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How Long Is The Chili Setting On The Instant Pot

The BEST Instant Pot Chili Recipe

The Chili setting on the Instant Pot defaults to 30 minutes of high pressure cooking. If you toggle to the More pressure setting, you will tack on an extra 10 minutes and increase the setting to 40 minutes. If you toggle to the Less pressure setting, you will take off 5 minutes and reduce the setting to 25 minutes..

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So chunky, hearty, and comforting! This will be the BEST chili you will have in your entire life I PROMISE! And it is so stinking easy with such minimal effort with the help of your pressure cooker. Simply throw everything right in and let it do all the work for you!

I know, Its not exactly chili season.

But, weve had the tiniest drizzle of rain with a bit of cold weather the last few days.

So us Californians are wimping out and staying in with a cozy bowl of chili.

But guys, this is not your average Joe bowl of chili.

Nope. It really isnt.

And with the help of your Instant Pot, this will be the best chili of your entire life.

I know, its a loaded statement. But its true.

The texture of the chili comes out so perfectly with the lean, tender, crumbled ground beef with all the black bean goodness.

Its chunky, its hearty, its cozy and its perfect to dunk your buttery buttermilk cornbread right in .

Is Vegetarian Chili Good For You

This Instant Pot chili is good for you! Its loaded with wholesome, healthy ingredients like sweet potatoes, beans, and quinoa that contain numerous health benefits.

This recipe is also low in calories, but high in protein and fiber, which makes it ideal for filling lunches and dinners.

Here are just a few of the health benefits of this chili and its ingredients:

  • High in Fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals. Thanks to the sweet potatoes, red peppers, onions, quinoa, red beans, chili powder, and tomato sauce.
  • Rich in Antioxidants. Credit to the onions, sweet potatoes, and red peppers.
  • Packed with Protein. The quinoa drives the protein levels in this chili. Beans offer added protein as well. For even more protein, top your chili with Greek yogurt.

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How To Make Instant Pot Chili

  • Brown the ground beef. Turn the IP to saute and wait for it to say hot. It should only take a minute or two. Add the ground beef, breaking it up with a spatula, and cook for about 5 minutes or until its no longer pink. If youre concerned about the beef sticking you can add a little olive oil first.
  • Deglaze the Instant Pot. Pour water or beef broth in and scrape up any brown bits that may be stuck on the bottom.
  • Stir in vegetables and beans. Add Rotel tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, green pepper, onion, kidney beans, and black beans. Feel free to use a different variety of beans if you like.
  • Stir in spices. Add chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper. Go easy with the salt here because you can always add more later. I like to use Mexican oregano, but regular oregano is fine. You can go spicy here and add extra chili powder or a few dashes of hot sauce.
  • Pressure Cook. Put the lid on the Instant Pot and seal it. Cancel the saute function and switch to manual , setting the timer for 25 minutes. After it beeps signaling its done cooking, release the pressure with a quick release, then remove the lid and stir. At this point you should probably give it a taste and add any additional salt or spices, stirring to combine. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to cool and thicken.
  • Homemade Instant Pot Chili

    Quick and Easy Instant Pot Chili with {VIDEO}

    This Homemade Instant Pot Chili recipe can be made with your choice of ground meat or vegan soy crumbles and dry black beans. A great way to use up all your pantry ingredients! Vegan and Gluten-Free adaptable! Serve it up with Zucchini Cornbread!

    Heres a hearty flavorful recipe for Homemade Instant Pot Chili that can be made in your Instant Pot pressure cooker using dry beans from and crushed tomatoes from your pantry. The best part? This recipe is very adaptable.

    Make it with organic, lean ground beef or ground turkey or ground chicken, or keep it vegan by adding textured soy protein or soy crumbles. A quick and hearty chili with bold rich flavor! This recipe calls for dry pinto beans but black beans, and red beans will both work!

    I love this hearty chili served up with this Zucchini Cornbread! So delicious!

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    Making Instant Pot Chili

    Using an Instant Pot to make chili isnt any harder than cooking a pot of chili on the stove. You can sauté and simmer right in the appliance, just you would when cooking on the stovetop. The only difference here is that instead of turning a knob on the stove, you press a few buttons on the Instant Pot.

    The biggest difference? Start to finish, this chili is ready in under an hour compare this with stove-top chilis that take twice as long!

    If you have another model of electric or stovetop pressure cooker, the sautéing instructions might be slightly different. Just check your user manual for guidance.

    Instant Pot Chili 5 Ingredients

    Tips for making the BEST pot of pressure cooker chili

    • Use 1/2 lb. of spicy sausage and 1/2 lb. of regular sausage instead of ground beef. Im telling you, this makes it amazing if youre okay with ground sausage
    • this is how to defrost Instant Pot frozen ground beef in case you forgot to thaw it out the night before.
  • Load it up with diced onions and bell peppers
  • they will soften as this cooks and brings a great flavor and texture to your chili
  • Use a packet of chili seasoning it creates a lot of flavor
  • Put a wollop of cheese on top when your chili is done
  • Can you double this recipe? YES! Here it is with twice the ingredients but the same pressure cook timing.

