken and rice is so rich and delicious, but so easy to make! With just a few steps in the Instant Pot, this is the perfect easy but filling meal. Its absolutely one of my favorite Instant Pot chicken recipes!
    • This recipe only takes a handful of ingredients that you may already have in your house! We love how simple the ingredients are but how amazingly rich and cheesy this chicken and rice is.

    Ingredients For Pressure Cooker Chicken Breast

    You really need only chicken breasts and water. Everything else is up to your taste and what meal idea you are planning to use with your cooked Instant Pot chicken breast recipe.

    If you are adding cooked chicken breast to salads, quesadillas and tostadas, I would not worry about seasonings much.

    If you are planning to eat cooked chicken breast alongside quinoa or brown rice and salad , I would pay attention to spices.

    • Chicken breasts You can use fresh or frozen.
    • Salt and pepper Simple seasonings so your chicken is a blank slate for recipes.
    • Garlic powder If you wish, but not required.
    • Dried herbs If you like, really it will depend on how you plan to use the chicken once it is ready.

    Use one of these 5 chicken marinades to really ramp up the flavor of the chicken breast.

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    Ridiculously Easy Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

    This method for Instant Pot chicken breasts is so quick and easy, and super versatile too!;

    Lately Ive been on a salad kick eating them almost daily for lunch or an afternoon snack.

    Two things have made daily salads more doable. This may seem a little silly from a food blogger who loves cooking, but buying lettuce that does not need to be washed and chopped before I can eat a salad has been a game changer. Ive been getting a big tub of mixed salad greens from Costco and just pulling out greens whenever I want a salad.

    It might be a little weird how happy this convenience makes me, but Im okay with that.

    The other thing making daily salads more doable is this easy Instant Pot chicken breasts recipe. It means I can have a healthy, tasty protein on my salad without much time or effort.;

    Of course, you can use your chicken breasts for whatever you like. Im thinking nachos, quesadillas, chicken salad, or just alone.;

    You can change up the spices however you prefer. The spice blend in the recipe is great with whatever, but if you want more kick or different herbs, then go for it!


    How Can I Use Instant Pot Chicken

    Chicken Breast Instant Pot Recipe [VIDEO]

    Now that you have cooked chicken, what can you do with all the meat? Try out some of our favorite chicken breast recipes:

    When youre ready to expand your skills past the Instant Pot, try our variety of chicken dinner ideas! For summer months, enjoy the outdoors and learn how to grill chicken breasts. Or, consider these slow-cooker chicken breast recipes.

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    The Secret To Juicy Instant Pot Chicken Breast

    The secret to juicy Instant Pot chicken breasts isthere is no secret! Well, there is a secret: dont over cook them, because if you over cook your chicken breast, youll end up with dry chicken. I like to err on the shorter side of the time range I gave, because the chicken will continue to cook as the pressure is naturally released. It will come up in temp another couple of degrees while its resting too.

    A thermometer is the best way of ensuring juicy chicken. The best kind of thermometer is a thermocouple style, but you dont have to spring for the fancy expensive ones: this one is nice and inexpensive and still super fast.

    The other tip I have is to let the breasts rest a bit, outside of the Instant Pot. Letting them rest for 2 minutes will let the juices settle, keeping the breasts juicy, instead of spilling out on to the plate.

    Instant Pot Chicken & Rice

    If there’s one thing we find magical about Instant Pots, it’s how quickly and perfectly they cook chicken and rice. The rice is the perfect texture and the chicken is insanely tender. This is the meal we cook in the Instant Pot the most often.;

    IMPORTANT!;If using newer versions of Instant Pot, especially 8-quart capacity models, we recommend removing the inner pot after sautéing and letting it cool off for 5 to 10 minutes before moving on to the pressure cooking stage. This will help prevent a potential burn warning.

