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Instant Pot Steam Canning: Part One

Besides the just-mentioned lead bit, people generally do consider their Instant Pots to be game-changers. If it doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, though, you’ve got options: though crock pots and pressure cookers might seem the same, they can yield entirely different results and might be more up your alley. Find some recipes utilizing those here.

What Is A Pressure Canner

A pressure canner is a specialized pot specifically for preserving low acid foods safely.

A pressure canner operated at 10.5 pounds per square inch of pressure will reach an internal temperature of 240ºF at sea level. Higher elevations will require more pressure to reach that minimum temperature.

Processing jars at 240ºF is the only way to assure that the internal temperature of the food in each jar reaches a sufficient temperature to kill off any botulism spores that might be present.

Whole Wheat / Alternative Pasta

There is no need to make any adjustment to the formula if using whole wheat or alternative pasta. Because this method of cooking pasta is based on the recommended cook time on the package, any type of pasta can be cooked this way.

We tested this method with several varieties of whole wheat pasta and with several varieties of alternative pasta .

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But Can You Use An Instant Pot For Canning

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Water bath canning works because the inside of the jar reaches over 212 degrees fahrenheit. The USDA tests recipes to ensure that the inside of your salsa, or raspberry jam gets to this temperature, which is hot enough to kill spoilers in a high acid environment.

Instant pots are not tested for canning- we have no idea how hot, for how long it is inside your tomato sauce if you tried to can it in an instant pot. Therefore, wed have no idea for how long to process any particular recipe to kill spoilers.

If youre a dyed in the wool rule breaker, consider this. An instant pot is designed to do a very different job than canning. It doesnt create steady heat- it builds pressure very, very quickly, and it is designed to cook foods with pressure, as fast as possible. Thats a very different job than what a steam canner or water bath canner does.

If youve tried it and your jar sealed let me tell you that it takes very little heat to seal a jar. Jars that have sat around a hot store shelf for long enough seal. The seal is only ONE part of the very important trifecta of elements that works to ensure water bath canning is safe.

Canning works by putting a high acid recipe in a jar and submerging the jar in heat. The heat kills the spoilers present in the jar and forces the oxygen OUT of the jar, creating a vacuum which causes the lid to suck inward and seal. A sealed lid alone is NOT enough to create a safe canning situation.

Is The Instant Pot A Good Option For Canning

The First 7 Things You Should Cook in Your Instant Pot

This graphic from Instant Pot shows the heat pattern inside the device while its on.

You can see that during the pressurized cooking time, the temperature inside the Instant Pot fluctuates between 239ºF and 242F.

239ºF does not meet the safe canning recommendations for preserving low-acid foods.

And that doesnt take into consideration the potential for error. What if its not heating properly? Theres no way to assure that the temperature inside the cooker even maintains that 239ºF minimum. Which, again, is not hot enough for safely canning low acid foods.

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Yedi Total Package Pressure Cooker

Price: $$

The Yedi Total Package Pressure Cooker holds up to 8 quarts of food and boasts 15 instant-touch cooking programs, making it an awesome weeknight dinner option for families.

It also combines nine kitchen appliances into a single device, enabling you to make yogurt and cakes, cook rice, keep food warm, and pressure cook, slow cook, steam, pasteurize, and sauté ingredients.

Whats more, it includes a recipe book, cheat sheets for using the product, and a variety of accessories, including egg racks, a rice paddle, cooking mitts, a steamer basket, a measuring cup, and a ladle.

However, its relatively expensive, and, because its very large and sturdy, those with less counter space may prefer a more compact or portable instant pot.

Price: $$

This smart cooker from Chef iQ is jam-packed with features and functions fit for tech-lovers.

In fact, its equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi and can connect to the Chef iQ app, which includes hundreds of recipes and preset cooking programs and allows you to control your instant pot using your smartphone.

You can use this high end instant pot to pressure cook, sear, sauté, steam, slow cook, and ferment foods.

It can also hold up to 6 quarts and includes a built-in smart scale, which weighs the ingredients that you add to your instant pot and calculates exactly how much liquid is needed.

Nevertheless, it comes with a higher price tag than most other instant pots, and consumers who arent tech-savvy may find it difficult to use.

What Is A Multi

If you own an Instant Pot, what you really own is a multi-cooker. If you don’t own an Instant Pot, but have been debating whether or not to pick one up, you should know that there are many other multi-cooker brands on the market, some of which are worth considering .

A multi-cooker usually includes a base unit, where the control panel and heating element live an insert, which holds the food itself and can be removed for easy cleaning a lid with a gasket and valve, for pressure-cooking and various accessories, like measuring cups and a steaming basket, depending on the model.