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    Storing Instant Pot Chili

    I cant harp on chili leftovers enough. They are the best. In my opinion, they get better and better as the chili marinates in itself in the fridge. Follow the instructions below for best storage practices:

    • Refrigerating Store leftover chili in an airtight container in the fridge. When sealed properly, your chili will last up to five days. Hello, easy weeknight lunches and dinners!
    • Freezing Store leftover chili in an airtight container or freezer friendly plastic bag. When kept this way, chili will keep for up to two months. Let the chili thaw overnight in the fridge the day before you want to eat it. Reheat in the microwave or in a pot until warmed through.

    Best Instant Pot Chili Recipe

    The BEST Instant Pot Chili – Dump and Go Recipe – Perfect for Beginners

    This quick and easy Instant Pot Chili Recipe is loaded with ground beef, beans and tomatoes in a hearty and smokey-sweet sauce.

    Ive taken my all time favorite Slow Cooker Chili recipe and adapted it for the pressure cooker so you can enjoy this goodness in a fraction of the time!

    Holy smokes, let me tell you the delicious aroma that will fill your kitchen while whipping up this easy chili will get you so excited to dig in. One taste and Im confident that this will become your new favorite chili recipe.

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    Why Does This Instant Pot Chili Recipe Have Such A Long Cook Time

    In this Instant Pot Chili, we opted for a longer 20-minute cook time at High Pressure. This is thanks to another tip we got from Americas Test Kitchen.

    Ground beef is made from beef chuck. And just like how a chuck roast becomes more tender with a longer cook time, the extra time in this recipe ensures the result is incredibly tender and flavorful.

    Side note: If you have time one night, try these two tips on our Ground Beef Tacos. Theyre SO tender!

    Chili Made In The Instant Pot/pressure Cooker

    Once the ground beef is cooked, all the ingredients are essentially placed in an Instant pot and then cooked for a mere 10 minutes, and this chili is ready to eat. I just love pairing this dish with a fresh piece of my homemade bread or a soft roll or even some delicious cornbread to slurp up all that amazing tasty liquid.

    Chili freezes very well and its great for making up individual microwave-safe dishes for lunches, or whenever you want to have a quick meal on hand. Give it a try and this will become one of the best meal preps.

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    Ingredient Instant Pot Chili

    The easiest 5 ingredient Instant Pot chili recipe ever and costs less than $10 total to make. Healthy pressure cooker one pot meal my kids go crazy over! Additional instructions for Instant Pot vegetarian chili added too now!

    Ive been obsessed with my crockpot for years but when I saw this new thing called the Instant Pot it got me curious. The first thing I cooked was some of the easiest Instant Pot chili ever. It came out amazing and is now one of our favorite Instant Pot recipes, so easy too.

    Which Electric Pressure Cooker Is The Best

    The BEST Instant Pot Chili Recipe

    Instant Pot is a brand name for an electric pressure cooker and has become a commonly used term much like Crockpot is used in place of Slow Cooker. . There are quite a variety of electric pressure cookers available on the market today, with more slated for release. There is a wide range of prices and features available depending on the brand and model you purchase. Features and models are constantly changing so it is best to read customer reviews before purchasing. You can view Amazons complete current listings and reviews HERE.

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    How To Make Pressure Cooker Chili

  • Add oil to Instant Pot and brown beef or turkey on saute mode, crumbling as the meat cooks. Drain excess grease if needed.
  • Add onion and peppers and cook about 4 minutes, until soft. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
  • Add remaining ingredients, stir.
  • Cancel saute mode, pressure cook for 15 minutes, then perform a quick pressure release.
  • Garnish if desired and serve.
  • Cooking Tips For This Chili Recipe

    • FAT CONTENT If using ground beef, I like to use a beef with a lower fat content , to cut down on the grease. If using ground turkey, I like to use . You can use beef with a higher fat content, you just may have to drain the grease after you brown the meat.
    • POBLANO I love using poblanos for the mild smoky heat they have, but occasionally youll come across one that is hotter, so I like to use disposable gloves when cutting the peppers. If youve ever had hot pepper oil on your skin, youll know why!
    • CHOCOLATE this recipe uses unsweetened baking chocolate to add some amazing depth of flavor. Dont worry, it wont taste like chocolate at all. If you cant find unsweetened baking chocolate, you can substitute with 2 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder.
    • If youre looking to use up the baking chocolate you have, check out my Cincinnati-Style Chili itll knock your socks off

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    Why Did My Chili Burn In The Instant Pot

    The wonderful part about the Instant Pot is that it sends you a BURN warning when the pot gets too hot. At this point, it will automatically turn off the plate and cut the heat. If this happens, you must still immediately Instant Release the pressure. However, the contents may still burn if you dont Instant Release soon enough.