    Looking to try out even more recipes in your Instant Pot? Look no further!;

    Have you made this yet? Let us know how it went in the comments below!;

    This introduction was updated recently to include more information about the dish.

    boneless skinless chicken breasts

    Freshly chopped parsley, for garnish

  • Preheat Instant Pot by setting to Sauté. Add oil and cook onion until softened, 3 to 4 minutes. Add garlic, oregano, and paprika and cook until fragrant, 1 minute.;
  • Stir in rice and broth and season with salt and pepper. Add carrots, bell pepper, and chicken, and season generously again with salt and pepper.;;
  • Close lid, change setting to;manual or “Pressure Cook”;and set for 8 minutes on High. When 8 minutes is up, let pot decompress naturally for 10 minutes, then release pressure, remove lid, and shred chicken. Top with parsley before serving.
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    Prep Ahead And Storage

    Folks, cooking up these is just the thing for meal prep and prepping ahead.;

    Prep Ahead The fillets can be seasoned and marinated a day before hand.

    Store Store the cooked meat in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.;

    Freeze Follow the handy tips below for how to freeze this.

    • Let the meat cool down then, wrap them in plastic wrap and transfer into these very handy;Ziploc freezer bags.
    • Squeeze out all the extra air and seal the bags.
    • Label the bags and then lay them flat in the freezer.
    • Store in the freezer for up to 3 months.
    • Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

    Recommendations For The Pressure Cooker Bbq Chicken

    Easy Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

    This Instant Pot BBQ Chicken breast is just one of the fabulous things that you can create in your instant pot. You need to try Instant Pot Beef with Balsamic Sauce or;Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese. Actually, the Macaroni and Cheese is a great side dish to serve with this chicken.

    The Instant Pot will seriously change your cooking game. There are so many innovative gadgets and attachments for them now. Here are a few of my favorites for you to explore.


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    Instant Pot Chicken Breast Or Thighs

    Are you unsure of how to cook boneless chicken in the Instant Pot? I will share my basic Instant Pot chicken breast or thighs! Tender, juicy chicken each and every time. Dice, shred, or chop or freeze! Perfect for meal prepping.

    You could use this chicken in so many ways. I love to make Chicken Caesar Wraps, use the chicken in Salads, or pair with rice or quinoa on the side.

    Can I Use Frozen Chicken Breasts

    You can absolutely use frozen chicken breasts, but there are a couple things to keep in mind. In this recipe I first sear the chicken breast for extra flavor, if using frozen chicken you wont be able to do that, so just skip that step.

    The second thing to keep in mind is that for frozen chicken, while the cooking time will be the same, it will take longer to come to pressure, and it will take longer for the pressure to naturally release.

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    Placing The Frozen Chicken In The Instant Pot

    Ive seen some recipes for pressure cooking chicken where you put the chicken directly into the liquid on the bottom of the pot.;

    But I think the chicken is better when its cooked on the rack above the liquid.; The seasoning sticks to the chicken and isnt washed away by the liquid. It looks more like roasted chicken when done, instead of being super white and bland looking. ;

    What People Are Saying About This Instant Pot Chicken And Potatoes

    The Best Instant Pot Chicken Breast + Video

    Ive been cooking recipes from the web for years. This is my first comment to any site because its the first time anything was this AMAZING! My picky family loved it! I plan on trying many more of your recipes. THANKS! Tamme

    The chicken was so TENDER!! Will make this again soon for sure! Kayla

    Im new to the instant pot and this was delicious! when all was cooked and removed from pot, i thickened sauce with a little flour and served over the chicken and potatoes. Then I sprinkled the parm cheese over all. also, i only had larger gold potatoes, so i quartered them and they turned out perfect. will definitely make again! thank you! Roseanne

    This is a great recipe! My family loves it and I have made it once a week for at least a month! Riki

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    How To Make Instant Pot Barbecue Chicken

    • Step One: First, season both sides of the chicken with House Seasoning Blend. Next, place chicken in Instant Pot.
    • Step Two: Secondly, pour the water and 1/2 cup of barbecue sauce into the Instant Pot. Cook on manual setting/high pressure for 13 minutes. Then allow to naturally release for 5 minutes, then quick release the remaining pressure.
    • Step Three: After pressure has been released, remove chicken from Instant Pot and drain any liquid.
    • ;Step Four: Finally, set Instant Pot to the Sauté setting. Next, add cooked chicken and remaining 1/2 cup of barbecue sauce, then sauté for 2-3 minutes until sauce is sticky.


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