As the name implies, what’s most appealing about a multi-cooker is the range of cooking options it offers. It steams! It sears! It simmers! It cooks beans! It cooks rice! It cooks stews! It cooks chili! It makes yogurt! It’s a pressure cooker! It’s a slow cooker! It can make my bed and clean my toilet and rub my feet and sanitize my dentures! All! In! One!

Do you know how we know it can do all those things? Because it has buttons on the front that tell us so!*

*Okay, I lied it won’t sanitize your dentures. But man, does a multi-cooker make a mean bed.

Let’s cut through this noise. A multi-cooker is really just a couple of things, plus a whole lot of preset modes. It is, in the simplest sense, an electric pot its lid has a gasket that can seal the pot shut to trap steam and build pressure, and the cooker has sensors in it to automatically control heat and pressure as needed.

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How Pressure Canning Works

Pressure canning is a type of canning that you use for low-acid foods. When you have a food thats higher on the pH scale than a 4.6, it is possible that bacteria can survive in it. This is why we have to sterilize the food inside the jar, known as processing, in order to make it safe and shelf-stable.

I want you to always remember that I firmly believe that home-canned food is safe, as long as its safely canned.

In order to reliably kill off any bacteria that could be in your jar, you have to bring the contents of the jar all the way up to 240-250 degrees F.

The only way to do this in a home setting is to do it under pressure. This is where the pressure canner comes in. Adding pressure and pressurizing the chamber of the pressure canner allows the temperature to come all the way up to that safe canning range.

This is something you just cant do with a pot of boiling water.

How To Pressure Can Safely

Can You Use An Instant Pot For Canning?

When youre working with a pressure canner, you have two different ways to test your pressure. Youll either have a dial gauge or a weighted jiggler.

If you have a dial gauge, youll want to be sure to take it into the county extension office every single year, and before the first time you use it to be sure its reading the pressure correctly.

If you have a weighted gauge, they work with simple physics principles, so these are always correct.

The problem with the pressure cooker is there is no way to test the accuracy of the pressure your food is cooking at.

Please dont take your familys safety or health lightly when it comes to the safety of preserving your food.

Bottom line, dont can in an electric pressure cooker!

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Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken With Spinach

Try Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken And spinach recipe today. This quick and easy instant pot recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. The base of this creamy white sauce is made with fresh spinach which adds a ton of flavour and nutrients to the dish without any extra effort on your part. Its definitely my go-to when Im short on time.

How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Spaghetti:

  • Turn Instant Pot to sauté setting. When display says HOT add in 3 Tbsp of the butter and let melt. Add in the onion, celery and mushrooms and sauté for 5 minutes. Add in half of the garlic powder, kosher salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and Italian seasoning. Stir well.
  • Pour in the broth and scrape bottom of pot so that nothing is sticking . Turn off Instant Pot.
  • Break the spaghetti in half and lay it in a criss-cross pattern on top of the veggies and broth. .
  • Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and lay it evenly on top of the spaghetti. Sprinkle the chicken with the other half of the seasonings.
  • Cover the Instant Pot and secure the lid. Make sure valve is set to sealing. Set the manual/pressure cook button to 3 minutes. When time is up let the pot sit for 5-10 minutes and then move the valve to venting. Remove the lid.
  • Combine the sour cream and cornstarch together and stir well. Stir the mixture and the heavy cream into the Instant Pot. Stir the mozzarella and parmesan into the pot. Taste test and add salt and pepper to taste.
  • If desired, make a cornflake crunchy topping. Melt the remaining tablespoon of butter and stir it together with the crushed cornflakes. Sprinkle the cornflakes over the top of the spaghetti. Use an air fryer lid at 400° F for 2 minutes to crisp up the topping. If you dont have an air fryer lid you can bake the cornflakes separately in the oven on a baking sheet under the broiler for 3-4 minutes. Then toss them on top of the finished pasta.
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    Vent The Food And Enjoy

    Once the cook time has passed, often you’ll then move the valve to “venting” which, in a glorious geyser of food smells, will release the pressure and steam inside your Instant Pot. Be careful touching the valve, it can get hot. Either wear an oven mitt or move the valve with a wooden spoon. It will release a lot of hot air, so it’s a good idea to lean back the first time you move the valve, and definitely keep your eyes away from the valve when you let it vent.

    Once the Instant Pot is done venting this might take a few minutes remove the lid and gaze upon your finished food and enjoy.

    A side note: in the picture below you can see a little circular valve that looks like a button. When the Instant Pot pressurizes, you should see it rise. This lets you know the Instant Pot is pressurized, which means the lid will be locked. The only way to open the Instant Pot, at that point, is to wait for it to depressurize. So don’t worry, feel safe.