    Saut Onion Garlic Spices

    AWARD WINNING Chili in the Instant Pot – Disney Copy Cat Recipe

    Now, add diced onions, minced garlic, 1 tbsp ground cumin seed, 2 tbsp chili powder, 1 tsp dried oregano in Instant Pot.

    *Note: Adjust the amount of chili powder depending on your chili powders spiciness and how spicy you want your chili to be.

    Sauté for about 5 minutes until the spices start to release their fragrance. Stir frequently.

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    How To Avoid The Burn Notice

      I sometimes hear from people who have trouble getting a thicker pot of food, such as chili, to come to pressure. They get the dreaded BURN message, and it never pressurizes. This usually happens because there is not enough thin liquid to make the steam necessary to build the pressure.

    • I always hang around my pot while cooking a thicker dish until it pressurizes, just in case. Once the pin pops up it is at pressure, the timer will start to count down after a minute or so. At that point I always feel like Im home free and nothing will burn!
    • The layering technique, and not stirring, helps keep the tomatoes from touching the bottom of the pot and burning. Tomatoes have a lot of natural sugar in them, so they burn easily.
    • Also, by not stirring, the mixture doesnt get too thick. You need thin liquid to create the steam that builds the pressure.

    Brown Ground Beef In Instant Pot

    First, heat up your Instant Pot using the Sauté More function.

    Make sure your pot is as hot as it can be before adding ingredients.

    As the pot is heating up, season the ground beef generously with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

    When the pot is hot enough, add 1 tbsp olive oil in the Instant Pot pressure cooker.

    Swirl your pot around to make sure the oil is coated over the whole bottom of the pot.

    Then, add the ground beef in Instant Pot.

    *Note: The ground beef will start to release moisture. At the 5-minute mark, remove the ground beef juice and reserve it in a small mixing bowl.

    Allow the ground beef to brown, then stir occasionally until they are slightly crisped and browned .

    Finally, taste and adjust the seasoning with more kosher salt and ground black pepper.

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    Whats The Difference Between Chili And Chili Con Carne

    The Spanish phrase chili con carne means chili with meat, but both chili and chili con carne can refer to the authentic spicy dish of meat, chili peppers, beans, tomatoes, seasonings and spices. For a chili with no beans try my best chili recipe. If your chili has no beans its usually called Texas Chili.

    Instant Pot Chili Recipe

    Instant Pot Chili

    This ground beef Instant Pot chili recipe is exactly what youll need to win your next chili cook-off. Its thick, savory, and full of flavor from dried spices, tomatoes, and a few special ingredients.

    Why Youll Love This Recipe: If youre looking to impress, this is the only ground beef chili recipe youll ever need. It delivers on flavor, is great to make-ahead, freezes beautifully, and is easy to make in a big batch for a crowd.

    Over the years, weve made several different versions of beef chili. Ive been longing for a more intense flavor, and this one doesnt skimp on spices and seasonings.

    Honestly, this Instant Pot chili recipe is our new favorite, guaranteed to wow guests and almost guaranteed to win your neighborhood chili cook-off. This chili great all on its own with crunchy and fresh toppings or with a side of Instant Pot cornbread.

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    Saut The Onion And Beef

    Now, in the pressure cooking pot, heat the oil and cook the onion. Add the beef and cook until its nicely browned. Break it up into small pieces.

    Add the garlic, chipotle in adobo, and spices and stir well to coat the meat in the seasoning. Next, stir in the broth and scrape up anything on the bottom of the pot. Be sure to scrape well to avoid the burn notice.

    A Perfect Cold Weather Meal

    Who doesn’t love a nice pot of chili on a cold winter’s day? I know that I do, but sometimes I don’t like to babysit the pot, so that’s when I make this delicious Instant Pot Chili! This pot will taste like it simmered on the stovetop for hours! Serve with some cornbread and you have an amazing meal in half an hour. The best thing about this is that you can customize it to your liking! So if you are looking for a meaty and super flavorful chili, then you need to try this Instant Pot Chili recipe!

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    How To Cook Chili In Instant Pot

    What I truly love about this recipe is that I can brown the ground beef right in the instant pot on sauté mode. This saves me from having any extra dishes to clean and keeps my stove top nice and clean too.

    • Start by browning your ground beef , then drain any excess fat and return the liner to the pressure cooker.
    • Dump in all of the ingredients and give it a good stir.
    • Set to Chili/Beans setting or HIGH pressure and set for 18 minutes. Once its finished cooking release the pressure and youre done!

    All thats left to do is add your favorite chili toppings!

    We love adding shredded cheese, sour cream and diced green onions. Ill even throw some crunchy corn chips on top if I have them on hand.

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