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Chances are if you have the Instant Pot you are totally rocking the electric pressure cooking world and enjoying the fact that food cooks fast and that the kitchen does not heat up.

Instant Pot cooking eliminates a lot of stovetop cooking and oven cooking.

I love it! In my opinion, and after testing so many kitchen appliances, there are simply no other appliances like this on the market. I cook in my pot each day, making me obsessive about this appliance.

Since you are so familiar with the Instant Pot already I wont bore you with all the details of my Instant Pot infatuation.

What I will offer you is a quick tutorial on How To Make Slings For Use In The Instant Pot pressure cooker because it opens up the world of baking and cooking.

This is my go-to item for making of Instant Pot Ham and theres no purchase required. I love that I have the item in my home that I need and it is toss and go!

Benefits Of Using Aluminum Foil In A Pressure Cooker

Wrapping your food in aluminum foil helps lock all the goodness inside. That means food cooked this way in a pressure cooker will be more tender and flavorful.;

The metallic wrap provides a slow and steady source of heat which makes sure the food is cooked all the way through. Placing aluminum foil at the bottom and sides of the pressure cooker saves you the effort of cleanup.;

You can easily discard the used and dirty aluminum foil pieces. Aluminum foil can also serve as a makeshift lid for your pressure cooker. It does not allow the steam to escape by perfectly imitating the role of a lid. Last but not the least, a pressure cooker considerably reduces the cooking times.;

Why Make Slings For Use In The Instant Pot

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Are you ready to lavishly live food out loud and make this great disposable Instant Pot sling?

For those of you new to Instant Pot Cooking or those that are still adding on to what they cook in an Instant Pot, you need this article.

Trust me, I am done dropping food, and there is an easy way to salvation here!

I have read so many recipes for foods in the Instant Pot, but not ONE of them explained this sling thing.

Each is referring to as if I should have been a pro with the Instant Pot and shamed that I was Googling help.

I am putting an end to this need once and for all because the sling will help you lift out and support dishes.

This is for those foods that you cant get your fingers around to support and take out of the pan .

Here is what A Sling is and what it looks like UNDER a dish that is going to be prepared on a rack in the Instant Pot.

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Pop Plenty Of Popcorn

If you dont have a large saucepan or tall pot, you can use your Instant Pot as your go-to popcorn popper. Its actually so simple you may soon bid farewell to anything that comes in a microwavable bag.

How to do it: Turn your Instant Pot to the Saute feature, selecting More to get the pan a bit hotter. When the surface of the pot is hot, add an oil of your choice . When it begins to sizzle, pour in popcorn kernels. Cover with a lid. Listen for the popcorn to pop, and turn off when about two-thirds of the kernels are popped so you can prevent scorched kernels. Before serving, sprinkle with your preferred seasoning, and gently toss.

Is It Dangerous To Cook With Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer

Instant Pot Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes

Normally, you would wrap vegetables or meat in aluminum foil when cooking to preserve their juices and afterward keep the meat or the vegetables in the foil wrap to keep their warmth. The same can be done with the air fryer without risk, according to the Center for Disease Controls Agency.

Nevertheless, the question still stands and should be taken into consideration. As adults, we normally consume aluminum foil through water and processed foods somewhere between 1-10mg of it daily.

If we were to cook with aluminum foil and expose ourselves to even larger amounts of aluminum foil daily, we might put our health at risk. Studies have shown that there seems to be a link between too much dietary aluminum and Alzheimers disease. However, its hard to tell the precise role that aluminum plays in the development of the disease.

If youre worried about the health risks linked to dietary aluminum and cooking with foil, I suggest you research the topic and then determine if you think its something worth staying away from or if its a matter of balance.

With the answers we have today, we can say that it is generally safe to cook with aluminum foil in an air fryer if its done properly and occasionally. Im sure your food will be just as tasty when using substitutes for foil, such as parchment paper or air fryer liners.

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Make The Instant Pot Cake Batter

This part takes less than 15 minutes, and all youll need is two bowls and a spoon. The cake is whole wheat, naturally sweetened in part with maple syrup, and intensely chocolatey.

My tricks to amping up the chocolate are espresso powder and cocoa powder, which makes the Instant Pot cake rich and fudgy.

This Instant Pot cake is vegan, but if that isnt a concern, you can feel free to swap the coconut oil for unsalted butter and use any kind of milk you like. For a gluten free Instant Pot cake, try swapping the whole wheat flour for a GF 1:1 baking blend like this one.