    Some recipes, including some very common ones like rice, call for something called a “Natural Pressure Release,” which just means you let the pressure slowly fade inside the Instant Pot. You do not move the valve to “venting” for a certain amount of time. My favorite Instant Pot rice recipe, for instance, calls for just a few minutes of cook time but 10 minutes of natural release before you open the Instant Pot.

    Either way, you need to let the pressure release from the Instant Pot, but then you’re ready to enjoy.

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    5 Things You Can Make in an Instant Potand 5 You Can

    Last month, Instant Pot representatives said that the Max model could be used for canning because it can reach an internal pressure of 15 psi. But according to the NCHFP, that’s not enough to prove that your jars have been properly heated throughout for a sufficient amount of time.

    “Just producing an interior pressure is not sufficient data for canning recommendations,” the center states on its website.

    An Instant Pot representative said the company is currently in discussions with the NCHRP.

    The NCHFP hasn’t tested its researched canning methods on electric pressure cookers like the Instant Pot Max, so it can’t independently confirm that conditions are hot enough inside countertop pressure cookers to kill bacteria when you process your jars, Andress said. Therefore, the center doesn’t recommend you use the canning methods in electric, multicooker appliances.

    “You can’t just assume that what works in a 16-quart stovetop pressure canners works in a small electric canner,” Andress said.

    And it’s not clear what type of processing Instant Pot wants you to use with the canning button on the Max. Instant Pot’s website only recommends its products broadly for boiling-water canning, not pressure canning, but the Max model isn’t listed on the Instant Pot website yet, so it’s unclear whether this recommendation applies to the new unit’s canning function.

    “It would give us a level of understanding that it was doing what we need it to do,” she said.

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    Saut Onion Garlic Spices And Vegetables

    Add the minced onions, minced garlic, 2 bay leaves, a pinch of dried oregano and dried basil in the pressure cooker. Sauté for about 5 minutes until the spices start to release their fragrance. Stir frequently.

    Then, add in the minced carrots and celery. Sauté for another 3 minutes.

    Taste & season with kosher salt and ground black pepper if desired.

    Want More Practice Bring It Back To Pressure

    Try it again with the same hot water. This time, press Manual and then adjust the 30 minute default time by pressing the button, then press the + button to go up. Lets do 10 minutes.

    You may notice how, if you press Manual and take too long before pressing the other buttons, the cooker will just beep on its own and proceed for 30 a minute pressure cooking time. If you need to re-start, just press Cancel/Keep Warm and start over.

    Since the water is in your cooker is already almost boiling to begin with, the cooker will come to pressure a lot faster than it did the first timewithin a minute or so. Itll hiss, then the hissing will abruptly stop as the pressure indicator button goes up. If the hissing just keeps on going, its probably because you left the valve in the venting position instead of sealed. Just use your spoon handle to nudge it back.

    What next? Same as before: the cooker beeps, the readout will say 10, and then it will switch to LO:00. You can do quick or natural release, whichever floats your boat.

    Coco Morante

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    Ready Lets Cook Some Water

    The first time you use your Instant Pot, make waternot food. This way, you can familiarize yourself with simply operating itno anxiety over ruining dinner. Ive been pressure cooking for over a decade, and I still do the water test every time I try out a new cooker.

    Here’s what to do:

    First, check the gasket. Make sure its snugly in the ring in the lid 99 percent of the time, if your Instant Pot isnt coming to pressure, its a simple issue of the gasket not sitting in the ring quite right.

    Next, put 3 cups of water in the insert. When following recipes, you should still measure liquids, but note that the insert has hash marks to give you a rough idea of the volume.

    Now, lock on the lid. Use the arrows on the lid and the cooker to guide you.

    Check the steam release valve to see its in Sealing position. If the valve is in Venting position, the cooker wont come to pressure.

    Press Manual” on the Duo or select “Pressure Cook” on the Ultra. The display will say to 30:00. Its programming initially defaults to 30 minutes cook time of high pressure, which we can toggle up or down depending on how much time the recipe calls for. For our water test, well leave it at 30 minutes.

    Now…do nothing. In a few seconds, the cooker will beep three times, and the display will read On. That means its heating, but not at pressure yet.

    Emma Christensen

    Lets Try The Quick Release

    Pot in Pot Cooking 101 || Instant Pot

    Back to our pot of water: Push the steam release valve to the venting position using a long-handled spoon or your finger. Just keep your fingers to the side and away from the top of the knob where the steam vents.

    This valve should stay open on its own once you nudge it. The steam will come shooting up and be a little noisy.

    Releasing all of the steam can take a minute or more. The more liquid in the cooker, the longer the release will take. With the 3 cups of water, it took mine 45 seconds.

    Coco Morante

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