Serving Instant Pot Ribs

  • Instant Pot Ribs, 2 Racks: For a crowd, you can cook two racks of Instant Pot ribs at the same time. Simply place two racks on the trivet, overlapping one inside the other if needed. The pressure cook time does not change .
  • Sauce It Up: While you dont *need* extra barbecue sauce on the side, my personal favorite way to eat ribs is good and slathered. Look for sauce without high fructose corn syrupthough I admit that unless Im making the barbecue sauce from scratch, ribs with Sweet Baby Rays do always seem to be a hit.
  • Side Dish Ideas: Instant Pot ribs and potatoes is a classic combo. Try these easy Crock Pot Baked Potatoes, make-ahead Crockpot Breakfast Potatoes crispy Baked Fries, or keep it simple with potato chips.

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Do Use The Steam Function To Reheat Leftovers

Its great for warming up stew and chili, and it really shines with trickier-to-revive dishes like pasta, rice and mashed potatoes. Put the steamer rack in the bottom of the pot and add 1 1/2 cups water. Put the leftovers in an ovenproof glass or ceramic dish, cover tightly with a lid or foil and lower onto the rack. Lock the lid in place, close the steam vent and set to steam. If you’re stacking multiple dishes, put the heartiest one on the bottom.

Why Do You Put Foil Balls In A Slow Cooker

Foil packets in the crock pot!

The secret to cooking a succulent whole chicken in your slow cooker is as simple as a couple of unsupervised hours and a few balls of aluminum foil. The foil balls lift the bird up off of the bottom of the crock pot so that it doesnt end up braising in its own juices and falling apart when its done cooking.

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Can You Line An Air Fryer With Foil

Now this is the question that often divides people, and some air fryer users will tell you no and others will tell you yes.

I am on team YES and also note I practice what I preach and regularly line my air fryer with foil.

You see, the reason people say no you cant is because they believe that you are stopping the vents from circulating in the air fryer and its not giving your food an even cook.

But what is often forgotten about is that you often only line the air fryer with foil for a couple of minutes and that the rest of the cooking time there is no line of foil in the bottom of the air fryer.

For example, when I make air fryer frozen corn on the cob, I cook the corn until almost cooked, then I create a layer of foil into the air fryer basket and add the corn back over the foil. Then I add butter.

Then if you have not guessed, the point of the foil is to capture the butter and stop the butter from making a mess of your air fryer.

You can use this same trick for any food in the air fryer that you are adding extras to and dont want the food to escape. Such as adding cheese over food, butter over food, or a marinade.

How To Make The Best Instant Pot Ribs

Unlike other rib cooking methods, which take hours and require active tending, making ribs in the Instant Pot is hands free and comparably fast. The Instant Pot locks in moisture and makes the ribs tender in a fraction of the time.

In addition to the use of the Instant Pot itself, I have a few key tips to ensure your Instant Pot rib efforts are richly rewarded.

  • Use a Dry Rub. To start your ribs on a delicious note, cover them generously with a delicious dry rub.

The rib rub recipe Ive included here uses basic pantry staples you probably already have, like chili powder, garlic powder, and cayenne, to give the ribs loads of flavor. If youd like to make the ribs more spicy, feel free to bump up the amount of cayenne.

To balance the spice, I also add brown sugar to my Instant Pot Ribs rub. I grew up loving the brown sugar/molasses flavor of Kansas City BBQ, and the brown sugar reminds me of some of my favorite KC BBQ joints.

The amount of brown sugar isnt overly sweet by any means. Youll love it here.

  • Liquid Smoke. It might sound fancy, but liquid smoke is widely available at most grocery stores . You can also buy it online.

Please dont skip the liquid smoke. Because we are cooking the ribs quickly , the liquid smoke provides flavor that youd typically only get via longer cooking methods .

The two more common types of ribs are baby back ribs and spare ribs.

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Dont Use Aluminum Foil If Youre Air Frying Acidic Foods

Highly acidic foods include fruits, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and dishes made with vinegar. The aluminum foil may also react to food that has high levels of salt or otherwise spiced food. When that happens, the foil decomposes and leaves small black aluminum particles on the food.

While these specks may be safe to eat, they can also have an impact on the taste of your food, giving it a slightly metallic taste. This is true for air fryers, convection ovens and even when storing food in aluminum foil.

But dont worry, this doesnt mean you shouldnt cook acidic foods in your air fryer it simply means you shouldnt use aluminum foil, and instead go for a more suitable option, such as air fryer liners.

Can Aluminum Foil Be Used In A Pressure Cooker

FEISTY TAPAS: Instant Pot Meat Loaf

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in a pressure cooker. Infrequent exposure to aluminum wont be toxic for you. But the metallic taste that the aluminum imparts in your food is not very desirable.;

Regular use of aluminum foil in the pressure cooker is not recommended as It puts you at a greater risk of aluminum toxicity.;

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Can You Use Aluminium Pans In Air Fryer

Yes, you can. I love the little aluminium containers that are similar to a small cake. My favourite use of them is for baking with in the air fryer.

You can make an air fryer quiche using this method and the reason I do this, is because of space. Because when you get an air fryer it can be hard to find accessories that fit your size of air fryer. And then using aluminium pans, or ramekins is a real problem solver.

What Temperature Are Baked Potatoes Done

If your potatoes reach the full cook time in your Instant Pot and you’re still unsure if they’re done you can use an internal thermometer to check to see if they are cooked completely.

Push your probe thermometer into the thickest part of the potato and measure the internal temperature. If it reaches at least 210F, your potatoes should be ready to serve.

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Variations Of Tin Foil Dinners

  • Ground beef, pork, chicken, or turkey will all work.
  • Sausage Tin Foil Dinner: Swap the ground beef for precooked sliced sausage links or uncooked sausage patties.
  • Vegetarian Tin Foil Dinner: Omit the meat completely and add extra vegetables or tofu.

What do you think?; Do you see yourself as someone who might enjoy a Tin Foil Dinner indoors every now and again?; If the thoughts of it make you cringe, go ahead and make the recipe below and stoke yourself a fire.; Either way, tin foil dinner meals are a treasure any day of the week!

If you have your own go-to version of tin foil dinners, leave a comment below!; I would love to try all of your variations!;

Hard Boil Eggs For The Week

How to Make Instant Pot Chicken Vegetable Soup~Easy Cooking

If youre a big fan of hard-boiled eggs for breakfasts or snacks, you may have mastered the art of cooking eggs on the stovetop, but if you need to make more , you can use your Instant Pot to cook them more efficiently.

How to do it: Place a basket or wire trivet in the bottom of the Instant Pot. Add one cup of water. Place as many or as few eggs as you want to cook in the Instant Pot, and put the lid on the cooker. For a soft-boiled egg, cook on high for four minutes. For a more hard-boiled egg, cook on high for five minutes. Let the steam release naturally, then move the eggs into ice-cold water.

The total time comes out to about 15 minutes , but thats still faster than stovetop boiling, and youll get a lot more eggs cooked at once.

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Tips And Tricks For Making Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

This recipe is so incredibly simple, adding tips and tricks seems unnecessary. However, if you’re not used to cooking with your Instant Pot, here are some things you might consider to get the best results:

  • Pick potatoes that are consistent in size so they cook evenly.
  • Poke the potatoes liberally to keep them from splitting under pressure.
  • Always use a trivet to keep the potatoes out of the water. You want tender steamed potatoes, not boiled potatoes.
  • Wash them well before cooking so you can enjoy the skin too!

Now That Youve Got The Basics Down Youre Ready To Get Started

STEP 1: Stick your trivet in the bottom of your pot. If youre cooking something on the bottom go ahead and add that first. If not, go ahead add your liquid to the Instant Pot minimum half a cup.

STEP 2: Earlier we referenced the sling, this is not something you have to do, but sometimes it might be hard to retrieve your container so this will help. To craft a foil sling you can fold the foil into thirds for reinforcement. Place your bowl on top of the sling and pull the sides up.

STEP 3:;With your bowl in the sling, put your bowl on top of the trivet. Hold the bowl steady as you put it in the Instant Pot to set and cook.

STEP 4: Set and forget! Cook according to your recipes directions and youre good to go!

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The Recipe Calls For 0

If the recipe demands the 0-minute cooking, you need the pressure to build up to about 15 pounds.;

This is also signaled by the rocking of the regular or the steady escaping of the steam from the pressure cooker. After the pressure is built, let the pressure cooker cool as per the recipe directions.;

Instant Pot Easy Tin Foil Dinners

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer?

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Instant Pot Tinfoil Dinners, AKA Hobo Dinner Packets, are here to save your sanity!; Juicy meat, tender vegetables, and a delightful Special Sauce, these packets are quick and easy with minimal cleanup.

Do you love camping in the great outdoors?

I’ll admit, as a kid I always thought I did, but technically we didn’t really go camping very often.; I think I saw movies of people camping and heard stories from my friends, then ultimately decided that I really liked camping.

I had a few bad experiences with Young Women camps as a teenager and I believe that was the moment when I decided, nope, I’m not a fan.

You know what I do love though?; Camping food.; Rustic, smoky, no fuss camp food that I can eat in the great outdoors, with minimal mess and clean up.

That is precisely what inspired today’s recipe: Instant Pot Tin Foil Dinners.

Tin Foil Dinners can look like a lot of different things, but for me, it has always included a beef patty, veggies, and ketchup.; Basically a cookout Tin Foil Dinner is dinner wrapped in foil and cooked on a campfire until it’s bubbly hot and cooked through.

Can I tell you how delighted I am to bring these dinners inside?

Bless you wonderful Instant Pot, you’ve saved me again.;

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